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Roger Waters

Pink Floyd co-founder calls out ‘censorship’ over Ukraine
News outlets had suggested that Roger Waters had cancelled gigs in Poland following local pressure
Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has denied media reports that he had canceled two concerts in Krakow, Poland. He accused the local authorities of censoring him over his criticism of Western involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Waters addressed The Guardian and Polish newspaper Gazeta Krakowska.

“Your papers are wrong in their assertions that either, I or my management, has cancelled my forthcoming shows in Krakow, we haven’t,” he said.

He went on to confirm, however, that a councilor in the city of Krakow, Lukasz Wantuch, put forward a motion to declare Waters persona non grata. According to the musician, this is “because of my public efforts to encourage all involved in the disastrous war in Ukraine… to work towards a negotiated peace.”

Waters went on to claim that Wantuch had urged people to boycott his show, noting that this push is “not very democratic.”

The Pink Floyd co-founder said that if these efforts lead to the cancelation of the concerts, it will be “a sad loss” for himself, but also for the people of Krakow who wanted to see the show.

“His [Wantuch’s] draconian censoring of my work will deny them the opportunity to make up their own minds,” the musician said.

The Facebook post came in response to articles that appeared in several Polish media outlets, and later in The Guardian.

The reports cited the venue’s representative, Lukasz Pytko, as saying, “Roger Waters’ manager decided to withdraw – without giving any reason.”

The two concerts are said to be scheduled for April 2023 in Krakow’s Tauron Arena, though they are not listed on the website for Waters’ ‘This Is Not a Drill’ tour.

The veteran rock star has repeatedly accused the US and the West of fueling the conflict by supplying Ukraine with weapons.

Waters wrote an open letter to Ukraine’s first lady, Elena Zelenskaya, earlier this month, accusing “orces of extreme nationalism” in Ukraine of dragging the country into the conflict.

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From respect to resentment: My history with the CIA

From respect to resentment: My history with the CIA
The US Central Intelligence Agency recently turned 75. I have my reasons to wish it doesn’t see another birthday

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Iran summons Western envoys
Tehran summoned the British and Norwegian ambassadors over their countries’ “hostile” and “interventionist” support for protests

The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the British and Norwegian ambassadors on Saturday, amid anti-government protests broadly supported by the West.

The British envoy, Simon Shercliff, was asked to explain the “hostile” tone of UK-based Persian media, while Norway’s Sigvald Hauge was questioned over the “interventionist stance” of Norway’s Iranian-born parliament speaker, Masud Gharahkhani, Iran’s ISNA news agency reported on Sunday.

Shercliff was summoned over Britain’s hosting of Iran International, Manoto TV, and BBC Persian, Iran International reported. Based in London and funded by Saudi Arabia, Iran International’s pro-opposition line has drawn Tehran’s ire before, and the network has been accused of bias by its own reporters.

The ministry views these British-hosted outlets as interfering in its internal affairs.

Hauge was asked to explain the “interventionist” remarks of Gharahkhani, who posted a video to Twitter this week backing the ongoing protests in Iran. "If my parents had not made the choice to flee in 1987, I would have been one of those fighting for my life on the streets,” he declared in the video.

Violent demonstrations have taken place in cities and towns across Iran for over a week, following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody. She was reportedly detained for wearing an “improper” hijab. While casualty figures from the protests vary wildly, Iran’s state media said on Saturday that 41 police and demonstrators have been killed since September 17.

The protests have received considerable attention from Western politicians and media outlets, with the US on Friday lifting some restrictions on providing internet services to Iran in a bid to help demonstrators organize and share footage from the protests.

Iranian officials have alleged that forces from “outside the country” are working to stir up unrest over Amini’s death. At least one foreign NGO, the San Francisco-based United for Iran, has admitted this, with its director telling The Guardian that his team has been organizing protesters for several months.

In the US, the CIA-backed National Endowment for Democracy has been financing the opposition in Iran for several years, and is currently promoting one of its grant recipients as a source of authoritative coverage on the protests.



Shercliff氏は、英国がIran International、Manoto TV、BBC Persianを受け入れていることについて召喚されたと、Iran Internationalは報じている。ロンドンに拠点を置き、サウジアラビアから資金提供を受けているイラン・インターナショナルの親反政府路線は、以前からテヘランの怒りを買っており、同局の記者からは偏向報道だと非難されてきた。





イラン政府関係者は、「国外」の勢力がアミニさんの死に対する不安を煽るために動いていると主張している。少なくとも、サンフランシスコに拠点を置く外国のNGO「United for Iran」はこれを認めており、そのディレクターはガーディアン紙に、自分のチームが数カ月にわたってデモ参加者を組織してきたと語っている。

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Ukraine has been turned into a CIA theme park

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Russian military commander shot at an enlistment office

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US facing natural gas shortage – Reuters
Record LNG exports to Europe reportedly threaten America’s domestic gas consumption
Shale producers in the United States are struggling to meet growing domestic and international natural gas demand, according to an analysis by Reuters.

The report concluded that a hotter-than-expected summer and a lack of alternative energy sources have left the nation’s inventories below the seasonal average. It added that there were no signs of improvement in the level of inventories, despite the rise in gas prices.

The latest data showed that the Permian Shale Basin, which contributes some 12% of US total gas output, and the rig count in the Permian, has been down for two weeks in a row. “Less drilling means less associated gas to add to the national total,” the news outlet reported.

While American energy companies have been exporting liquified natural gas (LNG) to Europe at record rates, calls have emerged lately to reduce those supplies to make sure there is enough for the US market.

“With heating season around the corner in both Europe and the United States and with a lot of people in both places using gas for heating, the price outlook for gas does not look good from a consumer’s perspective,” Reuters wrote.

