Palestinian president to visit China
Beijing has again positioned itself as a mediator in a regional dispute
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will visit China next week at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, the Foreign Ministry in Beijing announced on Friday. China has signaled its intent to back Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

“At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President of the state of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas will pay a state visit to China from June 13 to 16,” spokesperson Hua Chunying said in an official release on the Foreign Ministry’s website on Friday.

The statement follows a declaration from Foreign Minister Qin Gang in April, in which he expressed China’s willingness to support peace negotiations after separate conversations with Israeli and Palestinian diplomats.

Qin backed “steps to resume peace talks” in a phone call with Israel’s foreign minister, Eli Cohen, the Xinhua news agency said in April, adding that “China is ready to provide convenience for this.” The Chinese diplomat also made similar calls for peace talks in a discussion with the Palestinian foreign minister, Riyad al-Maliki, Xinhua reported.

In both exchanges, Qin stated that China’s platform for peace negotiations is based on the so-called “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Xinhua said.

Beijing’s efforts to establish the resumption of talks between Israel and Palestine comes as China focuses elements of its foreign policy towards acting as a mediator in various regional disputes.

In March, Beijing brokered renewed ties between regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, inserting itself into a political theater in which the United States has for decades acted as the chief diplomatic influencer.

The move casts Washington to the sidelines in regional disputes such as the Yemeni civil war, largely considered a Tehran-Riyadh proxy conflict.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry also said that it expects China to play a productive role in its concerns about Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

In February, Beijing proposed a peace plan for Russia’s conflict with Ukraine following discussions between Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Since Xi came to power in 2012, China has made concerted efforts to establish itself as a conflict mediator in countries such as Bangladesh, Syria, Afghanistan, and others.



新華社通信は4月、秦氏がイスラエルのイーライ・コーエン外相との電話会談で "和平交渉再開のステップ "を支持し、"中国はそのための便宜を図る用意がある "と付け加えたと伝えています。中国の外交官はまた、パレスチナのリヤド・アル・マリキ外相との話し合いで、和平交渉について同様の呼びかけを行ったと新華社は報じている。







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中国がいかにして資本主義において米国に勝ったか。現在、グローバルフォーチュン 500 リストには、アメリカ企業 (124 社) よりも中国企業 (136 社) の方が多くなっています。



中国最大の民間企業には、平安、アリババ、アント グループ、テンセント、美団、CATL、バイトダンス、京東、ファーウェイなどが含まれます。




同氏は、米国がどのようにして、1)「50年間地域の平和を維持」してきた「一つの中国政策を放棄」し、2)ますます「中国を狙った先進精密兵器で武装した監視国家の環で中国を包囲しようとしている」かを説明している。 」そして3) 「中国の発展を阻止するための戦争」を仕掛け、その間ずっと世界に現状を変えているのは中国であるとガスライティングで信じ込ませている。
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バイデンの評判はキエフの反攻にかかっている - Politico

Biden’s reputation hinges on Kiev’s counteroffensive – Politico
The White House is anxiously watching the current round of fighting in Ukraine, US officials told the outlet
Washington’s future military support for Ukraine and President Joe Biden’s reputation depend largely on the outcome of Kiev’s counteroffensive against the Russian forces, senior American officials have told Politico.

The White House “anxiously watches” Kiev’s attempts to retake territories it lost to Russia, the US outlet reported on Thursday.

If the counteroffensive succeeds, Ukraine would be able to count on additional military and economic assistance from the US and its allies, but if it fails, Western support may dry up, with Kiev facing calls to find a swift diplomatic resolution to the conflict, the report said.

Five US officials, who spoke to Politico on condition of anonymity, acknowledged that they weren’t sure if lawmakers would vote for more aid for President Vladimir Zelensky’s government when funds approved last year are depleted. The House Republicans may use any setbacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) to derail the efforts of the Democrats to boost military aid, they pointed out.

According to the outlet, Washington has been increasingly unhappy about Ukrainian attacks inside Russia such as an attempted drone strike on the Kremlin in early May and the assassinations of military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky and journalist Darya Dugina. Those moves by Kiev have led to “several private, stern admonishments in diplomatic backchannels,” it added.

