Saudi Arabia outlines what it will do for oil output
The country can boost output to 13 million barrels per day, but not more, crown prince says
Saudi Arabia is ready to increase oil production to its maximum of 13 million barrels per day but does not have the capacity to pump out more, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said during his address at the US-Arab summit in Jeddah on Saturday.

“The kingdom has announced an increase in its production capacity level to 13 million barrels per day, after which the kingdom will not have any additional capacity to increase production,” he was quoted as saying by UAE’s newspaper The National.

The crown prince also said that the global community should join forces to support the worldwide economy, but noted that unrealistic policies regarding energy sources would only worsen the situation.

“Adopting unrealistic policies to reduce emissions by excluding main sources of energy will lead in coming years to unprecedented inflation and an increase in energy prices and rising unemployment, and a worsening of serious social and security problems,” he stated.

Mohammed bin Salman’s words come a day after his talks with Joe Biden, who was in Saudi Arabia on his first visit as US president, and urged the kingdom to increase oil production in order to reduce global reliance on supplies from Russia.

Commenting on his trip to the kingdom, Biden said Saudi Arabia’s “energy resources are vital for mitigating the impact on global supplies of Russia’s war in Ukraine.”

Saudi Arabia, one of the globe’s largest oil exporters and the leading producer within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), currently pumps out more than 12 million barrels of oil per day. The kingdom previously said it plans to reach production capacity of 13 million barrels per day by 2027. The Crown Prince did not reveal whether the timeframe for the boost in capacity has changed.

"王国は生産能力レベルを日量1300万バレルまで引き上げると発表したが、その後、王国には追加の増産能力はない "と、UAEの新聞The Nationalの発言を引用して述べた。


"主要なエネルギー源を除外して排出量を削減する非現実的な政策を採用すれば、今後数年間、未曾有のインフレとエネルギー価格の上昇、失業率の上昇、深刻な社会問題や治安問題の悪化につながる "と述べました。


バイデン氏は、サウジアラビア訪問について、"ロシアのウクライナ戦争が世界の供給に与える影響を緩和するためには、サウジアラビアのエネルギー資源が不可欠である "と述べました。


Saudi prince reminds Biden of US torture in Iraq
Saudi crown prince reportedly reminded US president of Washington’s own poor record of assorted “mistakes”
SAUDI Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman allegedly called out Washington’s long track of “mistakes” made in Iraq and Afghanistan as President Joe Biden confronted him over the gruesome murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

That's according to Reuters, quoting a statement made by a senior Saudi official to Reuters on Saturday.

While Saudi Arabia admitted its “mistakes” made in the Khashoggi affair, it has “taken all measures to prevent similar mistakes in the future,” the crown prince, commonly referred-to by the acronym MBS, was quoted as having told Biden.

MBS also apparently tried to downplay the significance of the murder of the journalist, who was slain and subsequently dismembered at the Saudi consulate in Turkey in 2018, pointing a finger at the US’ own questionable record of human rights abuses. He also brought up the recent killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, slain during an Israeli raid in the West bank.

“In the same year, similar regrettable incidents took place and other journalists were killed in other parts around the world,” the crown prince said. “The United States also made a number of mistakes like the incident of Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and others.”

All countries around the world, including the US and Saudi Arabia, share values that they agree on and have others that they disagree on, the crown prince suggested. Imposing said values on others, however, is not exactly a good idea, he went on, pointing to Washington’s failures in the Middle East.

“However, trying to impose those values by force could have the opposite effect, as happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the US was unsuccessful,” he said.

The 2018 murder in Turkey, which the CIA claimed was ordered by Mohammed bin Salman himself, left a major dent in the US-Saudi relations. Holding the kingdom as a whole and MBS personally accountable for the incident was among the primary talking points for Biden during his presidential campaign, when he had promised to make the country a “pariah” on the international stage.

Speaking to reporters after his meeting with MBS, Biden insisted he does not regret targeting the crown prince, and raised the issue “at the top of the meeting” making his stance “crystal clear.”