The report noted that it is unlikely US gas prices will climb anywhere near European levels, “but they are up by a whopping 300% from a few years ago when gas was cheap because it was abundant.”


最新のデータでは、米国全体のガス生産量の約12%を占めるパーミアン・シェール盆地のリグ数が2週連続で減少していることが明らかになった。"掘削が少ないということは、全米に追加される関連ガスが少ないということだ "と、このニュースは報じている。



このレポートでは、アメリカのガス価格がヨーロッパのレベルまで上昇する可能性は低いが、"ガスが豊富にあったために安かった数年前と比べると、なんと300%も上昇している "と指摘している。


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Growing scientific evidence in early to mid 2020 was clearly pointing to covid being a multi-system disease


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Biden could face impeachment after November, US congresswoman predicts
Representative Nancy Mace has said GOP lawmakers will face pressure to oust the president if they win back control of Congress
Republicans will be pressured to impeach President Joe Biden if their party wins back control of Congress in November’s midterm elections, US Representative Nancy Mace has claimed.

“I believe there’s a lot of pressure on Republicans to have that vote, to put that legislation forward and have that vote,” the South Carolina Republican said on Sunday in an NBC News interview. “I think that is something that some folks are considering.”

Mace, who describes herself as “a conservative who works with Democrats,” has a chance to retain her own seat in Congress after winning her primary election over a challenger who was backed by former President Donald Trump. She raised the ire of Trump supporters by voting to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election and criticizing Trump over the US Capitol riot.

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Zelensky admits he doesn’t think Putin is bluffing
The Ukrainian president, like the leaders of the EU, believes that the Russian leader’s nuclear warning should be taken seriously
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told CBS News on Sunday that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin could use nuclear weapons. Putin earlier said that Russia would use “all the means available to us” to defend Russian territory.

“Look, maybe yesterday it was a bluff,” Zelensky told CBS host Margaret Brennan. “Now, it could be a reality.”

Putin himself said on Wednesday that he was “not bluffing” when he warned that Russia would consider defending its land with “various weapons of destruction.” That land could soon include the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as the regions of Zaporozhye and Kherson, where referendums are currently being held on joining the Russian Federation.

Western leaders are taking Putin at his word. "When people say it is not a bluff, you have to take them seriously," the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, said on Saturday. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told CBS earlier on Sunday that Washington has told Moscow that “any use of nuclear weapons will be met with catastrophic consequences for Russia.”'

Zelensky also told Brennan that Ukraine considers the Russian occupation of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant “nuclear blackmail,” despite Ukrainian forces repeatedly shelling the facility in recent months. Ukrainian forces bombed the plant again last week in an attempt to “create the threat of a man-made disaster,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

Despite Russia’s recent mobilization of 300,000 more troops and the likelihood of four new territories falling under Russia’s nuclear protection in the near future, Zelensky insisted that Putin “knows that he’s losing the war.” Nevertheless, the Ukrainian president told CBS that his government needs billions more dollars, more weapons, and more sanctions on Russia to continue the fight.

“We need to keep putting pressure on him and not allow him to continue,” he said, referring to Putin.





ロシアが最近30万人以上の軍隊を動員し、近い将来新たに4つの領土がロシアの核の保護下に入る可能性があるにもかかわらず、ゼレンスキー氏はプーチン大統領が "戦争に負けていることを分かっている "と主張した。それでも、ウクライナ大統領はCBSに対し、政府が戦いを続けるためには、さらに数十億ドル、武器、そしてロシアへの制裁が必要だと語った。

"我々は彼に圧力をかけ続け、彼が続けることを許さないようにする必要がある "と、彼はプーチンを指して言った。

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US threatens Russia with ‘catastrophic consequences’
Washington will respond in kind if Moscow uses WMDs in Ukraine, Biden's national security adviser promised
The US will retaliate forcefully should Russia use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, President Joe Biden's national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told CBS on Sunday. He also declared that the referendums in the Donbass republics and Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions of Ukraine had not altered Washington’s support for Kiev.

“Any use of nuclear weapons will be met with catastrophic consequences for Russia,” Sullivan said on the network’s Face the Nation program, explaining that the Biden administration had told Moscow both privately at “very high levels” and publicly that “the United States and our allies will respond decisively if Russia uses nuclear weapons.”

Sullivan also revealed that Washington was keeping “a close eye” on the Zaporozhye nuclear plant. In order to lessen the chance of a catastrophic incident, the facility has been placed in cold shutdown in response to constant shelling that both sides blame on each other.

However, the plant is still operating. The International Atomic Energy Agency, which visited the site earlier this month, identified an “urgent need for interim measures to prevent a nuclear accident,” specifically the “immediate establishment of a nuclear safety and security protection zone.” The IAEA, however, failed to mention the culprit behind the attacks, despite Russia providing evidence that pointed to the Ukrainian side.

The US and its allies have condemned the referendums, which are still underway, as “illegitimate,” vowing not to recognize the results because the votes “in no way respect democratic norms,” despite international observers from several countries volunteering to come to the regions to verify the vote.

The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics declared their independence in 2014 and were recognized as independent states by Russia in February 2022, eight years after initially voting for self-rule in landslide referendums following the US-backed coup in Kiev. Most of Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions have been under Russian control since March.

サリバン氏は同局の番組「Face the Nation」で、「核兵器のいかなる使用もロシアにとって破滅的な結果をもたらすだろう」と述べ、バイデン政権がモスクワに対し「非常に高いレベル」で内々に、また「ロシアが核兵器を使用すれば米国と同盟国は断固対応する」と公言していると説明した。





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