米国人傭兵の死は、ウクライナの「国際軍団」での奉仕活動の暗い現実を露呈している %読み応えあり%

The death of a US mercenary exposes the bleak reality of service with Ukraine’s 'International Legion'
Grim accounts from surviving volunteers are forgotten as Western media favors fantasy narratives about Ukrainian heroism and success
It’s been confirmed that Trent Davis, a 21-year-old US citizen who travelled to Ukraine to fight in the International Legion, has been killed in combat. The tenth American known to have met their end in the conflict, his premature death highlights the enormous dangers facing foreigners joining Kiev’s fight.

Davis was an army veteran, having enlisted at just 17. However, he had no actual combat experience, having served as a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defense specialist, before leaving in December 2021.

He reportedly travelled to Ukraine in March to join the Georgian Legion, a unit so notorious for executing Russian prisoners of war that even the Western media has been forced to acknowledge its savagery. The foreign mercenaries, however, considered Davis incompetent and insufficiently experienced to take part in hostilities, so he was sent home two months later.

Davis returned in October, and two weeks later was overjoyed to inform his mother that he had signed a contract and was now officially part of the International Legion, created on 26 February by Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky to attract foreign fighters.

“Anyone who wants to join the defense of Ukraine, Europe and the world can come and fight side by side with the Ukrainians,” Zelensky said in a statement at the time, in which he eased visa restrictions to facilitate their arrival.

Davis told his mother he would soon be heading out to fight in a counteroffensive in the south of Ukraine. His mother and father never heard from their son again. On 8 November, he was killed on his very first mission, as Ukrainian forces attempted to recapture Kherson. 

The details of how Davis died are murky, although the greatest mystery of all is why he was hired by the International Legion in the first place, let alone sent to the front line on his very first outing. Officially at least, combat experience – which he of course lacked – and a “belief in freedom and democracy” are the basic requirements for enlistment in the unit.

When contacted by the Military Times, the International Legion declined to comment on why Davis was sent to the front, only remarking that “recruiting decisions are made by officers in western Ukraine,” and amazingly alleging: “no commander takes on inexperienced soldiers who did not have the appropriate training and skills.”

Clearly, a commander did in respect of Davis. And there is no reason to believe he is in any way unique.

Tales from another side

While mainstream outlets have completely ignored the corruption, brutality, and abuses that are a daily staple of life on the front line with the International Legion, foreigners who fought with them aren’t silent about the horrors they witnessed first-hand, and have openly discussed their experiences in YouTube interviews and via other mediums.

Take, for example, a former US marine who fought with the International Legion, who has revealed that Ukrainian commanders don’t have radios, artillery cover or extraction teams for wounded soldiers, and testified to a thriving black market for Western weapons, such as anti-tank missiles.

He reported that these weapons would be collected in unmarked vans and ferried away to places unknown. In public, Western officials deny that any arms sent to Kiev have ended up on the black market, but the ex-marine claims US officials he encountered acknowledged that “low-level” corruption was endemic. It has, moreover, been confirmed that at least some of this arsenal is circulating in Europe.

The corruption he encountered took other forms. Foreign soldiers of fortune were offered financial inducements for destroying Russian vehicles and aircraft, which led to them fighting over rewards – pointlessly as it happened, given the reward money “often” wasn't paid at all.

Another former International Legion fighter echoed much of the ex-marine’s reports, alleging that NATO anti-aircraft guns constantly disappeared from his unit’s armory within days of arrival, but the Ukrainian Security Service, despite knowing about this, did nothing. Commanders who were reported to superiors for their complicity in this criminal activity also went unpunished.

“Volunteers don't trust Ukrainian authorities because of how corrupted they are. For so many people war is profitable... It's hard to find reliable sources where your supplies and equipment can reach the right people,” the former fighter said. “They keep stealing left and right. The problem in Ukraine is that it's in their culture... Looks like they steal from all levels.”

Complicating the International Legion’s battle even further, in the south and east of Ukraine its fighters frequently encounter significant hostility towards them and Ukrainian soldiers from the local population, who provide information to Russian forces leading to their ambush and capture, if not destruction.

“The problem with Donetsk is that it is highly pro-Russian... there is a really serious issue with so many pro-Russian civilians,” one foreign fighter has said. “For me it's hard to say how [Ukraine] can conduct the fight against all those ‘spies’ if you can call them that.”

One way Ukrainian forces fight against “spies” – alleged “collaborators” – is summary torture and execution. Shockingly, such bloodsoaked cleanup operations have been outright praised by the Western media, and hailed as symbols of Kiev’s “liberation” of territory. Anyone who helps Russian forces in any way can be considered a “collaborator”, but some – such as teachers – get off lighter, with harsh prison sentences.

