Kiev plotting Chernobyl ‘provocation’ – Moscow
Ukraine and its backers want to accuse Moscow of causing radiation contamination, the Defense Ministry has said

Kiev and its Western supporters are planning to accuse Russia of contaminating parts of Ukraine with radiation from the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has warned. Norway was named as one of the alleged co-conspirators.

A statement from the ministry on Tuesday asserted that Kiev will accuse the Russian military of breaching safety protocols when it controlled the Chernobyl nuclear power plant last year. It will be claimed that Russian troops spread radioactive materials across Ukraine and looted the containment and control facilities, the ministry added.

The Chernobyl site, infamous for the 1986 disaster, was under Russian control between February 24 and April 28. In September, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported on nuclear safety in Ukraine, detailing its visits to the exclusion zone amid the armed conflict.

The UN nuclear watchdog confirmed that despite some damage to equipment, Ukrainian personnel had maintained “the holistic security integrity of all major nuclear facilities.” While workers could not rotate for longer periods during the Russian presence, and had some additional exposure to radiation, “no health effects would be expected to be observed,” the report stated.

The IAEA also addressed Kiev’s claim of looting by “marauders” at the Chernobyl site. It assessed that the alleged incidents “did not pose a significant radiological risk” since “all activities involving the handling of radioactive material were stopped” under Russian control.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the accusations against Moscow will form part of a publicity campaign by Kiev to sway global public opinion in its favor next week, when the Russian military operation is set to enter its second year. The claims will be based on falsified or misleading evidence, the statement said. It added that Norwegian nuclear safety experts were involved in assessing the supposed radiation contamination of Kiev Region.

Ingar Amundsen, the head of the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (DSA), confirmed that the agency had deployed specialists to Chernobyl to assess the situation on the ground.

“Some radioactive dust was stirred up as a result of [Russian troops] driving into contaminated areas,” he told the Dagbladet newspaper, adding that there were “no registered health and environmental consequences.”

He denied that the DSA was involved in any scientific malpractice in Ukraine.










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速報: 米国地方検事と米国保安官が協力して、アンソニー・ファウチ、ラルフ・バリック、ピーター・ダザック、その他多くの人々を、ゆすり、武漢ウイルスの作成における共謀、およびレムデシビルとコビッド・ワクチンによる数千人の計画的殺人の罪で起訴しました。

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Kremlin warns about NATO’s role in Ukraine conflict
The bloc displays its hostility to Moscow on a daily basis, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said
NATO’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict is becoming more obvious by the day, despite claims to the contrary, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

“NATO is an organization that is hostile to us,” Peskov told reporters. “They are confirming this hostility every day and are going out of their way to make their involvement in the conflict around Ukraine a lot clearer.”

Peskov said the military bloc’s activities demand “certain precautionary measures” from Moscow. He noted that the US-led alliance has shared intelligence with Ukraine, and that “all of NATO’s military infrastructure is working against Russia.”

Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine nearly a year ago, citing the need to protect the people of Donbass and Kiev’s failure to implement the 2014-2015 Minsk agreements.

NATO has since supplied Kiev with heavy weapons, including multiple rocket launchers, anti-tank weapons, armored vehicles, and artillery. The bloc has also trained Ukrainian troops. Despite this, NATO Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg claimed at a press conference on Monday that the alliance was not a “party to the conflict.”

However, Stoltenberg noted that since 2014, NATO has “implemented the biggest reinforcements of collective defense in a generation,” deploying additional forces close to Russia’s borders. Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it considers the military sites on the bloc’s eastern flank as a threat.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock stated at a parliamentary debate last month that the EU was “fighting a war against Russia.” She later claimed she had made a mistake, but also argued that her words had been misconstrued.

Kiev’s backers are meeting in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss further support. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told reporters upon arrival that Western countries were aiming to “help Ukraine hold and advance during the spring counter-offensive.” Several states, including the US, Britain, and Germany, earlier pledged to supply Kiev with modern main battle tanks.

Moscow has warned that more foreign weapons will further escalate the conflict, vowing that tanks and other Western-supplied arms would be treated as legitimate targets for Russian troops.


ペスコフは、軍事圏の活動はモスクワに「一定の予防措置」を要求していると述べた。彼は、米国主導の同盟がウクライナと情報を共有し、"NATOのすべての軍事インフラがロシアに対して機能している "と指摘した。






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Truck with hazardous chemicals crashes in US
Tucson, Arizona residents urged to stay inside after an 18-wheeler with chemicals flipped over on I-10

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米国、ウクライナに「イラン製」武器を送ることを望む - WSJ

US wants to send ‘Iranian’ weapons to Ukraine – WSJ
With NATO stocks running low, Washington eyes loot from the Yemen blockade
The US government is trying to find a legal way to send Ukraine the weapons allegedly sent to the Houthis by Iran and confiscated off the coast of Yemen, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

Citing anonymous US and European officials, the WSJ said that the White House is looking at “wiggle room” in UN regulations, so that the rifles, rockets and ammunition seized on the high seas can be redirected to Kiev.

The amount of seized weapons is small compared to what the US and its allies have sent to Ukraine over the past year, the unnamed officials say it would be a symbolic punishment for Iran supplying Russia with drones – something both Tehran and Moscow have denied.

“It’s a message to take weapons meant to arm Iran’s proxies and flip them to achieve our priorities in Ukraine, where Iran is providing arms to Russia,” one unnamed US official told the WSJ.

According to the Journal, the cache amounts to 5,000 rifles, 1.6 million rounds of ammunition for them, a score of anti-tank rockets and some 7,000 proximity fuses. The loot came from three fishing boats boarded by the US and French sailors over the past several months in the Gulf of Oman.

