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China names cyberattack culprit
A space research university is the latest target of US intelligence, Chinese authorities claim
Beijing has accused Washington of conducting “tens of thousands” of cyberattacks on Chinese information networks in recent years, including hacking the Northwestern Polytechnical University in June.

In a statement on Monday, China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center (CVERC) revealed the results of its joint investigation with 360 Security Technology Inc. into repeated attacks on the information systems of the government-funded university, known for its aeronautic and space research.

“The overall overview, technical characteristics, attack weapons, attack paths and attack sources of the relevant attack events have been analyzed, and it is preliminarily determined that the relevant attack activities originated from the Office of Tailored Access Operation (TAO) of the National Security Agency (NSA),” CVERC said.

According to Chinese authorities, US intelligence used “more than 40 different NSA-specific cyberattack weapons” to steal the university’s “key network equipment configuration, network management data, operation and maintenance data and other core technologies data.”

Hacking the Xi’an-based university represents just one incident in a long line of cyberattacks against Chinese information infrastructure, CVERC claimed. Its investigation revealed that TAO continues “to expand the scope” of its activities and “has carried out tens of thousands of malicious network attacks on network targets in China, and controlled tens of thousands of network devices (network servers, Internet terminals, network switches, telephone switches, routers, firewalls, etc.), stealing over 140GB of high-value data.”

Authorities in the US have not yet responded to the Chinese allegations.

Relations between Washington and Beijing have hit a new low in recent months over the issue of Taiwan. Both have long accused each other of cyber espionage. Last year, China’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Zhao Lijian accused the CIA of hacking aerospace research facilities, oil industry, internet companies and government agencies.

Earlier this year, FBI chief Christopher Wray said that China had stolen “staggering volumes” of information and had been the source of more cyberattacks than all other countries combined.


中国の国家コンピュータウイルス緊急対応センター(CVERC)は月曜日の声明で、航空・宇宙研究で知られる政府出資の大学の情報システムに対する度重なる攻撃について、360 Security Technology Inc.と共同で調査した結果を明らかにしています。

CVERCは、「関連する攻撃事象の全体像、技術的特徴、攻撃兵器、攻撃経路、攻撃源を分析した結果、関連する攻撃活動は国家安全保障局(NSA)のTAO(Tailored Access Operation)事務所から発生したものと予備的に判断される」と述べています。





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Tracking of an Eagle over a 20 year period

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China flies ‘quasi-satellite’ in near space
The solar-powered vehicle is equipped for a variety of long-term surveillance operations, according to the chief designer
China successfully tested on Saturday its first large drone powered exclusively by solar energy, and designed to fly in near space, the country’s state-owned planemaker said. The vehicle could fulfil the some of the functions currently performed by satellites.

According to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), the vehicle, named Qimingxing 50, or Morning Star 50, took off in the city of Yulin, in northwestern China, and safely landed after a 26-minute flight.

The company said that after its maiden flight, all of the UAV’s system components were in good condition. It also noted that the drone features a super-high aspect ratio and the first twin-fuselage configuration for its size, and is solely driven by solar power.

According to the release, the aircraft is propelled by six electric motors and is designed to conduct long-term operations in near space.

Zhu Shengli, the drone’s chief designer, called it a "quasi-satellite," adding that the aircraft can embark on a wide range of operations, including high-altitude reconnaissance, forest fire monitoring, atmospheric environmental inspection, aerial mapping and communication signal relay.

He said the solar-powered drone will improve China’s operational capability in near space and over the oceans. According to a number of experts, at an altitude of 20,000 meters or higher, where there are no clouds, the drone can use its solar panels to their maximum capacity, which may enable the vehicle to stay airborne as long as its solar equipment is operational.

According to an unnamed Chinese aerospace expert interviewed by the Global Times, satellite services are not always available due to the limited number of satellites and overhead passages that follow a relatively fixed schedule. However, he said near-space drones could offset those disadvantages in time-sensitive missions. He noted that satellite services could also be sabotaged in wartime, so near-space drones can replace them in that scenario.

Qimingxing 50 is not the first Chinese space UAV, with two Chinese space companies already having built solar-powered drone models capable of flying at similar altitudes.

The US and the UK also possess such capabilities. The UK’s Airbus solar-electric Zephyr is able to fly at a 21 km altitude, and in late August, the high-altitude Airbus Zephyr S stayed airborne for 64 days, just several hours short of breaking the world record, before crashing down.

The world record for the highest altitude reached by a solar-powered drone, 29,524 meters, was made by the US' Helios Prototype, developed by the technology company AeroVironmentInc in California, in August 2001.

