Iran has invited the King of Saudi Arabia

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multipolar world of currencies

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ASEAN Finance Ministers and Central Banks Consider Dropping US Dollar, Euro and Yen, Indonesia Calls for Phasing Out Visa and Mastercard
March 29, 2023
Posted by ASEAN Briefing Written by Chris Devonshire-Ellis Reading Time: 2 minutes

An official meeting of all ASEAN Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors kicked off on Tuesday (March 28) in Indonesia. Top of the agenda are discussions to reduce dependence on the US Dollar, Euro, Yen, and British Pound from financial transactions and move to settlements in local currencies.

The meeting discussed efforts to reduce dependence on major currencies through the Local Currency Transaction (LCT) scheme. This is an extension of the previous Local Currency Settlement (LCS) scheme that has already begun to be implemented between ASEAN members.

This means that an ASEAN cross-border digital payment system would be expanded further and allow ASEAN states to use local currencies for trade. An agreement on such cooperation was reached between Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand in November 2022. This follows from Indonesia’s banking regulator, stating on March 27 that the Bank of Indonesia is preparing to introduce its own domestic payment system.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has urged regional administrations to start using credit cards issued by local banks and gradually stop using foreign payment systems. He argued that Indonesia needed to shield itself from geopolitical disruptions, citing the sanctions targeting Russia’s financial sector from the US, EU, and their allies over the conflict in Ukraine.

Moving away from Western payment systems is necessary to protect transactions from “possible geopolitical repercussions,” Widodo said.

Of the ASEAN nations, just Singapore has enforced sanctions on Russia, while all other ASEAN nations continue to trade with the country. There has been alarm at being caught up in US-led secondary sanctions, as are short to impact Central and South Asia countries involved in cotton manufacturing, a major industry in the region employing millions of people.

Foreign investors in Asia may wish to consider the amount of US dollars, Euros and Yen held in their accounts in light of a pending ASEAN currency trade decision. Professional discussions should be taken regarding any movement of company funds to alternative currencies.
投稿者:ASEANブリーフィング 執筆者:Chris Devonshire-Ellis







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Spanish Prime Minister

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Poseidon nuclear torpedo

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いろいろ進行中 DULLES N. MANPYO氏のツイートから






Time To Call It A Night




SCO-NSA meeting begins in Delhi today. Key things to know
India, the current chair of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), is hosting a meeting of National Security Advisors (NSA) and top officials in New Delhi today, Wednesday, March 29. India assumed the SCO chairship for 2023 in 2022.

Pakistan and China are likely to attend the SCO-NSA meeting virtually. National Security Adviser Ajit Doval is making the opening remarks at the SCO-NSA meeting today, according to the news agency ANI.

While the SCO summit is set to take place in Goa this summer, India is holding a host of events leading up to it. Notably, the next important SCO meeting will be the defence ministers' meeting scheduled to be held in Delhi from April 27-29.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is an intergovernmental organization established in 2001 and it comprises eight member states, namely, India, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Key things to know about SCO-NSA meet

1) Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, will attend the annual meeting of the secretaries of security councils of SCO member states in New Delhi on Wednesday, according to a statement by Russian Security Council, a Russian embassy official confirmed to ANI.

2) SCO is a major regional powerhouse that was established over two decades ago with the aim of promoting economic, political, and military cooperation among its member nations. The eight-member countries of SCO represent around 42% of the world's total population and 25% of the global GDP.

3) India became a full member of SCO on June 9 in 2017. There are four Observer States viz Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia and six dialogue partners - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

パキスタンと中国は、SCO-NSA会合に事実上出席する可能性が高い。通信社ANIによると、Ajit Doval国家安全保障顧問は、今日のSCO-NSA会合で開会の挨拶をするそうです。




1) ロシア連邦安全保障理事会の声明によると、ニコライ・パトルシェフ書記は、水曜日にニューデリーで開催されるSCO加盟国の安全保障理事会事務局長の年次会議に出席すると、ロシア大使館の関係者がANIに確認した。

