Up to 500 dying every week because of UK hospital delays – physician
Britain’s National Health Service is currently grappling with the effects of strikes and a severe flu outbreak
Delays in British emergency departments could be causing between 300 and 500 deaths each week, Royal College of Emergency Medicine President Dr Adrian Boyle has told Times Radio. 

According to data from NHS England, 37,837 patients waited more than 12 hours to be admitted to emergency departments in November, up from 10,646 in November 2021. Although figures for December have yet to be released, Boyle told the Times that he’d be “amazed” if they weren’t the worst on record.

“What we’re seeing now in terms of these long waits is being associated with increased mortality, and we think somewhere between 300-500 people are dying as a consequence of delays and problems with urgent and emergency care each week,” he said, in remarks quoted by multiple British media outlets on Sunday.

“We need to actually get a grip of this,” he continued. “We need to increase our capacity within our hospitals, we need to make sure that there are alternative ways so that people aren’t all just funneled into the ambulance service and emergency department.”

While hospitals are typically more crowded in winter, this season saw strikes by nurses and ambulance staff in December, and a virulent outbreak of influenza in recent weeks. According to NHS data, 3,746 people per day were hospitalized with the flu in the week leading up to Christmas, up from 2,088 per day a week earlier. 

While cases of Covd-19 remain low throughout the UK, staff absences due to the virus were up more than 47% in December compared to November, the Guardian reported. 
英国の救急診療科での遅れが毎週300人から500人の死亡の原因になっている可能性があると、王立救急医学院長のAdrian Boyle医師がTimes Radioに語っています。 



「私たちは、実際にこの問題を把握する必要があります」と彼は続けた。「我々は、病院内の容量を増やす必要があります。我々は、人々がすべて救急車サービスや救急部門に流されないように、別の方法があることを確認する必要があります" 。


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IMF issues dire warning
Kristalina Georgieva says a third of the world economy will be hit by recession in 2023
This year is expected to be even “tougher” than 2022 as the US, EU and Chinese economies slow down, according to the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Ukraine conflict, soaring prices, hiked interest rates and unrelenting Covid in China will continue to exert an impact on the global economy, Kristalina Georgieva told CBS’ Face the Nation program on Sunday.

“We expect one-third of the world economy to be in recession. Even countries that are not in recession, it would feel like recession for hundreds of millions of people,” she said.

In October, the IMF slashed its outlook for global economic growth in 2023 due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, along with tougher monetary policies pursued by central banks around the world in an effort to rein in rising prices, including energy costs. Since then, Beijing has abandoned its zero-Covid policies, having begun to reopen the economy despite the rapid spread of coronavirus infections.

According to Georgieva, China will face a difficult start to 2023, as the world’s second-biggest economy is likely to grow at or below global growth for the first time in 40 years.

“For the next couple of months, it would be tough for China, and the impact on Chinese growth would be negative, the impact on the region will be negative, the impact on global growth will be negative,” the IMF chief warned.

When it comes to the US, Georgieva called the nation the “most resilient,” adding that it might avoid recession with the labor market remaining quite strong.

“This is… a mixed blessing because if the labor market is very strong, the Fed [the Federal Reserve] may have to keep interest rates tighter for longer to bring inflation down,” she said.

ウクライナ紛争、物価の高騰、金利の上昇、中国での容赦ないコビトは、引き続き世界経済に影響を及ぼすだろう、とクリスタリナ・ゲオルギエヴァは日曜日にCBSの番組「Face the Nation」で語った。







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XBB15 は、 #BQ & XBB よりも免疫回避性と感染性に優れる

#Omicron XBB.1.5 の亜種は、米国で非常に急速に進行しています。これは、BQ.1 と、フランスで多数を占める「弟分」である BQ.1.1 に取って代わります。
では、挑発的な質問: 米国からのすべての乗客を検査する必要がありますか?

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英国 医療態勢非常事態

2022 年 12 月 22 日に、英国で 24 人の小児グループ A 連鎖球菌による死亡が報告されました。 6日後は30名まで!前に述べたように、CDC の監視データと UK ポップに基づいています。年間6-7人の死亡者がいるはずです。 3か月で5倍に!これは正常ではありません
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Anthony Fauci/Peter Daszak must be held accountable

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we have a new virus: a new Sars

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私は過去 3 年間で 2 つの貴重な教訓を学びました。

1. SARS-CoV2 にかからないように、できる限りのことをしてください。


友よ、安全でありますように。チャンスを逃さないでください。 XBB.1.5 は冗談ではありません。 風邪ひき

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