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重慶市の山村地帯で山火事 ボランティア

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Amnesty issues warning about Donbass tribunal
The organization blasted the looming trial as a “sham” by Russia and Donbass
Amnesty International is against putting Ukrainian POWs on trial for alleged war crimes, insisting that Russia and Donbass are in no position to do so.

Describing the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as “Russian-backed armed groups,” the organization called the upcoming tribunals “illegal and abusive.” The organization also blasted the decision to set up the trials in the city of Mariupol, captured by Russian and Donbass forces during the ongoing conflict, saying it was “a further act of cruelty against a city.”

“Any attempts by Russian authorities to try Ukrainian prisoners of war in so-called ‘international tribunals’ set up by armed groups under Russia’s effective control in Mariupol are illegal and unacceptable,” Amnesty International’s Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Marie Struthers, said in a statement on Friday.

The remarks echoed those recently made by top Ukrainian officials, including Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who threatened to cut any potential negotiations with Russia should Ukrainian POWs, primarily fighters of the notorious neo-Nazi Azov regiment, be placed on a “show trial.”

“If this despicable show trial takes place … This will be the line beyond which any negotiations are impossible. Russia will cut itself off from any negotiations,” Zelensky said in a video address on Monday.

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米国の嘘を口実にした戦争は10年以上も続く ウクライナもそうなるか

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今も変わりませんね コロナの怖さ

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Record $1.1 billion haul of meth seized

Record $1.1 billion haul of meth seized
The illicit substance was shipped from the Middle East to Australia concealed inside large marble slabs

Australian police announced the country’s largest-ever seizure of methamphetamine, worth more than AU$1.6 billion (some US$1.1 billion) on Friday. Nearly two metric tons of the drug were concealed inside marble slabs shipped into the continent from the Middle East.

The first part of the haul, some 748 kilograms of the drug, was discovered by Australian Border Force (ABF) officers in Port Botany, a southeastern suburb of Sydney, early this month. The discovery led to the arrest of three suspects, the police said.

During investigation, AFB examined an additional number of containers that arrived in Port Botany last week, discovering another haul of marble tiles. The consignment was deconstructed and turned out to contain additional 1060 kilograms of meth, bringing the total amount seized to some 1.8 metric tons. So far, no charges have been brought or arrests made in connection with the new discovery, the police noted.
German opposition demands free meth

Australian investigators are now trying to establish overseas suppliers involved in the drugs delivery. “The Middle Eastern region is probably our main focus. But I certainly wouldn’t restrict our investigation to just that region,” Police Detective Chief Supt. John Watson told local media.

All the containers with meth-filled marble tiles have been destined for a factory in western Sydney, apparently set up to quickly extract the drug from the slabs, Watson revealed. The police have not determined how often the factory had been used, he added.

“Combined with the seizure from earlier this month, NSW Police and ABF officers have stopped more than 1.8 tonnes of ‘ice’ at the border – this is now the largest ‘ice’ bust in Australian history,” Watson said in a separate statement.

The previous record meth haul was 1.6 metric tons and was seized in Melbourne in 2019. Back then, the drug was found hidden inside speakers shipped into the country from Thailand.

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CIA targets Russians in Turkey – media
A US intelligence agent inquired about confidential details of real estate deals, a Turkish paper reports
The Central Intelligence Agency has “openly” threatened Turkish businessmen for trading with Russia, prying into their real estate deals over concerns about the potential circumvention of US sanctions, Yeni Safak daily reported on Friday.

The paper has learned that the CIA’s Turkey office chief allegedly called high-ranking construction-company employees, inquiring about transactions and other confidential details of recent real-estate purchases involving Russian entities or individuals.

According to the report, the CIA officer interviewed businessmen under the guise of monitoring the US-imposed anti-Russia sanctions. He was interested to know the exact number of “houses sold to Russians,” what channels and currency were used for transactions, and whether the payments were made through a bank or cash-in-hand.

Another example of what has been described by Turkish media as “meddling in the affairs that are out of [US authorities’] duty” was a letter reportedly sent by US Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo to the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD) on August 22.

According to the outlet, Adeyemo had threatened to impose sanctions on TUSIAD members involved in doing business with Russia. The association confirmed the letter without disclosing its content, noting that it had shared it with the Turkish foreign and finance ministries.

It comes amid mounting concerns among Western nations about Turkey’s expanding trade and energy cooperation with Russia, and deepening ties between the two nations that could help Moscow bypass sanctions imposed by the US and EU over the conflict in Ukraine.

Last week, Adeyemo had a phone conversation with Turkish Deputy Finance Minister Yunus Elitas, during which he “raised concerns that Russian entities and individuals are attempting to use Turkey to evade sanctions put in place by the United States and 30 countries,” the US Treasury Department’s readout said.

Turkey responded by saying it would not allow the “breaching” of American sanctions, while maintaining its “balanced” position on the Ukrainian conflict.

Though Turkey has condemned Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, it remains the only NATO member which has not imposed sanctions on Moscow or closed airspace for Russian flights.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had previously positioned himself as a middleman between Ukraine and Russia. Turkey hosted ultimately unsuccessful peace talks in March but later helped broker an agreement to resume shipments of Ukrainian grain to world markets via the Black Sea.

米中央情報局(CIA)が、ロシアと取引するトルコ人実業家を「公然と」脅し、米国の制裁回避の可能性を懸念して彼らの不動産取引を詮索したと、Yeni Safak日刊紙が金曜日に報じました。









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Only one in three UN members back new anti-Russia resolution
International support for Ukraine has dropped dramatically since March
Ukraine’s latest proposal to condemn Russia has attracted the backing of just 58 out of 193 UN member states, a far cry from the number that symbolically supported Kiev in the General Assembly in March.

Kiev’s envoy to the UN Sergey Kislitsa heralded the proposed resolution on Wednesday, following the Security Council meeting convened on Ukraine’s independence day. The session featured a video address by President Vladimir Zelensky, for which the council had to override protocol requiring in-person appearances, and a series of statements by Western governments denouncing Russia.

Moscow’s envoy Vassily Nebenzia provided the counterpoint by introducing evidence of Ukrainian atrocities into the record and even naming Kiev’s western backers as accomplices in specific instances.

Kislitsa’s resolution also fell short of the support Kiev had back in March, right after the start of the Russian military operation. At the March 2 General Assembly session,141 member countries – or 73% of the UN – voted for a nonbinding resolution to condemn Moscow.

This week, however, that support stood at 30%, with no African, Persian Gulf or BRICS countries on board – and only two Latin American governments, Colombia and Guatemala, standing with Ukraine.




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