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西側とロシアはいずれ合意に達するだろう - クレムリン

West and Russia will eventually strike a deal – Kremlin
Moscow will not allow its interests to be harmed at any such negotiations, Dmitry Peskov has warned
The crisis between Russia and the West will inevitably be resolved at the negotiating table, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He warned, however, that Moscow will be ready to defend its interests when that moment arrives.

Western nations “have made too many mistakes and will have to pay for them,” he said on the Rossiya 1 TV Channel.

“Any confrontation is followed by détente and any crisis situation is resolved at the negotiating table… this is what will happen this time as well,” the spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin said, adding that it’s unlikely to occur “soon.”

When such talks materialise, Moscow will not hesitate to defend its interests, Peskov added. Russia has acquired “priceless experience” of dealing with the West in recent years and will use it to “conduct dialogue… in such a way that our interests are by no means hurt.”

The Kremlin official listed what he sees as Western errors, citing Germany’s “horrible” decision to send weapons to Ukraine for use against Russian soldiers. He also criticized European nations for supporting a government that allows “Nazis” to openly demonstrate their symbols and stage torchlit processions, calling it “no less horrible.”

Peskov also blamed the energy crisis in Europe on “absurd” decisions by European politicians, who have refused to service equipment sold by Western firms to Gazprom.

The Russian state energy giant “spent decades” earning its reputation of a reliable natural gas supplier, and has so far done nothing to tarnish it, the Kremlin spokesman claimed.

“This is not Gazprom’s fault, this is fault of those politicians, who have taken the decision on sanctions,” he said, referring to the Russian company’s recent decision to indefinitely suspend gas transit through its Nord Stream pipeline, due to technical issues.

Since the start of Russia’s offensive against Ukraine in late February, gas prices have climbed to record highs in Europe, driving up overall inflation. Moscow has cited technical issues caused by Western sanctions as the reason for the gradual decline in gas deliveries. The EU, in turn, has accused Russia of using energy exports as a weapon.
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World’s largest particle collider at risk over EU energy crunch
Scientists at the European nuclear research organization (CERN) fear they might have to shut down particle accelerators to save energy
The European energy crisis is threatening to affect the world’s largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the head of the European nuclear research organization (CERN) energy management panel, Serge Claudet, has admitted.

The agency is now working on contingency plans that could even see the LHC shut down to reduce energy consumption at peak times, he told the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

“Our concern is really grid stability, because we do all we can to prevent a blackout in our region,” Claudet said. However, the scientists will seek to keep the LHC operating and try to avoid a sudden shutdown of the $4.4-billion machine, he added.

The LHC is one of eight particle accelerators located at CERN’s sprawling complex on the border between France and Switzerland. It is also one of France’s largest energy consumers, requiring some 200 megawatts of power during its peak operation periods. The entire nearby city of Geneva consumes only around three times that amount.

CERN is hoping to reach an agreement with its energy supplier – the French state power giant EDF SA – and wants at least a day’s notice in the event that it has to reduce its energy consumption.


「私たちの地域で停電を防ぐためにできることはすべてやっているので、私たちの懸念は本当にグリッドの安定性です "とClaudetは言った。しかし、科学者たちはLHCを稼働させ続け、44億ドルのマシンの突然のシャットダウンを避けようとするだろう、と彼は付け加えた。


CERNは、エネルギー供給会社であるフランス国営電力大手EDF SAと合意に達することを望んでおり、エネルギー消費量を減らさなければならない場合は、少なくとも1日前に通知するよう求めている。

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英 警察はこの冬の騒乱に備える - Times

Police preparing for unrest this winter – Times
Rising living costs could prompt an increase in burglary and blackmail, police chiefs have reportedly warned
UK police fear a sharp rise in certain categories of crime and a risk of civil unrest this winter amid a cost of living and energy crisis, the Sunday Times reports, citing a leaked national strategy paper.

The document compiled by police chiefs warns that “economic turmoil and financial instability” may lead to an increase in offenses such as shoplifting, burglary, vehicle theft, online fraud and blackmail. More children are likely to join drug gangs and more women may become subject to sexual exploitation.

Contingency planning is reportedly underway to deal with the possible fallout from the cost of living crisis.

“Prolonged and painful economic pressure” could create a risk of “greater civil unrest,” similar to the London riots of 2011, the paper is quoted as saying.

Police themselves may also be affected. “Greater financial vulnerability may expose some staff to higher risk of corruption, especially among those who fall into significant debt or financial difficulties,” the paper said.

The gloomy forecast was revealed the day before the UK finds out the name of its new prime minister. Both candidates, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former chancellor Rishi Sunak, have pledged to take decisive action to address soaring energy costs.

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ワクチン後遺症 大学病院から診察拒否

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