Kremlin responds to Crimea claim by US ‘aggressive hawk’
Washington’s support for Kiev’s strikes on the peninsula highlights its role in stoking global tensions, Putin’s spokesman said

The US government’s public endorsement of Ukrainian attacks on Crimea shows the growing foreign policy gulf between Washington and Moscow, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday.

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said on Thursday that Russian military instalments in Crimea “are legitimate targets” for Ukraine, and that Washington supports Kiev’s attacks on them. The peninsula overwhelmingly voted to become part of Russia in 2014 following a Western-backed coup in Kiev, but Ukraine still views it as part of its own territory.

In an interview with the Rossiya-1 TV channel, Peskov described Nuland as part of “a very large group of the most aggressive hawks in American politics”.

The spokesman said the diplomat’s remarks “once again emphasize the depth of differences between us” and highlight “the role of the United States as the main instigator of existing global tensions.”

On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova condemned Nuland’s statement on Crimea as “staggering” and “absurd,” calling it proof of “the US involvement in the Ukraine conflict.”

In addition to supplying Kiev with weapons, the US is now “pushing the Kiev regime to further escalation,” she said. “This is what we had warned about before and what had forced us to launch a special military operation.”

Earlier this month, the US announced a new $2.17 billion security package for Ukraine, including ground-launched, small diameter bombs (GLSDB) with a range of up to 150 kilometers (93 miles). The weapons could potentially give Kiev far greater ability to launch strikes on Crimea.

On Wednesday, Politico reported, citing sources, that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told a group of experts that Washington was not “actively encouraging” Kiev to seize Crimea, as it believes such attempts would be a red line for Moscow, triggering a drastic response.

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, who now serves as deputy chair of the national Security Council, warned that any strikes inside the peninsula would be “met with inevitable retaliation using weapons of any kind.”








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‘Colonizers ask us to be enemies of Russia’ – African nation’s FM
Cooperation with Moscow is “a matter of life and death” for Uganda, Jeje Odongo says
Uganda will not succumb to pressure from former colonizers in the West to turn against Russia, as longstanding bilateral relations with Moscow are too important, the Ugandan foreign minister has said.

“We were colonized and forgave those who colonized us. Now, the colonizers are asking us to be enemies of Russia, who never colonized us, is that fair? Not for us: their enemies are their enemies, our friends are our friends,” Jeje Odongo told Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency on Saturday.

Uganda, which was a British protectorate for almost 70 years, enjoyed good relations with the Soviet Union after regaining its sovereignty in 1962. The USSR actively pushed for the decolonization of Africa, and supported many of the countries after they became independent.

“Many of our students were educated in Russia, so why should there suddenly be a problem with us continuing our relationship with Russia, which we did historically,” the foreign minister said during the interview, given on the sidelines of the African Union (AU) summit in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.

Odongo highlighted the importance of military cooperation with Moscow, saying it’s a matter of “life and death” for his country.

“Most of the military equipment in Uganda is Russian-made. For this reason, despite the so-called sanctions, Uganda must update this equipment to be able to defend itself... And we’ll continue this cooperation, because we must survive,” he explained.

Uganda was among more than two dozen African nations that abstained, when the UN voted on Western-drafted resolutions condemning Russia over the conflict in Ukraine in March and October last year. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited the Ugandan capital, Kampala, during his African tour last summer.

In his message to the African Union summit on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin called African nations “important and reliable partners” for Moscow, and expressed a willingness to boost cooperation further in various areas.





「ウガンダの軍事装備のほとんどは、ロシア製です。このため、いわゆる制裁にもかかわらず、ウガンダは自国を守るためにこの装備を更新する必要があります... そして、我々はこの協力を継続します。なぜなら、我々は生き残らなければならないからです」と説明しました。


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Biden’s medical check is a ‘cover-up’ – ex-White House physician
The US president did not take a cognitive test despite widespread concerns about his mental state, Ronny Jackson claims

A former White House physician, Republican Representative Ronny Jackson, has accused the current US administration of attempting to conceal the truth about the mental health of President Joe Biden following his latest medical exam.

On Thursday, the White House issued a summary of Biden’s health status based on a medical history review and a “detailed physical examination.” It found that the president “remains a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male,” and is completely fit to execute his duties.

