Saudi Crown Prince threatened to damage US economy

Saudi Crown Prince threatened to damage US economy – media
Mohammed bin Salman privately pledged to retaliate in a row over oil production cuts, leaked documents reportedly show
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman privately threatened to harm the American economy after President Joe Biden warned Saudi Arabia of “consequences” for agreeing an oil production cut with Russia, the Washington Post reported, citing leaked material.

The Biden administration had said it would re-evaluate relations with the kingdom following a decision by Riyadh to slash crude production against the wishes of the US.

The Crown Prince, who is widely referred to as MBS, warned that he would not deal with the US administration anymore if Biden penalized Saudi Arabia. He also promised “major economic consequences for Washington,” the Post reported on Thursday.

The threat was contained in a classified document that was leaked on a Discord server, but it was not clear whether the remark was part of intercepted communications or a message sent privately to the US.

Biden made his dissatisfaction with Riyadh clear last October after the OPEC+ group of major oil producers including Russia agreed to cut production by two million barrels a day. Washington was working to punish Moscow with sanctions on its oil trade over the conflict in Ukraine.

“There’s going to be some consequences for what they’ve done with Russia,” the US president said in an interview with CNN at the time, without specifying any possible measures.

On the campaign trail before his election, Biden vowed to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” over the Crown Prince’s alleged role in the 2018 murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, which Riyadh blamed on rogue agents.

This threat never materialized, with White House insiders indicating that the Biden administration had opted against jeopardizing bilateral relations. Under a decades-old arrangement, the US provides security to Saudi Arabia, and in exchange retains access to its oil, which the kingdom trades for dollars, propping it up as a global currency.

A number of top US officials recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken. These relations contrast with the reportedly poor personal chemistry between Biden and MBS, who have not met since last July.

The 37-year-old Saudi Crown Prince, who is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the kingdom in lieu of his father, King Salman, reportedly mocks Biden in private, making fun of his gaffes and mental lapses. Critics of the US president have accused him of caving in to Saudi pressure.












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The Taliban’s Successful Opium Ban is Bad for Afghans and the World

The ban is not a counter-narcotics victory and will have negative economic and humanitarian consequences, potentially leading to a refugee crisis.
Thursday, June 8, 2023
The Taliban have done it again: implementing a nearly complete ban against cultivation of opium poppy − Afghanistan’s most important agricultural product − repeating their similarly successful 2000-2001 prohibition on the crop. But the temptation to view the current ban in an overly positive light − as an important global counter-narcotics victory − must be avoided. This is particularly true given the state of Afghanistan’s economy and the country’s humanitarian situation. Indeed, the ban imposes huge economic and humanitarian costs on Afghans and it is likely to further stimulate an outflow of refugees. It may even result in internal challenges for the Taliban itself. And, in the long run, it will not have lasting counter-narcotics benefits within Afghanistan or globally.







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ウクライナ、英国供給のミサイルで洪水避難施設を攻撃 – ヘルソン当局者

Ukraine hits flood shelter with UK-supplied missiles – Kherson official
At least one person was killed, according to the acting governor of Russia’s Kherson region
Ukrainian forces have attacked several temporary shelters for people evacuated in the wake of the breach of the Kakhovka dam, the acting governor of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, said on Saturday morning, sharing pictures of the devastated facility.

The strike on the shelter on the left bank of the Dnieper River was carried out around 5am local time, allegedly using British-supplied Storm Shadow missiles, Saldo said in a statement. There was at least one casualty, a woman, according to preliminary information.

The Black Sea village of Zhelezny Port also came under “fierce shelling” overnight, with a local hotel hosting the evacuees “destroyed,” according to the official.

The acting governor shared several pictures of the heavily damaged facility, as well as a video of a villa engulfed in flames.

“The targeted strikes are being carried out with British missiles, delivered to the Kiev regime to unleash ‘peace’ on civilian infrastructure,” Saldo wrote.

Earlier on Friday, one person was killed and another injured after several rockets hit a children's summer camp in the same area. According to Saldo, first responders discovered the debris of Storm Shadows at the scene.
The Kakhovka dam has been destroyed and the Dnieper River is flooded: How will this affect the Russia-Ukraine military conflict? READ

The Russian-held Kakhovka dam in Kherson Region was destroyed early on Tuesday morning. Several people were killed, while thousands more were exposed to flooding.

