“No way! I can't believe you saw radioactivity!”  Sky around Tokyo appeared covered by smog at noon in Mar 15, 2011.: ずくなしの冷や水


“No way! I can't believe you saw radioactivity!”  Sky around Tokyo appeared covered by smog at noon in Mar 15, 2011.

An office worker living in Tokyo posted a comment on my blog in July 25, 2014. The penny has dropped by reading his comment.

The comment is as follows;


I am in my mid-50s male living in Nerima-ward, Tokyo.

I have experienced the following symptoms since mid-March, 2011.

Nosebleed: Not large amount, just small amount, twice. Also I blew my nose as soon as I got up and found jelly-like snot from right nostril; this lasted for 2 weeks.

Canker sore: I got 4 canker sores in my mouth in or around Mar 15 (although I got a canker sore only once in many years before that…). My acquaintance said that he experienced canker sores at the same time. As I felt pain with inside of my cheek, I ate just cold noodle for 1 week.

Migraine headache: This was a brand-new experience, top and left of my head; this lasted until autumn of 2011.

Conjunctivitis: I could not open my eyes when I got up in the morning because of eye boogers after Mar 20.

Hives: I broke out in hives, rich red ones covered in hands and feet! I was so confused. These hives disappeared 1 week after. This occurred early in April.

Nails: All my nails had made splittings. I had never experienced this before. My nails have getting better in the past year or so, but it is going on still now.

Retinal detachment: I underwent laser surgery in my right eye at an earlier stage of disease in Sep, 2013. Doctor said that there were many tiny holes in the retina. After that, I lost my good eyesight and I have PC eyestrain. Now I go for a routine checkup.

Above symptoms, I went to a doctor about conjunctivitis, hives and retinal detachment.

Also I often have heart pain (left-sided back), which I do not remember whether it started after Mar 11, 2011 or not.

Now then, I took a note of my daily doings after Mar 11, 2011. I added what I remember and I do not think I am exaggerating. See the below.

I was in Tokyo and was out in Mar 15, 2011. When I was near the Tokyo station, Yaesu exit (on the east side of Tokyo station) in the morning, I smelled bad like new copper. Also I remember that I wondered about darkish sky although it was sunny. I ran into a department store covering my nose and mouth with towel. In the afternoon I went to Osaka both for a thing to do and escape. After 5 days stay in Osaka, I went back to Tokyo in Mar 20.

In Mar 21, I went out and was exposed to the rain because I had my umbrella stolen at a store.

On hindsight, I reacted immediately but that was complete and total wishful thinking.


In his comments, I focus on the description “When I was near the Tokyo station, Yaesu exit in the morning, I smelled bad like new copper. Also I remember that I wondered about darkish sky although it was sunny.”

There is a movie of air dose rate somewhere in Taito-ward, Tokyo in the morning of Mar 15, 2011.


The following image is a part of this movie. Around 9:40 AM, air dose rate was 1.008μSv/h (peak value).

Around 11:14 AM, air dose rate was 0.239μSv/h.

You can easily see that the color of sky had changed through an hour and a half.

As for me, I went out for a thing to do in the morning of Mar 15, 2011. I went to the west (in the direction of Tokyo) by bicycle with my back to the east wind. It is strange to say that I did not see through toward Tokyo sky tree because the sky seemed to be gray as if the sky was smog-laden. On the other hand, it was sunny and cloudless where I was then.

On that day, polluted plume came to my town early in the morning. After that, east wind swept that plume into the west (toward Tokyo). As can be seen from above images, it was cloudy at air dose rate peak time. And the sky was brightening up and turning blue with air dose rate decreasing. Although air dose rate peak time measured in Shinjuku, Tokyo was around 10 AM, plume masses was estimated to had kept covering Tokyo. In some locations, strong plume would have kept staying for a long time…

In early plume, there was an enormous amount of xenon-133 and xenon-135. Xenon-133 has a half-life of 5.25 days, and xenon-135 has a half-life of 9.2 hours. Fukushima Unit 3 was blown off in explosion at 11:01 AM in Mar 14, 2011. So 25 hours had passed on the morning of Mar 15. At that time, an enormous amount of xenon-135 was decaying into cesium-135. When vapor xenon turns into cesium, cesium combines because of its chemical reactivity. One of my readers told me that almost of cesium turns into cesium hydroxide. Cesium hydroxide is almost the same strong base as sodium hydrate (caustic soda).

This means that all people who were exposed to the plume in Mar 15, 2011 would have been coated with strong base like caustic soda… And inhaled it of course… Nosebleed is not always caused by Beta-ray. There could be many people who suffered from skin problems. People with chronic disease, especially respiratory problems, could not avoid making their symptoms worse by inhaling the plume.

As organizing things in this way, you can see the plume strength by checking what symptoms you experienced first. I think it is possible that cesium hydroxide was the main cause of skin problems those I got many reports.

As for the above comments, he wrote with humor “on hindsight, I reacted immediately but that was complete and total wishful thinking”. However I am worried about his eye problem and left-sided back pain. In respect of his symptoms details in his comments, he doesn't look like worsening and I guess he would try to avoid radiation exposure. Nonetheless I hope him to make assurance doubly sure.


I do not think many people may believe that plume made sky turbid. Please see the following image. This is the shared emission tower of Fukushima Unit 1 and 2 at 2 PM of Mar 12, 2011. (Everybody says that this tower will collapse on the day of intensity 6 upper)

The following is live image recorded by TEPCO. You can see that smoke reeked up from the tower at 3 PM. Unit 3 exploded half an hour after

Blurry vision caused by plume occurred in Mar 21, 2011 again. Please see the following image.

The photographer described as follows;

“Suddenly I felt abnormal lassitude and head ache at 12:38 PM of Mar 21, 2011. I took a picture out of window, about 130 meters above the ground in Konan area, Shinagawa. At a later date, I found that the plume made sky turbid. What's done is done.”

This image is extremely precious I think.
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