Ukraine receives hundreds of shell-dropping drones – media
The package was described as a gift from Taiwan by German newspaper Bild
Ukraine received a gift of 800 drones to mark its independence day this week, which are designed to fly over targets and drop mortar shells on them, German tabloid Bild has reported.

The present came from Taiwan, the newspaper said on its Russian-language social media on Thursday. The claim was widely repeated in Ukrainian media.

The drones are made by the Taiwan-based firm DronesVision, which also makes anti-drone equipment. The Revolver model is a quadcopter design that carries a package of eight 60mm mortar shells weighing over 10kg, which can be released by the operator, according to the producer. The package looks like the rotating barrel of a revolver, giving the weapon its name.

This kind of delivery system was developed and widely used by militant groups in Syria, who modified commercial drones to drop explosives. Some Ukrainian troops and their opponents from the Russia-allied militias of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics militarized simple drones in the same way amid the ongoing conflict.







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Artillery hits Zaporozhye nuclear dump
Four Ukrainian artillery rounds struck the spent fuel storage area, Energodar officials say
Four artillery projectiles fired from the Ukrainian side struck the fuel storage site of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant on Friday, authorities in the Russian-controlled city of Energodar told reporters. Radiation levels remain normal, suggesting that they inflicted no damage.

Europe’s largest nuclear power plant was seized by Russian troops in early March, soon after Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine. Since then, Russian National Guard and specialist troops have been guarding the site, while the Ukrainian staff continued operations.

Russian and local officials have accused Ukrainian forces of repeatedly attacking the Zaporozhye NPP with drones, artillery and even US-supplied weapons. Kiev has rejected the accusations and claimed Russia was using the facility as a military base and shelling its own troops to make Ukraine look bad.

On Thursday, shelling started a wildfire south of Energodar and forced a shutdown of the power plant to prevent a meltdown.

While the reactor building is designed to withstand a lot, the plant’s support systems are far more vulnerable. The area where hundreds of barrels of spent fuel are stored is particularly problematic, as any breach could lead to a radioactive release.

Russian ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia has shown evidence of Ukrainian culpability in the shelling to the Security Council, including naming the units involved and giving their precise location.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Rafael Grossi said on Tuesday he personally intended to lead a mission to inspect the Zaporozhye NPP “within days.” Moscow has repeatedly called on the IAEA to come inspect the facility, but the mission has been delayed by Ukraine’s insistence the inspectors must travel through Kiev.

The Ukrainian government and its Western backers have accused Russia of a plot to “steal Ukrainian electricity” and demanded Moscow hand the Zaporozhye plant back to Kiev’s control, or set up a 30-kilometer demilitarized zone around it. Moscow has rejected the demands as unacceptable.








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ワクチン後 急激な体重減少 極めて危険な兆候

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Moscow slams Western hypocrisy over Ukrainian grain
Not a single ship with Ukrainian grain has reached starving African or Asian countries, the Russian foreign ministry said
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has expressed doubt about the sincerity of Western countries’ global food security concerns, noting that grain-loaded ships from Ukrainian Black Sea ports are mostly heading to the West, rather than to starving African or Asian countries.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, Ivan Nechaev, the deputy director of the ministry’s information and press department, said that “so far not a single ship with grain has reached the shores of the starving countries of Africa or South Asia.”

“They go mainly to Western ports, and the range of exported goods is mainly not wheat, but corn grain and sunflower oil, which casts doubt on the sincerity of these voices in the West that world food security depends on the ‘grain deal’,” Nechaev said, referring to the recent deal between Moscow and Kiev which allowed the resumption of grain exports from Ukrainian ports.

Prior to the deal, Kiev and its Western supporters were accusing Moscow of deliberately preventing the food shipments and in this way threatening global food security. Moscow repeatedly denied those claims, saying that Ukraine had made the shipments impossible by laying naval mines in the waterways around the ports.