Kherson authorities declared a state of emergency across the entire territory controlled by Russia. Saldo said that a total of between 22,000 and 40,000 people were located in the disaster area.

Moscow and Kiev have traded accusations over who is to blame for the incident, which triggered mass evacuation efforts on both sides of the Dnieper River. Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov accused Ukraine of “deliberate sabotage” in a bid to deprive Crimea of drinking water and deflect attention away from Kiev’s botched counteroffensive in Donbass.
ウクライナ、英国供給のミサイルで洪水避難施設を攻撃 – ヘルソン当局者

サルド氏は声明で、ドニエプル川左岸の防空壕への攻撃は現地時間午前5時ごろに実施され、英国が供給したストームシャドウ・ミサイルを使用したとされると述べた。 予備情報によると、少なくとも女性1人が死傷した。




金曜早朝、同じ地域で子供たちのサマーキャンプに数発のロケット弾が命中し、1人が死亡、1人が負傷した。 サルド氏によると、初動対応隊員が現場でストームシャドウの残骸を発見したという。

ロシアが保有するヘルソン地方のカホフカダムは火曜日の早朝に破壊された。 数人が死亡し、さらに数千人が洪水にさらされた。

ヘルソン当局はロシアが支配する領土全体に非常事態を宣言した。 サルド氏は、被災地には合計2万2000人から4万人がいると述べた。

モスクワとキエフは、ドニエプル川の両岸で大規模な避難活動が始まったこの事件の責任の所在をめぐって非難を交わしてきた。 クレムリンのドミトリー・ペスコフ報道官は、クリミアから飲料水を奪い、ドンバスでのキエフの失敗した反撃から注意をそらすことを目的とした「意図的な妨害行為」でウクライナを非難した。

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ロシア外務省、日本大使を召喚 ウクライナへの自衛隊車両の供与受け





日本、ダム破壊のウクライナに7億円の人道支援 岸田・ゼレンスキー両氏が電話会談


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China and Russia must keep a close eye on Japan
The resurgent militarism and US power projection through Tokyo are a danger to regional stability that could hinder the Eurasian powers
On Tuesday, China and Russia conducted a joint air patrol over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.

It was the sixth such exercise since such joint flights began in 2019 and a routine part of the two countries’ plan of military cooperation. Japan, as well as South Korea, responded by scrambling their own fighter jets in response.

China and Russia are countries of vast size, and both powers are in a standoff with the United States and its proxies in various theatres, be it Ukraine in Europe or Taiwan in the South China Sea. The geographic space of Northeast Asia holds a unique position because it is the only region where China and Russia share a frontier with Japan. As Tokyo pushes itself towards American-supported remilitarisation, it has increasingly made itself an adversary of both Moscow and Beijing. Here, the two powers are working together against this resurgent US client.

The archipelago which makes up the territory of Japan is a critical outpost for American dominance over Asia, allowing for the projection of force directly onto the Eurasian continent targeting both China and Russia, as well as extending southwards into the critical “first island chain” along the continent’s eastern shores. Following the surrender of Japan to the US after World War II, America transformed the country into a vassal state to host its own forces amidst the emerging Cold War, establishing military bases on Japanese soil and using Japanese ports for US ships, including aircraft carriers.

However, as American priorities in Asia expand, the dynamic is changing. In addition to the existing US military presence, Washington has given Tokyo the green light to supersede its own constitutional limits and pursue a full-scale rearmament with a pledged long term increase of over 60% in defense spending. This, in turn, has been emboldened by military and historical revisionists for the Imperial era taking political ascendancy. With Japan being denialist and unapologetic of its WW2-era atrocities, the re-emergence of a nationalist and militarist Tokyo poses a threat to the entire region of Asia and raises the danger of an arms race against Russia and China.

Despite being a vastly integrated trading and economic partner with China, Tokyo now sees the rise of Beijing as a political and economic threat, as it stands to upend its power position in Asia. Similarly, as Japan becomes more militaristic, it is attempting to ‘globalize’ itself, becoming more closely integrated with the West. Hence, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is eager to bring NATO influence into Asia. He visited Kiev the day Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Moscow, attended a NATO summit, and is lobbying for a NATO office to be opened in his country. Tokyo has thus made itself simultaneously antagonistic to both Moscow and Beijing.