The political uncertainty in the US and developments on the ground in Ukraine are among “mounting concerns that could sully Biden’s hoped-for triumphant return to the world stage” at the NATO summit in Vilnius in July, the officials stressed.

The gathering in the Lithuanian capital will be a “key moment” for the American leader, who’ll face questions about US security guarantees for Kiev, the deliveries of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine and its potential membership in NATO, Politico pointed out.

During his meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi SuNak on Thursday, Biden expressed belief that the administration will “have the funding necessary to support Ukraine as long as it takes” and that this support will be “real.”

Earlier that day, senior US officials told CNN that the AFU had suffered “significant” casualties in its unsuccessful attempts to mount a counteroffensive against the Russian forces over the past week. Kiev’s troops have been met with “greater than expected resistance” when trying to break through Russian lines, they said.

According to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, Ukraine has lost around 5,000 soldiers and 100 tanks in combat since Sunday.
バイデンの評判はキエフの反攻にかかっている - Politico









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Ukraine rejects Türkiye’s Kakhovka dam proposal
Kiev's foreign minister said he was sick and tired of “quasi-justice”
Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba has vehemently dismissed Türkiye’s proposal for an international investigation into the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam, calling the initiative a “game to indulge the Russians.”

This comes after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held phone conversations with his Russian and Ukrainian counterparts on Wednesday, offering to organize an international commission to investigate the attack on the dam, which would include experts from all three countries, as well as the UN.

Speaking on the Ukrainian 1+1 news channel, Kuleba stated that was sick and tired of the UN and others who were proposing to investigate the explosion and accused them of playing a “game of quasi-justice.”

“It’s absolutely clear who’s who,” Kuleba said, dismissing any suggestions that Ukraine could have been responsible for blowing anything up. “Take it easy, gentlemen,” he said. “We've already been there. It's all just a game to indulge the Russians.”

Later in the interview, the minister admitted that some sort of investigation into the dam’s destruction would take place eventually, but that it would not be anytime soon.



クレバ氏は「誰が誰なのかは完全に明らかだ」と述べ、ウクライナが何かを爆破した可能性があるとするいかなる示唆も否定した。 「紳士諸君、ご安心ください」と彼は言った。 「私たちはすでにそこに行ったことがあります。 それはすべてロシア人を満足させるための単なるゲームだ。」


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UN envoy Volker Perthes 'persona non grata'

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US lawmakers threaten sanctions for Syria rapprochement
Nations normalizing relations with Damascus face “severe costs” under a newly-introduced bill
A bipartisan group of US lawmakers has introduced a bill to oppose the normalization of relations between Syria and other nations. The Arab League reinstated the country this month, while Saudi Arabia announced the reopening of diplomatic channels with Damascus after ten years.

The Assad Anti-Normalization Act threatens “governments considering normalization with the Assad regime” with severe consequences, according to a press release by the office of US Representative Joe Wilson, the primary sponsor of the bill.

The government of Syrian President Bashar Assad faced mass protests and an armed uprising over a decade ago. The US and its allies accused Damascus of crimes against its people and backed anti-government forces by sending weapons to militant groups, among other measures. Some of the arms ended up in the hands of outright jihadists.

The Syrian government turned the tide of the conflict against the militant groups – which had taken over large parts of Syrian territory – with the help of Russia and Iran, and is now in control of most parts of the country. The US now has a military base in the east, in spite of objections from Damascus, and supports the Kurdish forces which hold fertile and oil-rich regions of the country.

After the opposition’s failure to topple Assad, Washington introduced severe economic sanctions, which critics say significantly undermine Syria’s attempts at reconstruction. The new legislation seeks to bolster the sanctions. Among other things, it targets foreign airports receiving Syrian planes, seeks to crack down on first lady Asma Assad’s charity, and subjects grants of $50,000 or more to Syria from nations in the region to sanctions review.

“The United States must use all of our leverage to stop normalization with Assad,” Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said of the new bill, which he co-sponsored. It mandates “further sanctions against any form of investment in territory under the control of the Assad regime, as we remain committed to ensuring the Syrian people receive justice.”

The bill also reacts to the Arab League’s reengagement with Syria by instructing the Department of State to monitor and report to the Congress all diplomatic contacts between Damascus and certain states. The list includes Türkiye, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and others. The US government would be required to implement a strategy to counter Syria rapprochement for at least five years under the proposed law.

