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UN wants ‘permanent presence’ at Russia-held nuclear site
Moscow has welcomed the idea of UN inspectors remaining at the Zaporozhye nuclear plant
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) plans on establishing a “permanent presence” at the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear plant. Moscow has repeatedly accused Kiev of shelling the nuclear facility.

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi made his remarks on Wednesday at a press briefing in Kiev, before inspectors traveled to Zaporozhye.

The Zaporozhye facility is Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, and was seized by Russian troops several days after Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine in February. As it continued to operate with local staff under Russian control, the facility has come under artillery and drone attacks, with Russia blaming Kiev for the strikes.

Ukraine has alternated between blaming Russia for the shelling, and accusing the Russian military of using the plant as cover for its soldiers. While the US has accused Russia of firing from the plant, a senior military official admitted on Monday that “there’s probably a likelihood” that Ukrainian forces have bombarded the nuclear facility.

Moscow insists that it does not keep heavy weapons, including artillery, stationed at the plant.

Grossi’s remarks were welcomed by Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov. In a series of posts to Twitter, Ulyanov said that Moscow has supported the IAEA’s mission “from the very beginning,” and wished the inspectors “productive work on the site.”

Shortly before the IAEA delegation arrived at the plant, an official in the Russian-allied administration of Zaporozhye Region, Vladimir Rogov, said that a group of would-be saboteurs were arrested in the nearby city of Energodar. The suspected Ukrainian plotters were found with rifles, Western-made missile launchers, drones, and aerial photos of the nuclear plant, with Rogov claiming that they were planning a “series of terrorist attacks.”







Ukrainian troops try to seize Zaporozhye nuclear plant – Russia
Two commando groups landed near the station, Moscow has said
Kiev sent commando groups in an attempt to capture the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant on Thursday morning, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed.

There were two separate “sabotage groups” of up to 60 troops, which used seven boats to cross the Kakhovka Reservoir and land about three kilometers from the nuclear facility early in the morning, according to the statement. They attempted to capture the station from the Russian troops who are guarding it, the ministry said.

The Russian military said it took action to “destroy the enemy, including by deploying close air support aircraft.”

The ministry also claimed that about two hours after the landing of the commando forces, Ukrainian artillery started shelling a certain location near the city of Energodar, which hosts the power plant. Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who are on their way to visit the facility, are scheduled to pass the area, according to the report.

“The provocation of the Kiev regime is aimed at derailing the arrival of the IAEA mission to the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant,” the ministry said.


ロシア軍は、"近接航空支援機を配備するなどして敵を撃破する "行動を取ったという。



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ゼレンスキーのヘルソン反攻のコスト 兵士1700人以上が死亡


前24時間の間に、Su-25 2機、Su-24 1機、MiG-29 1機、Mi-8 ヘリコプター3機が撃墜された。
- 戦車63台
- その他装甲車107台
- 機関銃を搭載したピックアップ14台
- ウクライナ兵1700人以上
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Taiwan threatens Beijing with ‘counterattack’
Military officials in Taipei explain how the island would defend itself from a Chinese invasion
Taiwan has vowed to launch a forceful “counterattack” and “destroy enemy forces” in the event of an incursion by the Chinese military, as tensions continue to soar between Beijing and Taipei following a high-level visit by US officials to the island.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Taiwanese military officials outlined alleged “threats from the People’s Republic of China” and discussed a series of “large-scale exercises” carried out by the Chinese military earlier in August following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other officials.

“Some of the live-fire drills overlapped our country’s territorial seas… and endangered international waterways,” Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Sun Li-fang said, claiming that the exercises threatened the “international order.”

The Taiwanese military operations and planning chief, Major General Lin Wen-huang, went on to say that the island reserves the right to respond in force if the People’s Liberation Army breaches its airspace or waters.

“For PLA aircraft and warships that entered our territorial sea and airspace within 12 nautical miles, our armed forces will exercise the right to self-defense and counterattack,” he told reporters.

“Our stance is that the closer the incursions are to Taiwan – the stronger our counter-measures will be,” he added, vowing to gradually deploy “naval and air forces, and coastal fire” to dispel the invading Chinese forces if they enter the 24 and 12 nautical mile zones claimed by Taiwan.

If Beijing decides to launch an amphibious assault, “we will use the geographical advantage of the Taiwan strait, and use our forces to stop enemy from launching, strike enemy while transiting, damage enemy while mending, and destroy enemy at beach,” the Taiwanese military official added.







Taiwan fires live rounds at Chinese drones 'for first time'
The incident came after Taipei said it would start shooting down China’s unmanned aircraft







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Rainwater is no longer safe to drink anywhere on the planet

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Zelensky rents his Italian villa to Russians – media
The realtor in charge of the villa denied the report, but did not provide any evidence, citing privacy
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has rented his luxury villa in Tuscany to Russians for the month of August, Italian newspaper Il Tirreno reported on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Zelensky has called on EU leaders to deny visas to Russian tourists.

A Russian couple with a London address have rented the villa for the month of August, paying the princely sum of €50,000 ($50,237), the newspaper reported. The villa, located in the seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, was bought by Zelensky for four million euros while the Ukrainian leader was still an actor, the report added.

Photos posted on social media by the couple confirmed that they were staying in Zelensky’s property, Il Tirreno stated.

Corriere Della Serra, another Italian newspaper, contacted the realtor managing the property, who said that “The tenants weren’t Russian, but I can’t say more because privacy prevents me.” However, the paper said that the tenants are likely of Russian origin, “but have long since had their residence and perhaps English citizenship.”


夫妻がソーシャルメディアに投稿した写真から、ゼレンスキーの物件に滞在していることが確認されたと、Il Tirrenoは述べている。

同じくイタリアの新聞であるコリエレ・デラ・セラ紙は、この物件を管理する不動産業者に問い合わせたところ、"入居者はロシア人ではなかったが、プライバシーが邪魔をするのでこれ以上は言えない "と答えたという。しかし、同紙は、入居者はロシア系である可能性が高いとし、"しかし、とっくに居住地は決まっており、おそらくイギリスの市民権も持っている "と述べている。
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タンクで 10600 meters先のものに砲弾を命中できるか

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たかまつなな ひどい取材です

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