NATOの同盟国、核紛争に巻き込まれる - The Times

NATO allies embroiled in nuclear dispute – The Times
Belgium has reportedly refused to supply the UK with a crucial component needed to maintain its nuclear arsenal
A rift has emerged between Britain and Belgium after Brussels blocked the export of a component critical for maintaining the UK’s nuclear arsenal, The Times reported on Friday. In response, the UK has reportedly threatened to cancel a lucrative arms order with FN Herstal, a Belgian-based weapons company.

Two weeks ago, the Belgian government refused to authorize the export of a specialized isostatic press, which is needed to maintain British nukes because the greens, who oppose nuclear weapons and make up a part of the ruling coalition, vetoed the proposal, the report says.

The Belgian media also reported, citing sources, that on November 9, the government had failed to approve the export of nuclear technology intended for the British army.

According to the Times, the spat escalated when Belgian officials warned that the UK could put the brakes on a €600 million ($624 million) order to procure machineguns made by FN Herstal if Brussels did not change its mind.

Two senior sources in the Belgian government cited by the Times voiced concerns that the dispute could “endanger western unity and NATO” amid the Ukraine conflict.


英国の核兵器を維持するために重要な部品の輸出をブリュッセルが阻止したことで、英国とベルギーの間に亀裂が生じていると、金曜日にタイムズ紙が報じました。これに対して英国は、ベルギーの兵器会社であるFN Herstal社への有利な兵器発注を取り消すと脅していると伝えられている。



タイムズ紙によると、ベルギー政府関係者が、ブリュッセルの考えが変わらなければ、英国は6億ユーロ(約6億2400万円)のFN Herstal社製機関銃の調達命令にブレーキをかけることができると警告したことから、口論がエスカレートしたとのこと。

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Kremlin comments on rumor about imminent Putin speech
Media speculation that the president will soon declare full national mobilization is unfounded, the spoke


一部のメディアは、プーチンが "センセーショナル "な演説を準備しており、その中で "軍事予備軍だけでなく社会全体と国民経済の動員 "と "動員の邪魔をする者の政府機関からの粛清 "を宣言すると推測している。この予測は、今月初めにツァルグラードTVが行ったものである。今週、ニュースサイトが記事の要約を掲載した後、ペスコフがこの噂について質問された。



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Russia outlines stance on talks with US
High-level negotiations are not on the cards, but the countries do communicate via diplomatic channels, a senior official said
Russia has no plans to engage in high-level talks with the US, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has said on Thursday. He added, however, that diplomats from both nations maintain contact via established channels.

“There have been no plans for such a contact, and we are not planning any high-level contacts at the moment,” Ryabkov said during a briefing. He said communication between Moscow and Washington is carried out “through telephone conversations involving relevant senior officials,” but not at presidential level.

“We are having dialogue through the usual diplomatic channels,” he explained.

Ryabkov’s comments echo remarks last week by Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, who said a summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden is not being discussed at present.

Last month, however, Peskov indicated that the two leaders could meet if the US were willing to address Moscow’s security concerns. The spokesman referred particularly to draft documents on security guarantees that Moscow submitted to both Brussels and Washington before the Ukraine conflict broke out in late February. At the time, Moscow demanded that the West ban Ukraine from entering NATO, and insisted that the alliance retreat to its 1997 borders. The initiative, however, was rebuffed.

While Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not holding any talks with the US over Ukraine, the two powers are negotiating over several other issues. Last week, Ryabkov revealed that Russia is holding back-channel talks with the US about a potential prisoner swap to secure the release of Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who was convicted on gun-running charges in 2012.

The diplomat also said Moscow and Washington were scheduled to discuss the landmark New Start agreement, which places limits on the two powers’ nuclear arsenals. Consultations on the matter are supposed to take place in Cairo, Egypt from November 29 to December 6.






