AP fires journalist behind ‘Russian missile’ story – media
The agency sacked James LaPorta over an erroneous news alert, the Daily Beast and Washington Post reported
The Associated Press has fired the journalist behind its since-retracted story, which claimed that the missile that hit NATO member Poland last week had been launched by Russia, a number of US media outlets have reported.

The news that the agency had terminated its contract with investigative reporter James LaPorta after a brief internal probe was broken by the Daily Beast on Monday. The sacking was later confirmed to the Washington Post by “people at the news organization.”

Last Tuesday, AP issued a news alert citing “a senior US intelligence official,” who claimed that “Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people.” 

Such an event would constitute a major escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, given that an attack on one NATO member is supposed to trigger a response from the entire US-led military bloc. The story was quickly picked up by numerous other media outlets and made international headlines.

Russia denied carrying out any strikes near the Ukrainian-Polish border at the time of the incident in the village of Przewodow, while officials from Poland, the US and EU soon said there was only one missile involved and it was most likely fired by Ukraine.

AP later took the story authored by LaPorta down and published an editor’s note admitting that the single source used in the report was incorrect and that “subsequent reporting showed that the missiles were Russian-made and most likely fired by Ukraine in defense against a Russian attack.”

According to the agency’s policy, a story requires at least two sources to be published, with a single source only allowed when it is “an authoritative figure who provides information so detailed that there is no question of its accuracy.” 

An unnamed AP employee told the Post that LaPorta misinformed his editors that a senior manager had already vetted his source, leaving them “with the impression that the story’s sourcing had been approved.”

AP spokesperson Lauren Easton declined to officially identify LaPorta as the author of the controversial news alert, but told the paper that when the agency’s “standards are violated,” it must act to protect its integrity and does not “make these decisions lightly.”

調査報道記者James LaPortaとの契約を短期間の内部調査の後に打ち切ったというニュースは、月曜日にDaily Beastによって報じられた。その後、"報道機関の関係者 "からワシントン・ポストに解雇の事実が確認された。

先週火曜日、AP通信は "米国情報機関の高官 "を引用して、"ロシアのミサイルがNATO加盟国のポーランドに渡り、2人が死亡した "とするニュースアラートを発表した。



AP通信はその後、ラポルタが執筆した記事を取り下げ、レポートに使用された単一のソースが正しくなく、"その後の報道で、ミサイルはロシア製で、ロシアの攻撃に対する防衛のためにウクライナが発射した可能性が高い "と認める編集注釈を発表した。

同局の方針によると、記事を掲載するには少なくとも2つの情報源が必要で、1つの情報源は "その正確さに疑問の余地がないほど詳細な情報を提供する権威ある人物 "の場合にのみ許されるとのこと。







注:グライヴィッツ事件は、1939年8月31日の夜にナチスドイツがグライヴィッツ(当時のドイツ、現在のポーランド・グリヴィツェ)のラジオ局Sender Gleiwitzに対して行った偽旗攻撃
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EU nation’s property market slump deepens
Soaring power costs have been pushing Sweden’s house prices lower
Germany's LNG terminals to be twice as expensive – Reuters
The estimated cost of the project will exceed €6 billion, the news outlet reports, citing economy ministry
US household debt skyrockets – Federal Reserve
The total jumped by $351 billion in the third quarter, mostly due to mortgages and credit card usage, the regulator reports
Tehran retaliates against damning UN watchdog resolution – media
Enrichment of uranium at Fordow site has been boosted, Iranian media have reported

Russia threatens to cut gas exports due to Ukraine’s theft
Gazprom has accused Kiev of siphoning off transit supplies destined for Moldova
Russia’s energy giant Gazprom said on Tuesday that Ukraine was diverting natural gas supplies transiting to Moldova, and the company has threatened to curtail deliveries through a key pipeline in response.

“The volume of gas supplied by Gazprom to the ‘Sudzha’ gas measuring station (GMS) for transit to Moldova via Ukraine exceeds the physical volume transmitted at the border of Ukraine with Moldova,” Gazprom’s statement read.

Moldova paid for some November gas supplies on Monday, according to Gazprom, which said that Kiev had kept 52.52 million cubic meters of gas meant for Moldova on its territory.

The Russian energy company further warned that if the transit imbalance persists then it would begin slashing gas supply to the Sudzha GMS for transit via Ukraine from 10 am (7am GMT) on November 28, “in the amount of the daily underderlivery.”

The Sudzha transit line through Ukraine remains the only route to supply Russian gas to western and central European countries after the Nord Stream network was damaged by a suspicious explosion in September.