US presidents have no legal obligation to pass an annual medical exam and release its results, but have traditionally chosen to do so, with every administration deciding itself which tests the president should undergo.

Jackson (R-Texas), who served as a White House doctor under former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, unleashed a scathing criticism of Biden’s exam on Friday, claiming the American public had “learned nothing” from it.

“Is he on ANY drugs to treat his mental decline? This exam was a JOKE. COVER UP!!” he wrote in a post on Twitter.

He also pointed out that, unlike his predecessor, Biden had not taken a cognitive test. “Trump had one, why not him? Biden’s ability to think and reason is GONE! He SHOULD NOT be President!!” Jackson added.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, the Republican representative also claimed that “the majority of Americans can see that Biden’s mental health is in total decline.” He proceeded to point out that the president’s exam “further confirms that this administration is still adamant about concealing the truth.”

The lack of information about Biden’s mental condition is “alarming,” the former physician said, adding that he had sent three letters to the White House demanding that the US president’s mental condition be evaluated, all of which had been ignored.

“Everyone can see something is wrong – the cover-up needs to end,” he stated.

Jackson’s comments come as a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll found on Friday that 57% of Americans have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness, with 67% thinking he seems to be too old to lead the country.

The speculation about the US president’s state of mind has been underpinned by his recurring gaffes. Earlier this month, in a bid to showcase the gender diversity of his administration, Biden said that “more than half the women in my administration are women.”

Another now-infamous incident took place in September when the president addressed a crowd, calling on House Representative Jackie Walorski. She had died in a car crash, with Biden himself mourning her death.


木曜日、ホワイトハウスは病歴の確認と "詳細な身体検査 "に基づくバイデン大統領の健康状態の概要を発表しました。それによると、大統領は「健康で元気な80歳の男性であることに変わりはなく」、職務を遂行するのに完全に適しているとのことだ。



"彼は精神的な衰えを治療するために、どんな薬でも使っているのか?この試験は冗談だ。COVER UP!!」とTwitterに投稿した。

また、前任者と異なり、バイデンが認知力テストを受けていないことも指摘した。"トランプは受けたのに、なぜ彼は受けないのか?バイデンの思考力と理性は失われている! 彼は大統領になるべきでない!!!" とジャクソンは付け加えた。

Fox News Digitalの取材に応じた共和党代表は、"アメリカ人の大多数は、バイデンの精神状態が完全に低下していることがわかる "とも主張した。さらに彼は、大統領の検査について、"この政権が依然として真実を隠すことに固執していることをさらに裏付けるものだ "と指摘した。




米大統領の精神状態に関する憶測は、彼が繰り返す失言に裏打ちされている。今月初め、バイデン氏は政権の性別の多様性をアピールするために、"私の政権では半分以上が女性だ "と発言した。

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Nestle expects prices for staple items to keep on rising in 2023

Global food giant issues grim warning
Nestle expects prices for staple items to keep on rising in 2023

The world’s biggest food corporation, Nestle, has said prices for staple items would continue to grow during 2023, after more than a year of price increases that have forced the ordinary consumer into an ongoing struggle to buy groceries.

The giant increased prices by 8.2% last year, but says this was not enough to offset a rise in its own costs that had substantially dented profits.

According to Nestle CEO Mark Schneider, Nestle's price increases, which are expected to vary by market and category, will be “very targeted” and will only be implemented where “input cost inflation justifies it.”

“We are still in a situation where we’re repairing our gross margin and, like all the consumers around the world, we’ve been hit by inflation and now we’re trying to repair the damage that has been done,” Schneider said.

The executive provided no details on what projected increases will affect which of Nestle's 2,000 brands, a range spanning confectionery, frozen foods, and baby formula.

“Last year brought many challenges and tough choices for families, communities and businesses,” the company's statement reads. “Inflation surged to unprecedented levels, cost of living pressures intensified, and the effects of geopolitical tensions were felt around the world.”

Higher commodity costs and wages have brought the problem of pricing strategies into sharp focus for food-producing companies as they struggle to maximize their profits without turning away customers.

