160 arrested in US human trafficking sting
A Disney employee, a cop, a prison guard, and two teachers were among those detained

Polk County Sheriff’s Office and other authorities in the US state of Florida have rounded up 160 people in a week-long human trafficking sting operation dubbed Fall Haul 2, County Sheriff Grady Judd announced on Friday in a press conference.

Those charged included a Disney employee, multiple school teachers, a deputy police chief, a corrections officer, and 26 married men. Some 86 were allegedly selling sex while 65 were trying to buy it, and between them, they had criminal records containing a total of 419 felonies and 619 misdemeanors. Only 16 of them were actually from Polk County, with most hailing from elsewhere in Florida, and 15 were from out of state.

Deputy police chief Jason DiPrima of Cartersville, Georgia and perhaps the most prominent catch of the Fall Haul, was arrested last Thursday after he answered an online ad from an undercover detective. Ducking out of a polygraph training workshop in an undercover Drug Enforcement Agency cruiser, DiPrima handed over $180 and a pack of White Claw Hard Seltzer to the fake hooker before the deputies slapped the cuffs on. He had resigned his position by the time Judd shared the details of his downfall with reporters.

Cameron Burke, a recently-fired computer technician at an Orange County high school, turned out to be out on bond after having been accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student at the school, a detail he shared with police as they arrested him again. Math teacher Carlos Gonzalez attempted to squirm out of being caught with two prostitutes by claiming he had just planned to give them money and skip the sex, while gym teacher John Layton claimed he had to be at track practice in the morning and thus couldn’t spend too long being arrested for trying to pay an undercover officer for a sex act.

Guillermo Perez, the Disney employee, worked as a bellhop at the park and was arrested after paying $80 to an undercover detective for sex. Lake Correctional Institution officer Keith Nieves was similarly arrested after attempting to have sex with a cop in disguise.

The Sheriff’s Office revealed it had found two human trafficking victims in the course of the probe, plus five potential victims, suggesting there were more among the crowd who were reluctant to come forward. A person arrested for prostitution in Florida can have their arrest wiped if they out themselves as a victim of human trafficking.拘留された人々の中には、ディズニーの従業員、警官、刑務所の警備員、および2人の教師が含まれていました

ポーク郡保安官事務所と米国フロリダ州の他の当局は、1週間にわたる人身売買おとり捜査「フォール ホール 2」で 160 人を逮捕した、とグラディ ジャッド郡保安官は金曜日の記者会見で発表した。

起訴された者には、ディズニーの従業員、複数の学校教師、副警察署長、刑務官、26 人の既婚男性が含まれていました。約 86 人が売春を行い、65 人がそれを買おうとしていたとされており、合計 419 件の重罪と 619 件の軽犯罪を含む前科がありました。そのうちの 16 人だけが実際にポーク郡出身で、ほとんどがフロリダの他の場所から来ており、15 人は州外から来ていました。

ジョージア州カーターズビルの副警察署長ジェイソン・ディプリマで、おそらくフォールホールの最も顕著なキャッチは、覆面捜査官からのオンライン広告に答えた後、先週の木曜日に逮捕されました.覆面捜査官の麻薬取締局巡洋艦でのポリグラフ トレーニング ワークショップから抜け出したディプリマは、180 ドルとホワイト クロー ハード セルツァーのパックを偽売春婦に渡した後、代理人が袖口を平手打ちしました。ジャッドが彼の没落の詳細を記者団に伝えるまでに、彼はその地位を辞任していた。

オレンジ郡の高校で最近解雇されたコンピューター技術者のキャメロン バークは、学校で 15 歳の生徒と性行為を行ったとして告発された後、保釈中であることが判明しました。彼を再び逮捕した。数学教師のカルロス・ゴンザレスは、2 人の売春婦に捕まることから逃れようとして、お金を渡してセックスをスキップするつもりだったと主張しました。性行為のために覆面捜査官にお金を払おうとしたために逮捕されるのに時間がかかりすぎます。


保安官事務所は、捜査の過程で 2 人の人身売買の被害者を発見したこと、さらに 5 人の潜在的な被害者を発見したことを明らかにしました。フロリダで売春で逮捕された人は、人身売買の被害者であることを証明した場合、逮捕を取り消すことができます。
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Russian military explains partial withdrawal
Russian units have left multiple settlements in the Kharkov region amid a Ukrainian offensive
The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the withdrawal of troops from multiple locations across Ukraine’s Kharkov region. The development comes amid a offensive in the area by Kiev.

“In order to achieve the goals of the special military operation, a decision was made to regroup troops in the areas of Balakleya and Izyum in order to build up efforts in the Donetsk direction,” the Russian military said in a statement on Saturday.

The troops stationed in the area have been "re-deployed" over the past three days into territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the ministry claimed. During the operation, the military has performed a “number of distracting and demonstration activities imitating the real action of troops,” it added, without providing any further detail on said maneuvers.

In order to prevent “damage to Russian troops,” the military has been subjecting Ukrainian units in the area to “powerful” artillery, missile and aircraft attacks, the ministry said, claiming destruction of over 100 armor pieces and artillery, as well as elimination of “more than 2,000 Ukrainian and foreign fighters” in the past three days.

The withdrawal comes amid a massive Ukrainian offensive that was launched in Kharkov Region on Thursday. The assault was preceded by attempts to advance in other areas, namely near the Russia-controlled southern Ukrainian city of Kherson.





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His Majesty King Charles III は最上級の敬称
His Excellecy Ambasseder Taro Yamamoto (山本太郎大使閣下)などとなります。
普通は、Mr.Taro Yamamoto ですが、博士号を持っている人には Dr.Taro Yamamoto とします。海外では、Dr.をつけることが多い。
キッシンジャーが来日した時、以前から交際のあった人は、Professer ・・・と呼んでいました。 


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