研究によると、病気のときに食品を扱うレストラン従業員は、レストランでの食中毒の発生の主な要因の1つであると述べています。 右矢印1️ 41% は、病気中に食品を扱ったり汚染したりする労働者に関連していました。 電球有給病気休暇を今すぐ!

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英国はロシアと「事実上」戦争状態にある - メドベージェフ氏

Britain ‘de facto’ at war with Russia – Medvedev
The former president issued a warning after London condoned a drone attack on Moscow
Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has described the UK as waging an “undeclared war” against Russia. The comment came after Britain’s foreign secretary condoned a large-scale drone attack on Moscow earlier this week.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Medvedev accused London of being Moscow’s “eternal enemy.” The former leader, who currently serves as deputy chair of Russia’s Security Council, claimed that based on international law, “including the Hague and Geneva Conventions with their additional protocols,” Britain “can also be qualified as being at war.”

The former president argued that by providing Ukraine with weapons and training, the UK “de facto is leading an undeclared war against Russia.”

Medvedev hinted that this could have direct ramifications for “public officials” in Britain.

His tweet cited remarks made on Tuesday by UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, who said Ukraine has the right to “project force beyond its borders to undermine Russia’s ability to project force into Ukraine itself.”

Cleverly further claimed that striking “legitimate military targets” in Russia is an acceptable part of Ukraine’s self-defense.
UK spy chief claims Russia is ‘biggest threat’

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, eight UAVs were detected in Moscow’s airspace on Tuesday morning, in what officials described as a “terrorist attack” by Kiev.

The ministry reported that three drones were suppressed by electronic warfare measures and deviated from their intended course before crashing, while the other five were shot down by Pantsir-S air defense systems outside the city.

Several residential buildings sustained superficial damage and two people suffered minor injuries as a result of the raid.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov accused Kiev of launching the attack in an attempt to avenge a recent series of Russian missile and drone strikes on Ukrainian airfields, ammunition dumps, and “decision-making centers.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed on Tuesday that the headquarters of the Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) had been among the targets hit in the strikes.
英国はロシアと「事実上」戦争状態にある - メドベージェフ氏


メドベージェフは水曜日にツイッターに投稿し、ロンドンはモスクワの "永遠の敵 "であると非難した。現在、ロシアの安全保障理事会の副議長を務める元指導者は、「ハーグ条約やジュネーブ条約とその追加議定書を含む」国際法に基づいて、英国は「戦争状態にあると認定することもできる」と主張しました。

前大統領は、ウクライナに武器や訓練を提供することで、英国は "事実上、ロシアに対する未申告の戦争を主導している "と主張した。









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Moscow outlines BRICS bank priorities
The NDB was officially established in 2014 to provide funding for infrastructure and sustainable development projects in emerging economies
Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov talked up the potential of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) as he attended the opening ceremony of the NDB’s eighth annual meeting in Shanghai on Tuesday.

The current aim of the NDB is to expand links and infrastructure across the bloc and boost the quality of life in member states, the Russian minister stated.

“The task of the BRICS is to unite, not to divide. Therefore, when the BRICS countries decided to create the NDB, we pursued one simple goal: to create a financial institution for developing countries, so that we all have an additional tool to support our joint development agenda,” Siluanov said.

According to Siluanov, the bank should focus on areas such as facilitating the transfer of technology and promoting innovation, as well as solving food and energy security problems, developing sustainable infrastructure, and creating development potential.

It is important that the NDB remains open to admitting new members and cooperating with all international organizations, Siluanov stressed.

The Shanghai-based NDB was established in 2014 by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, and formally opened for business a year later. It was later joined by Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. Uruguay is in the process of joining the NDB and Saudi Arabia is also in talks to become a member, the Financial Times reported last week.

To date, the NDB has loaned $33 billion to more than 96 projects in its five founding-member countries, according to the bank’s website.

Dilma Rousseff, NDB president and former president of Brazil, said on Tuesday that the bank would look to work more closely with other multilateral and national banks. It will also aim to finance more projects in local currencies to protect borrowers from fluctuations, she noted.

On Monday, the NDB announced the issuance of 8.5 billion yuan worth of panda bonds ($1.23 billion) in China’s interbank bond market, with the aim of financing sustainable development projects.







