Moscow provides details on latest missile strikes against Ukraine
The most recent barrage targeted Kiev’s military command and control sites, as well as associated energy facilities, MOD has said
The Russian Defense Ministry has said that the latest missile strikes against Ukraine on Saturday hit “all assigned targets.” Earlier, Kiev’s officials reported that the country’s power grid had been damaged in several regions on the same day.

“On January 14, 2023, a missile attack was carried out on the military command and control system of Ukraine and associated energy facilities. All assigned targets have been hit. The objectives have been reached,” the military said in its statement on Sunday.

Multiple strikes were reported by Ukrainian officials and media outlets on Saturday, with Energy Minister German Galushchenko claiming Russian missiles made it through to multiple energy infrastructure sites across the country. Ukraine’s largest private energy operator, DTEK, said that two of its thermal power stations came under attack. Footage circulating online suggests at least one of the facilities sustained heavy damage, with its main machinery hall destroyed.

A residential building was heavily damaged amid the strikes in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Dnepr (previously known as Dnepropetrovsk), according to videos published on social media. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that some 25 civilians were killed and 73 were injured. Kiev officials have laid the blame on Moscow, but given differing accounts about what transpired.

Moscow ramped up its strikes against Kiev’s infrastructure in early October of last year, citing repeated Ukrainian sabotage on Russian soil. The attacks followed the bombing of the Crimean Bridge, which Moscow blamed on the Ukrainian military intelligence service and its Western partners. The attack was widely celebrated by top Ukrainian officials and the country’s postal service even released a commemorative stamp hours after the blast. One road section of the bridge was severely damaged, killing three civilians. However, Ukraine denied involvement.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to stop the fighting in Donbass and give Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. Brokered by Germany and France, they were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”

Shortly before hostilities started, the Kremlin recognized the Donbass republics as independent states and demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join any Western military bloc. Last September, Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, were incorporated into Russia following referendums.
ロシア国防省は、土曜日に行われたウクライナに対する最新のミサイル攻撃は、"割り当てられたすべてのターゲット "を攻撃したと発表した。これに先立ち、キエフの当局者は、同国の電力網が同日、いくつかの地域で損害を受けたと報告した。

"2023年1月14日、ウクライナの軍事指揮統制システムと関連するエネルギー施設に対してミサイル攻撃が行われた。割り当てられた標的はすべて命中した。目的は達成された "と、軍は日曜日に声明で述べた。




ロシアは2022年2月24日、キエフがドンバスでの戦闘を停止し、ドネツクとルガンスクにウクライナ国家内での特別な地位を与えることを目的としたミンスク合意を履行しないとして、ウクライナに軍隊を派遣した。ドイツとフランスが仲介し、2014年に初めて調印された。ウクライナのピョートル・ポロシェンコ前大統領はその後、キエフの主な目的は停戦を利用して時間を稼ぎ、"強力な武装勢力の創設 "にあったことを認めている。


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First nuclear-propelled torpedoes for Russian mega-submarine ready – media
The Poseidon weapons are among the latest additions to the country’s nuclear deterrence
Russian shipbuilders have produced a full set of atomic Poseidon torpedoes, which will be carried by the nuclear mega-submarine Belgorod, a source close to the Defense Ministry has told TASS.

The new boat will be armed with the weapons “in the nearest future,” the source stated, adding that the weapon system has completed tests on its various elements, including the propulsion system.

Poseidon has an onboard nuclear reactor to generate propulsion and carries a powerful nuclear warhead as a payload. The first hints about its development were released by Russia in 2015. The weapon is yet to formally enter military service.

The system is designed as a hard-to-intercept weapon of mass destruction that can obliterate strategic naval assets, such as military bases, shipyards and aircraft carrier strike groups. It can also inflict massive damage on coastal cities in the event of a full-blown nuclear war.

While few details have been published about the torpedo, it’s known to require a specialized platform for deployment. The Russian military reported plans to build up to four nuclear submarines configured for this mission.

The first of them, the Belgorod, was completed in 2019 and commissioned in July last year. It’s not clear how many Poseidon torpedoes constitute a “set” for a vessel. Most assessments said the submarines can carry as many as six, but some suggested that up to eight can be deployed by a single boat.

The Belgorod has a reported displacement of 30,000 tons submerged and a record length of 184 meters. Poseidon torpedoes are believed to be 16 to 24 meters long and are expected to be carried in transport containers attached to the hull of the submarine rather than in internal tubes.