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中国で感染者急増 強力ロックダウン導入か





China sets record for daily Covid-19 cases
Almost 31,500 people were diagnosed with the disease on Wednesday, according to official data
China on Wednesday registered its highest number of daily coronavirus infections since the start of the pandemic almost three years ago, official data has shown.

There were 31,444 new cases of the disease in the country on November 23, of which 3,927 were symptomatic and 27,517 asymptomatic, the National Health Bureau announced on Thursday.

The figures surpassed the previous 24-hour infection record, set on April 13, which amounted to 29,317 cases.

Beijing has been pursuing a strict zero-Covid policy since the first outbreak of the disease in the city of Wuhan in late 2019, with strict lockdowns and widespread testing, meaning the current number of infections is still low compared to many other countries.

The highest ever infection rate was recorded by the US – the nation worst hit by the pandemic – with 1.35 million new cases on a single day in January.

China relaxed some of the rules aimed at tackling the virus earlier in November, easing quarantine requirements for those entering the country and simplifying a system for designating high-risk areas.

However, rising caseloads in cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou prompted the authorities to tighten restrictions.

In the capital, people now require a negative PCR test result, less than 48 hours old, to be able to enter shopping malls, hotels, government buildings and other public areas. Schools in Beijing have also moved to online classes, according to the local authorities.








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ウクライナで停電の中 原発が停止

Europe’s largest nuclear plant loses power
The Zaporozhye power plant is relying on emergency diesel generators for safety, the IAEA said
The Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (ZNPP) in Energodar has again been disconnected from the external power grid and is relying on diesel generators for emergency power to maintain reactor safety, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported on Wednesday.

“The latest incident at the ZNPP highlights the increasingly precarious and challenging nuclear safety and security situation at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, coming just a few days after it was repeatedly shelled,” said IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi.

The ZNPP lost power at 3:30pm local time, according to the IAEA team on site. Currently, eight out of the 20 emergency generators are providing back-up electricity for the safety equipment. All six reactors are safe and stable, the UN nuclear watchdog added. Four are already in “cold shutdown” mode, while the two that have been in “hot shutdown” in order to provide Energodar with steam heating will be prepared for cooling down.

Russian troops have controlled the plant since February 28. In June, Ukrainian forces began launching drone and artillery attacks on the facility, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Kiev has denied the accusations and claimed Russia was bombing the plant in “false-flag” operations to make Ukraine look bad.

The attacks stopped after the IAEA left a team of observers on site, but resumed last weekend when over 30 projectiles struck the facility. Moscow has demanded the IAEA do its job and name the culprit, which Russian officials identified as Ukrainian artillery positioned in Marganets, across the Dnieper River. 







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Bosnian leader Milorad Dodik slams West

European leader accuses Biden of ‘provocation’
US President Joe Biden has reportedly congratulated Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik on a holiday his people boycott.
US President Joe Biden congratulated Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik on a holiday his people boycott. Arguing that only Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Muslim population celebrate Statehood Day, the Orthodox Christian Dodik accused Biden of attempting a “provocation.”

Speaking at a press conference in Belgrade, Dodik accused Biden of stoking division within Bosnia and Herzegovina by sending greetings to the country ahead of its Statehood Day on November 25. 

“I don't know what I would call it and all the employees of the US embassy know that November 25 is not a holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he said, according to local media. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina, often shortened to BiH, is made up of two entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Republika Srpska. The former is more than two-thirds Bosnian Muslim, with Croats accounting for 20% of the population and Serbs a minority at 2.5%. The latter is more than 82% Serbian.

Power in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is shared by a representative of each ethnic group, while Dodik was elected President of Republika Srpska earlier this month. 

Addressed to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s three leaders, Biden’s letter called on them to “put aside their differences and work to build a better future.” The letter also urged them to clamp down on corruption and align themselves with “the Euro-Atlantic community of nations,” N1, a Balkan news agency, reported.