“I said very straightforwardly: For an American president to be silent on an issue of human rights, is this consistent with – inconsistent with who we are and who I am? I’ll always stand up for our values,” Biden stated.
サウジアラビアの皇太子は、米大統領にワシントン自身の劣悪な記録の盛り合わせ "ミス "を思い出させたと伝えられている。










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プーチンのテヘラン到着 すごい警戒ぶりです


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Catalpa tree キササゲの仲間

大きな木です。花が咲いています。英国のRHS ガーデン・ウィスリー。ロンドン南部にあります。
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British Falklands War vet captured in Donbass asks for help – media
The Briton joined the infamous ‘Azov’ regiment in 2018 and was detained near the city of Mariupol in the spring
A British man, who fought alongside the infamous Neo-Nazi ‘Azov’ regiment in Mariupol, has asked London for help in a video published by a Russian journalist over the weekend. Identified as John Harding, the man says he would otherwise “face the death penalty.”

“I would say to [UK Prime Minister] Boris Johnson, if you can help, if you can influence [Ukrainian] President Zelensky, if you can influence the president of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), or if you can influence [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin, then please do,” Harding can be heard saying

The clip was posted by a correspondent with Moscow's Channel One broadcaster, Marina Kim, on her Telegram channel.

“People’s lives are depending on this. So, if you can, please, help,” he adds, saying that “otherwise I face the death penalty. My friends face the death penalty.”

Woman accused of trafficking Farah willing to talk to police
Nimco Farah is currently in Somaliland but is said to be scared to return to the UK

The woman accused of trafficking four-time Olympic champion Mo Farah to the UK as a child is said to be scared to return to west London but willing to talk to police in the belief that she has nothing to hide.

In a BBC documentary aired on Wednesday, Farah revealed that he was trafficked to the UK as a nine-year-old and given his assumed name, Mo Farah, which was stolen from another child and used to obtain a fake passport.

Upon arrival on British shores, Farah was forced into domestic servitude but eventually rescued by a PE teacher named Alan Watkinson who helped him secure British citizenship.

The British Home Office has confirmed that Farah will not be investigated despite his revelations. But British Police at Scotland Yard confirmed the opening of an investigation into the trafficking claims.

On Saturday, the Daily Mail claimed to have talked to a relative of the woman believed to have trafficked Farah, Nimco Farah, who usually resides in west London but is currently in Somaliland while "scared to return" to the UK out of fear that "she will be arrested and nobody will believe her".

Abdi Gelle, who is a cousin of Nimco Farah's, noted that there are "a lot of dangerous things being said about how she’s a trafficker and kept Mo as a slave".

"She wants to tell her side of the story but is worried that nobody will listen. Who is going to believe a little old Somali lady over a national hero like Sir Mo Farah?" he posed.

Gelle and other relatives of Nimco Farah, who is in her 70s, have also claimed that her and Mo Farah are related too.

The elderly woman is currently in Somaliland's capital Hargeisa but allegedly took nine-year-old Farah, whose real name is Hussein Abdi Kahin, to her west London flat where she posed as his mother and made him care for her children with the threat of never seeing his family again if he didn't comply.

Gelle and other relatives of Nimco Farah's that the Mail spoke to however claim that Mo Farah was taken to the UK with his family's consent, with Gelle saying that to use the term trafficking is "very serious".

"Those of us in the Somali community do not see it this way," Gelle explained. "A lot of people brought young children that were not biologically theirs from Somaliland to the UK and other European countries so that they could have better lives.

"Nimco did not do anything different. This whole situation is being made out to be something that it isn’t.

"This wasn’t a case of a strange woman taking a child she doesn’t know without the permission of the family. Nimco’s family know this isn’t true," Gelle went on.

Another cousin of Nimco Farah's, who preferred to remain unnamed, said: "We know the police are investigating this matter and Nimco is prepared to speak with them. But she’s unlikely to come back to the UK for this because it will be too dangerous for her."

"We can believe the allegations that Mo Farah was treated badly by her as a youngster but not those of trafficking.

"But what you also have to remember is that Somali families are not like Western ones. Children are expected to do a lot of work around the house and are brought up in a much stricter environment."

"Nimco has always been a tough lady. By Somali standards, she was just putting a child to work in the house, which is what happens in our community," Gelle insisted.

Nimco Farah is said to be separated from her ex-husband Mukhtar Farah, who is believed to live in Manchester usually but is also currently spending time in Somaliland.

Mukhtar Farah is the man that Mo Farah had previously said was his father, as part of a cover story that had Farah being sent to the UK aged eight as three of six Farah children seeking a better life.

As revealed on the documentary, however, Farah's father was killed during Somalia's civil war when he was four before he and a brother were sent to neighboring Djibouti to live with family.

