米国に異議あり もうアメリカに夢はない

China blames US for Ukraine conflict
Washington created the current crisis, said the Foreign Ministry spokesman in Beijing
A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the US of starting the crisis in Ukraine and fueling the conflict. Zhao Lijian told reporters at a regular press briefing on Tuesday that Washington should stop playing “world police” and work on creating conditions for peace talks instead.

Zhao was asked about the recent remarks by US State Department spokesperson Ned Price, who once again threatened China with a “very steep cost” should Beijing help Moscow evade Western sanctions – even though there was no evidence China was actually doing so.

Accusing Price of sounding “as if the US were the world police,” Zhao said that China “takes an objective and fair stance and stands on the side of peace and justice” when it comes to Ukraine.
中国外務省のスポークスマンは、米国がウクライナで危機を開始し、紛争を煽っていると非難した。 趙立堅は火曜日の定期的な記者会見で記者団に、ワシントンは「世界警察」の演技をやめ、代わりに和平交渉の条件を作ることに取り組むべきだと語った。



遠藤誉 中国問題グローバル研究所所長、筑波大学名誉教授、理学博士











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コロナ後遺症 時間とともに悪化するとの説が有力に

コロナに関する記事 についてのお断り



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検査まで5日 陽性でも処方薬なし

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Ukraine grain going anywhere but Africa – media

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Germany’s business model is broken – vice chancellor
The country must swallow “bitter medicine” after years of cheap Russian energy, the economy minister explains

German Economy and Climate Action Minister Robert Habeck threw out the country’s entire business model on Monday, saying it relied on cheap energy imports from Russia that will never return.

The vice chancellor’s comments came during his announcement of a special tax on natural gas, intended to redistribute the impact of energy shortages between companies and the general population.

“Germany developed a business model that was largely based on dependence on cheap Russian gas,” Habeck told reporters in Berlin, noting that this also meant dependence on an “enemy” of international law, “liberal democracy and its values.”

“This model has failed and it is not coming back,” he said.

Because Russia has “arbitrarily” interrupted gas deliveries to the EU, Habeck claimed, Germany needs to “rescue companies that have got into difficulties and have to bear that as a national economy,” calling it “bitter medicine” that has to be taken in the process.

“This tax is the fairest possible way to distribute and bear the additional costs that have accrued among the population. The alternative is not no tax. The alternative would have been the collapse of the German energy market and with it, large parts of the European energy market,” Habeck argued.

On Monday, an association of gas pipeline operators settled on a tax of 2.4 euro cents per kilowatt hour, which will take effect in October and run through April 2023. According to estimates published by Reuters earlier in the day, the tax will run a typical household about €500 ($508) per year.

Habeck said that 12 importers have applied for relief so far, and will get about €34 billion ($34.7 billion) in bailouts, accounting for 90% of their additional costs.

“All measures have consequences and some of them are also impositions. But they lead to us being less susceptible to blackmail and thus being able to decide on our energy supply independently of Russia. And thus, in the end, we can also act sovereignly in terms of foreign and security policy,” he told reporters.

Germany has long relied on Russian natural gas to fuel its manufacturing industry. This model has taken one blow after another over the past several years, however, between Covid-19 lockdowns that disrupted international trade, Habeck’s Green Party bringing its climate-change agenda to the ruling coalition, and EU embargoes against Russia on account of the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia has pledged to fulfill all outstanding gas contracts, but Germany has not made long-term commitments in part due to environmentalist concerns, leaving Berlin with the skyrocketing prices on the spot market. German authorities refused to certify Nord Stream 2, a fully finished pipeline under the Baltic Sea that was supposed to double the volume of direct Russian imports, even before the conflict in Ukraine escalated in February.

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SARS-CoV-2 感染に関連する精巣痛、勃起不全、生殖能力の低下

SARS-CoV-2 感染に関連する精巣痛、勃起不全、性腺機能低下症、精子の数と質の低下、生殖能力の低下は、男性の生殖管の細胞の感染の直接的な結果です。

これは、ME/CFS または LC とのセックスに関する質問への回答でした。しかし、はい、これは2020年の初めから私を大いに悩ませてきました.私もこれでかなり長い間激しい精巣痛があったことを忘れていましたが、今では私の精巣は通常よりも小さくなっています.