Thus, neither China nor Russia wants to see a resurgent Japan who is inviting a NATO presence into the region. This has led to a dual “response” with Tokyo becoming a high-priority, mutually overlapping area of interest between Beijing and Moscow. Although the two countries have a “no-limits” strategic partnership, geography means that their individual priorities and areas of focus may differ. For example, what use is the South China Sea to Russia, which has no maritime presence there? However, in the sphere of North East Asia, there are no such differences, because the march towards Japanese rearmament, the expansion of NATO influence and US force projection poses the same risks for both countries. The Sea of Japan is essentially a communal backyard for them.

With this in mind, the alignment of China and Russia here is a balance-of-power arrangement. A third party the two countries could also see as ‘friendly’ in this specific region is North Korea, reviving memories of a long-gone Cold War era. Although Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs upend regional stability, enable Japanese rearmament and an increased US military presence in the South, its geographic value makes it an important military counterweight. In this new strategic environment, it is in the interests of neither country to adhere to US-led sanctions programs against the DPRK and to allow its containment. But in facing off against Washington here, it is obvious that Japan has become the primary military problem. In the long term, this is going to be a very volatile and tense region, and therefore Chinese-Russian military cooperation is critical to checking Japanese adventurism. However, the resulting arms race that will stem from it means regional security will continue to be a tightrope.

このような共同飛行が2019年に始まって以来、このような演習は6回目であり、両国の軍事協力計画の定期的な一環である。 韓国と同様に日本も自国の戦闘機を緊急発進させて対抗した。

中国とロシアは広大な規模の国であり、欧州のウクライナや南シナ海の台湾など、両国ともさまざまな舞台で米国やその代理諸国と対立している。 北東アジアの地理空間は、中国とロシアが日本と国境を接する唯一の地域であるため、独特の位置を占めています。 日本政府がアメリカの支援を受けた再軍備化に向けて突き進んでいる中、日本はますますモスクワと中国双方の敵対者となっている。 ここでは、この復活した米国のクライアントに対して、2 つの勢力が協力しています。

日本の領土を構成する列島は、アメリカのアジア支配にとって重要な前哨基地であり、中国とロシアの両国を標的としたユーラシア大陸への直接的な軍事力の投射を可能にし、また、重要な「第一列島線」に南下することを可能にしている。大陸の東岸。 第二次世界大戦後、日本が米国に降伏した後、米国は冷戦勃発のさなか自国軍を駐留させるために日本を属国に変え、日本の国土に軍事基地を設立し、空母を含む米艦船の航行に日本の港を使用した。

しかし、アジアにおける米国の優先事項が拡大するにつれて、力関係は変化しつつある。 既存の米軍駐留に加え、ワシントンは東京に対し、自らの憲法上の制限を無視し、国防費の60%以上の長期増額を約束して本格的な再軍備を追求する許可を与えた。 これは今度は、政治的優位性を獲得した帝国時代の軍事および歴史修正主義者によって勇気づけられました。 日本が第二次世界大戦時代の残虐行為を否定し、謝罪をしない中、国家主義者で軍国主義者の東京の再台頭はアジア地域全体に脅威を与え、ロシアと中国に対する軍拡競争の危険を高めている。

中国との貿易・経済パートナーとして大きく統合されているにもかかわらず、日本政府は現在、アジアにおける権力の地位を高めようとしている中国政府の台頭を政治的・経済的脅威とみなしている。 同様に、日本は軍国主義化が進むにつれ、自らを「グローバル化」しようとしており、西側諸国とのより密接な統合が進んでいる。 したがって、岸田文雄首相はアジアにNATOの影響力を持ち込むことに熱心である。 中国の習近平国家主席がモスクワを訪問した日に同氏はキエフを訪問し、NATO首脳会議に出席し、自国にNATO事務所を開設するようロビー活動を行っている。 このようにして東京は、モスクワと北京の両方に対して同時に敵対することになった。

