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Moscow makes vow over pipeline sabotage probe
The US is “totally ignoring” allegations that it was behind the Nord Stream attack, Russian diplomats have said
Moscow will not allow the investigation into the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines to be buried, the Russian Embassy in Washington said on Thursday. The statement came after US State Department spokesman Ned Price accused Russia of spreading “lies” about the incident.

The Baltic Sea pipelines built to transport Russian gas to Germany were damaged in September 2022. On February 8, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh shared the results of his own investigation, citing a source as claiming that the attack was organized by the US with help from Norway.

Russian Embassy spokesman Igor Girenko accused the US authorities of “totally ignoring” Hersh’s “bombshell investigation.”

“Russia will not allow the sidelining of the situation with the explosions on the critical energy infrastructure,” the spokesman stated. He warned that unexploded mines could still be under the sea.

We consider this incident an act of international terrorism that warrants a comprehensive and independent investigation.

Girenko urged Washington to “abandon baseless accusations” and “at least try to prove that they were not involved in the destruction of the gas pipelines.”

Commenting to reporters on Wednesday, State Department spokesman Price called allegations that the US was behind the blasts “pure disinformation” and “lies that have been parroted by Russian officials.”

Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, stated on Tuesday that the organization does not have a mandate to investigate the blasts. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov responded by saying that Moscow “respectfully disagrees,” and Russia has asked the UN Security Council to convene later this month to discuss the matter.

Washington had long opposed the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and blacklisted entities linked to the project. It nonetheless rejected Hersh’s investigation as “utterly false.” The journalist stood by his report, claiming in a recent interview with the German press that President Joe Biden “would rather see Germany freeze than Germany possibly stop supporting Ukraine.”

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それは詐欺です - 純粋で単純です。
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米国の郡の 80% でSARS-2 の市中感染レベルが高い

私たちのひどいテストでも、米国の郡の 80% で、SARS-2 の市中感染レベルが高いか、かなり高いレベルです。
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Leopard tanks will burn – Wagner head to RT
Evgeny Prigozhin says Kiev’s Western military equipment will inevitably be destroyed
Russian forces could capture Artyomovsk, referred to as Bakhmut in Ukraine, sometime in March or April, Evgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner private military group, said in an interview with RT on Wednesday.

Prigozhin noted, however, that the timing is difficult to predict because Kiev continues to receive military aid from Western countries. He added that deliveries of Western military equipment, such as German-made Leopard main battle tanks, could be an important factor in the operation.

Nevertheless, the Wagner Group chief said they will “100% learn how to destroy these Leopards and will 100% learn how to burn them.”

Prigozhin also spoke about why Kiev is so insistent on holding on to Artyomovsk; he told RT there are three main reasons.

The first reason, Prigozhin says, is political, because the battle for Artyomovsk has now essentially become a new Stalingrad – the city in which the most brutal battle between Soviet and Nazi forces took place during WWII, and which proved to be a turning point in the war.

Artyomovsk is now seeing a huge amount of artillery fire, he said. “In Popasnaya, if you put out your hand, in just 30-40 seconds, you will be hit with shrapnel.” He added that in Artyomovsk, the intensity of artillery fire is 2 to 3 times higher. “The enemy is sparing no ammunition, and we should be doing the same,” he said.
The second reason for Ukraine is strategic, as the city, which is part of a 70km Ukrainian defensive line created after Kiev initiated the fighting in Donbass in 2014, is a “good transport and logistics hub for military operations,” the Wagner chief says.

The third reason, according to Prigozhin, has to do with morale. As long as Artyomovsk stands, the Ukrainian army’s morale will remain high, he said. He added that Kiev’s forces generally maintain good morale, and that it’s not the case that they are demoralized and on the run.

The Wagner Group has been at the forefront of Russian efforts to capture Artyomovsk – a key Donbass crossroads city which has seen intense fighting for months and is now close to being encircled by Russian forces.


