US on verge of directly joining Ukrainian conflict – Moscow
Washington has been encouraging Kiev to attack Russian territory, deputy foreign minister says

Washington’s continued support for Kiev during Moscow’s military operation has put the US on the verge of becoming party to the Ukrainian conflict, Russia’s deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov has said.

“We don't want escalation. We’d like to avoid a situation, in which the US becomes a party to the conflict, but so far we don’t see any readiness of the other side to take these warnings seriously,” Ryabkov told Rossiya 1 TV channel on Friday.

Moscow rejects Washington's explanation, that providing Ukraine with weapons and other aid is justified by Kiev’s right to self-defense, he pointed out.

“Excuse me, what kind of self-defense is it if they are already openly talking about the possibility of attacking targets deep in the Russian territory, in Crimea?” the deputy FM wondered.

According to Ryabkov, such statements are being made by the Ukrainian side “not just under the blind eye of the US and NATO, but with the encouragement of this kind of sentiment, approaches, plans and ideas directly from Washington,” Ryabkov insisted.

“The ever more obvious and deeper involvement in Ukraine in terms of countering our military operation, in fact, puts this country, the US, on the verge of turning into a party to the conflict,” he reiterated.

The US has been the strongest supporter of Kiev amid its conflict with Russia, providing Kiev with billions of dollars in military and financial aid, as well as intelligence data. Washington’s deliveries to the Ukrainian military have included such sophisticated hardware as HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, M777 howitzers and combat drones.

Reuters reported on Friday that US President Joe Biden is about to announce another lethal aid package for Kiev of around $800 million.

An unnamed official from the Biden administration told Politico on Thursday that the White House had no problem with Ukraine attacking Crimea, which became part of Russia after a 2014 referendum staged in response to a violent coup. The US believes that Kiev can strike any target on its territory, and “Crimea is Ukraine,” the American official insisted.

There have recently been a number of explosions near a Russian ammunition depot and at a military airfield in Crimea, which the Defense Ministry said were acts of “sabotage.” However, Ukrainian authorities haven’t officially confirmed involvement in the attacks.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”
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the US/EU ever did projects like this in Africa?

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EU、ロシア人の「ナチス政策」想起を禁止するよう呼びかけ - モスクワ

EU calls to bar Russians recall ‘Nazi policies’ – Moscow
Russophobic ideas are being actively promoted within the bloc, Sergey Shoigu has said
Calls to ban Russian citizens from entering the EU, now being pushed by some of the bloc’s member states, are reminiscent of “Nazi policies,” Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Saturday.

“We are now witnessing another vivid manifestation of Nazi policies: speaking from high podiums, [European officials] are actively promoting the Russophobic idea of barring all Russian citizens from entering EU countries,” he told the plenary session of the First International Anti-Fascist Congress, which is part of the ‘Army-22’ international military technology forum.

Shoigu also expressed alarm that the results of the Nuremberg trials detailing crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis are being reassessed in a number of countries, especially in the Baltic region.

“SS legionnaires’ marches have become a tradition in Estonia and Latvia; monuments and obelisks are being erected in honor of war criminals. Nazi slogans are openly proclaimed in the streets of Lithuanian cities,” he said.

The defense minister recalled that fascist regimes came to power in many European countries in the 1930s, including Germany, where the Nazi ideology proved to be the most radical and expansionist form of fascism. He also underlined that international capital was instrumental in Nazis’ ascent to power.

“It is abundantly clear that the financial and economic cooperation between the Anglo-American and Nazi business circles was one of the main factors that led to the Second World War,” Shoigu said, adding that the Soviet Union was the country that had borne the brunt of Nazi aggression.

On this point, the minister noted that “history lessons had been poorly learned by those who rely on their own strength and commit violence.”

“The bombing campaign on Yugoslavia, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, cultivating terrorist structures in Syria – specific authors and actors always stand behind all these and similar crimes. The responsibility for such actions and their consequences rests entirely on the leadership of the United States and NATO,” he stated.

