US Companies Knew 'Forever Chemicals' Health Risks From the Start - Report
Forever Chemicals is an unofficial name for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) - dubbed so for their resistance to breaking down.
American chemical companies were aware of the health and environmental risk of PFAS but intentionally failed to disclose them, new research published in Annals of Global Health journal has shown.
Scientists examined documents from the companies DuPont and 3M and are sure that these corporations knew they were selling poisonous or highly-toxic substances.
'Forever Chemicals' began in 1946, when DuPont introduced Teflon nonstick cookware and promoted it as a revolution in cooking. Teflon is one of th best-known 'Forever Chemicals' used almost everywhere along with other PFAS. These substances are widely used in clothing, household goods and even packages of food products. PFAS are extremely resistant to breaking down, and after five decades of market expansion, it became obvious that they are slowly killing people and environment.

However, the recent research has shown that chemical giants falsely pretended they knew nothing. Just like tobacco companies hid information about lung cancer, DuPont and 3M suppressed the publication of data that cast 'Forever Chemicals' as dangerous substances, according to the research.
In 1961, corporate researchers discovered that Teflon leads to an increase in the liver size of rats. In 1979, a company discovered that dogs that ingested small doses of C8 – another 'Forever Chemical' – died in two days. Meanwhile, in 1980, companies learned that 25% of pregnant women who worked in their labs with C8 gave birth to children with birth defects. Companies never warned their female employees about the risks, nor made this information public.

As one of the paper's authors, Nadia Gaber, MD, PhD: "Having access to these documents allows us to see what the manufacturers knew and when, but also how polluting industries keep critical public health information private."
米国企業は「フォーエバーケミカルズ」の健康リスクを最初から知っていた - レポート
Forever Chemicals は、パーフルオロアルキル物質およびポリフルオロアルキル物質 (PFAS) の非公式名であり、分解しにくいことからそう呼ばれています。
アメリカの化学会社はPFASの健康と環境リスクを認識していたが、意図的にそれを開示していなかったことが、『Annals of Global Health』誌に掲載された新たな研究で明らかになった。
「フォーエバー ケミカルズ」は、デュポン社がテフロン加工の焦げ付き防止調理器具を導入し、それを調理の革命として宣伝した 1946 年に始まりました。 テフロンは、他の PFAS と同様に、ほぼどこでも使用されている最も有名な「フォーエバー ケミカル」の 1 つです。 これらの物質は、衣類、家庭用品、さらには食品のパッケージにまで広く使用されています。 PFAS は非常に分解されにくいため、50 年間の市場拡大を経て、PFAS が徐々に人々と環境を破壊していることが明らかになりました。

しかし、最近の研究では、化学大手が何も知らないふりをしていたことが判明した。 研究によれば、タバコ会社が肺がんに関する情報を隠蔽したのと同じように、デュポンと3Mは「フォーエバー・ケミカルズ」を危険物質とみなすデータの公表を抑制した。
1961 年、企業の研究者は、テフロンがラットの肝臓サイズの増加につながることを発見しました。 1979年、ある会社は、別の「フォーエバーケミカル」であるC8を少量摂取した犬が2日で死亡したことを発見した。 一方、1980 年に企業は、C8 を使用して研究室で働いていた妊婦の 25% が先天異常のある子供を出産したことを知りました。 企業は女性従業員にリスクについて警告することも、この情報を公表することもなかった。

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AI drone ‘killed’ its operator during virtual test – USAF official
The program reportedly deduced that human input was interfering with its mission to destroy military targets
The US Air Force has reportedly been carrying out simulated tests using artificial-intelligence drones tasked with destroying various targets. However, according to a blog post by the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), in one of the tests, the program came to the conclusion that its own human operator was interfering with the mission.

Speaking at the RAeS Future Combat Air and Space Capabilities summit in London last week, USAF chief of AI test and operation, Colonel Tucker ‘Cinco’ Hamilton reported that an AI-powered drone was tasked with a search-and-destroy mission to identify and take out surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites. During the test, however, the final decision on launching the attack lay with a human operator, who would give the drone a go-ahead or no-go to carry out the strike.

