Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have discussed bilateral cooperation and measures to stabilize the global oil market in a phone call, the Kremlin stated on Monday.

“Issues of further development of bilateral cooperation in the political, trade, economic and energy fields” were discussed, according to the Kremlin. Furthermore, the two leaders spoke of “cooperation within the framework of OPEC Plus to ensure the stability of the world oil market.”

Putin and Prince Mohammed have spoken several times since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine last February, with these calls taking place amid a growing rift between Saudi Arabia and the US, the Kingdom’s closest international partner.

Over the last year, Riyadh has deepened its ties with Beijing and declared its readiness to trade oil for Chinese yuan, a move that would threaten the US dollar’s standing as the world’s dominant petrocurrency.
Saudi Arabia ready to ditch dollar in trade – Finance Minister
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Saudi Arabia ready to ditch dollar in trade – Finance Minister

As the de-facto leader of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Saudi Arabia further snubbed the US last July when it refused to increase oil production following a meeting between Prince Mohammed and US President Joe Biden. An increase would have simultaneously benefited Biden by lowering gas prices in the US ahead of November’s midterm elections, and weakened the Russian economy by reducing its oil revenue.

Instead, OPEC and its allies (a group of nations including Russia that make up the ‘Plus’ in the organization’s title) agreed in October to cut production by two million barrels per day, a move that kept prices steady for the benefit of producers.

With Moscow and Riyadh both interested in maintaining their petroleum profits, the US-backed price cap on Russian oil is viewed in both capitals as a potential threat to revenue. Furthermore, OPEC’s members worry that the measure could become “a global price cap” in the future, potentially ruining their economies.

Washington responded to Saudi Arabia’s refusal to boost production by threatening to re-evaluate its relationship with Riyadh “in a very deliberate fashion.” Democratic lawmakers pressed Biden to halt arms sales to the Kingdom unless it would reverse OPEC’s production cut, accusing the Saudis of “colluding” with Russia.







サウジアラビアが増産を拒否したことに対し、ワシントンはリヤドとの関係を "非常に慎重な方法で "見直すと脅すことで対応した。民主党議員はバイデンに、OPECの減産を撤回しない限り同国への武器売却を停止するよう迫り、サウジがロシアと「結託」していると非難した。

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Moscow provides more evidence of US biolabs in Ukraine
Kiev’s troops were among the test subjects for Pentagon-funded research, the Russian MOD says

Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday laid out more evidence that US-funded laboratories were working in Ukraine. Documents and materials recovered by Russian troops showed that Western pharmaceutical companies operating in territory under Kiev’s control conducted HIV/AIDS research on Ukrainian military personnel.

The commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, presented Ukrainian-language documents referring to HIV infection studies that began in 2019. The list of targeted groups shows service members alongside prisoners, drug addicts and other “patients at high risk of infection.”

According to Kirillov, the Russian military has recovered more than 20,000 documents and other materials related to the biological programs in Ukraine, while interviewing eyewitnesses and participants. The evidence “confirms the focus of the Pentagon on creating biological weapons components and testing them on the population of Ukraine and other states along [Russia’s] borders,” the general told reporters.

Based on documents originating with the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the Russian military identified eight more individuals involved in the US-funded research in Ukraine. Among the names Kirillov singled out was Karen Saylors of Labyrinth Global Health, previously of Metabiota, a company linked to US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

US 'military biological activities' a threat to the world – Russia
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US 'military biological activities' a threat to the world – Russia

The latest trove of documents, belonging to the company Pharmbiotest, was unearthed in Lisichansk in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) early in January, Kirillov noted.

“Clinical samples and patient records with their personal data were buried, and not cremated or destroyed in a proper fashion. This suggests that the destruction of this evidence was carried out in extreme haste,” the lieutenant general said.

In October 2022, Russia filed an official complaint over alleged US-backed biological activities in Ukraine and requested a UN probe into the matter. The UN Security Council rejected Moscow’s proposal after the US, UK, and France voted against it. The US opposition “once again confirms that Washington has something to hide, and that ensuring the transparency of biological research is contrary to US interests,” Kirillov said.