It’s not merely citizens caught up in the conflict who need to be careful about who they assist. An Australian who joined the International Legion has claimed that Ukrainian commanders often sent foreign fighters to the most dangerous battles, with death almost guaranteed, using them as courageous war propaganda poster boys. 

In some disturbing instances, if senior officials didn’t like a particular fighter, or group of fighters, they would even deliberately dispatch them on literal suicide missions. Once, the Australian mercenary said, a group of foreign recruits was ordered to walk across a minefield, without them knowing about the explosive devices lurking under the soil.


These are of course the assorted words of the International Legion volunteers who made it back – total fatality numbers are not known. In keeping with the Western media’s wider failure to seriously report on the reality on the ground, in favor of fantasy narratives about Ukrainian heroism and success, their cautions have fallen on deaf ears.

As the Russian winter offensive begins, this oath of silence may not be able to endure much longer. While Ukraine keeps its casualty figures a closely guarded state secret, Western officials have quietly admitted that at least 100,000 have lost their lives to date. There are surely many more Trent Davises in the ranks of the International Legion – and while dead men tell no tales, their families do.

By Felix Livshitz


デイヴィスは、わずか17歳で入隊した陸軍のベテランだった。 しかし、2021年12月に退役するまでは、化学、生物、放射線、核(CBRN)の防衛専門家として勤務しており、実際の戦闘経験はなかった。






ミリタリー・タイムズの取材に対し、国際軍団はデービスが前線に送られた理由についてのコメントを避け、「募集の決定はウクライナ西部の将校が行う」とだけ述べ、驚くべきことに次のように主張した。"適切な訓練と技能を持たない未熟な兵士を引き受ける指揮官はいない "と。









「ドネツクの問題は、親ロシア派が多いことだ。親ロシア派の市民が多いことは、本当に深刻な問題だ」と、ある外国人戦闘員は言っている。ある外国人戦闘員は、「ウクライナはどうやって "スパイ "と呼ばれる人たちと戦っているのか、私にはわからない」と語っている。



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中国の反ロックダウン運動 西側の二重基準がからかわれている

Chinese anti-lockdown protesters earn the praise that eluded their Western peers
Establishment politicians and media outlets have praised the ‘freedom-loving’ Chinese, after demonizing those who spoke out against their own lockdowns
“It’s really important that citizens be able to make themselves heard, that they are protesting on a specific issue that touches on so many others – of government control of authoritarian states – we, of course, stand with those protesters,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week in response to the ongoing protests in China against the government’s zero-Covid policy. 

Where was Trudeau’s support when those of us living in France back in March 2020 were ordered into our homes for over two months under the threat of hefty fines, and allowed only to go out with a personal-trip certificate that entitled the bearer to leave home for one of a few select reasons?

Either you were performing a professional activity that couldn’t be done remotely, going to a grocery store (where lineups outside were mandated to ensure social distancing inside), going to the doctor, or attending to an urgent family matter. You could also go out for one hour of individual exercise, once a day, but it had to be within one kilometer of your home.

Trudeau and his fellow Western leaders adopted their own zero-Covid measures by various degrees. Not one of them denounced the others as authoritarian for effectively placing people under house arrest and depriving them of their freedom to move, assemble, protest, work, and make decisions about their own health and well-being without involving the state. 

Trudeau himself went as far as invoking the Emergencies Act against anti-mandate ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters and their supporters, who demanded equal treatment and access to work and travel for both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, treating them like terrorists and ordering bank accounts blocked. 

Now that the protesters fighting against Covid-related crackdowns are in China, the Western establishment sympathizes with them in a way that they could never bring themselves to do with their own citizens. “At the heart of China's protests against zero-Covid, young people cry for freedom,” wrote CNN this week. But back in March 2020, while reporting that France was going into a lockdown in which “all non-essential outings are outlawed and can draw a fine,” CNN just reported matter-of-factly that “France goes into lockdown after Macron promises to protect businesses.” Earlier this year, CNN reported that “Europe’s loud, rule-breaking unvaccinated minority are falling out of society.” Suddenly, those loud folks crying for freedom from their government’s heavy-handed Covid policies are just a bunch of hooligans. 

The UK’s Daily Mail recently referred to China’s “Covid revolution,” but when an estimated 10,000 protesters took to the streets of London in August of 2020 to demonstrate against lockdowns and mandates, the newspaper dismissed them as “conspiracy theorists.” 

