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Iran retaliated ?

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今日の放射能備忘録 199

German nuclear plant suffers leak
While the failure poses no danger, operations at the plant will have to be suspended, the environment ministry said
A reactor leak has been detected at the Isar 2 nuclear power plant in the southern German state of Bavaria, the environment ministry said on Monday, citing the plant’s operator. The malfunction apparently poses no risk to the public, but could compromise the government’s plan to alleviate the energy shortage, triggered mainly by the Ukraine conflict.

According to the ministry, maintenance work will be carried out in October, and it will take at least a least a week to fix the problem. During that period, all operations at the plant, which is run by E.ON subsidiary PreussenElektra, will have to be completely suspended, the ministry said.

Initially, the nuclear power plant was slated to go offline in late 2022 as part of Germany’s efforts to phase out atomic energy. However, the current energy crisis has forced Berlin to put the facility on standby until April 2023 as a reserve source of power, which could be tapped if the situation worsens.

東海村 放射性物質検出 会社側“損傷排水管 点検記録なし”





共同2022年7月14日 18:22 JST 更新日時 2022年7月14日 19:23 JST



France investigating nuclear ‘cover-ups’
The probe comes after the country was forced to shut down half of its reactors amid a mounting international energy crisis
The French government is investigating whistleblower allegations that a state-run utility agency attempted to conceal safety issues at a nuclear power plant. Prosecutors confirm they are following up on complaints filed late last year.

Officials in Marseille launched an investigation into the alleged safety problems last month after an anonymous whistleblower said conditions at the Tricastin nuclear plant in southern France were “endangering the lives of others,” French newspaper Le Monde reported on Wednesday.
An engineer at the facility, the whistleblower also accused officials at the plant of “harassment,” as well as “violations of the criminal code, the environmental code, the labor code and the regulations relating to nuclear installations.” Though incidents continued – including a mysterious power surge at one reactor in 2017 and a flood at the same station one year later – no action was taken.
The largely state-run firm which operates the plant, Electricite de France (EDF), confirmed the ongoing investigation to the Wall Street Journal, saying the probe would help to “shed all necessary light on the alleged facts and thereby show the truth.”

Speaking to Reuters on Thursday, a lawyer for the whistleblower, William Bourdon, said the complaint was initially filed in November, but noted that the subsequent investigation does not target EDF directly. Instead, a probe “against X” has been launched, allowing prosecutors to look into the actions of multiple different parties.

The new investigation marks another blow for the French utility, which has recently taken half of the country’s nuclear reactors offline due to scheduled maintenance and refueling, and even outages caused by corrosion and damage. The spate of shutdowns coincided with soaring energy prices across Europe and elsewhere, driven in part by the conflict in Ukraine, as well as Western sanctions on Russian gas and oil exports.
The cost of inspecting and repairing the French nuclear plants could exceed €4.5 billion ($4.8 billion), according to recent EDF estimates, well beyond previous expectations. France derives around 70% of its electricity from nuclear power, and has seen a jump in prices throughout 2022.

Prior to the whistleblower filing, the Tricastin nuclear site had encountered some safety issues, including two separate uranium leaks within a matter of days in July 2008 which contaminated 100 employees at the plant and led to a ban on using local water for drinking, swimming, and agriculture.

福島第一原発、汚染配管撤去作業がまた中断 「数時間被ばくで死亡」レベルの高線量検出で
2022年5月27日 21時23分


説明なく再利用 重大
山下氏 放射性廃棄物めぐり




秋田県由利本荘市 0.02μSv/h程度の上昇
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British colonial genocide

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North Korea sends warning to Japan
The firing of an intermediate-range ballistic missile earlier this month was a message to “enemies,” Pyongyang says
Tokyo will “pay a high price” if alleged persecution of Korean nationals living in Japan continues, North Korea has warned its neighbor.

Pyongyang views the “oppression” of North Koreans in Japan as a challenge to its dignity and sovereignty, the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) pointed out on Wednesday.

According to South Korean news outlet Yonhap, the statement apparently referred to reports of an increase in hate crimes against students at schools across Japan for ethnic Koreans.