While there, Nimco Farah came to observe him prior to taking a young Mo Farah to the UK.

When asked in the documentary what had happened to the woman that brought him to Britain, Farah said: "The production team contacted the lady, but she didn't want to give anything and that's all I know."

Aged 39, Farah announced his retirement from track athletics earlier in July but still harbors plans to take part in the next London Marathon in October.

Moscow responds to London’s threats
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has mocked Liz Truss’ self-proclaimed aspirations to “lead the free world” against Vladimir Putin
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has blasted “Russophobic” remarks by British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who promised to “continue to lead the free world” against Moscow and ensure Ukraine’s victory. Truss made the remarks during a campaign event for Tory leadership on Thursday.

The aspiring PM candidate, who scored third in Thursday’s ballot, bragged about her ability to “deliver” and make “tough” decisions, listing her staunch support for Kiev as an example of her decision-making abilities.

“I stood up to [Russian President] Vladimir Putin by targeting Russia with the toughest sanctions his regime has ever seen. And I would continue to lead the free world in opposing Putin and making sure that Ukraine prevails,” Truss stated.

The remark was not taken lightly in Moscow, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasting her words as “Russophobic” and “invariably steeped in painful aggression and nationalism.” Amid the ongoing Tory leadership campaign, Truss “has begun spewing threats towards our country and its leadership and wants to achieve a ‘Ukrainian victory’ over Russia,” in an effort to “fulfill her compulsive ambitions,” according to Zakharova.

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ヨーロッパは滅亡する 1

EU divided over Ukraine support – Kiev
Some EU members are not ready to greenlight a €9 billion aid package for the country, its finance minister claims
EU members are at odds over how they should support Ukraine, with some countries unprepared to provide Kiev with a €9 billion ($9.1 billion) aid package, Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergey Marchenko said in an interview with Italian daily Corriere della Sera on Monday.

He claimed the world is also getting tired of Ukraine’s conflict with Moscow.

“Of course we receive weapons and military aid, but this is not enough… It is a clear sign that the European Union and the rest of the world around Ukraine are getting a little tired of this war. That is understandable; they are suffering from oil and gas prices,” the minister told the outlet.

On Sunday, Corriere della Sera reported that Germany had been blocking the €9 billion EU package for Ukraine. Berlin has also allegedly opposed proposals to finance Ukraine using common European debt, in a move that greatly alarmed Kiev. The newspaper also speculated that this was the true reason why Ukraine had abruptly sacked its ambassador to Germany, Andrey Melnik.

Commenting on the EU aid package delay, Marchenko said that “some governments are not ready to support Ukraine with such an amount of money.”

“During the first months of the war, Europe was united. Now we see different opinions emerge on how to support Ukraine,” the minister added.

Marchenko also lamented that while Ukraine needs €5 billion ($5.05 billion) every day, Kiev has been receiving much less than this so far. “We need €5 billion a month, but in April we received €1.6 billion. In May, we got €1.5 billion. In June, €4.4 billion. In July, we expect more than €4 billion, but we are dependent on the European bureaucracy,” he said, adding that the EU wants to know exactly how Kiev is spending its money. Marchenko explained that the funds are intended exclusively for social and humanitarian programs.

The minister’s comments come after he announced in mid-May that Ukraine may have to resort to “painful” measures to save the crashing economy amid the nation’s conflict with Russia. At the time, he warned that the government might have to raise taxes, cut spending and nationalize certain businesses.












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The 1st major clash in Ukraine: Battle of Antonov Airport
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Switzerland turns down NATO request on Ukrainians
Bern has refused to treat Ukrainian civilians, arguing that they are “indistinguishable” from soldiers, local media report

Kiev names condition for peace talks with Moscow
Ukrainian foreign minister appears to rule out talks anytime soon

Germany explains why it can’t use alternate route for Russian gas
The German government says the country cannot use the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for additional Russian gas supplies, TASS reported on Monday

Ukraine walks back firing of top security officials
Ukraine’s prosecutor general and the head of national security agency have been suspended, but not fired.
Contrary to reports on Sunday night, Ukraine’s prosecutor general and Security Service (SBU) chief have been suspended, but no decision has been made on whether to fire them, the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky clarified on Monday.

