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How the US was created.

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コロナによる子供の死亡が増えている 英国で子供の超過死亡1101%

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consensus on what needs to be done to END Covid


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ロシアと争っているのは米軍 ウクライナは場でしかない

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Hundreds of millions vanish from collapsed cryptocurrency giant
An estimated $662 million in digital assets has reportedly been withdrawn from FTX in ‘unauthorized transactions’
Failing cryptocurrency exchange FTX has begun moving assets offline, after more than $600 million in tokens was allegedly pilfered from the digital wallets on its platform.

After filing for bankruptcy protection from creditors on Friday, FTX “initiated precautionary steps to move all digital assets to cold storage,” said Ryne Miller, general counsel for the firm’s US arm. “Process was expedited this evening to mitigate damage upon observing unauthorized transactions.”

However, considerable damage had already been done. According to an estimate by blockchain research firm Nansen, $662 million flowed out of FTX’s US and international exchanges. The firm’s main wallet, which was used to process withdrawals, was drained of its entire balance of 45.8 million FTT tokens, worth an estimated $97.2 million, Nansen said.

A separate review by another analytics firm, Elliptic Connect, pegged the thefts at $473 million. The FTX community administrator on Telegram said the exchange had been hacked. FTX applications are infected with malware, according to the administrator, which also warned followers against loading the exchange’s website.

The Bahamas-based FTX and about 130 affiliated companies commenced Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings on Friday in Delaware. The firm also announced that Democratic Party donor Sam Bankman-Fried had resigned as CEO.

Bankman-Fried, who reportedly ranked behind only billionaire political activist George Soros in 2022 pledges to Democratic Party candidates, saw his entire $16 billion fortune wiped out this week, according to Bloomberg, which called the collapse “one of history’s greatest-ever destructions of wealth.”

Miller, the general counsel, said the exchange was “investigating abnormalities with wallet movements related to consolidation of FTX balances across exchanges.”


金曜日に債権者から破産保護を申請した後、FTXは「すべてのデジタル資産を低温倉庫に移動するための予防措置を開始した」と、同社の米国部門の顧問弁護士であるRyne Miller氏は述べています。「不正な取引が確認されたため、被害を軽減するために今晩、処理を急ぎました」。


別の分析会社Elliptic Connectによる別のレビューでは、盗難額は4億7300万ドルに上るとされている。テレグラムのFTXコミュニティ管理者は、取引所がハッキングされたと述べた。管理者によると、FTXのアプリケーションはマルウェアに感染しており、同取引所のウェブサイトを読み込まないようフォロワーに警告も発している。

バハマに拠点を置くFTXと約130の関連会社は、金曜日にデラウェア州で連邦破産法第11条の手続きを開始した。同社はまた、民主党の献金者であるSam Bankman-FriedがCEOを辞任したことを発表した。


顧問弁護士のミラーは、取引所が "取引所間のFTX残高の統合に関連するウォレットの動きで異常を調査している "と述べた。

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