As evidence of the widespread threat posed by the Pentagon’s biological research conducted beyond America’s borders, Kirillov referred to the previously mentioned US involvement in coronavirus studies, including by funding the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance that contracted with the laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Kirillov also brought up the 1977 outbreak of Rift Valley Fever in Egypt, near a biological laboratory run by the US Navy. The disease previously known only south of the Sahara made a surprise appearance in Cairo a few months after the lab employees were vaccinated against it, the general said. Moreover, the Cairo strain was “highly pathogenic” compared to the disease’s normal flu-like symptoms, suggesting the involvement of gain-of-function experiments.



ロシアの核・生物・化学防衛軍司令官イーゴリ・キリロフ中将は、2019年に始まったHIV感染研究に言及したウクライナ語の文書を提示した。対象となるグループのリストには、囚人や薬物中毒者などの "感染リスクの高い患者 "と並んで、軍人の姿が記されている。



米国の「軍事的生物学的活動」は世界にとっての脅威 - ロシア



2022年10月、ロシアはウクライナで米国が支援する生物学的活動の疑惑について公式に提訴し、国連の調査を要求した。国連安全保障理事会は、米国、英国、フランスの反対票を投じ、モスクワの提案を拒否した。 米国の反対は、「ワシントンが何か隠していること、そして生物学的研究の透明性を確保することが米国の利益に反することを再び確認させた」とキリロフ氏は述べた。




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As the Pentagon's favorite think tank calls for a swift end to the Ukraine conflict, is the mood shifting in Washington?
The RAND Corporation believes the fighting must end sooner rather than later

The RAND Corporation, a highly influential elite national security think tank funded directly by the Pentagon, has published a landmark report stating that prolonging the proxy war is actively harming the US and its allies and warning Washington that it should avoid “a protracted conflict” in Ukraine.
What are the US' interests in Ukraine
‘If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning’: How a landmark speech paved the way for the US to unleash death and destruction
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‘If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning’: How a landmark speech paved the way for the US to unleash death and destruction

The report has an unequivocal title, “Avoiding a long war: US policy and the trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine conflict,” which provides a strong indication as to its contents.

It starts by stating that the fighting represents “the most significant interstate conflict in decades, and its evolution will have major consequences” for Washington, which includes US “interests” being actively harmed. The report makes it very clear that while Ukrainians have been doing the fighting, and their cities have been “flattened” and “economy decimated,” these “interests” are “not synonymous” with Kiev’s.

The US ending its financial, humanitarian and particularly military support promptly would cause Ukraine to completely collapse, and RAND cites several reasons why doing so would be sensible, not least because a Ukrainian victory is regarded as both “improbable” and “unlikely,” due to Russian “resolve,” and its military mobilization having “rectified the manpower deficit that enabled Ukraine’s success in the Kharkiv counteroffensive.”

From the perspective of US “interests,” RAND warns that while the Kremlin has not threatened to use nuclear weapons, there are “several issues that make Russian use of nuclear weapons both a plausible contingency Washington needs to account for and a hugely important factor in determining the future trajectory of the conflict.”

And what are the risks for the US

The think tank believes the Biden administration “has ample reason to make the prevention of Russian use of nuclear weapons a paramount priority." In particular, it should seek to avoid a “direct nuclear exchange” with Moscow, a “direct conflict with Russia”, or wider “NATO-Russia war.”

On the latter point, RAND worries that US general Mark Milley’s demand that the conflict stay “inside the geographical boundaries of Ukraine” is on the verge of being disrespected, as “the extent of NATO allies’ indirect involvement in the war is breathtaking in scope,” including “tens of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons and other aid” and “tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support,” along with “billions of dollars monthly in direct budgetary support to Kiev.”
NATO's best tanks are going to Ukraine, what will it mean on the battlefield?
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NATO's best tanks are going to Ukraine, what will it mean on the battlefield?