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Erdogan and Assad May Hold Putin-Brokered Talks - Turkish Media

The leaders of Turkey and Syria could hold telephone talks after it was suggested by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish state media reported Tuesday, citing sources within the Ankara government.

The news comes after Erdogan’s visit to Sochi last week, where he discussed the issue of Syria with Putin. The Turkiye newspaper reports that after the meeting, Putin recommended Ankara work as much as possible with the Assad govt to combat terrorism as such an approach would be “much more accurate.”

Erdogan and Putin reaffirmed their commitment to the political process in Syria and agreed it was important to maintain the “political unity and territorial integrity” of the Middle Eastern nation and vowed to act “together in full coordination” to fight any terrorist organizations.

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コロナ感染者 全数把握見直し

・・・低リスク者の療養証明はどうやってとるんだろう。市販の検査キットで要請になった人の登録は? やはり陽性確認手続きを経てハーシスに登録しないとわからないのでは?



ハーシス入力支援の準備 千葉県の場合


搬送先みつからず 自宅でそのまま死亡



マイハーシス 感染時に備えてこれだけは知っておこう
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least 21 US army veterans are receiving treatment for Agent Orange exposure on Okinawa

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Zelensky ‘troubled’ as he questions inner circle’s loyalties – Erdogan
The Ukrainian leader is surrounded by “people who deceive him a lot,” he allegedly told the Turkish president
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is concerned he is being taken advantage of by someone close to him, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, citing their conversation during the meeting in Lviv on Thursday.

Asked by a farmer about the Ukrainian leader’s “situation” on Monday during a visit to local vineyards, Erdogan claimed Zelensky was “very worried. There are people around him who deceive him a lot.”

Erdogan had not mentioned this confession during earlier public statements about the negotiations in western Ukraine, and he did not elaborate further on who Zelensky believed was deceiving him. The two men met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and signed an agreement on restoring Ukrainian infrastructure destroyed during the conflict.

The Ukrainian president has been firing high-ranking members of his administration at a fast clip since Russia’s military operation began in February. Special forces commander Grigory Galagan was removed last month.

First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Ruslan Demchenko was also let go last month, though for apparent health reasons, while Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and Intelligence Bureau chief Ivan Bakanov were suspended and placed under investigation on suspicion of working with Russia.

Not content to merely behead the Ukrainian security service (SBU), Zelensky announced a personnel audit in the agency and fired several regional heads as well. He had apparently been planning to audit the SBU for some time, claiming that on February 24, the day Russia launched its offensive in the Donbass, some representatives of a law enforcement agency were “somewhere [else], instead of protecting their people.”


月曜日に地元のブドウ園を訪れた際、農民からウクライナの指導者の「状況」について尋ねられたエルドアンは、ゼレンスキーが「とても心配している」と主張した。彼の周りには、彼をよく欺く人たちがいるのだ "と。




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Car blast kills daughter of Russian philosopher Dugin – reports
The victim is alleged to be 30yo Daria Dugina
A powerful explosion ripped apart an SUV near Moscow on Saturday night, instantly killing its driver. According to preliminary reports, the victim was identified as Daria Dugina, the daughter of controversial Russian thinker Alexander Dugin, who is sometimes painted in the West as one of the Kremlin’s “chief ideological masterminds.”

The incident took place on a highway some 20 kilometers west of Moscow around 21:45 local time, with witnesses claiming that the blast rocked the vehicle right in the middle of the roads, scattering debris all around.

The car then reportedly crashed into a fence, fully engulfed in flames, according to photos and videos from the scene.

Emergency services working at the scene said at least one person was inside the car and was instantly killed in the blast, a female whose body was recovered burned beyond recognition. However, multiple Russian telegram channels and media sources alleged that the woman inside the vehicle was a 30yo Daria Dugina.

Authorities have yet to confirm the identity of the victim, but Alexander Dugin was spotted at the scene soon after the incident, visibly shocked according to several videos circulating on social media.

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