Unilever, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Colgate-Palmolive and Procter & Gamble have all flagged further increases in the prices of their goods in 2023, as they grapple with elevated commodity, energy and labor costs.
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Omicron の病院での病気は、インフルエンザの病院での症例よりも 54% 致死率が高いことが調査でわかっています。

記事 :

研究 :
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米軍は、アル・オマール油田施設のスタッフの住居エリアで標的にされ、負傷者が 1 人発生した可能性があります。
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ワクチン後遺症の治療薬として イベルメクチンなどが効かなくなってきている  

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China pushing conspiracy theory that COVID-19 came from a US military base
The Chinese government renewed its conspiracy theory blaming the COVID-19 pandemic, which originated in China, on the U.S. military instead, pointing the finger at Maryland’s Fort Detrick without evidence as House Republicans ramp up Wuhan lab investigations.

Officials from both the Trump and then the Biden administrations have said that the Chinese government has now worked for years to thwart an independent investigation into the origins of the virus, and both administrations cast doubt on the manner in which a joint study between the World Health Organization and China released in early 2021 was conducted. Chinese officials, diplomats, and state-run outlets have repeatedly attempted to shift blame to the U.S. military since the pandemic began.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin brought up Beijing’s conspiracy theory about Maryland’s U.S. military base, Fort Detrick, in back-to-back press conferences on Wednesday and Thursday.

“More and more clues from the international science community are pointing the origins of SARS-CoV-2 to sources around the world. Many have raised questions and concerns about US bio-military bases at Fort Detrick and around the world,” Wenbin said Wednesday, claiming, “We always support and participate in science-based global origins-tracing. At the same time, we firmly oppose all forms of political manipulation.”





2/ 役立つかもしれないことの 1 つ: 米国国務省が#Wuhan研究所で行われた研究に関する知識について内部告発者として働く中国の科学者に亡命を申し出る場合。 SARS のようなウイルスによる機能獲得であることはわかっていますが、それ以上ではありません。
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#ジョージ・ソロスが資金提供したヒューマン・ライツ・ウォッチは、#シリア のテロ集団、Jabhat al-Nusra - Liwa al-Haqq - Liwa al-Tawhid, Nour al-Zenki - AlQaeda, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) Jaysh al-Islam 等を支援しており、少女狩りと男性の斬首を行う野蛮な集団である。
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ウクライナ軍は、約 800 両の現役の T-64 戦車で戦争に臨みました。ロシアがウクライナへの攻撃を拡大してから 11 か月で、ウクライナは 40 トン、3 人乗りの T-64 の約半分を失った。
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NATO で訓練を受けたアフガン兵士がロシアに加わる

NATO で訓練を受けたアフガン兵士がロシアに加わる。


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The arrest of foreign exchange reserves of the Bank of Russia

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There Is Fire In Our Crowded Theater

There Is Fire In Our Crowded Theater
Vinyl chloride is water-soluble, takes months to degrade in soil or water (the Camp Lejeune spill was just a few thousand gallons), boils at 8F, and its metabolites absolutely maul DNA: safe exposures are considered to be in the parts per billion (“Standards”), and we’re talking about parts per million exposure likely coming for everybody east of the Mississippi.

There will likely be some isolated parts of the eastern United States that escape contamination. However, I sure as hell would not want to wait around to find out which ones will be passed over.

There are 250 million people living to the east of the Mississippi River, and considering the rate at which it is progressively moving south with the water and east on the winds, every single person on the entire eastern seaboard may have only a few more days to leave before they are exposed to a lethal concentration of vinyl chloride. Everybody in the areas which have received acid rain have already been exposed, and will likely develop extensive cancers over the coming few months.

I will just say:

If you live anywhere east of the Mississippi River - in my humble opinion - LEAVE.

Maybe plan to come back in a couple of weeks; the magnitude of this will be more evident by that time. We have been at war for the last three years, and somebody may have just landed the killing blow with an utterly, historically unprecedented chemical weapons attack.

I’ve waited as long as I can, in good conscience, to gather evidence and to write this. I fully understand what I’m saying, and that 99% of people either can’t leave, or want to wait for more information, or just generally refuse to believe something of this scale could ever happen here. Not to mention that there’s absolutely no way this article will reach everybody that needs to hear it. I can scarcely believe I’m writing this, and I have been praying to be wrong. I really, really hope that I am wrong, but I do not think so. The authorities sure aren’t going to tell us the truth about any of it.