Such largesse could, RAND forecasts, prompt Moscow to “punish NATO members…with the objective of ending allied support for Ukraine; strike NATO preemptively if Russia perceives that NATO intervention in Ukraine is imminent; interdict the transfer of arms to Ukraine; retaliate against NATO for perceived support for internal unrest in Russia,” if the Kremlin concludes the country’s national security is “severely imperiled.”

These outcomes are “by no means inevitable,” but still represent an “elevated” risk, particularly in light of incidents such as a Ukrainian air defense missile striking Polish territory in November 2022 – a situation exacerbated by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky falsely claiming it was a deliberate Russian strike. While this event “did not spiral out of control, it did demonstrate that fighting can unintentionally spill over to the territory of neighboring US allies.”

Another incident like that could mean “the US military would immediately be involved in a hot war with a country that has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.” This, as well as a conventional conflict between NATO and Russia, is a prospect Washington should avoid at all costs, RAND argues.

A clear implication is the US could lose such a conflict, one key reason being, as pointed out by RAND, “the intensity of the military assistance” being given to Ukraine by its Western backers is already approaching an “unsustainable” level, with US and European weapons stocks “running low.” This consequently means a longer war equals more Ukrainian territory reunified with Russia.
A Russian servicemen speaks over walkie-talkie near a BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket system in the course of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, at the unknown location. コピーライトマーク Sputnik / Konstantin Mihalchevskiy
Is there a solution?

On the subject of territorial losses, RAND is unmoved by arguments Ukraine should attempt to recapture all that it has lost since 2014, as “greater territorial control is not directly correlated with greater economic prosperity” or “greater security.” Land having been retaken by Kiev since September means “Russia has imposed far greater economic costs on the country as a whole.”

RAND also considers the worth of arguments that “greater Ukrainian territorial control” should be assured “to reinforce international norms, and to foster Ukraine’s future economic growth” to be “debatable,” as even in the “unlikely” event Kiev pushes “beyond the pre-February 2022 line of control and manages to retake areas that Russia has occupied since 2014,” the risks of escalation from Moscow, including “nuclear use or an attack on NATO” will “spike.”

The Kremlin would likely treat the potential loss of Crimea as a much more significant threat both to national security and regime stability,” the report warns.

All these factors make “avoiding a long war…the highest priority after minimizing escalation risks,” so RAND recommends the US “take steps that make an end to the conflict over the medium term more likely,” including “issuing assurances regarding the country’s neutrality,” something that Moscow had requested before the conflict began, to deaf ears, as well as “sanctions relief for Russia.”
The Kiev Purge: What has spurred a wave of resignations among senior Ukrainian officials?
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The Kiev Purge: What has spurred a wave of resignations among senior Ukrainian officials?

However, the report warns against a “dramatic, overnight shift in US policy,” as this would be “politically impossible – both domestically and with allies,” instead recommending the development of “instruments” to bring the war to a “negotiated end,” and “socializing them with Ukraine and with US allies” in advance to lessen the blow. This process should be started quickly though, as “the alternative is a long war that poses major challenges for the US, Ukraine, and the rest of the world.”


What this proposal ignores is that Western leaders have consistently proven they cannot be trusted to respect or adhere to treaties they have signed and brokered with Russia, such as the Minsk Accords, which former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted were never intended to be implemented, but rather to buy time for Kiev.

It may be the case then that Moscow won’t be interested in RAND’s solution at all, and choose instead to finish the war on its own terms. ペンタゴンお気に入りのシンクタンクがウクライナ紛争の早期終結を求める中、ワシントンのムードは変わりつつあるのだろうか。










これらの結果は「決して避けられないものではない」が、特に2022年11月にウクライナの防空ミサイルがポーランド領を攻撃したような事件-ウラジーミル・ゼレンスキー大統領がロシアの故意の攻撃だと誤認したことによって状況が悪化した-を考慮すれば、依然として「高まった」リスクを示している。この出来事は、"制御不能に陥ることはなかったが、戦闘が意図せずして近隣の米国同盟国の領土に波及する可能性があることを示した "のである。



