China's Xi has sent 'very troubling message' – Pentagon
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the leader's Moscow visit is a cause of grave concern for Washington
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent state visit to Russia should be regarded as a matter of grave concern for Washington, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told lawmakers on Thursday.

Speaking at the House of Representatives’ subcommittee on defense appropriations, Austin was asked to comment on Xi’s trip to Moscow, and its ramifications for Sino-US competition.

“Xi’s visit to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and remaining there for a couple of days I think sends a very troubling message, a message of support,” the Pentagon chief replied.

He stated that while the Pentagon has not seen signs that China had been providing Russia with military equipment for use against Ukraine, it is watching the situation “very closely,” cautioning that “if they were to go down that path, I think that would be very troubling for the international community.”

He went on to warn that if Xi decided to arm Moscow, “it would prolong the conflict and certainly broaden the conflict potentially – not only in the region, but globally.”

On Monday, the Chinese leader embarked on a three-day state visit to Moscow, holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the summit, the two sides signed more than a dozen documents on increased defense, industrial and economic cooperation.

Moscow and Beijing also pledged to “deepen relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction entering a new era.”

The US has claimed that China has been considering sending arms to Russia, while threatening “consequences” should it make such a move. Beijing, however, has dismissed such plans, accusing Washington of “spreading false information” and “fanning the flames” of the Ukraine conflict.

“It is the United States and not China that is endlessly shipping weapons to the battlefield,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said last month.

Since the start of the Ukraine conflict more than a year ago, Western countries have supplied Kiev with large amounts of military equipment, with the US alone having committed more than $32.5 billion in security assistance. Moscow has repeatedly warned the West that such support will only prolong the conflict while making it a direct participant in the hostilities.






モスクワと北京はまた、"包括的なパートナーシップと新時代に入る戦略的相互作用の関係を深める "ことを約束した。





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African country nationalizes ExxonMobil’s assets – Reuters
The move follows US oil giant’s pull-out from Chad in December
Chad’s energy ministry has announced the nationalization of all the assets and rights that belonged to a subsidiary of US oil major ExxonMobil, including hydrocarbon permits as well as exploration and production permits, according to a Reuters report on Friday.

Exxon's assets reportedly included a 40% stake in Chad's Doba oil project, which comprises seven producing oilfields with a combined output of 28,000 barrels per day (bpd).

The report also mentions Exxon's interest in the Chad-Cameroon export transportation system, which extends for over a thousand kilometers.

The ministry’s statement comes as the American company declared in December that it had closed the sale of its operations in Chad and Cameroon to British firm Savannah Energy.

The Chadian government then challenged the $407-million acquisition deal, saying the final terms were different from what Exxon had presented. N'Djamena warned at the time that it may ask courts to block Savannah's purchase of Exxon's assets in the country and take further steps to protect its interests.

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「3,000 人の NATO 軍人が紛争に参加しています。私たちが勝利を収めるためには、遠くまで行かなければなりません。戦争には 2 つの目標があります。国境に隣接する土地の占領と併合です。2 つ目は、できるだけ多くの敵の土地を占領することです。その後、取引を開始できます。キエフは、グループの敗北、領土の押収などの降伏を強制することができます.彼らは彼らにお金を与え、武器も与えます。


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欧州で株式下落 2023/3/24



European bank stocks plummet
Deutsche Bank and UBS have been hit by a sudden spike in the cost of default insurance

Shares of European banking giants plummeted on Friday, with Deutsche Bank and UBS Group dropping 13% and 6%, respectively, after a sharp spike in credit default swaps was recorded on Thursday night.

Shares of other lenders with high exposure to corporate lending were also down, with Commerzbank declining by 9% and Societe Generale shedding 7%.

Credit default swaps, a form of insurance for corporate bondholders against a company's default, surged to 173 basis points late on Thursday from 142 basis points the previous day, marking the highest level since they were introduced in 2019.

Major concerns among investors have been evoked by the emergency rescue of the embattled Credit Suisse by the Swiss government. Part of the deal included the write-off of $17 billion worth of Credit Suisse’s AT1 bonds. The move angered many debt-holders, who have been left empty-handed, and has revealed yet another banking-sector risk.

Investor fears have been exacerbated further by the tightening of monetary policy, as the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank raised interest rates once again this week despite the banking turmoil.

Across the Atlantic, shares of US banking giants like JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America edged about 2% lower at the start of trade on Friday, while regional lenders, which are at the center of investor concerns, were mixed.






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North Korea unveils ‘radioactive tsunami’ weapon
Pyongyang claimed the system is able to “annihilate enemy ship groups” without detection
North Korea has tested a new “underwater nuclear strategic weapon,” claiming the platform can produce a “radioactive tsunami.” Pyongyang claimed it has been forced to strengthen its “war deterrence” amid a flurry of military drills by Washington and Seoul.