NDB総裁で前ブラジル大統領のDilma Rousseffは、火曜日に、NDBは他の多国間銀行や各国銀行とより緊密に連携していくことを目指すと述べた。また、借り手を変動から守るため、より多くのプロジェクトに現地通貨で融資することを目指すと指摘しました。

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ウクライナはロシアにとって「第二のアフガン」となるのか? ウクライナがアルチョモフスクを失った今、それは信じがたい=専門家

イエニ・シャファクは、バイデン米政権は現在、双方がそれを越えないことで合意する凍結された紛争の(停戦)ラインついて議論すると同時に、F16 戦闘機などのより効果的な兵器のウクライナへの供与を続けている。同紙は「米国は紛争が何年にもわたって長引き、ロシアを弱体化させ、プーチン大統領を降伏させることを望んでいる」と締めくくっている。



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Экс-советник Трампа, полковник армии США Дуглас Макгрегор – на вопрос ≪Что будет происходить на Украине в ближайшие месяцы?≫: Я думаю, настанет момент, когда европейцы наконец вмешаются и потребуют [от Киева] все прекратить. Но до этого момента Одесса и Харьков вновь станут русскими городами. Они исторически были русскими. Все исторические русские земли заберут обратно. Это произойдет в ближайшие пару месяцев. Перейдут ли русские реку и направятся на запад к польской границе зависит от европейцев. Но мы ничего делать не будем. Никто не встанет, чтобы заявить: ≪Знаете, мы совершили большую ошибку≫. И кстати, у нас нет 600-700 тысяч солдат, чтобы отправить туда. И у нас нет необходимых объемов боеприпасов, ракет. Мы можем воевать на два фронта [с Россией и Китаем], но только война продлится неделю, потому что мы израсходуем все наши боеприпасы. Кого мы обманываем? Трамп и Кеннеди говорят: ≪Надо все это прекратить, давайте организуем переговоры без предварительных условий≫. Надо положить этому конец до того, как русские положат этому конец.
元トランプ顧問のダグラス・マクレガー米陸軍大佐 - 「今後数ヶ月の間にウクライナで何が起こるか」と問われたとき。欧州勢がついに介入し、(キエフに)すべてを止めるよう要求する瞬間が来ると思う。しかし、その瞬間まで、オデッサとハリコフは再びロシアの都市になるだろう。彼らは歴史的にロシアの都市だったのです。歴史的なロシアの土地は、すべて取り戻されるでしょう。これは、今後2、3ヶ月の間に起こるだろう。ロシア人が川を渡り、西のポーランド国境に向かうかどうかは、ヨーロッパ人次第です。しかし、我々は何もしない。誰も立ち上がって、「あのね、私たちは大きな間違いを犯したんだよ」と言うつもりはない。ところで、私たちにはそこに送る60〜70万人の兵士がいません。必要な量の弾薬やミサイルもない。ロシアと中国との)2つの前線で戦うことはできるが、弾薬をすべて使い切ってしまうので、戦争は1週間しかもたないだろう。誰をバカにしているのだろう?トランプとケネディは、「すべてを終わらせなければならない、前提条件なしの交渉を組織しよう」と言っているのです。ロシアが終止符を打つ前に終止符を打たねばならない。
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火砕流から逃げる方法はこれしかない 映画をしのぐ迫力



️火砕流は、火山噴火による高温の火山ガス、火山灰、岩石の破片の混合物です。流速は時折700 km / hに達し、ガス温度は100〜800℃に達します。
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UPDATE 1-金利環境、新しい「常態」に移行した可能性否定できず=日銀総裁
[東京 31日 ロイター] - 日銀の植田和男総裁は31日、日銀・金融研究所が主催する「国際コンファランス」の開会あいさつで、インフレ動向や経済環境の変化に言及し、新型コロナウイルス感染症への対応で公的部門・民間部門で負債水準が高まっていることや地政学リスクが強まっていることにより「既にlow for long(長期的な低金利環境)とは異なる新しい常態に移行しているという可能性も一概に否定することは難しいように思う」と述べた。
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EU issues plea to Russia after Moscow drone attack
A foreign affairs spokesman urged Moscow not to use the incident as an excuse for escalation

The EU has called on Russia not to escalate its conflict with Ukraine despite Tuesday’s drone attack on Moscow. The bloc’s foreign affairs spokesman, Peter Stano, claimed he did not know all the details of the incident.

