Inflation in Japan highest since 1982
A weak yen has been pushing up the cost of imported commodities
Japan’s consumer price growth accelerated to a 40-year high in October, driven by a weak national currency and imported cost pressures, government data showed on Friday.

According to the report, the nationwide core consumer price index (CPI) was up by 3.6% from a year earlier, showing the fastest pace of growth since 1982. Last month’s jump exceeded the 3.5% rise expected by economists and the 3% gain seen in September.

The rise in the index, which excludes volatile fresh food prices but includes oil products, confirmed that inflation remained above the 2% goal of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) for a seventh consecutive month.

The report indicated that foreign supply constraints have driven up the prices of imported food, industrial commodities and manufacturing parts. A fall in the national currency yen, which in dollar terms is down by more than 20% this year, has added to the woes.

Of the 522 items composing the CPI, 406 were more expensive in October than a year earlier. In September, the figure was 385.

Energy costs in the country soared by 15.2%, while food – excluding perishables – was up by 5.9%, the fastest rise in four decades.

Among food items, 88% were more costly than a year before, led by alcoholic drinks, such as beer and sake. Prices of household durable goods surged by 11.8%, their biggest rise since March 1975.

The BOJ has forecast average prices for the fiscal year to March 2023 will be 3% higher than in 2021-22 but that the rise for 2023-24 will be only half as great.

On Thursday, the regulator pledged to maintain monetary stimulus to achieve wage growth and sustainable and stable inflation. It will keep long-term interest rates around zero and short-term rates at minus 0.1%.










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Moscow accuses Ukrainian soldiers of killing captives
Earlier, a video surfaced on social media showing what appear to be Kiev’s troops and executed Russian servicemen
The Russian Defense Ministry has accused Ukrainian forces of committing a war crime after a video that surfaced on social media on Friday appears to show captured Russian servicemen having been killed.

The footage depicts soldiers dressed in Russian uniforms first surrender to troops in uniforms bearing Ukrainian insignia before being shown lying on the ground, presumably dead.

The ministry described the video as evidence of “a deliberate and methodical murder” of over ten Russian servicemen at the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who “shot them straight in their heads.” Such actions prove the “barbaric nature” of the government in Kiev led by President Vladimir Zelensky, as well as “all those, who defend and support it,” the ministry said.
The Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered to Russian troops this week are being treated in accordance with all of the relevant Geneva conventions, the ministry insisted.



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バルト海でのエストニア号の沈没事故1994年 NATO潜水艦の仕業

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