それでも、ワーグナーグループ長は、"このレオパルドを破壊する方法を100%学び、燃やす方法を100%学ぶだろう "と述べた。



アルチョモフスクでは、大量の砲撃が行われているとのことである。"ポパスナヤでは、手を出せば、わずか30〜40秒で榴弾が当たる。" さらに、アルチョモフスクでは、砲撃の強さが2〜3倍になっているという。「敵は弾薬を惜しまないので、我々も同じようにしなければならない」と述べた。



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木下喬弘氏 と忽那賢志氏が名誉棄損で提訴

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「ロシアとの国境のない友好関係についての中国の発言は、米国内で警鐘を鳴らしている。また、米国は、イランとロシアとの関係が拡大していることにも警鐘を鳴らしている」 - ウェンディ・シャーマン国務副長官
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キエフ 弾薬に警鐘を鳴らす

Kiev sounds alarm over ammo
Top Ukrainian official Igor Zhovkva told Bloomberg the country’s stocks are “almost zero”

Intense fighting in Ukraine means that its military is running out of ammunition, with stocks not being replenished in time, Igor Zhovkva, Deputy Head of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s office, has told media. The official also called on the West to provide Kiev with long-range artillery systems, tanks and fighter jets.

In an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday, Zhovkva lamented that “now we are having like almost zero ammunition,” a situation that makes it harder for the Ukrainian military to respond to Russian shelling.

“We are running [out] of the ammunition very quickly because the fights are intensive,” he explained, adding that Russia has more firepower.

Zelensky’s staffer also noted that Kiev needs long-range missiles to “de-occupy Ukrainian territory,” as opposed to hitting targets inside Russia. According to the official, this type of weaponry would be crucial to launch a counteroffensive against Moscow’s forces.

On the subject of fighter jets, Zhovkva named several reasons why Ukraine is seeking to get hold of them. He pointed out that, among other things, such aircraft are “very good in intercepting the ballistic missiles.”

He expressed hope that the upcoming Ramstein format meeting on February 14 will see Kiev’s Western backers pledge more weapons, adding that “it’s high time” they stopped caring about Moscow’s reaction to such deliveries.

Commenting on the military aid already provided by the West, Zhovkva said that it was “too late, too little, and too slow.”

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov reacted to the news of the British government possibly considering donating some of its warplanes to Ukraine, by warning that the UK and several other European nations are becoming increasingly involved in the conflict.

“The line between indirect and direct involvement is gradually disappearing,” he stressed, adding that this fuels further escalation.

Peskov pointed out, however, that while unnecessarily prolonging the fighting, Western arms shipments will not be able to change the outcome of the conflict or prevent Russia from achieving its goals.
ウクライナ政府高官Igor Zhovkva氏がBloombergに語ったところによると、同国の在庫は "ほぼゼロ "になっているとのこと。

ウラジーミル・ゼレンスキー大統領府副長官Igor Zhovkva氏は、ウクライナでの激しい戦闘により、軍の弾薬が不足しており、在庫の補充が間に合っていないとメディアに語った。同副代表はまた、西側諸国に対し、キエフに長距離砲システム、戦車、戦闘機を提供するよう要請した。










BAKHMUT: 死んだウクライナ兵… 当然のことながら、ウクライナの少年と男性が路上から引きずり出され、戦争に行くことを余儀なくされている。はい、ロシア人も死にかけていますが、これらはウクライナ人です-彼らは多くの人にとって父親、兄弟、友人、稼ぎ手です.だがもう今は終わった。そして何のために?

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.. 合計 14% がブレイン フォグを経験しています。 '


18〜24 歳の 3 人に 1 人がブレイン フォグを抱えています。つまり、Covid による脳の損傷です。

免疫力が低下し、臓器に損傷を受けたこれらの若者が今スウェーデンにいることを想像してみてください。彼らはこのノンストップを3年間経験しました。彼らは基本的に 20 歳のアルツミ病患者のようなものです: 3 人に 1 人です!
「生活の質に影響を与える症状を真剣に受け止めることが重要です。自分で習慣を変えて健康を改善しても効果がない場合は、常に医療機関に連絡してください、と Kristina Ström Olsson は言います。

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* 労働者不足を解消するために、児童労働を利用すべきである。

* 貧乏人は食事を抜けばいい

* 老人は自殺するべきだ

* 誰もがウイルスに感染して生きていくべきだ。
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the majority of Long Covid sufferers have organ damage

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速報: ています。フランス外務省は市民にできるだけ早くベラルーシを離れるよう要請した。彼らは市民にウクライナを去るように求め、そこで戦争が勃発しました。ロシア/ベラルーシの番なら、第三次世界大戦だ!

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JAPAN WATCH – 欧米の債券にとって時限爆弾?



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Reportedly Kishida wanted Amamiya, but he declined and recommended Ueda – in short because he wants an “actual economist” to review and possibly change the monetary regime that Amamiya built. Interestingly a source revealed that Amamiya said that “the next BOJ leadership has to review and amend yearslong monetary easing..” The new governor is clearly tasked politically with the design of a NEW strategy, which includes an amendment of the YCC program.
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