したがって、中国もロシアも、この地域にNATOの存在を招き入れている復活した日本を望んでいない。 これは、東京が北京とモスクワの間で相互に関心が重なり合う優先度の高い地域となるという二重の「対応」につながった。 両国は「制限のない」戦略的パートナーシップを築いていますが、地理上の観点から、両国の優先事項や重点分野は異なる可能性があります。 例えば、そこに海洋プレゼンスを持たないロシアにとって、南シナ海は何の役に立つのでしょうか? しかし、北東アジアの領域では、そのような違いは存在しない。なぜなら、日本の再軍備への行進、NATOの影響力の拡大、そして米国の軍事投射は、両国にとって同じリスクをもたらすからである。 彼らにとって日本海は本質的に共同の裏庭だ。

これを念頭に置くと、ここでの中国とロシアの連携はパワーバランスの取り決めである。 この特定地域において両国が「友好的」とみなす可能性のある第三者は北朝鮮であり、長く過ぎた冷戦時代の記憶が甦っている。 北朝鮮の核・ミサイル計画は地域の安定を高め、日本の再軍備と韓国における米軍の駐留拡大を可能にするが、その地理的価値により重要な軍事的対抗力となっている。 この新たな戦略環境においては、米国主導の対北朝鮮制裁プログラムを遵守し、その封じ込めを容認することは、どちらの国にとっても利益にならない。 しかし、ここでワシントンと対峙するにあたり、日本が主要な軍事問題となっているのは明らかである。 長期的には、この地域は非常に不安定で緊張した地域になるだろう。したがって、中国とロシアの軍事協力は日本の冒険主義を抑制するために極めて重要である。 しかし、そこから生じる軍拡競争は、地域の安全保障が綱渡りの状態が続くことを意味する。
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All these vaccines are causing harm to our kids

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米中外相、18日に北京で会談へ ブリンケン氏、台湾情勢などで
2023/06/10 07:42 (JST)




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White House addresses Ukrainian casualties
Washington has acknowledged the prospect of heavy losses as Kiev’s forces mount their counteroffensive
President Joe Biden’s administration has conceded that Ukrainian military units may be suffering heavy losses of troops and US-supplied weaponry as they ramp up attacks against Russian forces in the Donbass region.

Speaking in a CNN interview on Thursday evening, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said he was reluctant to discuss specifics on casualties amid increasingly fierce fighting near Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukraine). Asked by host Wolf Blitzer about reports of severe Ukrainian losses of men and equipment, he deferred to Ukrainian officials to comment on such details.

“This is war, though, and there is . . . some heavy fighting around Bakhmut, and there’s fighting elsewhere along that front that arches all the way from the Donbass down toward Zaporozhye,” Kirby said. “And certainly, it’s to be expected that there could be casualties in this increased fighting.”

Kirby made his comments amid reports that Ukrainian forces began their long-awaited counteroffensive on Sunday and came under withering Russian firepower as they made multiple failed attempts to breach Moscow’s defensive lines. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Ukrainian forces had suffered far heavier casualties than the typical three-to-one loss ratio typically expected during an offensive.

Ukraine’s forces have lost thousands of troops and dozens of Western-supplied armored vehicles and artillery units, including 1,240 soldiers and 39 tanks within a 24-hour period this week, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The ministry pegged Kiev’s troop losses at more than 3,700 in the first three days of the counteroffensive, compared with 71 on the Russian side. Ukrainian officials have dismissed claims about its losses as Russian propaganda.

Kirby said the Biden administration aims to enable the Kiev regime to launch attacks against Russian forces whenever it wishes. “What we’re going to be focused on is making sure that if and when and how President [Vladimir] Zelensky wants to fight along that line or any other line, that he’s got the support he needs not just from the United States, but from 50 other partners.”

Biden vowed on Thursday to continue arming Ukraine for “as long as it takes.” US lawmakers have already approved $113 billion in funding for military and economic aid to Kiev, and he said he expects members of Congress to continue backing Ukraine’s efforts to drive Russian forces out of its territory.