2) SCOは、20年以上前に加盟国間の経済、政治、軍事協力を促進する目的で設立された地域の主要なパワーハウスである。SCOの加盟8カ国は、世界の総人口の約42%、世界のGDPの25%を占めています。

3) インドは2017年6月9日にSCOの正式加盟国となった。オブザーバー国としてアフガニスタン、ベラルーシ、イラン、モンゴルの4カ国、対話パートナーとしてアルメニア、アゼルバイジャン、カンボジア、ネパール、スリランカ、トルコの6カ国があります。



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バイテンの歴史的役割 揺らぐドル

歴史は、 #US大統領@JoeBidenを、アメリカ帝国の衰退を正しい軌道に乗せ、奈落の底へと突き落とした人物として記憶するでしょう。







DULLES N. MANPYO氏は共和党上院インナーサークル委員ですから、米国政府の内部的な動きについて情報を得られる立場にあるのでしょう。脱ドルの動きについて財務省の役人が顔面蒼白といいますから、米国の屋台骨を揺るがしかねない深刻な問題であることは理解しているのでしょう。グリーンとは、グリーンバック米ドル札の意味です。


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オーストラリアは 2022 年の全死亡率データを発表しましたが、結果は第二次世界大戦以来最悪で、13% の超過死亡率でした。
オーストラリアは、2021 年に脆弱な人口全体にワクチンを接種し、2022 年にそれらすべてをブーストしました。
2022 年にオーストラリアで記録された 10,000 の covid による死亡がありましたが、それらの covid による死亡のうち 3,000 は、他の予想される呼吸器疾患による死亡を単に置き換えただけです。

Statistics Australia によると、12 月の認知症による死亡はベースラインより 15.9% 高く、糖尿病による死亡は 17.3% 高く、癌による死亡は予想より 2.4% 多かった。

オーストラリアでのこれらの「謎めいた」過剰死亡の原因が何であれ、1 つのことが確実に言える: ロックダウンとそれに続く大量ワクチン接種の戦略は完全な失敗だった。

オーストラリア人が、心臓病、脳血管疾患、糖尿病 (いずれも予測よりも大幅に多い) だけでなく、がんや認知症 (統計的に有意な過剰死) で死亡

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2023 年のこれまでの概要をまとめると、次のようになります。



集団免疫の人たちは、そのようなものだと思います:「自然」にそれを整理させてください:飢饉? 問題ではありません: 飢饉で餓死する前に、人々がお金を持っていないことを確認してください: 最初に貧困によって彼らを飢えさせるだけです:

私たちは奈落の底に向かってますます勢いを増しており、それは毎日加速しています: 誰も静かに生きたいですか?

一言: たとえどんなに信じられなくても、それはおそらく今後数週間のうちに起こるだろう
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Trump responds to indictment
The former US president called the reported indictment against him a “political persecution and election interference”
Former US President Donald Trump has accused his political opponents of weaponizing the American justice system in order to get rid of “by far the leading Republican candidate” in the next elections, following reports of Manhattan grand jury's decision to indict him.

“I believe this Witch-Hunt will backfire massively on Joe Biden. The American people realize exactly what the Radical Left Democrats are doing here,” Trump said in a post on Truth Social on Thursday, urging his supporters to stay united and strong in order to “throw every last one of these Crooked Democrats out of office.”

“The Democrats have lied, cheated and stolen in their obsession with trying to ‘Get Trump,’ but now they’ve done the unthinkable – indicting a completely innocent person in an act of blatant Election Interference.”
Florida will not extradite Trump – DeSantis
The former US leader is a Florida resident, and is expected to be arraigned next week
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一方、2023/3/31、マーク・ミルリー統合参謀本部議長が、キエフの軍事目的の達成は "非常に困難 "と発言しています。




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Russia makes ‘goodwill’ missile pledge to US
Moscow will continue to inform Washington of its launches, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has said

Russia will continue to inform the US about its ballistic missile launches despite Moscow suspending its participation in the New START treaty, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has stated.

Russia placed its participation in the New START treaty – the last remaining nuclear accord with Washington – on hold in February.

