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Burn coal instead of low-carbon nuclear!

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No quiet on the Eastern front: How the US has worked to prevent Russia and Japan from putting a formal end to World War Two

No quiet on the Eastern front: How the US has worked to prevent Russia and Japan from putting a formal end to World War Two
Russia and Japan have technically been at war with each other for almost 80 years. The US is the main roadblock to a peace treaty

“Give back the Northern Territories! You’re illegally occupying our land!” Every year, on February 7, slogans like this blare out through loudspeakers opposite the Russian embassy in Japan. This is the day when Japan celebrates the so-called Northern Territories Day." This refers to what Russia calls the Southern Kurils − Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan, and Habomai Islands, − which became part of the Soviet Union after World War 2.

In 2022, a protest staged by rightwing radicals began a day early and resulted in unrest. According to Russian diplomats, “a group of militant young men'' attempted to break into the embassy premises and fought with police securing the entrance. The next day, on February 7, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida addressed a national rally in Tokyo calling for the return of the Northern Territories.

This year has been no exception. Far-right activists again staged a rally outside the building, making a detour around the perimeter of the block in vans and using loudspeakers to shout their demands for the return of the islands.

In addition, for the first time since 2018, the phrase “illegal occupation” was included in the statement that is traditionally read out at the end of the annual ‘National Rally for the Return of the Northern Territories’.

Tokyo ties the Kuril Islands dispute with another issue that has been souring relations with Moscow for almost 78 years − the absence of a peace treaty between the two capitals after World War Two. On March 21, 2022, Russia exited the negotiation process with Japan, which had been gaining momentum since the end of the Cold War. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated it was impossible to hold such discussions with a state that “displays an openly unfriendly position and attempts to damage the interests of our country.” This came after Tokyo placed sanctions on Moscow.

The Southern Kuril Islands are a very valuable asset. The Catherine and Vries Straits are the only year-round ice-free links between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, the Sea of Okhotsk can be considered an internal sea of the Russian Federation, thus preventing any other country from fishing or extracting mineral resources there without Moscow’s permission. The area around the Southern Kuril Islands boasts rich fishing grounds, where the USSR used to catch most of its Japanese pilchard and Pacific saury. Iturup has one of the world’s largest deposits of rhenium, a remarkably rare metal. A major underwater hydrocarbon deposit has been discovered off the coast of the Lesser Kuril Chain, with reserves in the Mid-Kuril Oil and Gas Basin estimated at 300 million tons.

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過去 48 時間の世界の地震

過去 48 時間に、マグニチュード 4 を超える 241 回の地震が世界中で記録されました。



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Kremlin reacts to ‘Zelensky elimination’ comment
Moscow has neither confirmed nor denied a claim by Israel's former PM that Putin promised not to kill the Ukrainian leader

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has refused to confirm or deny an allegation that President Vladimir Putin promised not to assassinate his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelensky. Peskov said Moscow did not wish to reveal details concerning sensitive conversations with foreign leaders.

On Saturday, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stated in an interview that during his meeting with Putin last March, the Russian leader repeatedly reassured him and gave his word that Zelensky would not be “killed” or “eliminated.”

Asked to respond to this claim on Monday, Peskov confirmed that the two leaders held “a very intensive dialogue” and “frequently communicated” during Bennett’s tenure as PM. However, the spokesman refused to share confidential information.

“Indeed, on the agenda, in addition to bilateral relations, was the topic of Ukraine,” Peskov told journalists. “But you know that we are not in favor of disclosing the details of the talks between heads of state. We do not want to do this now. Therefore, I will neither refute nor confirm what Mr. Bennett said.”

The then-PM traveled to meet with Putin in the early phases of Moscow’s military operation against Kiev, which was launched in late February. Bennett had hoped to broker an early ceasefire between the two sides as Russian forces were encroaching on the Ukrainian capital. At that point, Zelensky was reportedly in an undisclosed location and had allegedly asked Bennett to secure assurance from Putin that he would not be targeted for assassination.

Bennett said he called Zelensky immediately after leaving the talks with Putin, telling him he would not be killed. Two hours later, the Ukrainian leader posted a video from his office in Kiev, explaining that he was “not hiding,” and “not afraid of anyone.”

クレムリンのスポークスパーソンであるドミトリー・ペスコフは、ウラジーミル・プーチン大統領がウクライナのウラジミール・ゼレンスキー大統領を暗殺しないと約束したという主張を確認または否定することを拒否した. ペスコフ氏は、モスクワは外国の指導者との慎重な会話に関する詳細を明らかにしたくないと述べた。


ペスコフは月曜日にこの主張に答えるように求められ、ベネットの首相としての任期中、2人の指導者が「非常に集中的な対話」を行い、「頻繁に連絡を取り合った」ことを確認した. しかし、スポークスマンは機密情報を共有することを拒否しました.