Polish president shares stance on war with Russia during prank call
Andrzej Duda was tricked into thinking that he was speaking to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron
“Trust me, I’m very careful. I’m not accusing the Russians. Emmanuel, this is war. I think both sides will be blaming each other in this war,” Duda told the fake Macron in an audio recording, released by Vovan and Lexus on their show on the Russian platform RuTube.

An escalation between NATO and Russia wasn’t in the interest of Poland or the whole US-led military alliance, he insisted.

“Emmanuel, you think I need a war with Russia? No, I don’t want that. I don’t want a war with Russia. And I’m extremely careful. Trust me, I’m extremely careful,” the Polish leader said.

Duda’s office later admitted on Twitter that he had fallen victim to the pair of pranksters. The president realized there may have been “an attempted hoax” during the call due to the “unusual way” the person was conducting the conversation, it said, adding that he then ended the call.



Russia reinforcing border with Ukraine
‘Large scale’ work is underway, the governor of Belgorod Region has announced

グラドコフ知事は、国境での緊張が高まっていることに対応したものだと述べたが、建設に関する詳細は明らかにせず、自身の発言が "敵に注意深く聞かれている "と警告している。



Key OPEC members deny output hike reports
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates say the alliance aims for stability on the oil market
The Kuwaiti oil minister on Tuesday denied reports that there have been discussions to increase oil production at the next OPEC+ meeting.

The KUNA news agency cited Bader Al Mulla as saying Kuwait is keen to maintain stability and balance on the oil market.

The response comes after Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates also denied a Wall Street Journal report claiming an output increase of 500,000 barrels per day was under discussion for the next OPEC+ meeting on December 4. The report, which cited unidentified OPEC delegates, pointed out that the move would come a day before the European Union is set to impose an embargo on Russian oil, and the Group of Seven (G7) nations’ planned price cap on Russian crude sales.

“It is well-known that OPEC+ does not discuss any decisions ahead of the meeting,” Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman was quoted as saying by state news agency SPA.

Riyadh confirmed that OPEC+, which includes Russia, was sticking with oil output cuts and could slash output further.

Last month, OPEC+ unexpectedly decided to cut production targets by two million barrels a day in an effort to stabilize falling prices.

Crude oil prices dropped 5% after the Wall Street Journal report, and then pared those losses after the Saudi response. On Tuesday, Brent crude was trading up 1.4% at over $88 a barrel, while US benchmark WTI was also above $81 per barrel.

KUNA 通信は、Bader Al Mulla 氏の発言として、クウェートは石油市場の安定と均衡を維持することに熱心であると伝えた。





Orban angers neighboring countries with ‘irredentist’ scarf
The prime minister was filmed wearing a piece of clothing featuring a pre-partition map of Greater Hungary
Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been seen wearing a football scarf featuring the shape of Greater Hungary, the historical territory that existed before the country ceded lands to neighbors after ending up on the losing side in World War I. He downplayed the implied territorial claim, after some nations took issue with the accessory.

“Football is not politics. Let’s not see what is not there,” he said on his Facebook page on Tuesday, reacting to the outcry. Hungary’s national team belongs to all Hungarians, regardless of where they live, he added.

Greater Hungary refers to historical Hungarian lands, many of which Budapest lost under the 1920 Treaty of Trianon. Parts of the former Kingdom of Hungary now belong to Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia and Slovakia. Critics say the idea of Greater Hungary is inherently irredentist, but supporters say it is about historical roots of ethnic Hungarians.

Orban wore the scarf bearing the controversial map on Sunday when he met the national football team ahead of its friendly match against Greece in Budapest. Footage of the meeting was posted on the premier’s social media. Some foreign officials condemned Orban for what they saw as a provocation.

German MEP Daniel Freund drew public attention to the symbol in a tweet on Monday, remarking sarcastically that the map would be “reassuring” for Hungary’s neighbors.

A fellow EU lawmaker from Romania, Alin Mituta, stated that Orban had sent an “unacceptable message” that was a throwback to the “Nazi period.” Both Hungary and Romania were Axis powers during World War II.

“Orban must be held accountable for such actions that are incompatible with the membership of the family of liberal democrats,” the politician wrote on social media.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry said it had conveyed “strong disapproval” to the Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest. The scarf stunt contrasted with an “atmosphere of openness” during the visit that Minister Bogdan Lucian made to Budapest last week, the statement added. 

During his trip to Budapest, the top diplomat met Orban and complained to him that some Hungarian officials had been going to Romania in a private capacity and making “inappropriate statements” there, the Romanian Ministry said at the time.