Shoigu’s comments followed a decision by the Estonian government on Tuesday to remove several Soviet-era war memorials in Ida-Viru County, including a historic T-34 tank in the provincial capital of Narva. This monument has been a flash point for tensions between Estonia’s nationalistic government and the city’s Russian community.

Many Tallinn officials view Soviet memorials as a reminder of a historical period that they consider to have been an occupation, while others see them as a symbol of the sacrifices made during World War II and the victory over Nazi Germany.

Estonia recently barred most Russian citizens with Schengen visas issued by the Baltic nation from entering the country, while Finland announced this week that it would be cutting the number of entry visas available to Russians by half.







この点について同大臣は、"歴史の教訓は、自らの力に頼って暴力を振るう人々によって、十分に生かされていなかった "と指摘した。




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コロナ 5類になったら、断固入院拒否

・・・全額自己負担の請求総額175万円。3割自己負担で50万円を超しますね。私は1割負担で17万5千円。いやだ! 払いたくない! 5類になったら、断固入院拒否だ。


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Russia warns of another Chernobyl over Ukraine's attacks

Kiev’s shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant could result in a worst-case scenario, Moscow warns
Ukraine’s ongoing attacks on the Russia-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant may cause a far worse disaster for Europe than the current energy crisis, a Russian Defense Ministry official has warned.

Igor Kirillov, who heads Russia’s Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Troops, illustrated the likely worst-case scenario of a direct hit on Europe’s largest nuclear plant, during a briefing on Thursday. He showed journalists a map, with plumes of radioactive material from the site reaching Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Belarus and even Germany.

He blamed Ukraine's Western backers for trying to downplay the danger of targeting the atomic plant, and forgetting the lessons of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the 2011 Fukushima nuclear incident.

According to Kirillov, both disasters involved “the failure of support systems, the disruption of power supply and partial and complete shutdown of the cooling systems, which led to overheating of nuclear fuel and the destruction of the reactor”.

The fallout of the Chernobyl disaster affected some 20 countries, while causing 4,000 deaths, a major spike in cancer cases, and the permanent relocation of around 100,000 people. The effects of the Fukushima nuclear incident might seem “insignificant” at first glance, but up to 500,000 people have abandoned their homes because of it, he noted.

“Our experts believe that the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces may cause a similar situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,” Kirillov said.

Strikes by the Kiev forces could render the plant’s cooling systems and other support infrastructure inoperable, which would lead “to overheating of the core and, as a result, the destruction of reactor units at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, with the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere and their spreading for hundreds of kilometers,” he warned.

“Such an emergency will cause mass migration of the population and will have more catastrophic consequences than the looming energy crisis in Europe,” the military official added.

Moscow has accused Kiev of carrying out 12 attacks on the nuclear facilitity, which provides energy to both Russian- and Ukrainian-controlled areas, since mid-July.

Ukraine insists that Russian forces are shelling the site, while accusing them of stationing military hardware at the plant. The Russian side has denied both accusations, while also urging International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts to visit the Zaporozhye facility to see what is actually happening.












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China will waive the 23 interest-free loans for 17 African countries

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Rs-28 Sarmat ICBM travels at a speed of MACH 21

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Covid cases have tripled in Europe over the last 6 weeks

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「香港がんばれ!」の皆さん 2年前の事件をどう見ていますか

Blinken deletes tweet saying US would ‘stand with people of Hong Kong’, posts watered-down version
US secretary of state initially put the post up on September 16 but took it down and issued a more muted sentiment, drawing criticism and questions
A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry’s Hong Kong office criticised ‘irresponsible comments from certain US politicians’ on Hong Kong









シリア戦争も実のところは、同じ構図です。凶悪なテロリストを欧米は moderate rebels 穏健派反政府勢力 だと言っています。そして欧米がこれらの勢力を資金や武器の供与で支援していることは紛れもない事実です。












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フィンランド 女性の首相にコカイン疑惑

Finnish PM responds to drug allegations
Leaked videos of Sanna Marin on a night out have exposed the 36-year-old leader to criticism
Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has denied taking drugs after videos of a night out, in which a number of revelers could reportedly be heard discussing cocaine, were leaked online. The controversy has prompted some politicians to call for the young leader to take a drug test.