A series of tests were carried out between Tuesday and Thursday this week by the North Korean military and were overseen by supreme leader Kim Jong-un, the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported. The trials were intended to confirm the “lethal strike capability” of the new “secret weapon,” which has been dubbed “Tsunami.”

“The mission of the underwater nuclear strategic weapon is to stealthily submerge into the operational area... and annihilate enemy ship groups and major ports of operation by generating a super-powerful radioactive tsunami through underwater explosions,” the outlet said, adding “This nuclear unmanned underwater attack craft can be put into operation by towing to any coast or port or surface vessel.”

With development starting in 2021, the system has reportedly undergone some 50 rounds of tests behind the scenes over the last two years, and was created to “check the military and technological superiority of the imperialist aggressor army,” KCNA added, referring to the United States.

Pyongyang said it faced a “dangerous” security situation due to a near-constant stream of US-led military drills with South Korea, which the DPRK has repeatedly denounced as rehearsals for an invasion. It added that Washington’s hostile stance made it “imperative for us to prioritize the quantitative strengthening of the nuclear force,” stressing the need for a “stronger war deterrence.”

North Korea has carried out scores of weapons tests in recent months – including several intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches – as a demonstration to the US and its regional allies. While American officials have denounced such tests as provocative and damaging to stability in the Asia-Pacific, the DPRK has insisted on its right to advance its military capabilities, and says its nuclear arsenal is for defensive purposes only.

Despite ominous warnings from Washington regarding the DPRK’s weapons, however, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Wednesday that there is “no indication” that an “actual strike by North Korea is imminent,” suggesting Pyongyang poses no immediate threat to the US or its partners.

国営朝鮮中央通信(KCNA)は、一連の実験が今週火曜日から木曜日にかけて北朝鮮軍によって行われ、最高指導者の金正恩が監督したと報じた。この試みは、"Tsunami "と名付けられた新しい「秘密兵器」の「致命的な攻撃能力」を確認するためのものである。

"水中核戦略兵器の使命は、作戦区域に密かに潜行し...水中爆発により超強力な放射能津波を発生させて敵艦群や主要な作戦港を全滅させること "と同誌は述べ、「この核無人水中攻撃艦はあらゆる海岸や港、水上艦に牽引して運用開始することができる」と付け加えています。


平壌は、米国が主導する韓国との軍事訓練がほぼ絶え間なく行われているため、安全保障上の「危険な」状況に直面していると述べた。この訓練は、北朝鮮が繰り返し侵略の予行演習だと非難してきた。さらに、ワシントンの敵対的な姿勢から、「核戦力の量的強化を優先させることが不可欠」とし、"戦争抑止力の強化 "の必要性を強調しています。


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Russian ally sides with war crimes court
The ICC statute is in line with Armenia’s constitution, Yerevan’s highest court has said
Armenia can ratify the Rome Statute and become a signatory party to the International Criminal Court, the Constitutional Court in Yerevan ruled on Friday. The decision comes just a week after the ICC announced it would charge Russian President Vladimir Putin with a war crime.

Chief Justice Arman Dilanyan paved the way for parliament to ratify the Rome Statute, ruling that it is not in conflict with the Armenian constitution.

Asked about the ruling, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Yerevan had not clarified its position.

“Not yet,” Peskov said. “We will discuss this with our partners.”

Joining the ICC could obligate Yerevan to arrest Putin if he visits Armenia, which is currently in a military alliance with Moscow. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) also includes Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Moscow had mediated a ceasefire in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, in which Azerbaijan came close to retaking all of the Armenian-majority territory. Russian peacekeepers currently patrol the only road connecting Armenia to the region, while Yerevan and Baku trade accusations about ceasefire violations along their mutual border.

Acting on a referral from a number of NATO countries, the ICC issued a warrant last week for the arrest of Putin and Russia’s children’s rights commissioner, Maria Lvova-Belova. They were accused of “forcible transfer of population,” in reference to the evacuation of thousands of children from the combat zone in formerly Ukrainian regions that voted last September to join Russia.

The US and its allies refused to recognize the vote and insist those are “occupied” Ukrainian territories. Meanwhile, Kiev’s armed forces have bombarded residential areas in those regions, often with NATO-supplied weapons.

Moscow is not a party to the Rome Statute and has dismissed the ICC warrant as lacking any authority or legitimacy. Russian authorities have also initiated criminal proceedings against the ICC’s head prosecutor and three judges involved with the warrant.



