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‘Safe and Effective’

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トルコ、シリアの地震被害は甚大 米国はシリアへの援助を妨害

Death toll in Turkish-Syrian quakes surpasses grim benchmark
The devastating tremors have killed at least 15,000 people in both countries
The death toll continues to rise after the powerful earthquakes that shook Türkiye and Syria on Monday. AFAD, Türkiye’s disaster management agency, put the number of fatalities in the county at 12,391 in an update on Thursday.

The Syrian Health Ministry recorded 1,262 deaths, as of Wednesday. The White Helmets, a Western-funded group operating in parts of Syria that are not controlled by Damascus, has put the figure at more than 1,900. Combined with the Turkish tally, the death toll has surpassed 15,500.

The series of powerful tremors in southern Türkiye and northern Syria flattened thousands of buildings and caused severe damage to infrastructure. Rescuers in both nations, including those sent by foreign nations to assist in the response, have been in a race against time to clear the rubble, in search of survivors. Cold weather adds urgency to their work, making the need to provide shelter to survivors a matter of life and death.

The World Health Organization has estimated that in the long run, the disaster may impact as many as 23 million people, five million of whom are already in a vulnerable state. Syria is already suffering from a decade-long armed conflict, which has degraded its healthcare system and put some parts of the country under self-rule.

El-Mostafa Benlamlih, the UN’s humanitarian coordinator for Syria, called the situation “a crisis on top of a crisis” during a press conference on Wednesday. Stockpiles of food and medicine that aid groups had pre-positioned in Syria are being rapidly depleted, he warned.

“Whatever we can do, we have to do it together, driven by humanitarian needs. We just hope that the political considerations will get out of the way and let us do our job,” he said.

Governments and international aid organizations have renewed pressure on the US to lift sanctions on Syria, to facilitate relief efforts in the country. Aside from economic restrictions, Washington has for years been supporting various militant groups seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.

While the US allows exceptions for humanitarian assistance, aid groups say that in practice they face long delays before shipments are approved by US officials enforcing the sanctions regime.








Seismologist warns of next massive earthquake
The Turkish expert claims а large-scale event could soon occur near the port of Canakkale
Another magnitude-7 earthquake could soon occur in western Türkiye, warns seismologist Dogan Perincek, noting that it could happen at any moment, according to his observations in the Marmara Sea.

Speaking to RIA News, the expert stated that massive earthquakes happen in the region around the port city of Canakkale about every 250 years. The last one, according to Perincek, was 287 years ago, meaning that “the time has come.”

“For the past ten days, I have been recording increased seismic activity in Canakkale from the direction of the Sea of Marmara. I have engaged in daily monitoring and analysis of seismic activity in the country using special maps for more than ten years. For three years now, I have been predicting an earthquake in Canakkale,” the scientist said.

His warning comes after a series of devastating earthquakes rocked southeastern Türkiye and northern Syria on Monday. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake then one of 7.6, which were accompanied respectively by several dozen aftershocks, ended up toppling thousands of buildings in the region, leaving thousands dead and many more injured.

According to Turkish officials, the death toll in the country currently sits at over 14,000 people and as many as 64,000 have been injured. Many more are still missing. Meanwhile, the Syrian Health Ministry had recorded 1,262 deaths as of Wednesday.
マグニチュード7クラスの地震がまもなくトルコ西部で発生する可能性があると、地震学者Dogan Perincek氏は警告し、マルマラ海での観測によると、いつ発生してもおかしくないと指摘した。

RIAニュースの取材に対し、同専門家は、港町カナッカレ周辺では約250年ごとに巨大地震が起きていると述べた。ペリンスク氏によると、最後の地震は287年前であり、"その時が来た "ということである。




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「鳥インフルエンザが人間に感染した場合、その結果、COVID-19 のパンデミックは軽度に見える可能性があります。致死率は 56% です。最新の人間の症例は、昨年の秋に中国で検出されました。患者は 1月以内に死亡しました。」
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ウクライナでの紛争が今後 5 〜 6 か月でエスカレートする

Aleksandar Vucic は、ウクライナでの紛争が今後 5 〜 6 か月でエスカレートすると考えています。

「私たちは第二次世界大戦以来、世界最大の危機に直面しています。以前に起こったことは、私たちを待っていることに比べれば、ほとんど何もありません。 < … >知ってる

