NATO、ロシアとの衝突に備えよ - 高官

NATO ready for clash with Russia – top official
A red line would be crossed if Moscow attacks the US-led military bloc, Rob Bauer has said

NATO is prepared to fight Russia if a direct conflict erupts between the two, Rob Bauer, the chairman of the alliance’s Military Committee, said on Saturday.

In an interview with Portuguese RTP TV, when asked whether the US-led military block is ready for a direct confrontation with Russia, Bauer unequivocally stated, “We are.”

The official noted that when the hostilities broke out in Ukraine in February 2022, NATO already had a number of battle groups along its eastern flank. During a summit in Madrid which took place in June 2022, the alliance’s leaders decided to create four more battle groups in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, Bauer said.

“I think that’s an important message for the Russians, that our posture has changed, to show them that we are ready if they would have an idea to come to NATO.”

He added that if there is any red line regarding relations between Moscow and the military bloc, “it is the Russians crossing the line of our territory in NATO.”

Bauer went on to say that for decades, many NATO nations thought they were the ones who decide when and where to deploy their forces, but the Ukraine conflict was a gamechanger. Russia launched its military operation “at the moment of their choosing, so we have to be much more ready, we have no time to prepare, because it’s up to them when they come,” the official stated.

He also described the Western shipments of modern arms to Ukraine as “not escalatory.”
“The fact that your enemy has better weapons, it’s not the problem of the enemy, that’s your problem,” he said, adding that the West and Russia both face the need to ramp up efforts to manufacture weapons and equipment – and NATO countries need to have a debate on military production priorities. This means “talking about war time economy, but in peacetime,” which, he acknowledged, will be difficult.

Russia views NATO forces deployed near its borders as a threat. In December 2021, Moscow submitted draft documents on security guarantees to NATO and Washington, demanding that Ukraine be barred from entering the alliance, and insisting that the bloc should retreat to the borders as they stood in 1997. This overture was rebuffed.

On Wednesday, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that Washington has so far seen “absolutely no indication” that Moscow has designs to attack the bloc’s territory.
NATO、ロシアとの衝突に備えよ - 高官


ポルトガルのRTPテレビのインタビューで、米国主導の軍事ブロックはロシアとの直接対決の準備ができているかという質問に対して、バウアーは明確に "我々はある "と述べた。



彼は、モスクワと軍事圏の関係でレッドラインがあるとすれば、"ロシアがNATOの領土のラインを越えることだ "と付け加えた。


また、欧米がウクライナに近代的な武器を出荷していることについては、"エスカレートするものではない "と表現した。
"敵がより良い武器を持っているという事実は、敵の問題ではなく、あなたの問題だ "と彼は言い、西側とロシアは共に武器や装備を製造する努力を強化する必要性に直面しており、NATO諸国は軍事生産の優先順位について議論をする必要がある、と付け加えました。これは「戦時中の経済について、しかし平時に話し合う」ことを意味し、それが困難であることを彼は認めている。


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Explosions reported in Iran
The country’s defense ministry says a drone attack was thwarted
Iran was attacked using drones, the country’s Defense Ministry announced on Sunday. One device was shut down by an air defense system, while the other two "fell into defensive traps and exploded."

"This unsuccessful attack did not cause any loss of life and caused minor damage to the workshop's roof," the ministry said in a statement cited by a state media outlet, IRNA.

"(The attack) has not affected our installations and mission... and such blind measures will not have an impact on the continuation of the country's progress," it added, without providing details on whom Tehran considers responsible for the attack.

The deputy governor of the Isfahan province reported, prior to the military’s statement, that the explosion occurred "in one of the centers" of the defense ministry. Local authorities noted that no one was hurt.

Earlier, Iranian social media reported loud blasts across the country.

The news comes amid heightened tensions between Iran and Israel over Tehran's nuclear program. Iran denies Israeli allegations that it is planning to develop nuclear weapons. While multiple Middle Eastern media outlets reported that Israel had launched a military operation against Iran, the Israeli government and military have yet to make an official statement.

On January 28, there was also an explosion in the north-west of Iran, at an oil production plant in the city of Azarshahr in the province of East Azerbaijan.
イランがドローンを使って攻撃されたと、同国国防省が日曜日に発表した。1機は防空システムによって停止され、残りの2機は "防御の罠にはまり爆発した "という。

"この失敗した攻撃は、人命の損失を引き起こさず、ワークショップの屋根に小さな損傷を与えた "と同省は国営メディア、IRNAが引用した声明の中で述べています。






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Urgent health warning issued in Australia
Radioactive material, capable of causing acute sickness, has been lost in the west of the country
Authorities in Western Australia (WA) issued an emergency health alert on Friday, warning about a capsule emitting a "reasonable" amount of radiation that has been lost in the area. The WA chief health officer, Andy Robertson, urged people to stay away from the object if they find it.

"As a source, it emits both beta rays and gamma rays. So if you have contact or have it close to you, you could either end up with skin damage, including skin burns, over a period of time," Robertson said, adding that "one of the long-term risks if exposed to a source like this is cancer."

The capsule in question is a tiny object six millimeters long and eight millimeters high, or smaller than Australia’s ten-cent coin. It is believed to have fallen from a truck traveling on a 1,400-kilometer-long highway between a mine near the city of Newman and a depot in south-western city of Perth.
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Australia defies health advice on Covid tests for Chinese arrivals

The capsule, which was reportedly lost on January 10, emits an amount of radiation equivalent to ten X-rays in an hour within a distance of 1 meter. That is roughly the amount of natural radiation a person is exposed to over the course of a year.

Authorities are urging all motorists who traveled along the highway after January 10 to check their tires in case the capsule is lodged in a tread. Australia’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) said that the item cannot be weaponized, but recommended people to stay at least five meters away from anything that resembles the capsule and to immediately contact them.

"The capsule remains unfound," DFES Country North chief superintendent David Gill said on Friday, adding that searching for such a tiny object in an area spanning over 1,400 kilometers does pose "challenges."

"線源として、それはベータ線とガンマ線の両方を放射しています。そのため、もし接触したり、近くに置いたりすれば、一定期間内に皮膚の火傷を含む皮膚の損傷を受ける可能性があります "とロバートソンは言い、"このような線源にさらされた場合の長期的リスクの1つは癌です "と付け加えました。




DFES Country Northの主任監督官であるDavid Gill氏は金曜日に、「カプセルはまだ見つかっていない」と述べ、1,400キロメートル以上の地域でこのような小さな物体を探すことは「挑戦」をもたらすと付け加えた。
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