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Davos2023から得た有益な情報 - COVIDsafeなミーティングの運営方法。どんな組織的な集まりでも、これを欠かしてはならない。多くの人に広範な感染が存続する中で、支配者層のこの程度の保護が明らかにとても快適である皮肉。
私は、それがメディア、ひいては一般大衆から失われているのではないかと心配しています。それは一面のニュースであるべきです。 ️






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NATO、ロシアとの衝突に備えよ - 高官

NATO ready for clash with Russia – top official
A red line would be crossed if Moscow attacks the US-led military bloc, Rob Bauer has said

NATO is prepared to fight Russia if a direct conflict erupts between the two, Rob Bauer, the chairman of the alliance’s Military Committee, said on Saturday.

In an interview with Portuguese RTP TV, when asked whether the US-led military block is ready for a direct confrontation with Russia, Bauer unequivocally stated, “We are.”

The official noted that when the hostilities broke out in Ukraine in February 2022, NATO already had a number of battle groups along its eastern flank. During a summit in Madrid which took place in June 2022, the alliance’s leaders decided to create four more battle groups in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, Bauer said.

“I think that’s an important message for the Russians, that our posture has changed, to show them that we are ready if they would have an idea to come to NATO.”

He added that if there is any red line regarding relations between Moscow and the military bloc, “it is the Russians crossing the line of our territory in NATO.”

Bauer went on to say that for decades, many NATO nations thought they were the ones who decide when and where to deploy their forces, but the Ukraine conflict was a gamechanger. Russia launched its military operation “at the moment of their choosing, so we have to be much more ready, we have no time to prepare, because it’s up to them when they come,” the official stated.

He also described the Western shipments of modern arms to Ukraine as “not escalatory.”
“The fact that your enemy has better weapons, it’s not the problem of the enemy, that’s your problem,” he said, adding that the West and Russia both face the need to ramp up efforts to manufacture weapons and equipment – and NATO countries need to have a debate on military production priorities. This means “talking about war time economy, but in peacetime,” which, he acknowledged, will be difficult.

Russia views NATO forces deployed near its borders as a threat. In December 2021, Moscow submitted draft documents on security guarantees to NATO and Washington, demanding that Ukraine be barred from entering the alliance, and insisting that the bloc should retreat to the borders as they stood in 1997. This overture was rebuffed.

On Wednesday, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that Washington has so far seen “absolutely no indication” that Moscow has designs to attack the bloc’s territory.
NATO、ロシアとの衝突に備えよ - 高官


ポルトガルのRTPテレビのインタビューで、米国主導の軍事ブロックはロシアとの直接対決の準備ができているかという質問に対して、バウアーは明確に "我々はある "と述べた。



彼は、モスクワと軍事圏の関係でレッドラインがあるとすれば、"ロシアがNATOの領土のラインを越えることだ "と付け加えた。


また、欧米がウクライナに近代的な武器を出荷していることについては、"エスカレートするものではない "と表現した。
"敵がより良い武器を持っているという事実は、敵の問題ではなく、あなたの問題だ "と彼は言い、西側とロシアは共に武器や装備を製造する努力を強化する必要性に直面しており、NATO諸国は軍事生産の優先順位について議論をする必要がある、と付け加えました。これは「戦時中の経済について、しかし平時に話し合う」ことを意味し、それが困難であることを彼は認めている。


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Explosions reported in Iran
The country’s defense ministry says a drone attack was thwarted
Iran was attacked using drones, the country’s Defense Ministry announced on Sunday. One device was shut down by an air defense system, while the other two "fell into defensive traps and exploded."

"This unsuccessful attack did not cause any loss of life and caused minor damage to the workshop's roof," the ministry said in a statement cited by a state media outlet, IRNA.

"(The attack) has not affected our installations and mission... and such blind measures will not have an impact on the continuation of the country's progress," it added, without providing details on whom Tehran considers responsible for the attack.

The deputy governor of the Isfahan province reported, prior to the military’s statement, that the explosion occurred "in one of the centers" of the defense ministry. Local authorities noted that no one was hurt.