ホワイトハウス国家安全保障会議のジョン・カービー報道官は木曜夕方、CNNのインタビューに応じ、アルチョモフスク(ウクライナ名バフムート)近郊での戦闘が激化する中、死傷者に関する詳細について議論することに消極的だと述べた。 司会者のウルフ・ブリッツァーから、ウクライナ側の人員と装備品の重大な損失に関する報道について質問されると、そのような詳細についてのコメントはウクライナ当局に委ねられた。

「とはいえ、これは戦争であり、……ということもある。 。 。 バフムット周辺では激しい戦闘があり、ドンバス川からザポリージェに向かってアーチ状に伸びる前線の他の場所でも戦闘が続いている」とカー​​ビー氏は語った。 「そして確かに、この激化する戦闘で死傷者が出る可能性があることは予想される。」

カービー氏は、ウクライナ軍が日曜日に待望の反撃を開始し、モスクワの防衛線を突破しようとして何度も試み失敗したが、ロシアの壊滅的な火力にさらされたとの報道の中でコメントした。 ロシアのウラジーミル・プーチン大統領は金曜日、ウクライナ軍が攻撃時に通常予想される損失率3対1をはるかに上回る損害を被ったと述べた。

ロシア国防省によると、ウクライナ軍は今週24時間以内に数千人の兵士と西側供給の数十台の装甲車両と砲兵部隊を失い、その中には兵士1,240名と戦車39台が含まれている。 同省は反攻の最初の3日間でキエフ側の兵力損失が3700人以上だったのに対し、ロシア側は71人だったとしている。 ウクライナ当局者は、その損失に関する主張をロシアのプロパガンダとして却下した。

カービー氏は、バイデン政権はキエフ政権がいつでも望むときにロシア軍に対して攻撃を開始できるようにすることを目指していると述べた。 「我々が焦点を当てているのは、(ウラジミール)ゼレンスキー大統領がその路線やその他の路線に沿って戦いたいのかどうか、いつ、どのように戦うのか、そして彼が必要とする支援を米国だけでなく、他の 50 人のパートナーから。」

バイデン氏は木曜日、「必要な限り」ウクライナへの武器供与を続けると誓った。 米議員らはすでにキエフへの軍事・経済支援に1130億ドルの資金提供を承認しており、同氏は議会議員らがロシア軍を自国領土から追い出すウクライナの取り組みを引き続き支援すると期待していると述べた。
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White House reacts to Russian nuclear move
The US will “continue to monitor” the announced deployment of bombs to Belarus
Washington does not see any signs that Russia is preparing to use a nuclear weapon, but will keep an eye on the preparations in Belarus to host its ally’s atomic arsenal, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Friday.

Earlier in the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his counterpart Alexander Lukashenko that the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus might start as early as next month.

Kirby called the announcement “another example of just reckless and irresponsible rhetoric” coming from Moscow, which the US “have to take seriously.”

“We’re doing the best we can to monitor,” he told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “We don’t see anything out there that shows us that there’s an imminent indication of movement of nuclear capabilities, or imminent risk of nuclear war inside Ukraine or even on the continent.”



同氏はCNNのクリスティアーヌ・アマンプールに対し、「監視に全力を尽くしている」と語った。 「ウクライナ国内や大陸内でさえ、核能力の差し迫った動きや核戦争の差し迫った危険性の兆候があることを示すものは何も見当たりません。」
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ウクライナは自爆を選んでいる 核災害を意図

Ukraine tried to attack nuclear power plant – local officials
Air defenses brought down drones headed for the Zaporozhye NPP, authorities claimed
Russian air defenses have intercepted three drones armed with explosive warheads that were headed towards the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant on Friday, local authorities told RT. The attack came after Moscow had warned Kiev against any attacks on Europe’s largest atomic energy station.

Electronic warfare specialists detected the UAVs and brought them down, Zaporozhye officials said. One of the drones exploded upon crashing, while two were recovered mostly intact. The lightweight UAVs were armed with PG-7L high-explosive rockets, commonly used with RPG-7 anti-tank launchers.

Ordnance disposal specialists examined the wreckage and decided to destroy the devices on the spot, after documenting the remains.