“We've solemnly stated that the October 4 firing of a new type of a ground-to-ground intermediate-range ballistic missile is a warning to our enemies,” KCNA said.

“Whether this warning will lead to actual results will depend on the attitudes of hostile forces, including Japan,” it pointed out, adding that Tokyo will “pay a high price” for actions aimed against North Korea.

On October 4, Pyongyang carried out yet another of its tests this year of banned missile technology, firing its Hwasong-12 ballistic missile into the Pacific Ocean. The projectile flew over Japan, prompting a warning for residents to seek shelter, and ended up covering 4,500 kilometers, which appears to be the farthest to date that any of North Korea’s missiles has traveled.

It was also the first time in five years that Pyongyang sent a missile over Japan, with Tokyo, Seoul and Washington condemning the move.

The leaders of Japan, South Korea and the US met on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit in Cambodia on Sunday, vowing a unified and coordinated response to North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

US President Joe Biden insisted that partnership between the three nations was “even more important than it's ever been,” in view of what he described as a stepping-up of provocations by Pyongyang .








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NATO consultations possible after Poland ‘missile strike’
Warsaw is putting troops on alert and may decide to invoke NATO Article 4

ウクライナのミサイルが 2 人のポーランド人の村人を殺した可能性が最も高いこと、そしてゼレンスキーと彼の支援者がこれを利用して第 3 次世界大戦を始めようとしていることに、まったくぞっとします。
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G20 参加首脳に陽性者が発生

バイデンが風邪? 習がマスクなしでバイデンと会っている。

速報−バイデンとのバリ ASEAN サミットの後、カンボジア大統領のテスト#COVID19が陽性。しかし、 @CDCgov
は、バイデンは密接な接触者ではなかったと、ばかげて主張しています。一体どこで CDC はこれらの恣意的なルールを発明するのでしょうか?!
HT @seungminkim

・・・カンボジア大統領(陽性)、バイデン(体調悪化?)、習(バイデンとマスクなしで会談 ?)

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リビアのカダフィが惨殺されてから10年 NATOがやりました

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イスタンブールで爆発 トルコは米国大使館の哀悼の意を受け入れない

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Russia and US holding secret talks in Ankara – Kommersant
Moscow is reportedly represented by the country’s top spy at the negotiations
There are reports in Russian media about secret US-Russian talks being hosted by Türkiye. The Kremlin would neither confirm nor deny the claim.

The undeclared meeting is allegedly being held on Monday in the Turkish capital Ankara, the business daily Kommersant reported. Its source said that Moscow is represented by Sergey Naryshkin, the director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, or SVR, but would not offer any other details, the outlet said.

When asked about the purported talks, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “I cannot either confirm or deny it.”

Earlier this month, Western media reported that top Russian and US officials were engaging in undeclared contacts. According to the Wall Street Journal, US national-security adviser Jake Sullivan has been engaged with Yury Ushakov, a senior foreign policy aide to President Vladimir Putin, and with Nikolay Patrushev, Sullivan’s counterpart in the Russian government.

The White House did not deny the talks, with spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre telling journalists that the contacts focused on “risk reduction.” Meanwhile, Peskov told the WSJ at the time that the British and American press tended to print “hoaxes.”

Türkiye emerged as a principal mediator during the Ukraine crisis. In late March, it hosted Russia-Ukraine talks, during which the two parties made significant progress towards settling on a peace agreement.

The negotiations were reportedly torpedoed by the UK, when then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson traveled to Kiev in April. According to Ukrainian media, he told President Vladimir Zelensky that Western nations would not support the proposed security pact that was discussed with Russia.