Statehood Day marks the decision of the Bosnian National Anti-Fascist Council (ZAVNOBiH) in 1943 to declare BiH a future federal unit within the socialist Federation of Yugoslavia. It became the national holiday in modern BiH as laws carried over from the former federal state under the US-brokered Dayton Agreement, although Republika Srpska and Serbian leaders within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina never recognized the date.

“27 years since the end of the [1992-1995] war is enough time for the American representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina to learn this and finally inform their government and the service that deals with sending congratulations on behalf of the US president,” Dodik declared at Thursday’s press conference.





バイデン氏の書簡はボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナ連邦の3人の指導者に宛てられ、"相違点を脇に置き、より良い未来を築くために努力する "よう求めた。また、汚職を取り締まり、「欧州・大西洋諸国共同体」と連携するよう求めていると、バルカン半島の通信社N1が報じている。



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2022/10/31、朝10時20.6度 13時半22.1度


2022/11/2 8時半20.7度
ウクライナでは電気が止まっています。ガスはどうなっているのでしょう。都市的地域は地域集中暖房のはずですが、これも使えない? 毛布で寒さを防げますかね。


2022/11/5 8時半21.1度

2022/11/7 8時20.9度

2022/11/16 10時21.6度

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これは 100% ロシアと NATO の紛争だ

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ヒースロー空港からわずか数分のところにあるサリー州の小学校の子供が死亡し、もう 1 人は「一般的な細菌」の発生により深刻な状態にある: 子供と家族は大量に抗生物質を投与され、GP の手術は混沌としたスクランブルの中で封鎖された.

親達に送られた学校の手紙によると、サリー州アシュフォードのアシュフォード チャーチ オブ イングランド学校に通う 1 年生の子供が死亡し、2 年生のもう 1 人の子供が深刻な状態にあります。
注:UKHSA イギリス健康安全保障局

...非常に一般的で、致命的なことはめったにないバクテリア: さまざまな病気を引き起こす可能性があります: バクテリアが侵入すると、肉を食べて殺すことができます.

今年の 5 月に報告したように、サル痘の発生が始まったとき、オランダは数人の子供が連鎖球菌 A によって死亡したと主張していました。

...それは確かに、Strep A の通常の過程ではありません.ごくまれに、通常、非常にまれな極端なケースで、生命を脅かす肉食性バクテリアを引き起こします...

……致命的です。これは通常、非常にまれです。通常、小学校で致命的な発生が起こるとは考えられません。1 人の子供が死亡する可能性がありますが、別の子供を ICU に入れていますので、ここで別のことが起こっていることがわかります...
「ブーツの薬局は、今日、抗生物質を手に入れる人々で文字通り殺到しました。事故に関係のない人々、小中学校が保護者にファクト シートを送信しているのを GPS が認識していない...

・・・Chris Turnbull-Mastod氏は、サル痘の感染が広がっているのではないかと疑っています。現地はヒースロー空港から車で10分。



コビド。コビドによるものです。私は患者さんでそれを見たことがあります。子供たちは3種類の抗生物質をたくさん飲みましたが、黄色ブドウ球菌だけでした。根絶するのは非常に難しい。 私のキャリアでは見たことがありません。この患者さんたちは、一度コビドにかかったことがあります。ですから、再発した患者さんには悪い影響が出そうです。とても悲しいことです。


いや それさえもない。平凡な黄色ブドウ球菌だ。私のところに来る前に、ED小児科の病院に行ったんだ。根絶するのに2ヶ月近くかかりました。この子たちは元気で健康な子たちです。病気知らずです。Covidの後の免疫システムです。


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以前の 346 保護は BA.1.1 波よりも高かったので、日本には R346T 波がないと思いました。私は正しかったようです。


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Monika Ertl "the avenger of Che"

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9K330 トールは、ソビエト連邦が開発した中空〜低空域短距離防空ミサイル・システム
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EU waters down Russian oil price cap – Bloomberg
Brussels is expected to delay full implementation of the measure and weaken some provisions
EU leaders have reportedly softened proposed legislation on imposing a price cap on Russian oil exports. Full implementation of the policy will now be delayed, and key shipping provisions weakened, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing an internal document. 