“I am upset that these videos have become public. It was about me having a night out with friends. Partying – even in a boisterous way – dancing and singing,” Marin told the media on Thursday morning.

She denied any wrongdoing, but lamented the violation of her privacy. The party took place at a private residence several weeks ago, she said, and expected her off-duty time to remain confidential. Marin confirmed that the party that night later continued at two bars in Helsinki.

The footage, which circulated earlier this week on social media, showed the 36-year-old Finnish prime minister having a good time with several public figures, mostly from the entertainment industry, but also including MP Ilmari Nurminen, 31. According to reports in the local press, some of the partygoers could be heard shouting a term that can refer to cocaine.


Another video surfaces of partying Finnish PM
Sanna Marin has denied any wrongdoing during her night out after footage was leaked online
Finnish tabloids reported on Friday that a new video of the country’s partying prime minister, Sanna Marin, has surfaced online.

In the footage, she can be seen dancing in a club with a man, who was identified by the local press as rock singer Olavi Uusivirta. Some outlets questioned the propriety of the encounter, considering that the 36-year-old leader is married. Uusivirta is divorced.

Earlier this week, a series of videos popped up online showing Marin and some other Finnish public figures having a good time at an apartment and in clubs in Helsinki.

Some people took issue with shouts heard in the background, in which the revelers apparently described themselves as a “flour gang.” “Flour” can refer to cocaine in Finnish slang, so MP Mikko Karna suggested that Marin should take a drug test to quash any speculation about possible drug abuse.

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Ring videos無断提供

Amazon gave Ring videos to police without consent
The company admitted to the practice in a letter to a US senator
Ring Videoとは、AMAZONが販売しているWifi使用の玄関用動画撮影チャイムです。これで撮影されたものがAMAZONのサーバーに送られて記録されているようです。AMAZONが所有者の同意なくその動画を警察に提供していたというものです。

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世界最多の感染者、死亡者を出しているのに声をあげる人は少ない。みんな神経、感覚が狂っている? もう諦めている? 日本には安全、安心を考える政治家がいない。岸田は何をやっている。野党はなぜ黙っている。

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ウクライナ 目撃者の証言

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No more Gambia toy boys – official
The West African nation is trying to shed its reputation as a sex-tourism hotspot for mature European women
Gambia wants to update its international image and attract “quality tourists,” instead of European women of a certain age looking to have sex with younger men, said Abubacarr Camara, director of the Gambia Tourism Board, as quoted by The Telegraph on Wednesday.

The outlet noted that the tiny West African nation, with a population of just about 2.5 million, has recently gained a reputation as a sex haven for mature women from the UK and other parts of Europe.

“What we want is quality tourists,” said Camara. “Tourists that come to enjoy the country and the culture, but not tourists that come just for sex.”

Gambian officials say they want to target higher-end tourists and millennials by promoting ecotourism to break away from its sleazy reputation.

Hamat Bah, the nation’s minister for tourism and culture, told The Telegraph that Gambia wanted to shift the focus away from nightlife and towards nature, pointing out that there are over 300 different species of tropical birds in the country.
Climbers can now share selfies from Africa's tallest mountain
Read more
Climbers can now share selfies from Africa's tallest mountain

According to the outlet, the government is now looking to introduce new laws that could make it easier for law enforcement to arrest both local beach boys and older women engaged in “suspected relationships.”

Sex tourism in Gambia took root in the 1990s after global travel agency Thomas Cook launched cheap flights and budget package holiday tours to the former British colony. Since then, the country has become known for having plenty of young black men who are ready to offer sexual services to older women in exchange for money.

The Telegraph notes that many young Gambian men are drawn into the sex industry because the country has low wages and a shortage of jobs, while just a few days with an elderly European woman can net over $200 – the equivalent of a month’s salary in the nation.

“People are poor here, so they have no choice,” explained Kausu Samateh, a Gambian tourist guide. “They think it is better to go to Europe where they will have a better life. They hope that the old ladies will take them,” he told the outlet.