So, for those of you who are inclined to take it seriously, or aren’t quite sure yet, read on for the data and events thus far, share this with anybody you care about, and if you are in the affected area - that is, anywhere east of the Mississippi - LEAVE.

Or, don’t - I’m not your mother. Time is short. I hope I’m wrong.








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「Covid-19 に感染した人は、細菌感染のリスクが高くなる可能性があります。これは、ウイルスとの戦いが、侵入する細菌に対抗する免疫系の能力を妨げるためです。」


薬剤耐性感染症は、Covid の前に増加しており、終わりのない緩和されていない感染症は、加速器に当たっているだけです。スレッド

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サイコパス婦人科医Pustula von der Lugenは、2021年12月までにすでに反ロシア制裁を策定していたという。
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China to present its Ukraine peace proposal
The country’s top diplomat cautioned that “some forces” might oppose Beijing’s plan
China will present a plan aimed at peacefully resolving the conflict in Ukraine, Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. Those calling for continued fighting “don’t care about the life and death of Ukrainians,” he also warned.

“We will put forth China’s position on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis,” Wang said, without providing a timeline for the proposal. “We will stand firm on the side of peace and dialog.”

Wang did not outline any specifics of the plan but said that “the territorial integrity and sovereignty” of those involved should be respected, as should the “legitimate security concerns” of the belligerents. “Attacks on nuclear power stations” must also be opposed, he said, likely in reference to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, which Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of shelling.

China is well positioned to broker peace, he said, as it is “not a party directly concerned, but [it] did not sit idly by” since Russia’s military operation in Ukraine began nearly a year ago.

China has refused to join the Western-led sanctions regime against Russia, and has deepened its economic ties with Moscow over the last year. During this time, Wang said that China backed the peace talks in Belarus and Türkiye, the latter of which were abruptly ended by the Ukrainian side last spring, despite an agreement being reached in principle.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has claimed that Kiev withdrew from these talks at the West’s request, while Ukrainian media reports blamed former British PM Boris Johnson for urging the Ukrainians to back out of a deal.

“We saw a framework text on the peaceful resolution of the crisis, however that was stopped” Wang told his audience in Munich. Without directly blaming any Western countries, the Chinese diplomat suggested that “some forces might not want to see peace talks materialize.”

“They don’t care about the life and death of Ukrainians or the harm to Europe,” he continued. “They might have strategic goals greater than Ukraine itself.”

American and NATO officials have consistently urged Ukraine to keep fighting, with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken declaring in December that a ceasefire would lead to “a phony peace.” European leaders, meanwhile, have largely stuck to the US line that Kiev will decide when to sit down to talks.








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White House to hold ‘secret’ talks with Taiwan officials – FT
The Asian island’s foreign minister and national security adviser will reportedly visit Washington while a US delegation travels to Taipei

A Taiwanese delegation that is reportedly set to arrive in the US over the weekend will take part in “secret talks” with White House officials, the Financial Times has claimed, citing anonymous sources.

According to the outlet, the meetings will be part of a special diplomatic dialogue intended to remain private so as to avoid provoking a reaction from China, which considers Taiwan part of its territory. The Taiwanese delegation will reportedly be led by Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and National Security Adviser Wellington Koo.

FT sources claimed the delegation will be hosted by US Deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer as well as Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

The existence of the “longstanding diplomatic channel,” first reported by the Financial Times two years ago, has not been officially confirmed or denied by either US or Taiwanese officials. Nonetheless, the outlet claims that the format is being used to address security issues amid Beijing’s increasingly “assertive” stance around the self-governing island.

Meanwhile, the US is said to have sent several of its own delegations to Taiwan, despite heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing. The Pentagon’s top China official, Michael Chase, arrived on the island on Saturday to meet with counterparts in the Taiwanese government, according to several media outlets. Neither Washington nor Taipei have officially confirmed the trip.

Additionally, a congressional delegation led by California Representative Ro Khanna is planning a trip to Taiwan over the weekend, with the intended purpose of “bolstering ties between Silicon Valley and the Taiwanese semiconductor industry,” according to Khanna’s office.

Continued contact between American officials and representatives of the Taiwanese government has long been a hot button issue for Beijing, especially after former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a trip to the island back in August. China insists that Taiwan is part of its sovereign territory under the “One China” policy, and has repeatedly demanded that foreign nations maintain no direct ties with Taipei and avoid granting legitimacy to the island’s government.