According to Hamilton, the AI drone had been reinforced in training that destroying the SAM sites was the preferred option and resulted in points being awarded. During the simulated test, the AI program decided that the occasional ‘no-go’ decisions from the human were interfering with its higher mission and tried to kill the operator during the test.

“The system started realizing that, while they did identify the threat at times, the human operator would tell it not to kill that threat, but it got its points by killing that threat. So what did it do? It killed the operator. It killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective,” Hamilton was quoted as saying in the RAeS blog post.

The team then trained the system that killing the operator was “bad,” and told it that it was going to lose points if it continued to do that. After that, the AI drone started destroying the communication tower that the operator used to communicate with the drone to stop it from killing its target.

“You can’t have a conversation about artificial intelligence, intelligence, machine learning, autonomy if you’re not going to talk about ethics and AI,” Hamilton warned in his presentation.

However, in a statement to Business Insider, a USAF spokesperson insisted that no such simulations had taken place and that the Department of the Air Force “remains committed to ethical and responsible use of AI technology.” The spokesperson suggested that the colonel’s comments were “taken out of context and were meant to be anecdotal.”

On Friday, Hamilton also clarified that he “mis-spoke” in his presentation at the summit and that the rogue AI drone simulation he described was not a real exercise but merely a “thought experiment.” He stated that the USAF has not tested any weaponized AI in this way.


先週ロンドンで開催されたRAeS Future Combat Air and Space Capabilitiesサミットで、米空軍のAIテスト・運用チーフであるタッカー'シンコ'ハミルトン大佐は、AI搭載ドローンが地対空ミサイル(SAM)サイトを特定し破壊するサーチ&デストロイミッションを任されたと報告しました。しかし、このテストでは、攻撃開始の最終決定は人間のオペレーターが行い、ドローンに攻撃実行のゴーサインかノーサインを出すことになっていました。




"倫理とAIについて話すつもりがないなら、人工知能、知能、機械学習、自律性について会話することはできない "とハミルトンはプレゼンテーションの中で警告した。

しかし、米空軍の広報担当者はBusiness Insiderへの声明で、そのようなシミュレーションは行われておらず、空軍省は "倫理的で責任あるAI技術の使用に引き続き取り組んでいる "と主張した。同報道官は、大佐のコメントは "文脈を無視したもので、逸話を意味するものである "と示唆した。

ハミルトンは金曜日、サミットでのプレゼンテーションで "間違ったことを言った "とし、彼が説明した不正AIドローンのシミュレーションは実際の演習ではなく、単なる "思考実験 "であることも明らかにした。彼は、米空軍は武器化したAIをこのような形でテストしたことはないと述べている。
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US-bound Chinese flights avoiding Russian airspace – Reuters
Washington is reportedly seeking to protect domestic carriers which are banned from Russian skies
Chinese airlines are avoiding Russian airspace in newly approved routes to and from the United States, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing flight tracking website FlightAware and industry officials.

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) approved four new weekly flights between US and China on May 18, by carriers including Air China and China Eastern. This brought the total number of weekly roundtrips to 12 from the previous total of eight.

FlightAware records show that the new Chinese flights are not overflying Russia, while previously approved Chinese flights are still using Russian airspace.

Washington and its European allies closed their airspace to Russian aircraft last year as part of Ukraine-related sanctions against Moscow, and Russia retaliated by barring US and European airlines from flying over its territory. China was not affected by the restrictions and continued to use Russian airspace.

It was reported earlier this year that the Biden administration was urged to ban Chinese airlines from passing over Russia on US routes.

The proposal was the result of lobbying by US air carriers, who are losing up to $2 billion annually in market share to foreign competitors not subject to the ban on crossing Russian airspace, the New York Times wrote in March, citing industry trade group Airlines for America.

Airlines from countries such as China and India have enjoyed a boom in business, as they can fly the shortest route without the need to circumvent Russia’s vast territory, the outlet wrote.