Earlier, Iranian social media reported loud blasts across the country.

The news comes amid heightened tensions between Iran and Israel over Tehran's nuclear program. Iran denies Israeli allegations that it is planning to develop nuclear weapons. While multiple Middle Eastern media outlets reported that Israel had launched a military operation against Iran, the Israeli government and military have yet to make an official statement.

On January 28, there was also an explosion in the north-west of Iran, at an oil production plant in the city of Azarshahr in the province of East Azerbaijan.
イランがドローンを使って攻撃されたと、同国国防省が日曜日に発表した。1機は防空システムによって停止され、残りの2機は "防御の罠にはまり爆発した "という。

"この失敗した攻撃は、人命の損失を引き起こさず、ワークショップの屋根に小さな損傷を与えた "と同省は国営メディア、IRNAが引用した声明の中で述べています。






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Urgent health warning issued in Australia
Radioactive material, capable of causing acute sickness, has been lost in the west of the country
Authorities in Western Australia (WA) issued an emergency health alert on Friday, warning about a capsule emitting a "reasonable" amount of radiation that has been lost in the area. The WA chief health officer, Andy Robertson, urged people to stay away from the object if they find it.

"As a source, it emits both beta rays and gamma rays. So if you have contact or have it close to you, you could either end up with skin damage, including skin burns, over a period of time," Robertson said, adding that "one of the long-term risks if exposed to a source like this is cancer."

The capsule in question is a tiny object six millimeters long and eight millimeters high, or smaller than Australia’s ten-cent coin. It is believed to have fallen from a truck traveling on a 1,400-kilometer-long highway between a mine near the city of Newman and a depot in south-western city of Perth.
Australia defies health advice on Covid tests for Chinese arrivals
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Australia defies health advice on Covid tests for Chinese arrivals

The capsule, which was reportedly lost on January 10, emits an amount of radiation equivalent to ten X-rays in an hour within a distance of 1 meter. That is roughly the amount of natural radiation a person is exposed to over the course of a year.

Authorities are urging all motorists who traveled along the highway after January 10 to check their tires in case the capsule is lodged in a tread. Australia’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) said that the item cannot be weaponized, but recommended people to stay at least five meters away from anything that resembles the capsule and to immediately contact them.

"The capsule remains unfound," DFES Country North chief superintendent David Gill said on Friday, adding that searching for such a tiny object in an area spanning over 1,400 kilometers does pose "challenges."

"線源として、それはベータ線とガンマ線の両方を放射しています。そのため、もし接触したり、近くに置いたりすれば、一定期間内に皮膚の火傷を含む皮膚の損傷を受ける可能性があります "とロバートソンは言い、"このような線源にさらされた場合の長期的リスクの1つは癌です "と付け加えました。




DFES Country Northの主任監督官であるDavid Gill氏は金曜日に、「カプセルはまだ見つかっていない」と述べ、1,400キロメートル以上の地域でこのような小さな物体を探すことは「挑戦」をもたらすと付け加えた。
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German FM under fire for ‘war with Russia’ comment
Opposition politicians say Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock is unfit for her job
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has faced waves of criticism after saying at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) that Germany is at war with Russia. The comment led opposition politicians to question whether she is fit for the job.

“A statement by Baerbock that Germany is at war with Russia shows that she is not suited for her job,” MP Sahra Wagenknecht, the former head of the Left Party in the Bundestag, tweeted on Friday. A foreign minister should be a “top diplomat” and “not act like an elephant in a China shop,” she added, accusing Baerbock of “trampling” on Germany’s reputation.

During the debate on Tuesday, Baerbock said European nations are “fighting a war against Russia” and must do more to defend Ukraine.

Germany needs a foreign minister who is capable of acting “as a responsible diplomat and not a firebrand” amid the conflict in Europe, said Alice Weidel, the co-chair of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the Bundestag, adding that a foreign minister should represent Germany’s interests exclusively.

Gerhard Papke, a regional lawmaker from North Rhine-Westphalia and president of the German-Hungarian Association, accused Baerbock of being “completely politically insane” for making the statement.