Sky News has said of the uprising in China that “after living with extreme restrictions for months, many citizens have had enough.” However, in September 2020, the same news outlet qualified British protesters as anti-lockdown conspiracist nutjobs and hoaxers. 

German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle referred to the Chinese uprising as an “extraordinary moment in China” that’s “spreading further,” but last December, the same outlet described protests at home against German government restrictions as “illegal” and said that they were becoming “more militant.” 

On French television earlier this week, I heard a commentator say that the Chinese government sought to displace the blame for the uprising onto Western foreign interference, of which he was totally dismissive. But where were these same experts to denounce Canadian officials when they were delegitimizing protesters’ concerns by speculating that they could simply be the useful tools of meddling American populists? But when the government suggesting foreign interference is China, that idea is dismissed out of hand. 

Western press reports have also zeroed in on arrests and beatings of Chinese protesters by the authorities.  Where was their criticism of the reported loss of at least 24 eyes and five hands during police crackdowns on French protesters in recent years in response to overreaching government policies? 

This week, European Council President Charles Michel flew to Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping as Europe seeks to develop trade relations in an economically fragile and precarious time for the bloc amid an energy crunch and inflation that threaten its deindustrialization. European officials had said that they wanted him to confront the Chinese leader on his Covid measures, according to Politico. Where exactly is he going to find the moral authority to do that? Last year, Michel was calling on Europe to fight against citizen resistance to jab mandates. 

When their own fellow citizens are standing up to rapidly growing government oppression, the Western establishment is all too quick to denounce them while defending the loss of fundamental rights enacted by self-described democracies that have been behaving like anything but. But when the same phenomenon is unfolding in China – well, you can’t stop the spread of freedom, right? 

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ラブロフ外相の記者会見 記者との質疑応答

Nuclear war risks, Pope’s ‘unchristian’ remarks, and ‘lies’ about Ukraine talks: Key points from Lavrov’s press conference
The Russian foreign minister covered a wide range of topics during a question and answer session with journalists
The US is pursuing geostrategic goals without regard for the risk of nuclear escalation amid the ongoing Ukraine conflict, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday during a press conference. Moscow is nonetheless ready for dialogue with Washington or any other party that wishes to engage, he added.

Lavrov also explained Russia’s choice of strike targets in Ukraine, and touched on controversial recent comments by the Pope.

Here’s a recap of the main points from Lavrov’s video-link press conference.

Peace talks ‘lies’ 
People are lying when they claim that Russia is offering to negotiate with Ukraine in bad faith and is only interested in buying time for its military to regroup, the foreign minister stated.

“We never asked for any negotiations. But we always stated that if somebody has an interest in a negotiated settlement, we are ready to listen,” he said, pointing to talks in Istanbul in late March as an example.

He accused the US of pushing Kiev towards continued military confrontation and derailing the peace process. Washington is seeking to weaken Russia and profit from arms sales, he claimed.

US subjugation of European security 
Moscow doesn’t need “the kind of security” architecture that Western countries are trying to build without Russia and Belarus, Lavrov said. “European security now boils down to being fully submissive to the US,” he added.







Just a few years ago, France and Germany sought independence from American military protection, Lavrov recalled. But the US is determined to make NATO indispensable, and wants to pit other European nations against Russia, he claimed. If they choose to change this direction, Moscow would be willing to discuss better alternatives, the foreign minister said.

Strike targets in Ukraine and US, NATO role in the conflict 
Western nations should not claim that they’re not participants in the Ukraine war, considering everything they’ve done for Kiev, Lavrov said, as he explained the Russian military’s choice of strike targets in the country. 

“We are taking out infrastructure objects, which allow you to pump lethal weapons into Ukraine so that they can kill Russians. So don’t say that the US and NATO are not part of this war. You are participating in it directly,” he insisted.

In addition to sending arms, NATO members are training Ukrainian troops both on their soil and on the ground, the minister added. There is “a large number of mercenaries” involved, open intelligence sharing while “an overwhelming number of targets” attacked by Kiev “are picked by Western masters of this [sic] regime,” he stated.




Risks of nuclear war 
Russia believes that any armed conflict between nuclear states should be avoided and urges other states to adopt the same stance, Lavrov said.

“Even if somebody plans to start a war with conventional weapons, the risk of it sliding into a nuclear war would be immense,” he explained. He added that this made Western claims that Russia could use weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine particularly concerning.

‘Unchristian’ remarks from the Vatican
Lavrov criticized Pope Francis for making a controversial statement about Buryats and Chechens, two of the many ethnic groups in Russia, who serve in the Russian Armed Forces, and take part in the special military operation in Ukraine.