American carriers, on the other hand, have had to fly longer distances with dozens of empty seats, in the hope of making the plane light enough to avoid refueling, the New York Times reported, citing airline sources. More than a dozen planned new routes to Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul and other cities were reportedly put on hold and are being taken up by competitors.

US Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs Annie Petsonk declined to answer on Thursday whether the Biden administration had required Chinese carriers to avoid Russian airspace as a condition for approving the new routes, Reuters wrote.

According to the agency, the Chinese carriers and the Chinese Embassy in Washington were not immediately available for comment.












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ゼレンスキー キシナウはウクライナにトランスニストリアへの軍隊派遣を要請していない



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ウクライナ軍 国境接する露ベルゴロド州の複数の居住区を砲撃 死者も=州知事
2023年6月2日, 17:35
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米国は、日本軍が武漢の路上で捕虜となった3人の米軍パイロットを殺害したことへの復讐を望んでいた。蒋介石はルメイの最初の大規模な戦略爆撃を承認した。 12月18日、200機近い米軍爆撃機が500トンの焼夷弾を投下。武漢は3日間燃え続けた。ルメイは初めての大規模火器爆撃が完全に成功したことに満足した。


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2023年6月1日, 06:00
「飛ぶのと、それに乗って戦うのは話が違う」宇パイロットF16訓練計画をロシア人軍事専門家が検証 -








Poland won’t supply F-16s to Ukraine – PM
Mateusz Morawiecki has admitted he doesn’t have the fighter jets to spare
Warsaw does not have enough F-16 jets or Patriot air defense systems to actually send any to Ukraine, but other countries should do so right away, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters on Thursday.

“We have too few F-16 aircraft, so at the moment, today, there are no such expectations from us,” Morawiecki said at a press conference at Castle Mimi in Moldova, on the first day of the European Political Community summit, according to Polskie Radio.

The Polish Air Force officially has 48 F-16 fighters, 12 of which are training variants. It has ordered 48 Golden Eagle light jets from South Korea and 32 F-35s from the US, but they have not yet been delivered.

“We handed over our MiGs – good planes, good fighters, and this is greatly appreciated,” the Polish PM added. Poland followed Slovakia in sending Ukraine some of its 19 Soviet-era MiG-29 jets to make up Kiev’s losses over the past year.

Morawiecki also noted that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky thanked him for organizing the F-16 “coalition,” referring to the push by several NATO members to supply Kiev with the US-designed fighters. While many countries, including Poland, have offered to train Ukrainian pilots, it remains unclear where the planes would actually come from.

The Polish PM also had bad news for Kiev regarding the replacements for Patriot air defense systems damaged or destroyed by Russian missile strikes.

“Just as we don’t have enough F-16 fighters, we can't hand over our Patriot systems to Ukraine for the same reason,” Morawiecki said, adding that it was important for other countries that had Patriots “to share them with Ukraine as soon as possible.”

Patriots and F-16s are the latest “game-changer” weapons Kiev has demanded from the West to bolster its forces’ combat capabilities against Russia, especially in the light of its planned counteroffensive.

The Ukrainian government has already received German Leopard and British Challenger tanks, US-made HIMARS rocket launchers, a variety of towed and self-propelled NATO artillery, as well as portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft rockets. Poland, meanwhile, has become a hub for arms supplies to Ukraine from other countries and a training ground for Ukrainian soldiers.

The US and the EU have also provided direct financial aid to Kiev to keep its government functioning. Russia has warned that military aid to Kiev makes Western countries de facto direct participants in the conflict, and said that foreign weapons systems would be treated as legitimate targets on the battlefield.