Left MP Selim Dagdelen demanded that Chancellor Olaf Scholz provide an “immediate” explanation on whether Baerbock has his government’s mandate “for her declaration of war.” He added that the minister is a threat to the security of the German people.

Neither Baerbock nor Scholz have responded to the criticism so far. The Foreign Ministry stated that Berlin is not a party to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, in a statement to the tabloid Bild.

“Supporting Ukraine in exercising its individual right to self-defense… does not make Germany a party to the conflict,” it said, pointing to the UN Charter. The Foreign Ministry added that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is “a war against the European peace and order,” and that this is what Baerbock meant.

Moscow said that Baerbock’s words only show that the West has been planning this conflict for years.









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Moscow expels Baltic country ambassador
Latvia’s hostile actions have “largely destroyed” bilateral ties, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said
The Russian Foreign Ministry has given Latvia’s ambassador, Maris Riekstins, two weeks to leave the country. The Latvian charge d’affaires in Moscow, Dacija Rutka, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Friday, where she was served with a “strong protest” and informed of the decision.

Riga said on Monday it was downgrading the level of diplomatic ties, citing Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and “solidarity” with neighboring Estonia. Moscow and Tallinn are also mutually expelling ambassadors.

“We have stressed that the justification of this move by some kind of ‘solidarity’ with other Baltic countries is unacceptable,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“They have ‘solidarity’ only in one thing: total Russophobia and the willingness to initiate hostile steps towards Russia that are being encouraged by the US and other unfriendly countries.”

The ministry added that the relations between Moscow and Riga have already been “largely destroyed” by Latvia’s crackdown on Russian-language media and “criminal prosecution of our compatriots.”

This month, Latvian police arrested Marat Kasem, Editor-in-Chief of Spuntik Lithuania and a Latvian national, on suspicion of violating sanctions against Moscow. Russian officials dismissed the accusations against Kasem as “far-fetched” and “absurd.”
ロシア外務省は、ラトビアのマリス・リークスティンス大使に対し、2週間の国外退去を命じた。モスクワのラトビア担当官Dacija Rutkaは金曜日に外務省に呼び出され、「強い抗議」を受けるとともに、この決定を知らされた。




同省は、ラトビアがロシア語メディアを弾圧し、"同胞を犯罪者として起訴 "したことにより、モスクワとリガの関係はすでに「大きく破壊」されたと付け加えた。

今月、ラトビア警察は『スプンティック・リトアニア』の編集長でラトビア人のマラト・カセム氏を対モスクワ制裁違反の疑いで逮捕した。ロシア当局は、カセム氏に対する非難を "突飛 "で "不条理 "なものとして却下している。

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・・・私の見知らぬ土地の徘徊は、ドーパミンの分泌に効果があるんですね。今、自分の生活で楽しいこと、目新しいことがないので、わくわくすることもない。何かワクワクすることを探さなくては。やっはりあれか? 情事は安上がりで手近でわくわく感が得られますね。配偶者がボケないようにするには、浮気に少し寛容なほうが良い?













1/29と1/30には市役所へ書類提出。1/31から税金関係の頼まれ仕事をやっていますが、新しいWIN 11は使いにくい。もう下請け仕事は今年でおしまいです。



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MARIUPOL IN PHOTOS: How the battle-scarred city has changed after eight months under Russian control
These images were taken half a year apart, in summer and in winter, and show efforts to restore the Azov sea pearl 写真で見るマリウポリ:ロシアの支配下に置かれた8ヵ月後、戦禍にさらされた街はどう変わったか。
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ロシアはガスパイプラインを爆破していない - Nord Streamのボス

Russia didn't blow up gas pipeline – Nord Stream boss
Moscow was not behind the undersea "sabotage" in September 2022, Matthias Warnig believes
Russia is unlikely to be behind an attack last September on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, according to Matthias Warnig, the head of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG – two Swiss-based companies operating the undersea Russian gas pipelines. Warnig, who is said to have long-standing personal ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, spoke to German newspaper Die Zeit recently.