“What change can this make to war?” the Houthi deputy information minister, Nasr al-Din Amir, told the Journal when asked about the idea of sending the weapons to Ukraine. “They’ve been sending much heavier weapons.”

Washington, Berlin and London announced last month they would deliver heavy tanks to Kiev. As of this week, according to the Pentagon, the US alone has provided Ukraine with over 100 million bullets.

At Monday’s meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg admitted that “the current rate of Ukraine’s ammunition expenditure is many times higher than our current rate of production,” which he said was putting a strain on the West’s military industry and “depleting allied stockpiles.”

Russia has warned the US and its allies that continuing to send weapons to Ukraine risks involving them in the conflict directly and only delays the inevitable.
米国、ウクライナに「イラン製」武器を送ることを望む - WSJ-





フーシ派のNasr al-Din Amir情報担当副大臣は、ウクライナに武器を送るというアイデアについて聞かれたとき、「これが戦争にどんな変化をもたらすのか」とジャーナルに答えた。"彼らはもっと重い武器を送ってきている "と。



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NATO、2つの戦争を視野に - ブルームバーグ

NATO eyes fighting two wars – Bloomberg
The US-led bloc is reportedly drawing up contingencies for a defensive “Article 5 conflict” and an "out-of-area" battle NATO is set to adopt a guidance that lays out plans for a scenario in which member states find themselves fighting on the home front and beyond the borders of the alliance at the same time, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. This comes as the US increasingly shifts its priorities to confronting China.

The classified document is to be discussed and signed off on by NATO defense ministers during a two-day summit in Brussels that starts on Tuesday, the news outlet reported. Members will be asked to prepare national plans for future military engagements.

The guidance will map out ways for NATO to engage in a “high-intensity so-called Article 5 conflict” – defending a NATO nation attacked by a foreign party under the treaty’s mutual defense provision – and “an out-of-area, non-Article 5 event.” The contents of the guideline were revealed to Bloomberg by “people familiar with the matter.”

While NATO bills itself as a defensive alliance, it has an extensive record of engaging in hostilities on foreign soil, including in Yugoslavia in the 1990s and against Libya in 2011. Critics regard the bloc as a tool of US foreign policy that is aligned with Washington’s goals and in rivalry with China and Russia.

“The Americans get what they were aiming for,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov remarked in an interview earlier this month, discussing NATO’s increasing reach. “There are military blocs being created against China and Russia in the Asian Pacific region, like AUKUS. There is a drive to drag new members into them.”

The ability to fight a two-theater war was at the core of US military planning during the Cold War. Think tanks and US officials pushed the strategic objective of having a military force strong enough for two simultaneous ground conflicts, arguing for higher Pentagon budgets and against spending cuts.

According to Bloomberg's sources, NATO defense ministers will also discuss in Brussels a boost in military spending by member states. Countries that fail to meet the target of 2% of GDP would be pressured to accept this level as a mandatory floor rather than merely as a recommendation. Such a change may be adopted during a summit of NATO leaders in Vilnius in July, the outlet said.

The structure of spending would be pushed towards increased weapons procurement by European allies, according to the article, since the US “may decide to move some of its assets” from the continent closer to China.









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XBB* ファミリーが世界的に優勢になる

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「なぜこんなものを撮るのか」と言う人たちへ 捕虜の大量処刑を撮影している彼らが、「脱走兵」の処刑を撮影しないと思うのか?彼らはこれをプライベートなTGグループで共有し、私を信じて、彼らはそれを共有することを誇りに思っている!彼らは生きたまま人を燃やしたりしているんだ!
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Kyiv could fall within 72 hours

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Ex-Russian president warns of nuclear scenario in Ukraine
A nuclear power has never lost an existential conflict, Dmitry Medvedev reminds those arming Kiev
"Morons" demanding a Russian defeat in Ukraine seem to be oblivious to the fact that such an outcome could result in a nuclear escalation, former President Dmitry Medvedev has argued.

Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chair of the Russian Security Council, reiterated the warning ahead of a meeting on Friday of Ukraine’s military donors at the Ramstein US air base in Germany. He lashed out at Western politicians advocating a loss in the conflict for Russia as the only possible option in Ukraine.

“Not one of those morons is apparently willing to make the next logical step: a loss by a nuclear power in a conventional war may trigger the start of a nuclear war. Nuclear powers never lost a major conflict on which their fate depended,” he said on social media on Thursday.

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki is among those who support sending as many arms as possible to Kiev. He claimed this week that “the defeat of Ukraine may become a prelude to World War III, so today there is no reason to block support for Kiev and postpone matters indefinitely.”

A nuclear escalation was cited by some Western leaders, including US President Joe Biden, as a scenario they want to avoid by restricting their involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. They have also warned Moscow against deploying nuclear weapons in Ukraine, stating that this would be considered a major provocation.

The Russian military doctrine allows the use of such weapons of ultimate resort either in retaliation for an attack against Russia or its allies with weapons of mass destruction, or during a conventional conflict that puts the Russian statehood at significant risk.

Moscow considers the situation in Ukraine to be a proxy war waged against it by the US and its allies. Their goal is to hurt Russia as much as possible, which is why they are prolonging the hostilities by arming Kiev and forbidding it from pursuing a negotiated settlement, senior Russian officials have assessed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that his government would not hesitate to use all means at its disposal.



ポーランドのマテウシュ・モラヴィエツキ首相は、キエフにできるだけ多くの武器を送ることを支持する人たちの一人だ。彼は今週、"ウクライナの敗北は第三次世界大戦の前奏曲となるかもしれない。だから今日、キエフへの支援を阻止し、問題を無期限に延期する理由はない "と主張している。





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Covid induces high white blood cell count

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