The foreign ministry spokesman also touched on the situation with the Sierra Leone-flagged freighter Razoni, which sailed out of Odessa on August 1 carrying 26,000 metric tons of chicken feed destined for Lebanon. The ship was turned back from Beirut on Monday, after the Lebanese buyer refused to accept the shipment, on the grounds of it being several months too late.

“As it turned out, there was not the wheat on board that the Lebanese needed, but corn, fodder corn,” Nechaev said.

Nechaev’s remarks about the destinations of Ukrainian grain echo a recent article by New York Times. On Tuesday, the outlet noted that since the Istanbul deal took effect on August 1, none of ten ships which have left the Ukrainian ports, were bound for Yemen, Somalia, or other countries facing “catastrophic levels of hunger.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told his counterpart Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana on Monday that Ukraine was committed to remaining “a reliable food exporter.”

Stressing that Russia is “committed to its obligations and is looking forward to effective fulfillment of the Istanbul deal,” Nechaev noted that the deal includes agreements not only on the export of grain from the Ukrainian ports, but also on the normalization of Russian food exports to the world market.

While implementation of one part of the deal has been ongoing for a week and a half now, the other element is yet to be fulfilled, Nechaev said, expressing hope that the Western countries will “create the necessary conditions” for access of Russian fertilizers and food to the global markets.

Snubbed Ukrainian grain heading to Russia-friendly Syria – Reuters
The first vessel to raise anchor after the grain deal was struck has had to change course after a Lebanese buyer rejected the shipment
The first grain ship to leave Ukraine since an internationally brokered deal to resume exports is approaching the Syrian port of Tartus after failing to offload its cargo in Lebanon, Reuters reported on Sunday, citing two shipping sources.

Exports from Ukraine had been disrupted for months after Russia launched a military operation in the neighboring country.

The Sierra Leone-flagged vessel Razoni left Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Odessa on August 1, carrying 26,000 tons of corn. According to the tracking website MarineTraffic.com, the ship is sailing in the eastern Mediterranean Sea between Cyprus and the Syrian coast. The Razoni previously docked in Mersin, Turkey on Thursday.

The cargo was originally intended for Lebanon, but the buyer refused to accept it due to concerns over quality stemming from the long delay. The Ukrainian embassy in the country said on Monday that the shipper was looking for other options to offload the corn in Lebanon or elsewhere.

The agreement to resume the shipments from Ukraine, brokered by the UN and Turkey, was reached late last month. Kiev previously accused Moscow of blockading its ports, while Russia insisted that vessels could not sail due to Ukrainian naval mines.

Syria and Russia have had close ties since the Soviet times. Russian warplanes operate out of the country’s Khmeimim air base during missions against Islamist terrorist groups, while Tartus is a point of service for the Russian Navy. In June, Syria became the second country after Russia to recognize the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, which broke away from Ukraine in 2014.

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ここまで緩んでいる 医者殺し!














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Efficacy of Pfizer’s Covid-19 pill questioned
An Israeli study has indicated the medication is of little measurable benefit to patients in the 40-65 age bracket

A Covid-19 pill lauded by the World Health Organization (WHO) may be of little or no benefit to patients aged between 40 and 65, a new study by Israeli researchers has suggested. The medication, made by Pfizer and sold under the trade name Paxlovid, has proven effective in those aged over 65, however.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday, the study involved 109,000 patients who had received Paxlovid. After analyzing different age brackets, the scientists concluded that the treatment did little to improve the conditions of patients aged 40 to 65. At the same time, the medication reduced the number of hospitalizations among seniors by approximately 75%, if given shortly after contracting Covid-19.

The analysis, however, is based on data obtained from the Israeli health system as opposed to observing patients in a randomized study with a control group – something which represents a departure from practices held as the standard for such research, AP pointed out.

No official comment from Pfizer has been forthcoming as of yet.

The US Food and Drug Administration authorized Paxlovid late last year for adults and children over 12 who suffer from chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. According to federal records cited by AP, over 3.9 million prescriptions for the medication have been issued since the drug was given the green light.