The lawmakers also want to be updated on what they have termed the “manipulation of the UN” by Damascus, referring to conditions under which UN humanitarian aid programs helping Syrians operate.









シリアのアラブ世界への復帰を妨害して何になる? この超党派



シリア・アラブの春 顛末記:最新シリア情勢
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米国、ウクライナ向けにさらに20億ドルの武器供与を準備中 - Bloomberg

US preparing another $2 billion in arms for Ukraine – Bloomberg
The next weapons package will reportedly include Patriot missiles and refurbished Hawk launchers
The Pentagon is set to unveil another $2 billion in military aid for Ukraine, hoping to bolster the country’s air defenses as it launched its much-touted counteroffensive against Russian forces, Bloomberg News reported.

The announcement is likely to come later this week, the outlet said on Thursday, citing unnamed US officials. The arms will be provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which has furnished billions of dollars in American weapons to Kiev since fighting erupted with Moscow last year.

The new aid package will include two types of Patriot missiles: the Patriot Advanced Capability Missile-3 (PAC-3) and the Guidance Enhanced Missile. Produced by Raytheon, the latter munitions are said to provide “improved ability to defeat tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles or enemy aircraft in complement to the PAC-3 missile,” according to the US weapons-maker.

Washington will also reportedly send MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missile launchers, an aging system whose first variant entered service in 1960. Officials initially said the platform would be provided last November, but noted they would require refurbishing and repairs using funds from the USAI project.

The latest military assistance comes as Kiev staged several major attacks against Russian forces over the past few days. Officials in Kiev, however, insist that the actual “counteroffensive” operation has yet to come, with the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council, Aleksey Danilov, arguing “When we start the counteroffensive, everyone will know about it, they will see it.”
米国、ウクライナ向けにさらに20億ドルの武器供与を準備中 - Bloomberg




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South Africa won’t enforce ICC Putin warrant – minister
Arresting the Russian president would be “a declaration of war,” Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has said
South Africa will not enforce the International Criminal Court’s warrant for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni told reporters on Thursday.

"The Deputy Chairperson of the Security Council of Russia has indicated that anyone who arrests President Putin will be tantamount to a declaration of war,” Ntshavheni said, referring to a statement by Dmitry Medvedev in March.

At the time, Medvedev declared that if Putin were to be arrested by “say, Germany… all our missiles would fly to the Bundestag, to the Chancellor’s office.”

“I don’t think this country wants us to declare war with Russia,” Ntshavheni added.

In mid-March, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued arrest warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, the presidential commissioner for children’s rights. The court accused them of the “forcible transfer of population,” referring to Moscow’s efforts to evacuate children from combat zones amid hostilities with Ukraine.




3月中旬、国際刑事裁判所(ICC)はロシアのウラジーミル・プーチン大統領とマリア・リボバ=ベロワ大統領児童権利委員に対し逮捕状を発行した。 裁判所は、ウクライナとの敵対行為のさなか、戦闘地域から子どもたちを避難させようとするロシア政府の取り組みに言及し、「強制移住」の罪で彼らを非難した。
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米軍退役軍人は最もテロをやりやすい - 研究

US military veterans are most prone to terrorism – study
Researchers have found that ex-soldiers have a propensity to launch mass casualty attacks
Former US soldiers are 2.41 times more likely than extremist offenders at large to become mass casualty attackers, according to a report released this week by terrorism researchers at the University of Maryland.

By comparison, people who had criminal records prior to being radicalized were only 1.26 times more likely than average to commit extremist attacks.

“Having a US military background is the single-strongest individual-level predictor of whether a subject . . . is classified as a mass casualty offender,” the study by Maryland’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) said. The group added that veterans are far more prone to violent extremism than potential offenders with more commonly discussed traits, such as a history of mental illness or being a “lone wolf.”
米軍退役軍人は最もテロをやりやすい - 研究


メリーランド大学のSTART(National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism)の研究では、「米軍の経歴を持つことは、ある対象者が大量殺傷犯罪者に分類されるかどうかを予測する個人レベルの最も強い因子である」と述べています。また、退役軍人は、精神疾患の既往歴や "一匹狼 "といった一般的によく言われる特徴を持つ犯罪者よりも、はるかに暴力的過激主義に走る傾向があるという。
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Kiev needs deadlier weapons – US lawmakers
President Biden faces growing pressure to approve longer-range missiles and fighter jets for Kiev
Members of Congress have urged US President Joe Biden to provide even more advanced weaponry to Ukraine, including longer-range missiles that the White House previously warned could trigger World War III.