Explaining the move, President Vladimir Putin said that the 2010 deal had been signed under different circumstances, when Russia and the US did not perceive each other as adversaries. The West had also denied Russian requests to inspect nuclear facilities even though this was allowed for under the treaty, Putin claimed.

Speaking about data sharing between Moscow and Washington on Thursday, Ryabkov stated that “all types of information exchanges, as well as other elements of verification activities in accordance with the New START, have been suspended.”
However, he noted the announcement by Moscow that it will “adhere to the basic quantitative restrictions established in the New START treaty, and will continue to implement the 1988 agreement on the exchange of notifications on missile launches.” Russia will do so “out of good will,” Ryabkov added.

The New START treaty limits the number of strategic nuclear warheads deployed by Russia and the US to 1,550. It also confines the two nations to 800 deployed and non-deployed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launchers, submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) launchers and nuclear-capable heavy bombers, as well as to 700 ICBMs, SLBMs and strategic bombers equipped to carry nuclear armaments.

Ryabkov said that Russia had informed the US of its decision to suspend participation in the New START treaty in both verbal and written form, but that Moscow had not received any such notification from Washington.

This means that the US violated its commitments under the New START treaty when it refused to provide Moscow with a biannual report on nuclear stockpiles earlier this week, Ryabkov argued.

US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said on Wednesday that Washington was ready to continue exchanging information with Moscow in line with the New START treaty, but only on a reciprocal basis. “Since they [Russia] have refused to be in compliance… we have decided to likewise not share that data,” Kirby said.
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Ukrainian FM downplays importance of ‘counteroffensive’
Dmitry Kuleba has urged that Western military aid continue until Kiev achieves all its goals confronting Russian forces
A counteroffensive by Ukraine that has been much-anticipated should not be considered as a make-or-break moment in its conflict with Russia, Kiev's Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has said, urging his country's foreign backers to maintain their support regardless of the outcome of this expected operation.

“We should counter by all means the perception of the counteroffensive as the decisive battle of the war,” he told the Financial Times, as quoted on Wednesday.

He said Kiev was concerned that the operation would not result in Ukrainian troops pushing Russia “100%” out of the territory it wishes to reclaim. However, in this scenario of underachievement, he feared, “some people may say this was the last decisive battle and now we have to think of an alternative scenario.”

The Ukrainian leadership has insisted that the only option it is considering is retaking all land lost by Kiev, including Crimea, before any peace talks can start. The government has also prohibited by law any negotiations with Russia for as long as President Vladimir Putin remains in office.
Kuleba suggested that following a counter-offensive operation like the one anticipated, minority voices “in Washington, in Berlin, in Paris, in London” will try to push for a ceasefire “along the lines of a Minsk III.” He was referring to the two Minsk agreements that were supposed to guide Kiev and its then-breakaway regions to co-operate in a stable peace.

The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics rejected the authorities that came to power in 2014 after an armed coup in Kiev and fought for independence, following which Kiev sent troops to quash them.

Last year, amid the hostilities with Russia, former leaders of Ukraine, France and Germany – the latter two had mediated the Minsk deals – acknowledged that the agreements were really intended to give Kiev time to beef up its military. Moscow said this confirmed that the three parties had negotiated in bad faith, adding that it proved once again that Western politicians were not to be trusted.

During the anticipated counteroffensive, Ukraine is expected to capitalize on freshly-delivered Western weapons, including main battle tanks. Last week, however, Zelensky said his country was not ready to launch one, citing a shortage of armaments.