大きなエスカレーションが私たちを待っていること、そして私たちがそれを必要としないことを理解してくれることを願っています.今後5、6ヶ月は最も困難な紛争になるだろう」とセルビア大統領はPrva TVチャンネルとのインタビューで語った. - TASSレポート
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米国のウクライナでの特殊作戦は、大規模なエスカレーションを招く危険性がある - 大使

US special ops in Ukraine risk major escalation – ambassador
The deployment of US special forces would carry “indescribable risks,” Moscow’s ambassador said
Russia’s envoy to the United States has responded to recent reports that Washington is seeking to resume its “top-secret programs” in Ukraine, warning that special operators on the battlefield would mean direct US involvement in the conflict.

Asked to comment on a report published in the Washington Post on Friday which said the Pentagon may restart its clandestine operations in Ukraine, Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said that while the claim has not been confirmed by officials, it would mark a major escalation.

“Discussions on the pages of one of the leading American media about the possible sending of Special Forces to Ukraine are very remarkable,” he said. “Such publications once again testify that here in Washington there is an obsession with an unrealizable dream to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia and readiness to face indescribable risks in this pursuit.”

If the US leadership decides to resume activities of the Special Operations Forces on the Ukrainian territory, it will represent undisguised participation of the regular army in the current conflict.

The Post report noted that military officials are now “urging Congress” to approve funding for top-secret programs, which were paused after the conflict with Russia kicked off nearly one year ago. Though no decision is expected until the fall, the Pentagon reportedly hopes to resume the projects sometime in 2024.

It remains unclear whether President Joe Biden will authorize deployments by American commandos, with the Post suggesting they may operate from a neighboring country. Prior to the conflict, US Special Operations troops ran two “irregular warfare surrogate programs” in Ukraine, one of which sent local Ukrainian operatives on “surreptitious reconnaissance missions in Ukraine’s east.”
READ MORE: Pentagon seeking to resume top-secret programs in Ukraine – WaPo

Antonov went on to accuse Washington of acting as an “accomplice” to Ukraine, saying US involvement in the conflict is driving the world toward “unpredictable consequences.”

Washington has approved more than $30 billion in direct military assistance to Kiev since last year, supplying a long list of heavy weapons and other gear. The Kremlin has repeatedly urged against outside involvement in Ukraine, stating the weapons would only prolong the conflict, while vowing to destroy any Western military hardware shipped to the battlefield.
米国のウクライナでの特殊作戦は、大規模なエスカレーションを招く危険性がある - 大使





続きを読む 米国防総省、ウクライナでの極秘プログラム再開を模索 - WaPo


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Texas Lindsay
The Most Shocking Testimony I’ve Seen in the Last 3 Years
California NICU Nurse Blows The Whistle

この動画を見て、なぜCDCとFDAはこの件を調査しないのかと自問自答してください。VAERS(CDC/FDAがワクチンの安全性を監視するためのプログラム)のSafety Signalは2021年に消え、2022年に上昇し続けました。

発言した人々は検閲され、CDC/FDA自身のデータベースからのデータを共有しただけで、多くはソーシャルメディアのプラットフォームを一斉に失いました。(本日ジェシカ・ローズ博士がシェアしたVAERSデータ付きのツイートを下記参照) この検閲を提唱し実行した人々は、その結果展開された悲劇に対して責任を負うべきでしょう。

The HighWireのウェブサイトで、インタビューの全容を見ることができます。このインタビューは2022年11月15日に放送されたものです:https://thehighwire.com/videos/nurse-exposes-shocking-rise-in-post-vaccine-fetal-death/
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more young people are dying of heart attacks.

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the terrorist Wa'el Alzayat


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米国は、欧州連合や G7 などの同盟国との重要な鉱物購入者クラブの創設を目指す


米国は、欧州連合や G7 などの同盟国との重要な鉱物購入者クラブの創設を目指しています。

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「政府の債務返済コストは、2023 年度から 2026 年度までの間に 4.5 兆円増加し、金利が 1.6% と仮定すると 29.8 兆円になる可能性があります...」
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