Will the war in Ukraine lead to a nuclear war?

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‘Chinese spy balloon’ breached US airspace – Pentagon
The military has confirmed taking immediate action to protect “sensitive” homeland intelligence
The Pentagon has spotted what it believes to be a surveillance balloon in the northern US and is monitoring it closely, though the White House has advised not to take military action to shoot it down. The balloon, which senior officials say belongs to China, was first spotted on Wednesday.

Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder announced on Thursday that the US government “has detected and is tracking a high-altitude surveillance balloon that is over the continental United States right now,” and is watching it closely. The balloon was last confirmed sighted in the skies above Billings, Montana, but its current location has not been disclosed.

In a Wednesday meeting commanded by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, top military officials discussed how to respond to the balloon and briefed the White House on its location, assuring that it posed no threat to aircraft due to its high elevation. The military is still considering the option of shooting it down.

“Currently we assess that this balloon has limited additive value from an intelligence collection perspective over and above what the PRC can do through other means,” a senior defense official said at a press briefing.

“Nevertheless we are taking all necessary steps to protect against foreign intelligence collection of sensitive information,” he assured.

The Defense department has stated it is confident the balloon belongs to China, and US officials have been in communication with Beijing as all options remain on the table as to next steps.

Beijing, as of Friday, has not taken responsibility for the balloon. The incident comes days ahead of a planned trip to Beijing by US Secretary Antony Blinken, the first such high level visit to China since 2020.








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Covid が不治の免疫不全を引き起こす

爆発的な承認: ドイツの保健大臣は、Covid が不治の免疫不全を引き起こすと警告しています...または、私たちがこれを Covid 後天性免疫不全症候群 (CovidAids) と呼んでいます。
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Planet smashes record for most moons in solar system
Jupiter moves ahead of the pack after the discovery of more natural satellites
Jupiter has officially become the planet with the most moons in the solar system, now counted at 92, thanks to the discovery of 12 more natural satellites, astronomers have said.

The previous record-holder, Saturn, has dropped to second spot, being orbited by 83 confirmed moons.

Jupiter’s newly found companions were recently added to a list kept by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center, Scott Sheppard of the Washington-based Carnegie Institution, who took part in tracking the moons down, told AP on Friday.

The moons were spotted with telescopes in Hawaii and Chile in 2021 and 2022, but the scientists needed to follow their entire orbits in order to make the discovery official.

Those new satellites range from 1km to 3km (0.6 miles to 2 miles) in diameter, Sheppard said. Only half of them will be named however, the rest being below the minimum diameter of 1.5km for naming, he added.

Three moons traveling in a prograde direction – the same as the planet's rotation – were especially tough to detect, the scientist said in an earlier interview with the Sky and Telescope website. “The reason is that they are closer to Jupiter and the scattered light from the planet is tremendous,” he explained.

The large number of small satellites around both Jupiter and Saturn are believed to be fragments of larger moons that crashed into each other or collided with comets, according to Sheppard.

“I hope we can image one of these outer moons close-up in the near future to better determine their origins,” he told AP.

The European Space Agency is sending a spacecraft to study Jupiter and one its biggest moons in April, while NASA’s mission to the planet's Europa satellite, which could host an ocean under its ice crust, is planned for 2024.

Jupiter and Saturn vastly outnumber the rest of the planets in our system when it comes to the number of natural satellites. Uranus is orbited by 27 confirmed moons, Neptune by 14, Mars two and Earth one. Venus and Mercury have no moons.





惑星の自転と同じ方向に進行する3つの衛星は、特に検出が困難であったと、科学者は先のSky and Telescopeのウェブサイトのインタビューで語った。"理由は、それらが木星に近く、木星からの散乱光がとてつもなく大きいからです "と彼は説明した。




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Uproar after sinking of warship in Atlantic
The act by the Brazilian Navy has prompted an outcry from environmentalists
Environmental groups have responded with anger after the Brazilian Navy sank its former flagship aircraft carrier in the Atlantic. The decommissioned ship was initially slated to be dismantled for scrap metal in Türkiye, but was refused entry.

The “planned and controlled sinking” of the 32,800-ton ‘Sao Paulo’ took place late in the afternoon on Friday, some 350km (217 miles) off the Brazilian coast at a depth of about 5,000 meters, according to a statement from the navy. The final resting place was selected with regard to the navigational, environmental, and economic aspects of such a move, it added.

The decision to scuttle the ship came after Turkish company Sok Denizcilik was authorized last year to scrap the vessel for metal, in what the Brazilian Defense Ministry called “an unprecedented attempt” to recycle it in a “safe and environmentally sound” manner.

However, after the start of the vessel’s transit, Türkiye blocked the procedure due to concerns from its environmental authorities. Brazil was forced to bring the carrier home, but did not allow it to enter port over the “high risk” to the environment.

With the ‘Sao Paulo’ facing the danger of spontaneously submerging due to buoyancy issues, the Defense Ministry said there was no other option than “jettisoning the hull, through the planned and controlled sinking.”

While Brazil sank the ship in a specially selected zone, the move drew the ire of environmental activists. In a statement on Saturday, NGO Basel Action Network said that the vessel contained some 760 tons of hazardous asbestos, and hundreds of tons of other toxic substances, including heavy metal-laden paint.

The organization asserted that the sinking “will no doubt contaminate the marine ecosystem in the dumpsite area for years to come.”

The ‘Sao Paulo’ was a Clemenceau-class aircraft carrier which was originally commissioned by the French Navy under name ‘Foch’ in 1963. The vessel, which could carry about 40 aircraft, was handed over to Brazil in 2000, becoming its new flagship. After being plagued by maintenance issues, the ‘Sao Paulo’ was decommissioned in 2017.


ブラジル国防省は、「安全で環境に優しい」方法でリサイクルする「前例のない試み」として、トルコのSok Denizcilik社が昨年、同船舶の金属スクラップを許可されたことを受けて、同船舶の解体作業を決定しました。


サンパウロ」は浮力の問題で自然水没の危機に直面しており、防衛省は "計画的かつ制御された沈没によって、船体を投げ出す "以外の選択肢はなかったと述べている。


同団体は、この沈没事故により、"今後何年にもわたって、ゴミ捨て場周辺の海洋生態系が汚染されることは間違いない "と主張している。


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XBF の「Bythos」亜種は、最近までビクトリア州ではるかに流行していました。
VIC は、11 月以降、他の州よりもはるかに高い死亡率 (1 人あたり) を報告しており、約 2 倍です。
1 人あたりの症例数では、VIC が最も低かった。


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BAKHMUT AFU の兵士は公然とバフムートを離れ始めた



- > AFU の兵士は公然とバフムートを離れ始めました。これはエスカレートする崩壊の最初の兆候です。



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