Ukraine, another nation whose current territory includes parts that used to belong to the Kingdom of Hungary, said it too intended to lodge a formal complaint.

“The promotion of revisionist ideas in Hungary does not contribute to the development of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko said on Tuesday. His department will summon the Hungarian ambassador and expects an apology, he added.





ルーマニアの同じEU議員であるアリン・ミツタ氏は、オルバン氏が "ナチス時代 "に逆戻りしたような「受け入れがたいメッセージ」を送ったと述べた。ハンガリーとルーマニアはともに第二次世界大戦中の枢軸国であった。





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テルミット焼夷ロケット弾 動画の音声注意!

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Russia wants to ensure that Niger's uranium mines remain out of France's hands

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Taiwanese envoy explains why he congratulated China’s Xi
TSMC founder Morris Chang raised eyebrows by warmly greeting the Chinese president during a rare face-to-face encounter
Taiwanese billionaire Morris Chang has dismissed speculation that the Taipei government orchestrated his encounter with Xi Jinping at last week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Bangkok, saying it was his own idea to warmly greet and congratulate the Chinese president when their paths crossed.

“Taiwan’s Presidential Office told me beforehand that if there was an opportunity, there was no need to avoid meeting or greeting him,” Morris said on Monday at a press briefing in Taipei. “That was the only instruction.”

Chang, the founder of semiconductor giant TSMC, represented Taiwan as a special envoy at APEC. His chance meeting with Xi on Friday was a rare face-to-face encounter for a Taiwanese official, as Beijing cut off formal communication with Taiwan’s government after President Tsai Ing-wen came to power in Taipei in 2016.

The meeting raised eyebrows not only because it came amid heightened tensions between China and Taiwan, but also because Chang congratulated Xi on the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th National Congress last month in Beijing. Xi spoke boldly of China’s sovereignty over Taiwan at the twice-a-decade congress, saying reunification with the self-governing island “must be realized.”

“I later congratulated Xi on the success of the 20th party congress and talked about my own health condition, which were all my personal ideas,” Morris told reporters. Tsai respected the envoy’s decision and his interactions with Xi, said Hsu Szu-chien, deputy secretary-general of Taiwan’s National Security Council.

Chang, 91, was born in Ningbo, one of mainland China’s oldest cities, in 1931, before the civil war that ended with the retreat of Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist forces to Taiwan in 1949. Chang left China to study in the US, where he earned engineering degrees from MIT and Stanford University. He founded TSMC in 1987 and built what became Asia’s largest publicly traded company by market value.

As the world’s dominant maker of advanced computer chips, TSMC is a key battleground in the US effort to block China’s access to high-end semiconductor technology. Just last month, the company suspended its work with a Chinese chipmaker to ensure compliance with new US regulations.

TSMC is building a chip plant in Arizona and will host the US commerce secretary when it holds a “tool-in” ceremony on December 6. Chang told reporters that he would attend the event and that TSMC had invited US President Joe Biden.
TSMCの創業者であるMorris Chang氏は、中国国家主席との珍しい対面の際に温かく挨拶し、人々を驚かせた。
台湾の大富豪Morris Chang氏は、先週バンコクで開催されたアジア太平洋経済協力会議(APEC)首脳会議で習近平氏と対面した際、台北政府が画策したとの憶測を否定し、両者が対面した際に温かく挨拶し祝福したのは自身のアイデアだったと述べた。



この会談が人々を驚かせたのは、中国と台湾の緊張が高まる中で行われたからだけでなく、張氏が先月北京で行われた中国共産党第20回全国代表大会について習氏に祝辞を述べたからでもある。習近平は10年に2度の大会で台湾に対する中国の主権を大胆に発言し、自治権を持つ島との統一を "実現しなければならない "と述べた。






台湾側にとってMorris Chang氏は中国中枢とのホットラインになりうるわけで、ラインを温存しているように見えます。Morris Chang氏が自身の健康問題を話したそうですから、習氏とは旧知の近い中のはずです。
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Russia isn’t seeking a ‘change of power’ in Kiev – Kremlin
President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has assured journalists that Moscow will achieve its goals in Ukraine
Russia is not seeking to depose the current Ukrainian government, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has revealed. He has also expressed confidence that Moscow will achieve its goals in the country, without specifying what they are.  

When asked by Russian journalists on Monday whether the Kremlin sees a regime change in Kiev as one of its military campaign’s objectives, Peskov replied “No, the president has already spoken about that.” 

The official went on to stress that Russia was determined to achieve its goals in Ukraine, which can be done “by various methods and in various formats.” 