「まだだ」とペスコフは言った。"パートナーたちと話し合うことになる "と述べた。





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School president quits after calling Ukrainian refugees ‘privileged robbers’ – media
The Japanese headmaster reportedly refused to apologize for his remarks
The president of a Japanese language school has reportedly resigned after calling Ukrainian students “elite refugees” who get more than they deserve from the government.

The Nippon Academy in Maebashi, Japan, announced on Monday that Masumi Shimizu would step down from his position, local newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported on Thursday.

Shimizu’s school has accepted 38 Ukrainian students, who objected when management asked them to start paying for tuition after receiving several months for free. Speaking at a press conference last month, Shimizu referred to the students as “robbers” and “elite refugees,” who enjoy free rent and tax exemptions while Asian students struggle to make ends meet.

Shimizu’s comments went public, and the school was reprimanded by prefectural authorities. These authorities then announced that Ukrainian students who wished to continue learning Japanese would receive payments to do so, while continuing to enjoy free housing and assistance with living expenses, the Mainichi newspaper reported.

The former school director refused to apologize as he stepped down, insisting that the “prefectural government is doing far more than it should” for the Ukrainians. Shimizu added that the refugees – some of whom told the Mainichi that his remarks caused them emotional damage – are acting like a “privileged class.”

Shimizu said that he was urged to resign by the school’s board of management.

The Asahi Shimbun reported a similar incident last year in which an Afghan asylum seeker in Japan condemned the government’s apparent double standards in relation to Ukrainian refugees. He claimed that Tokyo was giving Ukrainians preferential treatment in an “extremely political move.”

Japan has taken in around 2,300 Ukrainian refugees since last February, the majority of whom speak little to no Japanese. An ethnically and linguistically homogeneous society, Japan has traditionally kept its doors closed to refugees and immigrants, and accepted a record 74 asylum applications in 2021, up from 27 the year before.

Ukrainians in Japan are not technically recognized as “refugees,” a designation that would grant them five-year visas. Instead they are given one-year work permits with the possibility of extension.






朝日新聞は昨年、アフガニスタンからの亡命者が、ウクライナ難民に関する政府の明らかな二重基準を非難する同様の事件を報じた。彼は、東京が "極めて政治的な動き "でウクライナ人を優遇していると主張した。



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UK court rules waterboarding was used during The Troubles
The man convicted of killing a British soldier was tortured into a false confession, a Belfast court has said
The High Court in Belfast awarded damages to the family of Liam Holden on Friday, ruling that the man falsely convicted of killing a British paratrooper during The Troubles was waterboarded into making a false confession while in military custody.

“The plaintiff was subjected to waterboarding; he was hooded; he was driven in a car flanked by soldiers to a location where he thought he would be assassinated,” the judge said. “A gun was put to his head and he was threatened that he would be shot dead.”

Ruling that this amounted to “inhuman and degrading treatment,” the judge said the soldiers “unquestionably acted in bad faith,” for all their “honest belief” they were acting lawfully. The Ministry of Defence was ordered to pay Holden’s family £350,000 (about $427,700) in damages.

According to Holden’s family and their attorney, it was the first time a court had confirmed that waterboarding was used during the decades-long sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. Holden himself passed away in September last year, at the age of 68.

“My father is not here to see this finished,” his son, Samuel Bowden, told BBC Radio Ulster after the verdict. “What he went through should never have happened ... today it’s all clear that he was innocent.”
Holden was detained in 1973, by British soldiers deployed to Northern Ireland during The Troubles, on suspicion of fatally shooting one Private Frank Bell in the Ballymurphy neighborhood of Belfast. After Holden confessed to the killing in a four-day trial, he was sentenced to death by hanging.

Northern Ireland abolished capital punishment shortly afterward, so Holden’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. He spent 17 years behind bars before getting released on parole. His conviction was eventually quashed in 2012, and he was awarded £1 million for damages due to the miscarriage of justice.

During that process, Holden had revealed the details of his torture, saying the soldiers had pinned him to the floor and “started pouring a bucket of water slowly through the towel” they had placed over his face. After four such sessions, Holden said the soldiers threatened to execute him unless he confessed, so he made something up.

“The first thing I felt was the cold, then trying to breathe and then sucking water in through my mouth and up my nose,” he told the court at the time. “It was like you were just drowning.”

The term waterboarding was coined in the mid-2000s to describe the water torture used by the US government on suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere. Also known under the euphemism “enhanced interrogation techniques,” waterboarding was eventually banned by executive order in 2009.









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イスラム国は紛争で荒廃したシリア中部で砂漠のトリュフを探していた 15 人を喉を切って殺害し、40 人が行方不明になっている、と戦争監視員は金曜日に述べた。
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