Ankara also helped the UN to launch the Black Sea Initiative, an arrangement that allows Ukraine to export its grain via commercial ships. The agreement, which was signed in July, expires on Friday. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it may not agree to a renewal, unless the UN delivers on its promise to facilitate Moscow’s export of Russian grain and fertilizers, which was part of the deal.
ロシアと米国がアンカラで秘密会談を開く – コメルサント




ホワイトハウスは会談を否定せず、スポークスパーソンのカリーヌ・ジャン・ピエールはジャーナリストに、接触は「リスク削減」に焦点を当てていたと語った.一方、ペスコフ氏は当時、英国と米国のマスコミは「デマ」を掲載する傾向があると WSJ に語った。

テュルキエは、ウクライナ危機の際の主要な調停者として登場しました。 3 月下旬には、ロシアとウクライナの会談が開催され、その間、両国は和平合意に向けて大きな前進を遂げました。


アンカラはまた、国連が黒海イニシアチブを開始するのを支援しました。これは、ウクライナが商業船を介して穀物を輸出できるようにする取り決めです。 7月に調印されたこの合意は、金曜日に期限が切れます。モスクワは、協定の一部であったロシアの穀物と肥料のモスクワの輸出を促進するという約束を国連が履行しない限り、更新に同意しないかもしれないと繰り返し述べてきた。
Washington reveals details of high-profile US-Russia talks
Top spies from both sides met to discuss avoiding “miscalculations,” US National Security Council spokesman said
The recent unannounced meeting of top Russian and US spies in Ankara was meant to maintain dialogue between two powers, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told US media on Tuesday.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Kirby was asked to comment on the talks in Türkiye’s capital, which involved Sergey Naryshkin, director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and CIA Director Bill Burns.

“This was really about keeping the channels of communication with Russia open on issues that affect both our security’s futures,” the official said, adding that Burns’ sit-down with Naryshkin was “all about routine channels of communication” that Washington has with Moscow at various levels.

Kirby noted that in recent weeks US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley spoke with their respective Russian counterparts. By doing so, the US is “making sure that… there won’t be any miscalculations,” the official said.

At the same time, Kirby didn’t say whether the parties discussed US citizens that are currently in Russian custody, noting that he was not present at the meeting. “The main purpose was to talk about issues around strategic stability,” he said.

Previously, the White House said that the Ankara talks didn’t have anything to do with the Ukraine conflict and revolved around nuclear weapons and US citizens that had been detained in Russia. Meanwhile, Moscow confirmed that the talks had indeed taken place, but refused to provide any more details.

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan held behind-the-scenes negotiations with top Russian officials to decrease the chances of a broader conflict over Ukraine. At the time, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said Russia had nothing to say about the report, adding that “Anglo-Saxon newspapers release a lot of hoax stories.”




同時に、カービー氏は、現在ロシアに拘束されている米国人について話し合ったかどうかについては言及せず、会談に同席していないことを明らかにした。"主な目的は、戦略的安定をめぐる問題について話すことだった "と述べた。


今月初め、ウォールストリート・ジャーナル紙は、ジェイク・サリバン米国家安全保障顧問がロシア高官と水面下で交渉を行い、ウクライナ紛争が拡大する可能性を減少させたと報じた。当時、クレムリンのドミトリー・ペスコフ報道官は、ロシアはこの報道について何も言うことはないと述べ、"アングロサクソンの新聞は多くのデマ記事を発表している "と付け加えた。
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Poland calls emergency security meeting after claim about missiles
There are conflicting reports about whether the reported explosion was caused by Russian or Ukrainian rockets
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called an emergency meeting of the government’s national security and defense committee amid reports of a deadly strike near the nation’s border with Ukraine.

Poland is understood to have scrambled fighter jets in the wake of the reports that two people had been killed in an “explosion” allegedly caused by a missile strike. The Polish military and prosecutors have arrived at the scene of the blast, Visegrad 24 reports.

Russia's Mash Telegram channel has published a photo of what it said is a fragment from an S-300 defence system missile. This Soviet-era equipment is used by Ukraine.

Meanwhile, other sources have pointed the finger at Russia. Moscow fired dozens of missiles at Ukraine earlier on Wednesday

Earlier, Polish media reported blasts had rocked the town of Przewodow, which is located in the Lublin region, not far from the border with Ukraine. A grain drier facility was reportedly hit, killing at least two people, local media said.

“The reasons for this incident are not known at the moment,” local fire service spokesman, Senior Captain Marcin Lebiedowicz, told Radio Lublin. He confirmed that there had been casualties and said his agency had received “a report of an explosion.”

The Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller also called on the media and the public “not to publish unconfirmed information.”