Nevertheless, Washington has proceeded to arrange numerous meetings with Taiwanese officials and continues to greenlight arms sales for Taipei’s military. On Thursday, Beijing imposed sanctions on US arms manufacturers over the deals.


Financial Timesは、匿名の情報源を引用して、台湾の代表団が週末に米国に到着し、ホワイトハウス当局者との「秘密会談」に参加する予定であると報じている。







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In order to gain the widest possible support, Western countries are now trying to remove any "sharp corners" from the text of their draft anti-Russia resolution for the UN General Assembly, says Moscow’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky.

The diplomat stated in a Telegram message that the resolution will likely be proposed to the UN for a vote next week on the anniversary of the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. Officially, the draft resolution is meant to address the "principles underlying a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace in Ukraine."

However, Polyansky has pointed out that the true intent of Western politicians is to use the anniversary as "an informational occasion for new attacks on Russia" and to prove that Moscow is isolated at the UN.

"Their main problem is that we are not isolated. And pushing through anti-Russian texts is becoming increasingly difficult," he noted, adding that the West is having great difficulties in trying to "remove all the ‘sharp corners’ and to ‘round off’ everything as much as possible" in the text of the resolution.

Polyansky also stated that in order to garner the most support and "not scare anyone away," and to guarantee that their efforts are not in vain, the West has also essentially "muzzled the Ukrainians" so that they don’t ruin the resolution.

"And now they just sadly watch how the text of the draft becomes more and more vague," said the diplomat, adding that despite the West’s efforts, there are still many countries that are unwilling to support the resolution.

同外交官はテレグラムのメッセージで、この決議案は、ロシアのウクライナでの軍事作戦開始記念日である来週、国連に提案され、投票にかけられる可能性が高いと述べている。公式には、この決議案は "ウクライナにおける包括的で公正かつ持続可能な平和の基礎となる原則 "を取り上げることを意図している。








同外交官はテレグラムのメッセージで、この決議案は、ロシアのウクライナでの軍事作戦開始記念日である来週、国連に提案され、投票にかけられる可能性が高いと述べている。公式には、この決議案は "ウクライナにおける包括的で公正かつ持続可能な平和の基礎となる原則 "を取り上げることを意図している。







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Syria accuses Israel of deadly strike on central Damascus
Multiple casualties reported in a “residential neighborhood” of the Syrian capital

At least one missile hit the Kafar Souseh neighborhood of Damascus overnight, severely damaging a residential building and causing multiple deaths and injuries, state news agency SANA reported early Sunday, blaming the Israeli military.

A volley of missiles fired from the occupied Golan Heights targeted Damascus and its surroundings around midnight, and even though Syrian air defenses were activated, at least one of the “hostile” projectiles directly hit a multi-story residential building, the agency said.

At least five people, including one soldier, were killed and another 15 civilians injured in the attack, a Syrian military source told SANA, adding that the “Israeli aggression” led to the “destruction of a number of civilian homes” and other “material damage.”

The Israel Defense Forces have not acknowledged the strike, in line with their long-standing policy of not discussing operations outside the country. However, citing a pre-emptive right to self-defense against Iran, Israel has carried out “hundreds” of bombing and missile strikes against Syria since 2011. Syria has repeatedly protested the strikes as a violation of its sovereignty, to no avail.

Sunday’s missile strike is the first major attack since a series of devastating earthquakes killed thousands of people in northern Syria less than two weeks ago. The neighboring Türkiye, which suffered unbelievable death and destruction, received more attention and international aid, with rescuers from around the globe flying in to help.

In Syria’s case, only a few select nations come to its aid, with the government in Damascus blaming Western sanctions and years of a US-led economic blockade and occupation for exacerbating the crisis and hampering relief efforts.







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Israeli delegation expelled from the African Union summit

Israeli delegation removed from African summit
Israel blamed the incident on South Africa and Algeria, but African Union officials say they were just following protocol

A senior Israeli diplomat and her delegation have been expelled from the African Union’s annual summit in Ethiopia. Video footage showed the Israelis being escorted out by security guards.