"The Russians? No," he responded, when asked about Moscow’s potential complicity in the incident that left both Nord Stream 1 strings and one Nord Stream 2 string severely damaged. Die Zeit published a lengthy profile interview on Wednesday, detailing Warnig’s relations with Putin and his work for companies affiliated with Russia.

Warnig, who has been the managing director of the Nord Stream AG company since it was founded in 2006, provided no definitive answer to a question on who might be behind the incident. When asked whether London might have been behind it, he called it "speculation" and suggested that the journalist "think about it."

The Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, built to deliver increased amounts of gas to EU markets, notably Germany, were damaged in a series of underwater explosions on September 26, 2022. The pipelines, except for one Nord Stream 2 string, were rendered inoperable and are in need of repairs.

The incident took place off the island of Bornholm, within the economic zones of Denmark and Sweden. Sweden, Denmark, and Germany launched a probe into the incident but refused to share the results with Russia. Specialists from the Russian energy giant Gazprom were only allowed to investigate the blast site once, in late October.

Western officials were quick to blame Russia for the incident. Moscow blasted the alleged sabotage attack as an "act of terrorism" and pointed the finger at Washington. No official probe results have been presented, and no suspects have been named so far.
ロシアはガスパイプラインを爆破していない - Nord Streamのボス
2022年9月の海底「破壊工作」の背後にモスクワはいなかったとMatthias Warnigは考えている。
ロシアの海底ガスパイプラインを運営するスイスの企業、Nord Stream AGとNord Stream 2 AGのトップ、マティアス・ワーニヒ氏によると、昨年9月に起きたNord Streamガスパイプラインへの攻撃はロシアが背後にいる可能性は低いという。ロシアのウラジーミル・プーチン大統領と長年の個人的なつながりがあるとされるワーニッヒは、最近ドイツの新聞Die Zeitの取材に応じた。

Nord Stream 1 のストリングと Nord Stream 2 のストリングの両方に深刻な損傷を与えた事件にモスクワが加担した可能性について尋ねられたとき、彼は「ロシア人ですか? いいえ」と答えました。 Die Zeit は水曜日に、Warnig のプーチンとの関係と、ロシア関連企業での彼の仕事について詳述した長いプロフィール インタビューを公開した。

2006年の設立以来、ノルドストリームAG社の代表取締役を務めるワーニッヒ氏は、事件の背後に誰がいるのかという質問に対して、明確な答えを出さなかった。ロンドンが背後にいるのではないかという質問には、"憶測 "とし、記者に "考える "ことを示唆した。

2022年9月26日、ドイツを中心とするEU市場に増量したガスを供給するために建設されたパイプライン「ノルドストリーム1」と「ノルドストリーム2」が、一連の水中爆発で損傷した。Nord Stream 2の1ストリングを除くパイプラインは稼働不能となり、修理が必要な状態となっています。



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Zelensky calls Putin a ‘nobody’
Ukrainian leader declared that direct negotiations with Russian leader are “not interesting” to him
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has dismissed his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, as a “nobody” who is not worth talking with. The Ukrainian leader had previously claimed that Putin may not be alive at all.

The head of government in Kiev made the remarks in an interview with Sky News, recorded on Wednesday. Journalist Kay Burley asked Zelensky what would happen if he was “in a room alone with President Putin” and whether it would help resolve the conflict with Russia.

After a long pause Zelensky replied: “It’s not interesting for me. Not interesting to meet. Not interesting to speak.”

He claimed that Putin was not trustworthy, adding: “I really don’t understand who makes decisions in Russia.”

“Is it too late now?” Burley asked.

“Too late? Not interesting,” Zelensky replied. “Who is he now? After full-scale invasion, for me he is nobody! Nobody!”

When asked about the remarks on Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said they didn’t warrant a response. Zekensky was elected on a platform of peace, but failed to deliver, the Russian official said.

“He didn’t implement the Minsk Agreements. Moreover, it turned out he had no intention to implement them. He was preparing for war,” Peskov assessed, referring to the 2014-2015 peace roadmap for Donbass.