“Ukraine blew up the Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric power station in order to distract the world from the failures of their much-publicized counteroffensive,” the Zaporozhye authorities said in a statement. “Now they need another disaster, this time a nuclear one, for which they will again blame Russia.”
ウクライナは原子力発電所を攻撃しようとした - 地元当局者
ロシアの防空部隊は金曜、ザポリージャ原子力発電所に向かっていた爆発性弾頭を搭載したドローン3機を迎撃したと地元当局がRTに語った。 この攻撃は、ロシア政府がヨーロッパ最大の原子力施設へのいかなる攻撃に対してもキエフに警告した後に行われた。

ザポリージャ当局者らによると、電子戦の専門家が無人航空機を探知し、撃墜したという。 ドローンのうち1機は墜落時に爆発したが、2機はほぼ無傷で回収された。 軽量 UAV は、一般的に RPG-7 対戦車発射装置で使用される PG-7L 榴弾ロケットを装備していました。


ザポリージャ当局は声明で、「ウクライナは、大々的に報じられている反攻の失敗から世界の目をそらすために、ノヴァ・カホフカ水力発電所を爆破した」と述べた。 「今、彼らは別の災害を必要としている。今度は核災害だ。彼らは再びロシアを非難するだろう。」

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ジョー・バイデン、ウクライナのガス会社贈収賄事件に関与か - Fox News

Joe Biden implicated in Ukrainian gas firm bribery scheme – Fox News
While vice president, he was allegedly paid $5 million by Burisma Holdings, where his son Hunter Biden sat on the board
US President Joe Biden was reportedly involved in a criminal bribery scheme with a Ukrainian natural gas firm during his time as vice president in Barack Obama's administration, Fox News claimed on Friday, citing an FBI report.

Fox claims its sources briefed the outlet on the contents of an FBI document which alleges that the then-VP was paid off by Burisma Holdings, where his son Hunter Biden was a board member, in an attempt to influence US policy decisions.

Dated from June 30, 2020, the document, known as an FD-1023, details an FBI interview with a “highly credible” confidential source who described multiple meetings and conversations with a top Burisma executive, starting in 2015.

According to the FBI document, the unnamed Burisma executive was seeking advice on how to gain better access to US oil rights and partnerships, and sought the help of the confidential source on the “best way to go forward.”

The executive allegedly explained his need for advice by stating that Hunter Biden was “dumb” and that Burisma had to “pay the Bidens” because a Ukrainian prosecutor was investigating the company.

The executive allegedly told the source that Bursima had already paid Hunter Biden and “the Big Guy” – apparently a reference to Joe Biden – $5 million each, in exchange for which they were supposed to help the company deal with a number of issues, including the investigation. He reportedly explained that the payment to the Bidens was not done directly, but through “many different bank accounts,” so that investigators would not be able to “unravel this for at least 10 years.”

Washington has reportedly declined to comment on the FBI’s report, while Joe Biden has previously dismissed bribery allegations as a “bunch of malarkey,” insisting that he has never been involved in his son's business dealings.

However, during a speech at a 2018 Council on Foreign Relations event, Joe Biden did admit that he had been responsible for the firing of Ukraine’s top prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma. Biden claimed that he did so by threatening to withhold $1 billion of critical US aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor was replaced. Shokin was removed from his position on April 3 by then-president Pyotr Poroshenko, and the US greenlit the aid.

副大統領時代、息子のハンター・バイデンが役員を務めるBurisma Holdingsから500万ドルを受け取ったとされる
ジョー・バイデン米大統領は、バラク・オバマ政権の副大統領時代に、ウクライナの天然ガス会社との贈収賄計画に関与していたとされ、Fox Newsは、FBIの報告書を引用して、金曜日に主張しました。

Foxは、情報筋がFBIの文書の内容を同メディアに説明したと主張し、その内容は、当時の副大統領が、息子のハンター・バイデンが役員を務めるBurisma Holdingsから、米国の政策決定に影響を与えようと買収されたと主張しています。


FBIの文書によると、無名のBurisma幹部は、米国の石油権益やパートナーシップへのより良いアクセスを得る方法についてアドバイスを求めており、"最善の方法 "について機密情報源の助けを求めていました。


この幹部は、バーシマはすでにハンター・バイデンと「ビッグ・ガイ」(ジョー・バイデンのことらしい)にそれぞれ500万ドルを支払い、その代わりに、捜査などさまざまな問題への対処を手伝うことになっていると、情報筋に語ったとされる。バイデン夫妻への支払いは直接ではなく、"多くの異なる銀行口座 "を通じて行われ、捜査当局が "少なくとも10年間は解明できない "と説明したと伝えられています。

ワシントンはFBIの報告書についてコメントを控えたとされ、ジョー・バイデンはこれまで贈収賄疑惑を "bund of malarkey "として否定し、息子のビジネス取引に関与したことはないと主張してきました。

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