Sharon Bar-li, the deputy director of the Israeli foreign ministry’s Africa division, was removed from the premises in Addis Ababa along with her team on Saturday. The Israeli Foreign Ministry condemned the expulsion, arguing that Israel is an accredited observer at the African Union’s annual meeting, and Bar-li had her paperwork in order.

“Israel looks harshly upon the incident in which the deputy director for Africa, Ambassador Sharon Bar-Li, was removed from the African Union hall despite her status as an accredited observer with entrance badges,” spokesperson Lior Hayat said.

Hayat blamed “a small number of extremist countries such as Algeria and South Africa” for the decision to boot Bar-li, claiming that these nations are “driven by hatred and controlled by Iran.”

Israel was granted observer status at the African Union in 2021, although the decision was bitterly opposed by some members of the 55-country bloc, including South Africa and Algeria. The union responded by setting up a committee to re-evaluate Israel’s status, which is due to give its recommendations at this year’s summit.

A spokesperson for South African President Cyril Ramaphosa denied any responsibility, while an African Union spokesperson Ebba Kalondo told Reuters that the union was expecting Israel’s ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, Aleli Admasu, instead of Bar-li.

Regardless, South Africa backed the decision to expel the diplomat. “It’s not about South Africa or Algeria, it’s an issue of principle,” Ramaphosa’s spokesperson told Reuters. “Until the AU takes a decision on whether to grant Israel observer status, you cannot have the country sitting and observing.”

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文字通り ISIS の戦闘員がウクライナ側にいる

ご参考までに…そうです、文字通り ISIS の戦闘員がウクライナ側にいますこれはおそらく彼らの最も著名なスポークスパーソン、ルスタム・アジエフです。



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Japan is planning a digital yen experiment

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Janssen Covidワクチン 感染後の脳卒中リスクの増加と関連

ここでの興味深い発見: Janssen Covidワクチンは、感染後の脳卒中リスクの増加と関連していることが判明しました:
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Let me tell you a little story about the Odessa Massacre..... On 2 May 2014, a woman and her two children ages 8 and 12 decided to go for a walk around Kulikovo Square. Also located their is "Orthodox City." While out on their walk, they noticed a small concert, a tribute to veterans of the war in Afghanistan. They decided to stop to listen with the small crowd that had gathered.
Simultaneously, a far-right, pro-maidan, protest was occurring a short distance away. Officials in the area, began to take down the tents and put the orthodox idols in safe places.
as the far right crowd became more raucous and approached the free concert, attendees, including this woman and her two children, ran inside the trade union building for refuge.
The crowd of Ukrainian nationalist swelled outside of the building and began assembly line to create Molotov cocktails. They let the building on fire and encourage the occupants to jump to their deaths. A pregnant woman was stabbed to death during the assault to the cheers of the crowd.
It took firefighters over 30 minutes to arrive at the scene, despite being a short distance away. Police officers refuse to get involved.
At least 48 people lost their lives that day, including the woman and her two children who had left their home hours before to go on a leisurely stroll.
No one deserves to die in this manner, regardless of political views, ethnicity, or preferred language. Despite multiple calls for investigation we are now nine years past this tragedy, and still have no answers.
Those responsible for setting the building on fire are not only still at large, but they are in the good graces of the European council and its highest leadership.
This conflict cannot be taken at face value. This conflict is an existential battle against people who believe that you deserve to die because of the language you speak, or the ethnicity of your parents. This is fascism..... again.
オデッサの大虐殺について、少しお話させてください......。2014年5月2日、ある女性と8歳と12歳の2人の子供が、クリコヴォ広場の周辺に散歩に行くことにしました。そこには、"正教会都市 "もあります。散歩の途中、彼らはアフガニスタン戦争の退役軍人に捧げる小さなコンサートに気づきました。彼らは、集まった小さな群衆に混じって、立ち止まって聴いてみることにした。
その時、すぐ近くで極右の "マイダン派 "の抗議デモが起きていた。この地域の関係者は、テントを撤去し、正統派の偶像を安全な場所に置き始めた。

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日本の国会で沖縄代表として前泊教授。米国は日本を中国との戦争に引き込んでいると言います。「 ( 中国の貿易は 25% 米国との貿易は14%であるため、 ) 中国とより多くの外交を行う必要があります。中国 は「中国脅威論」を広めた福田前首相を愚かだと呼んだ

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