Ukrainian FM gives estimate on EU accession
Ukraine to become an EU member ‘much sooner than many expect’ unless bloc creates more ‘artificial’ obstacles, Dmitry Kuleba says
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海外情報 2023/3/31

US urges Americans to leave Russia ‘immediately’
The call was prompted by the arrest of a WSJ correspondent in Russia on espionage charges


UK to use AI to detect foreign threats
Artificial intelligence will be used in conjunction with traditional spying techniques, a UK government minister said

Saudi Arabia makes move towards Russia-China bloc
The Kingdom has approved “partner” status in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Facebook ‘disappears’ RT Arabic
The American social network has refused to explain its ban on the page, which had 17 million subscribers

Russian central bank reveals how it braced for Western dollar grab
Moscow stockpiled gold, yuan and foreign currency in cash to offset Western sanctions, the regulator has revealed

Russian MP makes promise to conscripts
Troops called up for mandatory service in spring will not serve in Russia’s new territories bordering Ukraine, he claimed
Conscripts called up for mandatory military service in April will not be sent to any of the new Russian territories bordering Ukraine, the head of the State Duma Defense Committee announced on Wednesday.

Andrey Kartapolov added that there would be no conscription in the near future in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, nor in Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, which became part of Russia in late September.

“The reasons are clear,” the MP told journalists. “There is a special military operation going on there, they have nothing to do there. When the situation is normal, then we will return to the issue of the possibility of conscription from these regions.”

Kartapolov’s comments followed rumors that Russian conscription centers were preparing for a second wave of mobilization with a view to deploying new troops to the conflict zone in Ukraine.

These rumors have been repeatedly dismissed by a number of top government officials, with Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin describing them as “purely the work of the enemy.” He explained that the military commissariats were doing routine preparations for the upcoming annual spring conscription.

In an interview with Interfax, Kartapolov also addressed the planned increase in the military age in Russia. He said the recently introduced draft law on the gradual increase in the age of conscription would not be implemented in spring because the State Duma, Russia’s lower chamber of parliament, only plans to consider the bill after April 17.

The bill was introduced earlier this month and proposes to raise the minimum and maximum age of conscription in Russia. Currently, able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 27 are required to undergo mandatory military service. However, under the draft legislation, this range would increase over several years, reaching 21 to 30 in 2026.

The idea of increasing the conscription age was proposed by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu in December. During a report for President Vladimir Putin, he also suggested raising the strength of the Russian standing army to 1.5 million, citing the threat posed by NATO in Europe.


「同議員は記者団に対し、「理由は明らかだ。「そこでは特別な軍事作戦が行われており、彼らはそこで何もすることがない。状況が正常になれば、これらの地域からの徴兵の可能性の問題に戻るだろう" と述べた。


この噂は、多くの政府高官によって繰り返し否定されており、セルゲイ・ソビャーニンモスクワ市長は、"純粋に敵の仕業だ "と表現しています。ソビャニン市長は、「敵の仕業だ」と述べ、軍事委員会は毎年春に行われる徴兵制の準備を定期的に行っていると説明した。





‘Extremely critical situation’ in NATO member's military – general
The Danish military “lacks soldiers like never before,” according to a top commander
The Danish military’s second-in-command has warned that the country is “years” away from having a combat-capable army, according to comments he made this week to the government-owned TV 2 broadcaster.

Brigadier General Henrik Lyhne said Denmark’s military is facing what he referred to as its worst staffing issue in decades – a factor which he said will complicate efforts to meet Copenhagen’s NATO obligations. He added that low wages and below-par personnel housing have contributed to an exodus from the armed forces. This, in turn, has led to problems in Denmark supplying troops to the US-led military bloc’s eastern flank in Latvia.

“This is an emergency call,” Lynhe said in an interview broadcast on Monday. “The situation is extremely critical, especially because we lack soldiers like never before. I have been in the armed forces for 40 years, and it has never looked so bad.”

He added that approximately 20-25% of positions in the Danish military are currently vacant, and that even if “more money is injected soon” it would take years to restore it to previous standards.




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EU issues warning to China over Ukraine
Beijing’s “friendship” with Moscow is a “risk” for the bloc, according to Ursula von Der Leyen
In a bid to be “bolder” on China, the EU plans to reassess and “de-risk” their ties, while considering Beijing’s position on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine a crucial part of their future relations, President of the European Commission Ursula von Der Leyen said on Thursday.

“How China continues to interact with Putin’s war will be a determining factor for EU-China relations going forward,” she said.

It marked the first time the EU chief has given a full speech on the bloc’s relations with Beijing. She stated that the EU needed to be “bolder” in its dealings with China, which has become “more repressive at home and more assertive abroad.”