EU ambassadors are set to meet on Wednesday, seeking to approve the measure after discussions with allies, two weeks before the price cap is scheduled to take effect.
Balenciaga says sorry for ad with little girls
Fashion brand accused of endorsing sexual abuse of children with bondage-themed photoshoot


火曜日に同社のInstagram Storiesで公開された声明では、物議を醸した広告をすべてのプラットフォームから取り下げたと述べている。

"私たちのクマのぬいぐるみバッグは、このキャンペーンで子供たちと一緒に紹介されるべきではなかった "と、それは読んだ。"我々はすぐにすべてのプラットフォームからキャンペーンを削除しました。"
EU has ‘no right’ to Ukraine fatigue – Kiev
Delays in sanctioning Russia are unacceptable, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said
The European Union must cast aside all doubts about new anti-Russia sanctions and double down on slapping Moscow with new restrictions that would curb its missile industry, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a regular briefing, Kuleba urged the EU to speed up the work on its ninth sanctions package, which he described as long overdue. “We are only hearing about an attempt to start serious work on its preparation. Such a situation is totally unacceptable,” the minister said.

In the same vein, he called on his EU colleagues “to put aside any doubts or, as it is fashionable to say, 'fatigue,' and to start to quickly complete the ninth sanctions package.” 


Germany wanted Ukraine to ‘fold’ to Russia – Johnson
Prior to the conflict, Berlin believed a long conflict would be a disaster, the former UK prime minister says
ドイツはウクライナがロシアに「折れる」ことを望んでいた - ジョンソン氏
Germany was initially in favor of Ukraine being quickly overrun by Russia rather than putting up a long fight, due to economic concerns, former British prime minister Boris Johnson claimed on Monday.

Speaking to CNN Portugal, Johnson noted that before Moscow launched its military operation in late February, several Western nations had “very different perspectives” on the brewing conflict.

According to the former prime minister, “the German view was at one stage that if it were going to happen, which would be a disaster, then it would be better for the whole thing to be over quickly, and for Ukraine to fold.” He added that this attitude was supported by “all sorts of sound economic reasons”. 

Johnson went on to say that the French leadership was “in denial right up until the last moment” on Russia’s plans to send troops into Ukraine, while the Italian authorities were “simply saying that they would be unable to support” the position embraced by other Western countries, given their “massive” dependence on Russian energy.



WHO to rename monkeypox – media
The viral disease will reportedly be called “MPOX” to avoid stigmatization, following US pressure
米国の圧力により、ウイルス性疾患は汚名を避けるため "MPOX "と呼ばれるようになると報じられている
US officials have claimed that the name monkeypox is hampering vaccination efforts, especially among people of color.

The virus was first identified in macaque monkeys in the late 1950s, giving the disease its name. The pathogen was linked to a human disease only in 1970 in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has historically remained endemic to Western and Central Africa.


‘Battlefield’ won’t decide Russia-Ukraine conflict – Türkiye
Fighting might last "for decades" without a negotiated solution, Mevlut Cavusoglu believes
Biden’s outgoing Covid chief offers final advice
Anthony Fauci urged people to get the latest Covid-19 vaccine in his last briefing from the White House
The US government’s chief Covid-19 adviser Anthony Fauci has for the last time urged US citizens to keep up with their vaccinations as he gave his final address from the White House before retiring next month.

“Please, for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated Covid-19 shot as soon as you’re eligible to protect yourself, your family and your community,” said Fauci.

Reflecting on his time in office, the former ‘Covid czar’ said he hoped he would be remembered as a dedicated public servant. “What I would like people to remember about what I’ve done is that every day for all of those years, I’ve given it everything that I have and I’ve never left anything on the field,” he told reporters.