「確かに、二国間関係に加えて、議題にはウクライナの話題がありました」とペスコフはジャーナリストに語った。 「しかし、私たちが国家元首間の会談の詳細を開示することに賛成していないことはご存知でしょう。 私たちは今これをしたくありません。 したがって、ベネット氏の発言に反論も確認もしません。」

当時の首相は、2月下旬に開始されたモスクワのキエフに対する軍事作戦の初期段階でプーチンと会うために旅行した. ベネットは、ロシア軍がウクライナの首都に侵入していたため、両国間の早期停戦を仲介することを望んでいた. その時点で、ゼレンスキーは非公開の場所にいたと伝えられており、暗殺の標的にされないというプーチンからの保証をベネットに求めたと言われています。

ベネット氏は、プーチン氏との交渉を終えた直後にゼレンスキー氏に電話し、自分は殺されないと伝えたと語った。 2時間後、ウクライナの指導者はキエフのオフィスからビデオを投稿し、「隠れていない」、「誰も恐れていない」と説明した.
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SARS-2 infections can cause cancer

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US refuses to assist Syria after devastating earthquakes
The State Department claims it would be counterproductive to reach out to the leadership of the country
The US has ruled out contacting the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad despite this week’s devastating earthquakes. Türkiye and Syria have been offered aid from numerous other countries after the natural disaster caused widespread destruction.

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price told reporters on Monday that Washington is “a partner to the people of Syria” but claimed it would be “ironic, if not even counterproductive, for us to reach out to a government that has brutalized its people over the course of a dozen years now.”

Instead, Price insisted that the US has “humanitarian partners on the ground who can provide the type of assistance in the aftermath of these tragic earthquakes.” He also argued that Washington has provided “more humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria than any other country going forward.”

Southern Türkiye and northwestern Syria were hit by a series of catastrophic earthquakes on Monday that have so far resulted in over 4,000 deaths and left tens of thousands of people injured. A number of countries have offered assistance to Ankara and Damascus, including sending teams to help with rescue efforts. Russia has already sent over a hundred emergency response specialists to both countries.

Rescue efforts in Syria, however, have been hampered by damage that the country’s civilian infrastructure has sustained over the course of a decade-long war, as well as economic sanctions imposed by Washington.

The US severed relations with Damascus back in 2011 after nationwide protests escalated into a civil war that still continues. Washington has sided with rebel factions in Syria, which include jihadists that have traveled to the country from elsewhere. The Syrian government has described Washington’s assistance to rebel groups as a military intervention. The US and its allies are estimated to be in control of roughly one third of Syrian territory, including parts that are rich in oil and fertile land.


その代わりにプライス氏は、米国には「これらの悲劇的な地震の余波の中で、この種の援助を提供できる人道的パートナーがいる」と主張した。彼はまた、ワシントンが "他のどの国よりもシリアの人々に多くの人道的支援を提供してきた "と主張した。





悲劇的な地震の後、誰がシリアを助けますか?偽善的な西側諸国によって中傷された人々: イラン、ロシア、イラク、レバノン...

#Zelenskyは、 #Turkeyの惨劇の時も、哀悼の意を表しつつ、金を乞い続けなければならないことを忘れなかった

「すべてのトルコ国民にお悔やみを申し上げます。彼らはすべてを克服できると確信しており、 #Ukraineへの援助の供給は止まることはありません。」
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Huge fire broke out at a US drone factory in Latvia

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ファイザーの Covid 用2 価ワクチン

ファイザーの Covid 用の 2 価ワクチンは、65 歳以上の人々の脳卒中との潜在的な関連性を示しています。
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covid が勃起不全を引き起こすことが知られている領域で陰茎自体に感染

COVID COCK: 目を見張るような新しい研究は、covid が勃起不全を引き起こすことが知られている領域で陰茎自体に感染することを示しています。

新しい研究では、Covid ウイルスが急性感染から 1 か月後の陰茎組織で、陰茎海綿体と呼ばれる領域に「存在」していることがわかりました。

感染後 7 か月でペンシスを調べたところ、ウイルスは検出されませんでした。つまり、これによると、感染が長期的に持続する可能性は低いということです。ただし、その正確性を判断するには、さらに多くの研究が必要です。
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Pentagon grounds aircraft after reassessing crash risk – media
The US military reportedly plans a clutch redesign for its tiltrotor V-22 Ospreys, months after concluding they were safe to fly
An undisclosed number of the US military’s V-22 Osprey rotorcrafts have been grounded due to safety concerns, as the Pentagon works to resolve an issue with clutch failures, an unidentified defense official told Military.com and other media outlets on Saturday.

“This recommendation is based on a progressive increase in hard clutch engagements and ongoing engineering analysis,” the source said. The official declined to say how many of the aircraft were affected or how long they’re expected to be out of service.

The shutdown order affects V-22 Ospreys that have exceeded a certain number of flight hours – the official wouldn’t say how many – and those units will be temporarily fixed by replacing a part that has been deemed prone to early failure. A complete redesign of the aircraft’s clutch system is in the works to provide a permanent solution.

At issue is an “input quill assembly” that connects the V-22’s engines to its gearbox. The part can cause “hard clutch engagement” when it fails, making it difficult for pilots to balance power between the Osprey’s twin engines. One airman told Military.com of his experience with such a failure, which “blew everything apart” in the gearbox, dumping buckets of oil and forcing an emergency landing.



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