Kiev must be given Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) to strike distant targets in Russia’s supply lines, nine lawmakers said in a letter to Biden on Thursday. The bipartisan group, led by Colorado Democrat Jason Crow, dismissed concerns that such weapons could escalate the conflict or leave US missile supplies too depleted.

“We also understand the administration’s stated desire to maintain US stockpiles for future fights, but Ukraine is currently on the front lines in a fight for freedom in a war with immediate and long-term US national security implications,” the lawmakers said. “The fight for global peace and security is playing out in Ukraine, and we believe this merits a drawdown from our existing stocks of this important capability.”
READ MORE: Russian regional capital hit by UK-supplied missiles – officials

ATACMS missiles can strike targets as far as 300 kilometers (190 miles) away. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said last July that the Biden administration wouldn’t send such long-range missiles to Ukraine because such a precedent could provoke a wider conflict if used to attack targets in Russian territory.

However, the UK has since supplied Kiev with an unspecified number of its own Storm Shadow long-range missiles, a decision that was apparently run by Washington first. While Britain has consistently pushed its allies to supply Kiev with heavier armaments, nothing happens without the US approval, NBC News reported last week.




しかし、英国はその後、キエフに不特定多数の自国の長距離ミサイル「ストームシャドウ」を供給しており、この決定はまずワシントンが実行したようです。英国は一貫して、キエフにより重い武装を供給するよう同盟国に働きかけているが、米国の承認がなければ何も起こらない、とNBC Newsは先週報じた。

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EU、主要州での「親ロシア」票を危惧 - Politico

EU fears ‘pro-Russian’ votes in key states – Politico
A change of leadership in Austria and Slovakia could spell doom for Brussels’ sanctions regime
EU、主要州での「親ロシア」票を危惧 - Politico
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US and UK launch plot to drive Russia out of nuclear energy market
Washington and London wish to lead the world in advanced atomic technology
The US and the UK will launch a joint committee to develop a strategy for creating advanced nuclear reactors by 2030, President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Thursday. The initiative is part of the Anglo-American economic partnership.

Sunak, who is visiting Washington, said the new “civil nuclear partnership” aims to “support the critical clean energy industry, our net zero ambitions and to keep Russia out of the global civil nuclear power market.”

The White House offered more details in a press release about the New Atlantic Declaration.

In practice, the partnership will involve the establishment of the Joint Action Group on Energy Security and Affordability (JAG), which will “set near-term priorities for joint action to encourage the establishment of new infrastructure and end-to-end fuel cycle capabilities by 2030 in both continents, and substantially minimize reliance on Russian fuel, supplies, and services.”

ワシントンを訪問中のスナック氏は、新しい「民生用原子力パートナーシップ」の狙いを、"重要なクリーンエネルギー産業、我々のネットゼロの野望を支援し、ロシアを世界の民生用原子力発電市場から締め出すこと "と述べた。


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West has done everything for Ukraine – Biden
The US president remains “very optimistic” about the “evolving situation” in Ukraine Washington and its allies have exhausted their efforts to arm and prepare Ukraine for its counteroffensive against Russian forces, US President Joe Biden has claimed after meeting with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the White House.

“We’ve done everything we could, collectively but individually in the United States, to make them ready, to support ..,” Biden told reporters on Thursday in a joint press briefing with Sunak in Washington. He called Kiev’s faltering attempts to mount an attack “an evolving situation where we’re very optimistic.”

The US president made his comments amid reports that Ukrainian forces have suffered “significant” casualties as they battle to break through Russia’s defensive lines in the former Soviet republic. CNN admitted on Thursday that Ukraine’s troops were meeting “greater than expected resistance” and were struggling to get their Western-provided vehicles through minefields.