前任の "Covid czar "は、任期を振り返って、献身的な公務員として記憶されることを望むと述べました。「私がしてきたことについて、人々に覚えていてもらいたいことは、この数年間、毎日、自分の持っているものをすべて出し、現場に何も残さなかったということです」と記者団に語った。

Serbia and Kosovo reach agreement – EU
Kosovo will “cease further actions” to abolish Serbian license plates, Brussels has announced
An agreement reached in Brussels on Wednesday may cool the tensions between Serbia and its breakaway province of Kosovo, as it appeared that the EU and the US managed to persuade the ethnic Albanian government in Pristina to drop its plan to force changes to Serbian license plates.

“We have a deal!” tweeted the EU foreign policy commissioner Josep Borrell, thanking the negotiators from Belgrade and Pristina for agreeing on “measures to avoid further escalation.” According to Borrell, Serbia will stop issuing plates for Kosovo cities, while Kosovo will “cease further actions related to re-registration of vehicles.”

Borrell added that this frees up Belgrade and Pristina to focus on “normalizing” their relations, saying more meetings will be held in the coming days. The EU has used the term to mean Serbia recognizing Kosovo as an independent state – which Belgrade has refused, but Brussels has officially named as precondition for joining the bloc.

The deal puts an end to Pristina’s threats to charge the local Serbs 150-euro fines for not having Kosovo license plates and documents, Serbian negotiator Petar Petkovic told the Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.
セルビアとコソボ、合意に達する - EU

EUのジョセフ・ボレル外交政策委員は、ベオグラードとプリシュティナの交渉担当者が「さらなるエスカレーションを避けるための措置」で合意したことに感謝し、「我々は取引をした!」とツイートした。ボレルによると、セルビアはコソボの都市へのナンバープレートの発行を停止し、コソボは "車両の再登録に関するさらなる行動を停止する "という。


セルビアの交渉担当者であるPetar Petkovic氏は、ベオグラードの日刊紙Vecernje Novostiに、「この合意によって、プリシュティナは、コソボのナンバープレートや書類を持っていないと、地元のセルビア人に150ユーロの罰金を課すという脅しに終止符を打つことになる」と述べた。
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Russian targets in Ukraine releated to military potential – Kremlin
Dmitry Peskov's assertion follows claims made to the UN Security Council from Kiev
ウクライナにおけるロシアの標的は軍事的潜在力に関連 - クレムリン
The Russian military does not target civilian infrastructure during its operation in Ukraine, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said, rejecting the accusations made by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

“There haven’t been any strikes on civilian sites before, and aren’t any now,” Peskov told reporters on Thursday, adding that Russian forces only hit “targets directly or indirectly related to [Ukraine’s] military potential.” 

Peskov’s comment came after Zelensky accused Moscow in his video address at the UN Security Council of “terrorizing” Ukraine by bombing civilian infrastructure in places like Vyshgorod, near Kiev, and causing blackouts across the country.

Vassily Nebenzia, Russia's permanent representative at the UN, said on Wednesday that Moscow was reacting to the “flooding of Ukraine with Western weapons and Kiev’s reckless calls for a military victory against Russia.” 

Nebenzia also insisted that recent civilian casualties in Vyshgorod and Kiev were caused by the work of the Ukrainian air defenses rather than Russian attacks.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported in its daily briefing that aircraft, warships, and ground troops struck Ukrainian command centers and energy infrastructure on Wednesday, disrupting the deployment of soldiers and weapons to the frontline by rail.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”

In February 2022, the Kremlin recognized the Donbass republics as independent states and demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join any Western military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked.

「ペスコフは木曜日に記者団に対し、ロシア軍は"(ウクライナの)軍事的潜在力に直接または間接的に関連する目標 "を攻撃するだけだと付け加えた。


ロシアの国連常任代表であるヴァシリー・ネベンジア氏は23日、モスクワは "ウクライナに西側の武器が殺到し、キエフがロシアに対する軍事的勝利を無謀にも求めていること "に反発していると述べた。


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