“We took note of the reports claiming allegedly that there were some drones flying over the region of Moscow. This is not really for us to comment on, we don’t know anything about the origins or about the details of it,” Stano said during a briefing in Brussels.

“The only thing I can recall and repeat is the strong call by the EU to Russia not to use such incidents as a pretext for further escalation of its illegal aggression against Ukraine,” the official added.

The comments came after Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced on Tuesday morning that the city had come under attack from multiple drones. The incident was confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry, which accused Kiev of conducting a terrorist attack.

“The Kiev regime launched a terrorist attack with unmanned aerial vehicles on targets in the city of Moscow,” a statement from the ministry said.

According to Russian officials, eight drones were involved in the raid, all of which were neutralized. Three were suppressed by electronic warfare measures and deviated from their intended course, while the remaining five were shot down by air defense systems. Several residential buildings sustained slight damage and two civilians received minor injuries.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu stated that the attack was perpetrated by Kiev and claimed it had specifically been directed at civilian targets. The Kremlin, meanwhile, claimed that the raid was a Ukrainian attempt to exact revenge for a recent Russian strike on a decision-making center in Kiev.

“It is clear that we are talking about the response of the Kiev regime to our very effective strikes on the center, one of the decision-making centers. This strike took place on Sunday,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

He argued that Tuesday’s attack “once again confirms” the need to continue the military operation in Ukraine until its goals are achieved.











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Suribelle @Syribelle
大丸1 Tehran: Design and construction stages of the first Simorgh light transport aircraft
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IAEA issues warning about Europe’s biggest nuclear plant
Fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces in Zaporozhye could intensify, the agency head has said
Everything must be done to ensure the safety of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP), which is located close to the frontline between Russia and Ukraine, International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the UN Security Council, Grossi described the situation around the plant as “extremely fragile and dangerous.” He added that the military activity in the region “may well increase very considerably in the near future.”

“We are fortunate that a nuclear accident has not yet happened,” Grossi stated. “We are rolling a dice and if this continues then one day our luck will run out. So we must all do everything in our power to minimize the chance that it does.”

Grossi stressed that there “should be no attack of any kind from or against the plant,” especially targeting the reactors, spent fuel storage, and personnel. He also said that the nuclear facility should not be used “as storage or a base for heavy weapons,” such as tanks and artillery systems. He added that the site must be free of soldiers that “could be used for an attack from the plant.”

Grossi’s warning came as Kiev is gearing up for its much-touted counteroffensive. Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, said on Tuesday that Moscow would adopt “all necessary measures to increase the nuclear and physical security of the plant.” He warned that attacks on the ZNPP and the nearby city of Energodar would be met with “a forceful response.”

グロッシは国連安全保障理事会で、原発周辺の状況を "極めて脆弱で危険な状況 "と表現しました。また、この地域での軍事活動は、「近い将来、非常に大きくなる可能性がある」と付け加えた。


グロッシは、「原発から、あるいは原発に対して、特に原子炉、使用済み燃料貯蔵所、人員をターゲットにしていかなる攻撃もあってはならない」と強調した。また、核施設を戦車や大砲などの重火器の保管場所や基地として使用してはならないとした。さらに、"原発からの攻撃に利用される可能性のある兵士がいない "ことが必要だと付け加えた。

グロッシの警告は、キエフが注目される反撃の準備を進めているときに発せられた。ロシアの国連特使であるヴァシリー・ネベンジアは、火曜日にモスクワが "原発の核と物理的な安全性を高めるために必要なあらゆる手段 "を採用すると述べた。彼は、ZNPPとその近くの都市エネルゴダールへの攻撃は、"力強い対応 "で迎えると警告した。
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North Korea’s first spy satellite crashes after launch
Pyongyang had intended to use the spacecraft to track US troops
North Korea has said that its would-be first military spy satellite crashed into the Yellow Sea after the rocket carrying it suffered an engine failure.

According to Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the rocket, which was launched on Wednesday, lost thrust due to “the abnormal staring” of the engine following first-stage separation. North Korean officials were quoted as saying that engineers would study “the serious defects,” after which another launch would be attempted “as soon as possible.”

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) confirmed that Pyongyang has fired a “space launch vehicle,” adding that the projectile fell around 200 kilometers (124 miles) west of the island of Eocheong.

Sirens were blasted across Seoul early on Wednesday, but government officials later said that the alert system was activated by mistake.