ガンビアの観光・文化大臣であるHamat Bah氏は、ガンビアはナイトライフから自然へと焦点を移したいとテレグラフ紙に語り、同国には300種類以上の熱帯鳥類が生息していると指摘した。





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Nationalist unit executes 100 fellow Ukrainian troops – Russian MoD
Moscow says the execution of soldiers who abandoned their positions was meant to intimidate other Ukrainian fighters
Some 100 Ukrainian soldiers have been executed by nationalist fighters from the “Kraken” regiment for abandoning their positions, Russia’s Ministry of Defense claimed in a daily briefing on Friday.

After Russian forces carried out an assault on Ukraine’s 58th motorized infantry brigade on August 14 near the settlement of Udy in the Kharkov region, the remnants of the formation fled their positions and retreated, ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said.

In order to “suppress panic and intimidate the personnel of the Armed forces of Ukraine,” fighters from the neo-Nazi “Kraken” regiment “demonstratively executed 100 servicemen of the 58th motorized infantry brigade who abandoned their positions” near Udy, the official said.

The “Kraken” regiment describes itself as a special reconnaissance and sabotage unit under the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, operating separately from the Armed Forces. Moscow considers it to be an offshoot of the notorious neo-Nazi “Azov” regiment which suffered a crushing defeat in the city of Mariupol back in May.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has accused the battalion of committing several war crimes since the beginning of the conflict, and believes it to be responsible for brutally mistreating Russian POWs.

While there is no information on how many fighters the “Kraken” regiment has, some estimates suggest it is about 1,800 soldiers strong, most of whom are Azov veterans and volunteers. Over the course of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense has regularly reported the elimination of hundreds of fighters from the “Kraken” regiment as well as from other nationalist divisions.

In its Friday update, Russia’s MoD reported destroying temporary deployment points of the “Azov” and “Aidar” formations near the city of Soledar in the Donetsk People’s Republic, and claimed to have eliminated over 50 neo-Nazi fighters as well as 12 units of military equipment.







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US military expert backs Putin’s claims
Washington really wants the Ukrainian conflict to drag on, a Navy veteran has told Newsweek
Russian President Vladimir Putin is not wrong to blame the US for working to prolong the fighting in Ukraine, a high-profile American military expert has told Newsweek.

The respective goals of Washington and Kiev in the conflict contradict each other, claimed Sean Spoonts, a US Navy veteran and editor-in-chief of the Special Operations Forces Report (SOFREP) website.

“It seems like while Ukraine would like to end the war quickly and decisively defeat Russian forces and drive them out of their country, US policy almost seems designed to prolong the conflict hoping to bring about the collapse of Russia itself, both militarily and economically,” he said.

“That goes a lot further than [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky’s goal, which is to simply get Russian armies out of his country and regain lost territories in Donbass, Lugansk and Crimea,” he added.

Donbass is a historic, cultural and economic area that includes the People’s Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk, which declared their independence from Ukraine after a coup in Kiev in 2014, and were recognized as sovereign states by Russia before the launch of its military operation in late February.

The SOFREP editor-in-chief was commenting on the statement made by Putin earlier this week, in which the Russian leader insisted that by “pumping the Kiev regime with weapons, including heavy weapons,” the US was “trying to prolong this conflict” in Ukraine. He also said the Ukrainians have been assigned the role of “cannon fodder” in Washington’s “anti-Russia project.”

The US has been the prime backer of Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia, providing the country with billions of dollars in military and financial aid, as well as intelligence data. Washington’s deliveries to the Ukrainian military have included such sophisticated hardware as HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, M777 howitzers, and combat drones.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”








ロシアは2月24日、キエフがドネツクとルガンスクの両地域にウクライナ国家としての特別な地位を与えるためのミンスク協定を履行しないとして、ウクライナに軍隊を派遣した。ドイツとフランスが仲介したこの議定書は、2014年に初めて署名された。ウクライナのピョートル・ポロシェンコ前大統領はその後、キエフの主な目的は、停戦を利用して時間を稼ぎ、"強力な武装勢力を生み出す "ことだったと認めている。
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臓器摘出 膵臓 腎臓 肺 大腸 心臓
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