AP reported, citing a “senior US intelligence official,” that Russian missiles had crossed into Poland, killing two people. Mueller did not comment on the reports, only referring to the incident as a “crisis situation.”

Neither Kiev nor Moscow have commented on the incident so far.

ポーランドは、ミサイル攻撃による「爆発」で2人が死亡したとの報道を受け、戦闘機を緊急発進させたと見られる。ポーランド軍と検察は爆発現場に到着したとVisegrad 24は報じている。





ポーランド政府のピョートル・ミューラー報道官もメディアと国民に "未確認の情報を公表しないように "と呼びかけた。

AP通信は、"米国情報機関の高官 "を引用し、ロシアのミサイルがポーランドに渡り、2名が死亡したと報じた。ミューラーはこの報道についてコメントせず、事件を "危機的状況 "とだけ言及した。


Russia denies striking Poland with missiles
Moscow insists a reported explosion near the Ukrainian border is not related to its military operation
Russia has not carried out any strikes against targets near the Polish-Ukrainian border, the defense ministry in Moscow said on Tuesday, following reports of a missile striking the village of Przewodow and killing two civilians.

Some Western media outlets and politicians have claimed that Russia is responsible for the incident. However, no evidence has been provided to support such assertions.

Missile fragments, photos of which were published by Polish media outlets on the scene, “have nothing to do with Russian weapons,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Statements by the Polish media and officials about the alleged ‘Russian’ missiles falling in the area of the village of Przewodow are “a deliberate provocation in order to escalate the situation,” the Russian military added.

Poland convened an emergency meeting of its national security council on Tuesday evening, after reports that at least two civilians were killed when one or more missiles struck the village in the Lublin region, just across the border with Ukraine.

While the AP reported that Russian missiles had crossed into Poland, citing an unnamed “senior US intelligence official,” the Pentagon declined to corroborate the claim.

“I can tell you that we don't have any information at this time to corroborate those reports and are looking into this further,” Air Force Brigadier General Patrick Ryder told reporters, when asked about the Przewodow incident.

Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller called on the media and the public “not to publish unconfirmed information.”

Officials from the Baltic states blamed Russia and claimed that Poland should invoke NATO’s Article 5 in retaliation. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky accused Russia of “terrorism” and said NATO needed to “act” against this “attack on collective security.”









Ukraine blames Russia for alleged ‘missile strike’ on Poland
President Vladimir Zelensky called the incident that reportedly saw two people killed a strike against NATO’s collective security
NATO “needs to act,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on Tuesday as he laid the blame for an explosion in Poland not far from the Ukrainian border on Russia. Earlier, Polish media reported that at least two people died in what was described as a “stray missile” strike.

“This is a Russian missile strike on collective security!” Zelensky said in a statement, calling it “a very serious escalation.” He also urged western nations to put Russia “in its place” and branded the country as “terrorist."

“The longer Russia feels impunity the higher is the threat for anyone within the reach of Russian missiles,” the Ukrainian president warned, thought he did not provide evidence proving it was Russian missiles that struck Poland.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Polish government convened an emergency meeting over the incident. The Polish authorities did not provide any details about the nature of what they called a “crisis situation.” A government spokesman, Piotr Mueller, called on the media and the public “not to publish unconfirmed information.”

"これは集団安全保障に対するロシアのミサイル攻撃だ!" ゼレンスキーは声明で、"非常に深刻なエスカレーション "と呼んだ。また、西側諸国に対して、ロシアを「その場に置く」よう促し、同国を「テロリスト」と烙印を押した。


ポーランド政府は火曜日、この事件に関する緊急会議を招集した。ポーランド当局は、"危機的状況 "と呼ばれるものの性質について、詳細を説明しなかった。政府のピョートル・ミューラー報道官はメディアと国民に "未確認の情報を公表しないように "と呼びかけた。
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急性心筋炎 (または無症候性) で10 年間で 50% の人が死亡

これは、今後 5 年間に留意すべき表です。
急性心筋炎 (または無症候性) では、10 年間で 50% の人が死亡します。
しかし、これらの 80% は統計的に 6 年以内に死亡します。

Long-Term Outcome of Fulminant Myocarditis as Compared with Acute (Nonfulminant) Myocarditis


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