In the same interview, Zelensky acknowledged Russian military advances, which he attributed to a purported indifference to losses by Moscow, and thanked the US and its allies for pledging to supply main battle tanks to Kiev.

The Ukrainian president has previously claimed that he rejected direct contacts with Putin because he was “not certain that the president of Russia, who makes occasional appearances on TV … is actually [Putin].”

“I absolutely do not know whether he is alive, whether he takes decisions or someone else does,” Zelensky stated last week, during an event on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, which he attended virtually.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said this month that seeking talks with Zelensky made no sense because the Ukrainian president was not the person determining his nation’s foreign policy.

The diplomat cited as evidence Kiev’s withdrawal from peace talks, which happened last April, shortly after Moscow accepted in principle Ukraine’s proposal for a truce. The draft document reportedly included among its terms Ukraine’s neutrality and pledge not to host foreign military forces. Western nations “yanked Kiev’s chain and said ‘too early’,” Lavrov remarked.


キエフの政府首脳は、水曜日に収録されたSky Newsとのインタビューでこの発言を行った。ジャーナリストのケイ・バーリーは、ゼレンスキーに「プーチン大統領と二人きりの部屋にいたら」どうなるか、それはロシアとの紛争解決につながるか、と尋ねた。



"もう手遅れなのか?" とバーリーは尋ねた。

「遅すぎる?おもしろくない」とゼレンスキーは答えた。「今、彼は誰なんだ?全面的な侵略の後では、私にとって彼は誰でもない! 誰もいない!"





"彼が生きているのか、彼が決定を下すのか、それとも他の誰かが下すのか、私には絶対に分からない "と、ゼレンスキーは先週、事実上参加したダボスでの世界経済フォーラムの傍らのイベントで述べている。



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速報: ロシア国防省は本日、ウクライナのロシア軍がエイブラムス M1 戦車 200 両、レパード 150 両、HIMARS 15 両、スウェーデンの潜水艦 4 隻、イギリス海軍の空母 2 隻、NATO 蚊訓練センターを破壊したと発表しました。

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もう一つのウクライナがある 追放された野党指導者

‘There is another Ukraine’ – exiled opposition leader to RT
Vladimir Zelensky is carrying out the West's plan of conflict with Russia, says Viktor Medvedchuk

Kiev has accused Medvedchuk of treason and of secretly obtaining Russian citizenship. He rejects both claims as false, saying the “falsified charges” related to his legitimate mediation on behalf of the Ukrainian government with the breakaway Donbass regions and Moscow in 2014-15. About 1,500 Ukrainian POWs came home as a result of his efforts, he noted.

“I remain a citizen of Ukraine,” Medvedchuk insisted, adding that Zelensky had no right to revoke his passport, a move he dismissed as “completely reckless and I would say insane.” If he wanted to get a Russian passport or move to Russia, the politician said, he would have done so years ago. “But I did not leave. And I did not surrender.”

“Zelensky is the kind of man who thinks mainly about PR when it comes to any affairs of state,” Medvedchuk said. “This government tries to hide reality from the people and disguise its actions, which are not in the interest of Ukraine or the Ukrainian people.”

It is Britain that controls Zelensky and Kiev, much more than the US, Medvedchuk claimed, adding that London spearheads the push by the collective West to make Ukraine a springboard against Russia.

The goal of the West is to “stir up some kind of confrontation within Russia, processes that can weaken the Russian leadership,” which is what Zelensky is trying to do, Medvedchuk told RT. However, “it is clear that Ukraine cannot defeat Russia, due to well-known factual circumstances.”




西側諸国の目標は、「ロシア国内で何らかの対立を引き起こし、ロシアの指導者を弱体化させること」であり、それはゼレンスキー氏がやろうとしていることだと、メドベチュク氏はRTに語った。しかし、"よく知られている事実上の状況により、ウクライナがロシアに勝てないことは明らかだ "という。

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「中国は、2015 年から 2020 年までの年間約 1,600 万トンから、わずか 2 年で長期契約による購入規模を 3 倍に増やしました…」
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