Warnings also were issued over the emergency alert system in Japan’s southern prefecture of Okinawa. However, the Japanese government later said the rocket did not fly over the country’s territory. According to NHK, Pyongyang warned the Japanese Coast Guard on Monday that the satellite would be launched between Wednesday and June 11.




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At Lula's S.American unity summit, Venezuela turns divisive
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva called for South American unity Tuesday as he hosted fellow leaders for a regional "retreat," but drew barbs for his warm welcome of Venezuelan socialist Nicolas Maduro.

Veteran leftist Lula, who returned to office in January after leading Brazil from 2003 to 2010, is looking to strengthen diplomatic ties in a region where left-wing governments are newly back in style.

But he drew criticism for hosting Maduro, a pariah in some quarters for his government's alleged human-rights violations and crackdown on political dissent -- a depiction Lula questioned Monday as a hostile "narrative."

The issue exposed fissures at what was meant to be a display of South American diplomatic goodwill and cooperation.

"I was surprised to hear what's happening in Venezuela described as a 'narrative,'" said Uruguay's center-right President Luis Lacalle Pou, who has labeled Maduro a "dictator."

"If there are so many groups in the world trying to mediate for full democracy in Venezuela, for the respect of human rights, for the release of political prisoners, the worst thing we can do is try to sweep that under the rug," he told the summit.

"Let's call it what it is and try to help."

Chile's left-wing President Gabriel Boric also weighed in, saying the situation in Venezuela is "not a 'narrative'" but a "serious reality."

"Human rights must be respected everywhere, always, no matter the political colors of the leader in power," he said.

However, Boric backed the Venezuelan government's call for the United States and European Union to lift sanctions on Maduro and his inner circle.

Lula warmly welcomed Maduro to Brasilia Monday, reversing the policy of his far-right predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2022), who had cut ties with Venezuela's socialist government and joined a US-led group of more than 50 countries in recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido instead.

Lula, who greeted Maduro with a hug and a back-slap, hailed it as a "new moment" in the countries' relations.

- 'New pink tide' -

Eleven of South America's 12 heads of state attended the summit in Brasilia, the first of its kind in nearly a decade, which Lula said turned the page on an era of divisions.

The only absence was Peruvian President Dina Boluarte.

"We let ideology divide us and interrupt our efforts to integrate. We abandoned our channels of dialogue and our mechanisms of cooperation, and we all lost because of it," Lula said in his opening remarks.

The 77-year-old ex-metalworker took a jab at Bolsonaro, saying his predecessor -- who closely allied himself with US ex-president Donald Trump -- had "closed our doors to historic partners."




「ベネズエラで起きていることを "物語 "と表現するのを聞いて驚いた」と、ウルグアイの中道右派、ルイス・ラカレ・ポウ大統領は語った。彼はマドゥーロを "独裁者 "と呼んでいる。


そして、"現状を正しく認識し、支援に努めよう "と呼びかけた。


"人権は、権力者の政治的色彩に関係なく、常に、どこでも尊重されなければならない "と述べた。




-「 新しいピンクの潮流」-。




77歳の元金属労働者はボルソナロ氏に対して、米国のドナルド・トランプ元大統領と密接に連携した前任者が "歴史的なパートナーへの扉を閉ざした "とジャブを打った。

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5月30日、米国務省と原子力規制委員会(NRC)の元当局者らは、エネルギー省に書簡を送り、溶融塩炉と呼ぶ新型原子炉の実験で高濃縮ウランを使う計画について、海外で同様の実験を奨励することになるとして、再考を求めた。写真は米エネルギー省が2011年11月に提供したアイダホ国立研究所の燃料関連施設(2023年 ロイター)
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「右腕が機能せず、下半身を負傷したため座ることができず、立つことも歩くこともできず、服の下にコルセットを着用している。ビデオは2つの部分から編集されており、状態は非常に悪い」 -およびロシアの宣伝活動家によるその他のBS。

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Putin confirms strike on Ukrainian military intelligence HQ
Kiev’s continuing attacks on Russian soil are aimed at provoking a “mirror response” from Moscow, the president has said
Russia has targeted the headquarters of the Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) in Kiev, President Vladimir Putin confirmed on Tuesday.