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心臓死の増加に対応して、追加の 2,500 万人の英国市民にスタチンを投与。 「超過死亡」の原因の調査についてはどうですか?
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Ex-Russian president shames Japan over nuclear remarks
Tokyo is “talking nonsense” by joining with Washington's warnings against Moscow, Dmitry Medvedev has said
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has defiled the memories of the hundreds of thousands who perished in the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed on Saturday.

The comments were in response to a warning issued by Kishida and US President Joe Biden, that if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine it would be an “act of hostility against humanity and unjustifiable.” The two leaders issued the statement after talks in Washington, DC on Friday.

Writing on Telegram, Medvedev, who serves as the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, described the statement as “hideous cringe.” 

“I will not even comment on the paranoia over the nuclear plans of our country,” he added.

Russian officials have repeatedly stated that Moscow does not intend to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. In October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that doing so “would make neither political, nor military sense.” Under its official nuclear doctrine, Russia would only use the weapons in response to an attack with weapons of mass destruction or when there is “a threat to the existence of the state as a whole.”

Medvedev also said that Kishida was “talking nonsense about Russia in a degrading loyalist frenzy” which has led to him “betraying the memory of hundreds of thousands of Japanese who were burned in the nuclear fire of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

The former president went on to say that the Japanese PM “does not care one bit that the only country that effectively used nuclear weapons was the United States,” and “their only victim was his motherland.” He added that Kishida should demand that the US president repent for the attack, but he is just “attending personnel for Americans. And servants cannot be courageous.”

The atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively, at the end of WWII, and remains the only instance in which nuclear weapons have been used in combat. The death toll in the two blasts is estimated at 70,000 to 135,000 in Hiroshima, and 60,000 to 80,000 in Nagasaki.


ロシアの安全保障理事会の副議長を務めるメドベージェフ氏はテレグラムに書き込み、この声明を "hideous cringe "と表現した。 

"我が国の核計画をめぐるパラノイアについてコメントすることもない "と付け加えた。

ロシア政府高官は、モスクワがウクライナで核兵器を使用する意図はないと繰り返し述べてきた。プーチン大統領は10月、「政治的にも軍事的にも意味がない」と述べた。公式の核ドクトリンでは、ロシアは大量破壊兵器による攻撃に対応する場合か、"国家全体の存立を脅かす "場合にのみ核兵器を使用することになっている。

メドベージェフはまた、岸田氏が "劣化した忠誠心の狂騒の中でロシアについて無意味なことを話している "と述べ、それが "広島と長崎の核の炎で焼かれた何十万もの日本人の記憶を裏切ることになった "と述べた。





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「働いていたはずの 50 万人近くが ...COVID で死亡した」とパウエルは言ったhttps://axios.com/2022/12/16/the
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太陽のいびき氏によるダグラス・マクグレゴー大佐 最新アップデート

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コロナ後遺症 1年後に回復しその1年後に再発

1年後にはほぼ回復。それから 12 か月後、すべてが完全に再発しましたが、最初よりも深刻でした。
なんて悪夢だ.. 数年前の生活を思い出すことさえできない

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Philippines's Bataan Nuclear Power Plantの現状

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Covid の目のもう 1 つの興味深い兆候: これは、数か月間広く循環している新しい XBBs/Sars3 株でより一般的であるように思われます: Covid 後の PIM のこの子ケースからわかるように: Covid の目は、急性期だけでなく発生します。フェーズだけでなく、その後...

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Asian country aims to ramp up arms sales to UAE
South Korea’s president has arrived in Abu Dhabi for trade talks at a time when the Emirates are cutting reliance on US weaponry
South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol traveled to the UAE on Sunday seeking to capitalize on new opportunities for weapons sales. Seoul is deepening its defense ties with Abu Dhabi as the Emirates pivot away from relying on Washington for military support in the wake of the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Yoon arrived in Abu Dhabi for a state visit and was welcomed at the presidential palace with an honor guard and military air show. UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced plans to invest $30 billion in South Korea, telling Yonhap News, “We decided to make the investment with confidence in the Republic of Korea that keeps its promises under all circumstances.”

South Korea is already building a massive nuclear power plant in the UAE and has been sending commandoes to the Emirates since 2015 to provide military training. The two governments signed agreements on Sunday to deepen ties in such areas as technology and energy, including an oil-stockpiling deal, as well as defense.