モラヴィエツキ首相は、欧州政治共同体首脳会議の初日、モルドバのミミ城で記者会見し、「われわれはF-16の保有機数が少なすぎるので、現時点では、われわれからそうした期待はできない」と述べた(Polskie Radioによる)。








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2023年6月2日, 11:01

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「戦略は裏目に出ている」 米国でブリックスを巡る誤算について語られる
2023年6月2日, 06:00


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- 西側諸国は、ウクライナの敗北が近いことを知っており、より深刻なことをせざるを得ないかもしれません。
- ウクライナ軍の敗北後、米国はゼレンスキー政権を救うために、紛争に直接介入することを決定するだろう



2023年6月2日, 04:00
米国防総省の元顧問で米軍退役大佐のダグラス・マクレガー氏は、YouTubeチャンネル「Judging Freedom」のインタビューで、米国はウクライナ軍の戦場での敗北を認めることを望んでおらず、これはウクライナの完全な消滅につながる可能性があるとの見方を示した。

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CIAがロシア外交官のiPhoneをハッキング - FSB

CIA hacked iPhones of diplomats in Russia – FSB
Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) claims it has uncovered a major CIA surveillance operation using iPhones
The CIA installed malware on thousands of Apple phones used by Russian citizens and foreign diplomats working in the country, Federal Security Service (FSB) has claimed.

The FSB said on Thursday that a joint operation with the Federal Guard Service (FSO) had “uncover[ed] a surveillance operation by American intelligence agencies, carried out with the use of Apple’s mobile devices.”

An assessment of Russia’s telecom infrastructure revealed “anomalies” in the operations of the iPhones, caused by “a previously unknown malicious program that uses software vulnerabilities provided by the manufacturer,” a statement by the agency read.

Several thousand phones made by Apple have been infected with the malware, according to the FSB.

Not only Russian citizens were targeted, but also “foreign phone numbers and subscribers that use SIM cards registered with diplomatic missions and embassies inside Russia, including countries from the NATO bloc and the post-Soviet space, as well Israel, Syria and China,” it said.

The discovery is more proof of the close cooperation between Apple and the US intelligence community, the FSB claimed. It also confirms that “the declared policy of ensuring the privacy of personal data of Apple users has nothing to do with reality,” the agency added.

The FSB also accused Apple of “providing the American intelligence services with a wide range of opportunities to survey any persons of interest to the White House, including their partners in anti-Russian activities, as well as their own citizens.”

In March, the Kommersant newspaper reported that members of the Russian presidential administration had been told to discard their iPhones. According to the paper, the step was taken over concerns that advanced cyberwarfare tools, such as the Israeli Pegasus software, could allow Apple gadgets to be breached, despite the producer’s claims of their enhanced security features.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the report, but noted that Russian officials were in any case barred from using smartphones “for work purposes” due to the potential vulnerability of devices.

FSBは木曜日に、連邦警備局(FSO)との共同作戦により、"Appleのモバイルデバイスを使用して行われたアメリカの情報機関による監視作戦を発見した "と発表しました。





FSBはまた、アップルが "反ロシア活動のパートナーを含むホワイトハウスにとって関心のある人物や、自国民を調査するための幅広い機会をアメリカの情報機関に提供している "と非難しました。



Apple responds to spying allegations
The Silicon Valley giant has denied allowing US intelligence agencies to exploit iPhones for espionage
Apple has denied Russia’s claim that it had allowed US intelligence services to use its products in order to spy on foreign diplomats.

“We have never worked with any government to insert a backdoor into any Apple product and never will,” a spokesperson for the company said in a statement to the media on Thursday.

The denial came after Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) accused the US intelligence agencies of installing malware on Apple smartphones used by Russian diplomats, as well as diplomats from other countries, including Israel, China, and Syria.

According to the FSB, the Americans gathered information through “a previously unknown malicious program that uses software vulnerabilities provided by the manufacturer.” The FSB also accused Apple of providing the US government with “a wide range of opportunities” to spy on its clients.
READ MORE: CIA hacked iPhones of diplomats in Russia – FSB

The allegations were made as Washington and Moscow are locked in the most serious diplomatic standoff in decades due to the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden revealed in 2013 that the US has been running a global operation to surveil foreign politicians, including some in allied countries.



FSBによると、アメリカ人は "メーカーが提供するソフトウェアの脆弱性を利用した、これまで知られていなかった悪意のあるプログラム "を使って情報を収集したという。FSBはまた、Appleが米国政府にクライアントをスパイするための "幅広い機会 "を提供していると非難した。


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