“We’ve been talking about the possibility of striking the ‘decision-making centers.’ Naturally, Ukraine’s military intelligence headquarters falls into such a category, and it was hit two or three days ago,” Putin stated.

The Russian president also acknowledged a Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow, which occurred earlier in the day. The main goal of such strikes is attempting to “intimidate” Russian citizens, which is a “clear sign” of “terrorist activity” on Kiev’s part, he said.

Unlike Ukraine, which has been targeting “residential buildings” in Russia, Moscow is striking only military targets, such as ammunition dumps or fuel depots, with “high-precision” weaponry, he added.
READ MORE: EU issues plea to Russia after Moscow drone attack

Moscow’s anti-aircraft defense fared “okay” in repelling the latest attack, Putin noted, admitting that there still was room for improvement.

Kiev’s ultimate goal of indiscriminately striking Moscow and other Russian cities is provoking a “mirror response” from Russia, the president stated.

“They are provoking us into taking mirror actions. We’ll se what we can do about it. Yet, Ukrainian citizens, who of course have no say about anything now, since Ukraine has unleashed a total terror against its civilian population, must realize what the incumbent authorities are pushing for,” Putin said.

He went on to say that the most grave threats include the continuous effort by Kiev to “disrupt” the work of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, as well as potential attempts to use a “dirty” nuclear device.

"意思決定センター "を攻撃する可能性について話してきた。当然、ウクライナの軍事情報本部もそのようなカテゴリーに入り、2、3日前に攻撃された」とプーチン大統領は述べた。






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Top Zelensky aide wants a ‘demilitarized zone’ in Russia
Establishing one is crucial to preventing “a recurrence of aggression in the future,” Mikhail Podoliak says
Mikhail Podoliak, the top adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, has called for the creation of a “demilitarized zone” deep into Russia’s territory, claiming it is a “key topic” to discuss in order to achieve lasting peace.

The official touted the idea in a Twitter post on Monday, stating that creating this zone would mean the “establishment of safeguards to prevent a recurrence of aggression in the future.” A “demilitarized zone” of 100-120km (62-76 miles) deep into Russian territory bordering Ukraine would also “ensure real security” for the residents of the Ukrainian cities of Kharkov, Chernigov, and Sumy Regions, Podoliak claimed.

The senior official also listed the Russian region of Zaporozhye, as well as Lugansk and Donetsk, which voted to break away from Ukraine last year.

According to Podoliak, the so-called “demilitarized zone” should be established in Russia’s Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk, and Rostov Regions – effectively covering most of them.

“Probably with a mandatory international control contingent at the first stage,” he added. He referred to the regions as “republics,” in an apparent nod to the idea of breaking Russia into dozens of lesser states, which has been a popular topic for discussion among top Ukrainian officials.

Over the course of the ongoing conflict, multiple Ukrainian officials have repeatedly floated the idea of dismantling Russia altogether, with establishing a “demilitarized zone” apparently topping the list.

Earlier this month, the latter idea was supported by the head of the Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR), Kirill Budanov, who did, however, admit a zone stretching 60 miles (some 96km) along the border would do.

“If [the Russians] are not going to attack and don’t decide they want revenge in a couple of years, this shouldn’t be an issue,” he suggested.

同高官は、月曜日にツイッターでこのアイデアを宣伝し、この地帯を作ることは、"将来の侵略の再発を防ぐための安全装置の確立 "を意味すると述べている。ウクライナと国境を接するロシア領の奥深く100〜120kmの「非武装地帯」は、ウクライナの都市ハリコフ、チェルニゴフ、スミ地方の住民にとっても「真の安全を確保」できるとポドリャク氏は主張している。







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Africa intends to become center of emerging multipolar world order – Moscow
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says the UN Security Council should be reformed to ensure wider representation
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has visited Kenya, where he discussed with the country’s officials a number of geopolitical and economic issues, including the emerging multipolar world order.

“Africa quite reasonably presents its intentions to become a real full-fledged center of the emerging multipolar world order,” Lavrov said.

He pointed out that expanding the UN Security Council should be a “step” for Africa. “The problem of the Security Council is the excessive representation of Western states,” he added.
READ MORE: Lavrov issues update on Russian fertilizer shipments to Africa

The only way to ensure more full representation at the UN is to “admit representatives of Asia, Latin America, and Africa to the Security Council,” he said.
アフリカは多極化する世界秩序の中心になる意向 - モスクワ




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