He also assured reporters that it was not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. 

Earlier, in an interview to AIF newspaper, Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev theorized that relations between Moscow and Kiev could only normalize after a change of leadership in Ukraine. He claimed that the current government in Kiev lacked flexibility and was bound by its previous actions and ideology. 

月曜日にロシアのジャーナリストから、クレムリンはキエフの政権交代を軍事作戦の目的のひとつと考えているのかと尋ねられたとき、ペスコフは "いいえ、大統領はすでにそれについて話しています "と答えた。

さらに、ロシアはウクライナでの目標を達成することを決意しており、それは "様々な方法、様々な形式で "可能であると強調した。





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The mayor of the Russian city of Chita, Alexander Sapozhnikov, claimed that he resigned of his own free will to volunteer for military duty in Ukraine.


Russian mayor resigns to go to frontline
The leader of an east Siberian city, who is also a veteran airborne trooper, has volunteered to fight in Ukraine
The mayor of the Russian city of Chita has announced his resignation, stating that he intends to sign up for military service in Ukraine as a volunteer.

“As an airborne trooper with combat experience and a citizen, I cannot stay away from the momentous fight that our homeland is fighting for its future,” Aleksandr Sapozhnikov wrote in a social media post on Monday.

Sapozhnikov has served as mayor of Chita, located around 350km southeast of Lake Baikal, since November 2019, when the local legislature elected him. Rumors that he was due to quit on Monday had been swirling in the local media since last week.

According to the official bio of the mayor, who is in his 40s, he served with the Russian airborne troops as a conscript between 1994 and 1996. During that time he fought in the North Caucasus conflict and was wounded. Later, he continued military service as a career officer, but resigned in 2009, citing health issues. He has held various public posts since 2014.
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Asian country stresses neutrality after US defense talks
Indonesia’s military chief has pointed out that the Southeast Asian nation seeks to maintain good relations with all major powers
The US and Indonesian defense chiefs came away from their meeting on Monday with apparently differing understandings of how closely the two countries are militarily aligned.

Appearing at a press briefing in Jakarta after talks with his Indonesian counterpart, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke of deepening defense ties and increasing the “interoperability” of the two countries’ weaponry. Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto repeatedly defended his country’s strong relations with America’s two biggest adversaries, Russia and China.

“The United States is proud to partner with you as we work together to advance our shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Austin said. But Subianto reminded the press of Jakarta’s neutral geopolitical stance, saying, “I like to emphasize that Indonesia always takes the position of trying to maintain the best relationships with all nations, especially all the major powers.”

The talks came amid rising tensions between the US and China, which have clashed increasingly over Washington’s alleged meddling in Beijing’s relationship with Taiwan. China cut off defense and climate ties with the US in August, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defied warnings against visiting Taiwan, a self-governing island over which Beijing claims sovereignty.

Indonesia participated in joint military drills with the US in August and agreed last week to resume joint military exercises and training with China. Jakarta also buys Chinese and Russian weaponry.

Asked about Western pressure to cut off those defense procurements, Subianto said, “We have a longstanding relationship with Russia and China. We have relationships with Russia for many, many years. Our military uses Russian equipment . . . We value our relationship with China. As an independent and sovereign country, we reserve the right to use and acquire equipment from many, many countries.”

The talks came on the same day that US Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to the Palawan island chain in the Philippines to demonstrate Washington’s support for Southeast Asian allies in their territorial disputes with China. “We are meeting as the world is grappling with assaults on the rules-based international order, especially Russia’s unprovoked invasion against Ukraine,” Austin said.
READ MORE: G20 host urges West to soften anti-Russia rhetoric – Politico

Subianto said Indonesia sees China as a friendly nation and expects to resolve overlapping territorial claims through negotiation. “However, we do emphasize that Indonesia will defend its sovereignty and we will defend our independence.”






これらの防衛調達を断ち切ろうとする欧米の圧力について尋ねられたスビアント氏は、「我々はロシアや中国と長年の関係を持っている」と答えた。ロシアとは何年も何年も関係がある。我が軍はロシアの装備を使っている. . . 中国との関係も大切にしている。独立した主権国家として、我々は多くの国からの装備を使用し、取得する権利を留保している "と述べた。

続きを読む G20主催者、欧米に反ロシアのレトリックを和らげるよう要請 - Politico


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・・・欧州は受け入れない? いずれにしても難題が生じます。



Power boss urges Ukrainians to leave the country
Moving abroad for “another three or four months” would help the energy system amid Russian attacks, DTEK CEO Maksim Timchenko says
Ukrainians should consider leaving the country to reduce the burden on the damaged power grid, Maksim Timchenko, the head of largest private power utility, DTEK Holding, has said. He made the remarks in an interview with the BBC aired Saturday. 