The pontiff’s claim that they were particularly prone to brutality on the battlefield was, Lavrov said, “strange” and “unchristian,” and “certainly didn’t help the cause [of peace in Ukraine] and the reputation of the Holy See.”

 Open doors for talks 
Moscow will not reject any contact with any party that seeks to engage, but does not expect fruitful talks to happen with Western nations at this time, Lavrov said.

“Anyone asking for a phone conversation gets one, the president speaks to them with no time constraints. But we don’t hear any meaningful ideas,” he said.

The West’s policy of not discussing “Ukraine without Ukraine” is “at least naive” and obviously flawed, Lavrov added, since ignoring the Ukraine conflict when discussing global stability is impossible. After all, the US has declared the defeat of Russia, a major player in global security, as its goal in Ukraine, he remarked.








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to produce ONE Tesla battery




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彼: 「私は病気です。ひどいもんだよ。めまいがするんだ。先週はキッチンで気分が悪くなり、30分ほどそこにいました。もう1ヶ月になります。仕事ができません。上も下も見れない。何日も吐き気がしていたのに 今度はこれだ。"
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FBI がソーシャル メディア企業と協力して言論を検閲する上で大きな役割

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**更新情報** 肉を食べる致命的な溶連菌で、これまでに少なくとも6人の子供が死亡している。サリー州のある感染した学校の保護者は、この感染で入院した子供たちもStrep Aに感染しており、検査の結果、彼らもCOVIDを持っていることが明らかになった。

子供たちは、症状だけに基づいて Strep A を持っていると GP によって診断され、学校で大規模なアウトブレイクが発生しているという事実: 彼らが Strep A を持っていることを確認するための検査は完了していません: 親のパートナーも症状が出ています.. .
...そしてGPにも行ったことがあります:Strep Aを診断し、抗生物質を投与しました:しかし、彼らは感染がStrep AよりもCovidに似ていると感じました:しかし、RATのテストは陰性のままでした...
注:GPはgeneral practitioner、一般開業医。RATは抗原検査


Covid は免疫系に損傷を与えます: これは私たち全員が今では知っています: しかし、急性の重複感染の可能性を見落としていました: Covid は免疫系を抑制するため、他の重複感染をより深刻にすることになります.

私の娘は、過去 4 か月間で猩紅熱を 2 回、膿痂疹を 1 回起こしました。ここで何か奇妙なことが起こっているように感じます。・・・Glasgowの方のようです。

注:scarlet fever しょう紅熱、impetigo 膿痂疹、とびひ

猩紅熱 → 急性咽頭炎に引き続き12から48時間後に、全身に赤い細かい点状の発疹が密生して出現し、「日焼け」した皮膚の様になります。 そして強いかゆみを伴います。 これを「猩紅熱」と言いますが、溶連菌が毒素を出すための症状です。
溶連菌感染症について | 太陽クリニック|東京都日野市の豊田 ...


Six children die with Strep A bacterial infection BBC





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イスラエルはterror state こんなことを許していてはいけない 2

Palestinian militants say 100 rockets launched at Israel (VIDEOS)
Israel’s Iron Dome intercepted many, as IDF jets pounded Gaza
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) said on Friday that it had launched more than 100 rockets at Israel, warning that a wider offensive would follow. The assault was launched in response to an Israeli military operation that killed one of the PIJ’s most senior commanders and continued to rock Gaza overnight.

Israeli jets struck an apartment building in Gaza earlier on Friday, eliminating PIJ commander Taysir al-Jabari. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) also targeted an additional 10-20 PIJ operatives with missiles and artillery, in a dramatic offensive it named ‘Operation Breaking Dawn’.

The PIJ immediately threatened to strike Tel Aviv with missiles in response, and within hours of al-Jabari’s death, air raid sirens could be heard across southern Israel. Video footage shot by RT Arabic correspondent Dalia Nammari showed some of these projectiles passing overhead near the Israel-Gaza border, with some intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense batteries.



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Case study of one family caught in the Strep outbreak on

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This is Australia, not Iran

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友人の子供がひどい嘔吐と下痢で病院に運ばれた。多数の-ve RATがある。医師が検査し、Covidを確認したところ、同じ症状で多くの子供が来院しており、新型と推定されるとのことでした。このことを公にしないよう指示されたとのこと。このため、多くの「ミステリー・ウイルス」の嘘がある。
SAL Connacht (@mayodweller)氏はアイルランド居住です。
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