The Biden administration has been placing particular emphasis on Paxlovid in the hope of reducing the number of hospitalizations. US authorities are said to have shelled out some $10 billion to procure the drug, which is being made available to the public at thousands of pharmacies through the government’s test-and-treat initiative.

In an emailed statement on Wednesday, White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz cited several other studies which indicate that Paxlovid helps reduce hospitalizations among people 50 and older. That research, however, has yet to be published in peer-reviewed journals, AP noted.

The official was quoted as saying that the “growing body of evidence is showing that individuals between the ages of 50 and 64 can also benefit from Paxlovid.”


水曜日のNew England Journal of Medicine誌に発表されたこの研究は、パックスロビドを投与された109,000人の患者を対象としたものである。異なる年齢層を分析した結果、この治療法は40歳から65歳の患者さんの状態をほとんど改善しなかったと結論づけられました。一方、高齢者では、Covid-19に感染した直後に投与した場合、入院を約75%減らすことができました。






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Ukraine 'kill list

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CEOの任正非は、流出した社員のみに宛てた電子メールの中で、3年から5年の間は「世界に明るい話題はない」と警告している--非常に辛い歴史的な時期である..." 。

‘No bright spot in the world’: The founder of Huawei warns of painful global slowdown and tells company to brace for ‘survival’











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中国は 宗教は人類の進歩の障害であると主張している

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欧州の狂気 これは後を引く

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Security systems activated at Zaporozhye nuclear power plant – officials
The pro-Russian local administration said the power outage was caused by fires started by Ukrainian shelling
Security systems have been activated at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant after a power outage, which temporarily left the facility without electricity, members of the Russia-backed administration in the Ukrainian region have claimed.

The plant has since been connected to an alternative source of power, according to officials.
The blackout is said to have been caused by massive wildfires in the area, which were started by Ukrainian shelling, theу said.

Fires, which have engulfed parts of the steppe and woods surrounding the city of Energodar, led to short-circuits in the local grid, leaving not only parts of Zaporozhye region without power, but also the neighboring Kherson region.

The head of the pro-Russian military-civil administration of Energodar, Yevgeny Balitski, has been quoted by media as saying: “according to preliminary information, because of massive shelling by the Ukrainian armed forces, which has continued since last night, fields and undergrowth caught fire. This led to a short-circuit in the grid.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s state-owned Energoatom company, which is the operator of the power plant, has issued a statement saying Russia’s actions have “resulted in the complete disconnection of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant from power supply – for the first time in history.”

The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant is the largest facility of its kind in Europe. It was seized by Russian forces in early March, soon after Moscow launched its military offensive against Kiev. Since then, the country’s National Guard and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Troops have been guarding the site, with Ukrainian staff continuing to operate the plant.

Over the past month, Russia has repeatedly accused Ukrainian forces of shelling the nuclear power plant, damaging some of the equipment and buildings. Moscow has warned that Kiev is risking a nuclear incident on a similar scale as the 1986 Chernobyl disaster or even worse.

Ukraine, in turn, strongly denies its military is targeting the facility, and accuses Russian troops of deliberately shelling the plant to frame pro-Kiev forces. Moreover, Ukrainian officials and some of their Western supporters claim that Russia is using the plant as a military base, hiding its personnel and hardware on its grounds.

Russian officials, for their part, have repeatedly called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to send inspectors to the facility, saying that such a mission would corroborate Moscow’s version of events.




エネルゴダール市の親ロシア派の軍民行政の責任者であるエフゲニー・バリツキー氏は、メディアの報道を引用して次のように述べている。「予備的な情報によると、昨夜から続いているウクライナ軍による大規模な砲撃のため、畑や下草に火がついた。これが送電網のショートにつながった "と述べた。

一方、発電所を運営するウクライナの国営エネルゴアトム社は、ロシアの行為により、"ザポロジェ原子力発電所が電力供給から完全に切り離される結果となった-史上初めて "との声明を発表している。






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