The long-discussed counteroffensive apparently began with a large-scale attack on Sunday, but met with withering firepower from Russian forces. Kiev admitted that its forces were “shifting to offensive actions” in some areas, but dismissed claims of its failures and losses as Russian propaganda.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukrainian forces lost more than 3,700 troops, 52 tanks and hundreds of armored vehicles during the first three days of their attacks. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Tuesday that only 71 Russian soldiers were killed over the same period. He added on Thursday that Ukraine’s 47th Mechanized Brigade retreated after losing 350 men and 30 tanks in the latest attack on the Zaporozhye front.

Asked whether he expected to get new funding approvals from the Republican-controlled Congress to continue providing aid to Ukraine, Biden vowed “unwavering support” for Kiev. Lawmakers have approved $113 billion in Ukraine aid since February 2022. NATO members plan to discuss long-term security commitments for Kiev at a summit next month in Vilnius.

“Long-term security to deter future aggression after this war ends is the goal, and we’re advancing this goal by providing the support Ukraine needs now on the battlefield and helping them strengthen their military over the long term,” Biden said. “I believe we’ll have the funding necessary to support Ukraine as long as it takes.”

Biden argued that while some lawmakers have begun to question whether the US should continue to provide aid to Ukraine, he sees broad agreement on the consequences of failing to do so.

Sunak touted increases in UK defense spending, saying, “We’re lucky to have America’s investment in European security, but we need to share the burden alongside you.” He suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin was betting on NATO members to tire of supporting Kiev. “I think it sends a strong signal to him that there is no point in trying to wait us out. We’re not going anywhere. We will be here for as long as it takes.”

バイデン氏は木曜日、ワシントンでのスナク氏との共同記者会見で記者団に対し、「我々は米国内で集団的かつ個別に、彼らの準備を整え、…を支援するためにできる限りのあらゆることを行ってきた」と語った。 同氏は、キエフによる攻撃の試みがたどたどしい状況について「状況は進展しており、われわれは非常に楽観視している」と述べた。

旧ソ連共和国でロシアの防衛線を突破しようと戦い、ウクライナ軍が「重大な」死傷者を出したとの報道の中で、米大統領はこのコメントを発表した。 CNNは木曜日、ウクライナ軍が「予想を超える抵抗」に遭い、西側から提供された車両で地雷原を通過させるのに苦労していることを認めた。

長年議論されてきた反攻は、明らかに日曜日の大規模攻撃から始まったが、ロシア軍のしぼんでしまうような火力に遭った。 キエフは、自軍が一部の地域で「攻撃行動に移行」していることを認めたが、その失敗や損失に関する主張をロシアのプロパガンダとして否定した。

ロシア国防省によると、ウクライナ軍は攻撃の最初の3日間で3700人以上の兵員、戦車52台、装甲車両数百台を失った。 ロシアのセルゲイ・ショイグ国防大臣は火曜日、同期間に死亡したロシア兵士はわずか71名だったと述べた。 同氏は木曜日、ウクライナ第47機械化旅団がザポリージャ戦線への最近の攻撃で兵員350名と戦車30台を失い撤退したと付け加えた。

バイデン氏は、ウクライナへの支援を継続するために共和党が多数を占める議会から新たな資金提供の承認を得られると予想しているかとの質問に対し、キエフへの「揺るぎない支援」を誓った。 議員らは2022年2月以来、1130億ドルのウクライナ支援を承認した。NATO加盟国は来月ビリニュスで開催される首脳会議で、キエフの長期的な安全保障に関する取り組みについて話し合う予定だ。

バイデン氏は「この戦争が終わった後の将来の侵略を抑止するための長期的な安全保障が目標であり、われわれはウクライナが戦場で現在必要としている支援を提供し、長期的な軍事強化を支援することでこの目標を前進させている」と述べた。 「時間がかかる限り、ウクライナを支援するために必要な資金は得られると信じています。」


スナック氏は、英国の防衛費増額をアピールし、「欧州の安全保障にアメリカが投資してくれるのは幸運だが、皆さんと一緒に負担を分かち合う必要がある」と述べた。彼は、ロシアのプーチン大統領が、NATO加盟国がキエフを支援することに飽きることに賭けていることを示唆した。"私たちを待っても無駄だ "という強いシグナルを送っているのだと思う。"私たちはどこにも行きません。我々は、それが必要とする限り、ここにいる。"
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