“If they can find an alternative place to stay for another three or four months, it will be very helpful to the system,” Timchenko stated.

He also urged his compatriots to consume less electricity, explaining that a surplus is needed for critical infrastructure facilities and hospitals. Over the past few weeks, Ukraine’s energy system has been repeatedly targeted by the Russian military, prompting rolling and emergency blackouts. 

“If you consume less, then hospitals with injured soldiers will have guaranteed power supply. This is how it can be explained that by consuming less or leaving, they also contribute to other people,” Timchenko said.

The remarks were apparently deemed to be too alarming for the general population. The Energy Ministry stepped in to assure people that the situation with the power supply is still under control and that there is no need to flee the country.

“Denying the panicky statements spread by social networks and online media, we assure you that the situation with the energy supply is difficult, but under control,” the Energy Ministry said in a statement.

DTEK also downplayed the remarks by the CEO. The company denied that Timchenko had called for people to leave the country, publishing a carefully cropped excerpt from his interview with the BBC to support their claim.








At least two million Ukrainians will migrate in winter – WHO
The ongoing conflict is also taking a heavy toll on the mental health of Ukrainians, a senior WHO official says
This winter may be a “life-threatening” experience for “millions” of Ukrainians, Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization (WHO) regional director for Europe, has warned. Up to three million Ukrainians are expected to migrate “in search of warmth and safety,” Kluge said on Monday during a press conference in Kiev.

“We expect 2–3 million more people to leave their homes in search of warmth and safety. They will face unique health challenges, including respiratory infections such as Covid-19, pneumonia and influenza, and the serious risk of diphtheria and measles in under-vaccinated populations,” Kluge stated.

Those who remain at home will likely be forced to opt for “alternative heating methods,” the official said, warning that doing things “like burning charcoal or wood, or using generators fueled by diesel, or electric heaters” carry health risks as well.


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South Korea asks for Russia and China’s help
Seoul has requested ‘active cooperation’ to halt North Korea’s missile tests
South Korea has turned to Russia and China for help in shutting down rival North Korea’s missile testing program, arguing that Pyongyang is threatening peace and stability across Northeast Asia and beyond.

Nuclear envoy Kim Gunn held a telephone call on Monday morning with the Russian and Chinese ambassadors to Seoul, Andrey Kulik and Xing Haiming, asking for “active cooperation” in persuading Pyongyang to refrain from “further provocations” and return to dialogue, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Kim argued that North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Friday violated UN Security Council resolutions and marked yet another dangerous saber-rattling incident from President Kim Jong-un’s regime.

Seoul made its appeal for help as its envoys prepared to lobby the UN Security Council for action at an emergency meeting on Monday in response to North Korea’s latest ICBM test. The South Korean diplomat “emphasized the need for the international community, including the United States, to unite and promptly take decisive countermeasures,” the ministry said.

As permanent members of the Security Council, Russia and China have the power to veto any resolutions that would punish North Korea for its strategic weapons tests. Russia has called in the past for de-escalation on the Korean Peninsula by both sides, meaning Pyongyang would halt nuclear-related tests and the US and South Korea would suspend their joint military exercises in the region. US officials have called that idea “insulting.”

Kulik warned last year that only diplomacy would bring peace to the peninsula. “We are convinced that step-by-step activities based on the principles of equality and a gradual and synchronized approach will make it possible to ensure the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and lay the foundation for a solid system of peace and security here,” the ambassador told TASS in an interview last December.

UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres issued a statement on Friday condemning North Korea for its latest ICBM launch. North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui responded on Monday by calling Guterres a “puppet of the US.” She defended North Korea’s weapons tests as a “legitimate and just exercise of the right to self-defense,” saying they came in response to “provocative nuclear war rehearsals” by the US and its allies.






クリクは昨年、半島に平和をもたらすのは外交だけだと警告した。 「平等の原則と段階的かつ同期的なアプローチに基づく段階的な活動により、朝鮮半島の非核化を確実にし、平和と安全の強固なシステムの基礎を築くことが可能になると確信しています。」大使は昨年 12 月のインタビューで TASS に語った。


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縁起でもないのだが カタールの大会で何人死ぬ?

カタールでのワールドカップが順調に進んでいます。突然死と心停止は何人になるでしょうか? 私たちはすでに 1 人のサドンデスを経験しています: 不正行為は禁止です: 「1」を選んで勝ったと言うことはできません!
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