CIA warned Germany of Nord Stream attack – Spiegel
US spies allegedly told Berlin about a possible pipeline attack “weeks” ago
The CIA warned Berlin about a possible attack on gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea “weeks ago,” German magazine Der Spiegel reported on Tuesday. Germany was looking for answers after both of Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines were damaged and a massive gas leak appeared off the Danish island of Bornholm.

A tip from the US spy agency was “received in Berlin during the summer,” the outlet said, citing “several people familiar with the matter.” Officially, however, the federal government declined to comment on intelligence-related matters.

German security services are currently examining satellite imagery of the area where the explosions occurred, but see only “unremarkable” naval traffic, according to Spiegel. They are also convinced only a state actor could have done this, suggesting “divers or a mini-submarine” could have installed mines or explosives on the pipeline.

Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 both suddenly lost pressure on Monday. Danish authorities reported a gas leak off Bornholm, while Swedish seismologists registered multiple explosions. The pipeline operator confirmed multiple gas lines suffered “unprecedented” damage and it was impossible to estimate when, or if, service might be restored.
US speaks out on claims of ‘sabotage’ on Russia’s Nord Stream READ MORE: US speaks out on claims of ‘sabotage’ on Russia’s Nord Stream

By Monday evening, the German government was convinced the pipeline was targeted in a deliberate attack, according to the daily Tagesspiegel. Berlin was considering the possibility Ukraine or “Ukraine-affiliated forces” could be behind it, but also a “false flag” by Russia to make Ukraine look bad and drive EU energy prices even higher.

While acknowledging that the “permanent interruption of gas supplies from Russia” would be in Ukraine’s interest, Der Spiegel said such an attack would have “immense political disadvantages” for Kiev. The only motive for Moscow to blow up the pipeline, according to the magazine, would be to “blame other parties for the incident.”

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called for an investigation to get “full clarity” on what happened with the pipeline. “Any deliberate disruption of active European energy infrastructure is unacceptable and will lead to the strongest possible response,” she tweeted.
US praised for Nord Stream explosion READ MORE: US praised for Nord Stream explosion

Earlier on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said an attack on Nord Stream was “in no one’s interest,” but that it also represented a “significant opportunity” for Europe to abandon Russian natural gas in favor of alternative energy supplies, presumably such as US LNG, and “accelerate the transition to renewables” in order to fight climate change.

Meanwhile, Polish MEP Radislaw Sikorski thanked the US for the gas explosion, and argued that it means Russia will not have to negotiate with Ukraine and Poland if it wishes to deliver gas to Central Europe.


Kremlin says Nord Stream explosions ‘a big problem for Russia’
Damage to the natural gas pipelines will bring nothing but ruin for both Russia and EU, says spokesperson Dmitry Peskov
The Kremlin has denounced as “stupid and absurd” any allegations of it being behind the suspected explosions of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines earlier this week, stating that the incident actually creates many issues for Russia.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, spokesperson Dmitry Peskov explained that the damage to the pipelines posed a “big problem” for Russia as it had essentially lost its gas supply routes to Europe.

Both lines of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline were pumped full of gas and were prepared to deliver it to Europe at the time of the alleged explosion, said Peskov, adding that “this gas is very expensive and now it is all going up in the air.”

Peskov also noted that neither Russia nor Europe had anything to gain from the destruction of the pipelines, especially Germany, for which this incident poses a threat to the future development of its industry, as well as its profitability and competitiveness.

American LNG suppliers, on the other hand, have been making incredible profits after having multiplied their deliveries to the European continent, Peskov pointed out, adding that these companies are “very interested in maintaining these super-duper profits in the future.”

While no suspects behind the incident have officially been named, the Kremlin spokesperson advised against making any official announcements before a proper investigation into the incident is carried out.
Russia issues emergency call to UN Security Council READ MORE: Russia issues emergency call to UN Security Council

Peskov did, however, draw attention to US President Joe Biden’s statements from early February, when the American leader threatened to “bring an end” to Nord Stream 2. “What the US president meant by that, we don’t know,” admitted the Kremlin official, but highlighted the “borderline insane hysterical-euphoric reaction” of Polish officials who have already thanked Washington for sabotaging the pipeline.

The Kremlin’s response comes after some European and Kiev officials, including President Vladimir Zelensky’s adviser Mikhail Podolyak, suggested that the attack on the pipeline was a “false flag” operation carried out by Russia in order to make Ukraine look bad and to further drive energy prices up in the EU.

However, after the former Polish FM publicly thanked the US for the apparent sabotage on Twitter, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova urged the EU to treat the US as the possible culprit behind the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines. She said Moscow would call for a UN Security Council session over the incident.
READ MORE: Ex-Polish FM thanks US for destruction of Russian gas pipeline

A number of Western nations have repeatedly opposed Russia’s undersea pipelines delivering gas to Europe, both before and after Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine. The recently built Nord Stream 2 network, which never went into operation due to Germany’s refusal to certify it, has drawn particular opposition from countries like the US and Poland, which has called for the pipeline to be “totally scrapped.”









西側諸国の多くは、モスクワがウクライナで軍事作戦を開始する前も後も、ロシアがヨーロッパにガスを供給する海底パイプラインに繰り返し反対してきた。最近建設されたノルドストリーム2ネットワークは、ドイツが認証を拒否したために稼働することはなかったが、アメリカやポーランドなどの国から特に反対を受けており、ポーランドはこのパイプラインを "完全に廃棄" するよう要求している。
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マレーシア航空MH17便 戦闘機が撃墜との証言


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