“The atmosphere is extremely ripe for security or military cooperation between South Korea and the UAE involving the arms industry,” a presidential office official in Abu Dhabi told Yonhap.

That ripening reportedly began after the chaotic US exit from Afghanistan in August 2021. “The mishandling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan raised doubts in the region not only about the US willingness to honor its defense commitments, but also its capacity to do so,” according to the Middle East Institute, a Washington think tank.

A few months after the Afghan debacle, in December 2021, the UAE suspended deals to buy $23 billion in US-made F-35 fighter jets and attack drones. A month later, Abu Dhabi agreed to purchase an M-SAM air-defense system from South Korea for $3.5 billion. The M-SAM was developed in cooperation with Russia, based partly on technology used in S-350E and S-400 missile systems.

US officials had reportedly imposed demands on the UAE to win approval for the F-35 deal, including halting a Chinese company’s construction of a logistics port, refusing to use 5G telecommunications equipment from China’s Huawei, backing away from technology partnerships with Beijing and agreeing to remote monitoring of the fighter jets by Washington.






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2022年12月8日から2023年1月12日までに中国で 59,938 人の Covid 関連の死亡者があったと発表されてるが、全体のうち、5,503 人がウイルスによって直接引き起こされた呼吸不全で死亡し、54,435 人が Covid-19 と基礎疾患の両方に苦しんで死亡した。

Covid は、急性感染後少なくとも6か月間、35 倍という驚異的な死亡率の増加を引き起こします。
「Covid で」集団免疫というのは完全な詐欺:「軽度の」コビド感染後6ヶ月で死亡率が10倍になっています。また、肺や脚などに血栓を作る静脈血栓塞栓症(VT)が大幅に増加しています。




英国でBBCのフォーミュラー1のレポーターがコロナ感染後(何回目か不明)stroke 脳卒中を発症し言語能力に支障を生じました。アスリートなど身体能力が高く、活動水準が高い人の急死事例が増えています。




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Impeach ‘war criminal’ Biden over Ukraine – US Democrat
Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Geoffrey Young has accused the president of perpetuating an “illegal proxy war”
Geoffrey Young, who is running for governor in the US state of Kentucky, has accused Joe Biden of committing war crimes in Ukraine and other countries, saying the president should be impeached for carrying out an illegal proxy struggle against Russia in the former Soviet republic.

“I think Joe Biden (D-war criminal) should be impeached immediately for war crimes in Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc.,” Young said in a Twitter post. “Also for continuing the illegal proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. All US presidents since 1945 = war criminals (including Trump),” he added.

Young, an MIT-trained economist who has worked as an environmental engineer in state government, made waves last year after winning the Democratic Party’s nomination for Kentucky’s District 6 congressional seat. He vowed during the campaign to help prevent nuclear war with Russia by pursuing a “reasonable” peace plan with Moscow. He also called the Kiev regime a “Nazi puppet government” and said the CIA should be eliminated because it’s the “worst terrorist organization in the world today.”

After Young won Kentucky’s Democratic primary in May, his party declined to support him in the November general election against incumbent Republican congressman Andy Barr. He alienated party leaders with his contrarian views, such as accusing Biden of recklessly provoking China, illegally deploying troops in Syria and Iraq, and making the US vulnerable to attack by becoming a “co-belligerent” with Ukraine against Russia.

Less than a week after the congressional midterms, the 66-year-old Young, who bills himself as a “peace Democrat,” announced his candidacy in Kentucky’s 2023 race for governor. He will try to unseat the incumbent Democrat, Governor Andy Beshear, whom he has accused of being a “not-yet-indicted felon.”

Young has called the Ukraine conflict a lost cause for the US and NATO and faulted Biden’s administration for rejecting a peace proposal from Moscow in December 2021. “There is no way Russia can lose this war and no way Ukraine and NATO can possibly win it,” he said last week.
ケンタッキー州知事候補のジェフリー・ヤング氏は、大統領が "違法な代理戦争 "を永続させていると非難している。

"私はジョー・バイデン(D戦犯)はウクライナ、イエメン、シリア、イラクなどでの戦争犯罪のために直ちに弾劾されるべきだと思う" ヤングはツイッターの投稿でこう述べた。「また、ウクライナでロシアに対する違法な代理戦争を続けていることに対してもだ。1945年以降のすべての米大統領=戦争犯罪者(トランプを含む)」と付け加えた。





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