The European Union needs to “stress-test” and “de-risk” its relations with Beijing, both politically and economically, starting with getting a “clear-eyed picture on what the risks are,” von Der Leyen said. She did, however, advise against “decoupling” from China altogether, saying it was “neither viable – nor in Europe's interest.”

She further noted that the ties between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, the Chinese and Russian leaders, were particularly concerning. The two presidents met in Moscow last week, and were filmed saying warm goodbyes as their two-day encounter ended, with China’s leader declaring they were driving geopolitical change around the world.

“Most telling,” von der Leyen said, “were President Xi’s parting words to Putin on the steps outside the Kremlin when he said: ‘Right now, there are changes, the likes of which we haven’t seen for 100 years. And we are the ones driving these changes together’.”

The Chinese Communist Party’s “clear goal is a systemic change of the international order with China at its center,” von der Leyen said. “We have seen the show of friendship in Moscow which says a thousand words about this new vision for the international order.”

In a first, von der Leyen hinted that the EU might abandon the pursuit of a major trade deal with China, which was agreed upon in 2020 but stalled by the European Parliament after some of its members were subjected to sanctions by Beijing.

Next week, the EU chief is traveling to China with French President Emmanuel Macron.

北京とモスクワの "友好 "はブロックの "リスク "であるとUrsula von Der Leyenは指摘する



EUは、政治的にも経済的にも、北京との関係を「ストレステスト」し、「デリスク」する必要があり、まずは「何がリスクなのかを明確に把握する」ことから始めるとフォン・デル・ライエン氏は述べた。 しかし、中国から完全に「切り離す」ことは、「実行不可能であり、欧州の利益にもならない」と忠告した。






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Uganda's new anti-LGBTQ bill grew from a seed planted by American evangelicals



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雑情報 2023/3/30

[アンカラ 29日 ロイター] - トルコのエルドアン大統領は29日、ロシアのプーチン大統領がトルコ南部のアックユ原子力発電所の落成式に合わせ、4月27日に訪問する可能性があると明らかにした。




Wall Street Journal reporter detained, accused of espionage – FSB
Evan Gershkovich was detained in Russia for allegedly trying to obtain state secrets, the security service said
A correspondent working for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in Russia has been detained in the city of Ekaterinburg in the Urals, the FSB security service announced on Thursday.

Evan Gershkovich, who covers news from Russia, Ukraine and other parts of the former USSR for the American newspaper, was accused of trying to collect intelligence at a defense factory in violation of Russia’s laws on state secrets, the statement said. The journalist now faces between 10 and 20 years in prison on espionage charges.

The FSB alleged that Gershkovich, a US citizen who had obtained the necessary journalistic credentials from the Foreign Ministry to work in Russia, “acted in the interest of the US government” when he sought to obtain classified information. He was arrested “during an attempt to receive” the intelligence, the statement added.

The WSJ is “deeply concerned for the safety of Mr Gershkovich,” the outlet said in a statement.

The Foreign Ministry has commented on the news, stating that whatever Gershkovich was doing, “it had nothing to do with journalism.” Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that the status of a correspondent and journalistic credentials have previously been used as cover by others, and that other Western nationals have been caught in similar situations in the past.

Before joining the WSJ, Gershkovich was a reporter for Agence France-Presse and the Moscow Times, and a news assistant at the New York Times, according to his bio.




外務省はこのニュースについて、ゲルシュコビッチ氏が何をしていたにせよ、"ジャーナリズムとは関係がない "とコメントしています。マリア・ザハロワ報道官は、特派員という地位やジャーナリストとしての資格は、以前にも他の人物によって隠れ蓑として使われたことがあり、過去に他の欧米人が同様の状況に陥ったことがあると指摘しています。
続きを読む ロシア、米国人に対するスパイ事件を起こしてしまう

WSJに入社する前、GershkovichはAgence France-PresseとMoscow Timesの記者、New York Timesのニュースアシスタントを務めたと経歴に書かれています。
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