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and SBU chief Ivan Bakanov were removed from duty in a surprise announcement on Sunday, with Zelensky claiming it was done because of “rampant” treason in both agencies, with 651 criminal cases against its employees launched.

Such a vast “array of crimes,” as well as contacts between “employees of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Russia,” raise “serious questions” for Venediktova and Bakanov, the president insisted, warning that “every such question will get an appropriate answer.”

The deputy head of Zelensky’s office, Andrey Smirnov, has now said “there’s currently no talk about firing those two officials. We’re talking about suspending the Prosecutor General from office, and the head of the SBU being temporarily barred from his duties.”



ゼレンスキー事務所のアンドレイ・スミルノフ副所長は、「現在、この2人の職員を解雇するという話は出ていない」と述べている。検察庁長官を停職にし、SBUの長官を一時的に職務から外すという話だ" と述べた。

Gazprom declares ‘force majeure’ on EU gas flow – media
Energy giant cites “extraordinary” circumstances outside its control, Reuters says
Russian energy giant Gazprom has declared force majeure on gas supplies to at least one major EU customer starting July 14, Reuters reported on Monday citing a company letter it has seen.

According to the document, Gazprom could not fulfil its supply obligations due to “extraordinary” circumstances outside its control, Reuters explains.

The agency cites its sources as saying that the letter was referring to supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

The route is currently undergoing planned annual maintenance which is due to be completed on Thursday, however many in Germany fear that the flow will not be resumed.

Last month, supply via the pipeline was slashed by 60% as a vital piece of equipment was not returned from repairs in Canada on time due to sanctions on Russia. According to media reports, the gas turbine should be back in Russia within a week.





EU admits goal of anti-Russian sanctions
Brussels aims to create problems for the Russian economy, but it won’t stop the fighting in Ukraine, said Josep Borrell

The embargoes imposed by the European Union against Moscow are intended not to stop the fighting in Ukraine, but wreck the Russian economy, the bloc’s foreign policy commissioner Josep Borrell said in Brussels on Monday. Borrell also announced an EU ban on Russian gold exports later this week.

“The EU sanctions will not stop the military activities in Ukraine, but ought to create a lot of problems for the Russian economy,” Borrell said, adding that the EU “cannot afford sanctions fatigue.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin “counts on the fatigue of democracies with sanctions,” the EU high representative for foreign policy said. “It is not easy but we must continue to put pressure on the Russian economy. Our European societies must not abandon this policy,” he added.

Borrell’s comments echoed the argument he made in a blog post over the weekend, responding in part to Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s statement that the embargo policy has been “miscalculated” and harmed the EU members more so than Moscow.




EU ramps up military support to Ukraine
The approval of a fifth tranche has taken the bloc’s overall military assistance to Kiev to €2.5 billion
The European Union agreed Monday to allocate an additional 500 million euros in military aid to Ukraine. With the approval of the fifth assistance package, the bloc’s aid to Kiev has reached €2.5 billion ($2.5bn), the head of the European Council Charles Michel announced following a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

In his post on Twitter, Michel noted that the funds are being released in the framework of the European Peace Facility (EPF) – a financial mechanism created in 2021 to enhance the bloc’s ability to act as a global security provider. The EPF reimburses governments for military equipment supplied to Kiev, “including items designed to deliver lethal force for defensive purposes.”

“EU support in military equipment to Ukraine Armed Forces now at €2.5 billion. Europe stands with Ukraine,” Michel wrote.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry welcomed the announcement describing it as “an important step in strengthening European security.”
欧州連合は月曜日、ウクライナにさらに5億ユーロの軍事援助を割り当てることに合意した。 5番目の支援パッケージの承認により、キーウへのブロックの支援は25億ユーロ(25億ドル)に達しました。欧州理事会のシャルル・ミシェル議長は、EU外相会議の後に発表しました。

ミシェルはツイッターへの投稿で、資金は欧州平和施設(EPF)の枠組みの中で解放されていると述べました。これは、グローバルセキュリティプロバイダーとして機能するブロックの能力を強化するために2021年に作成された金融メカニズムです。 EPFは、「防衛目的で致命的な力を提供するように設計されたアイテムを含む」、キーウに供給された軍事機器を政府に払い戻します。

「ウクライナ軍への軍事装備におけるEUの支援は、現在25億ユーロに上ります。 ヨーロッパはウクライナを支持している」とミシェルは書いた。

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