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Ukraine weapons smuggling allegations

Brussels comments on Ukraine weapons smuggling allegations
The EU has no reason to doubt Kiev will keep weapons off the black market, a senior official said

A senior EU foreign affairs spokesman appeared to brush aside concerns by member states that weapons supplied to Ukraine were finding their way to the black market. In an interview published on Thursday by a Ukrainian news website, Peter Stano said the EU had “no reason not to trust” Kiev on the matter.

The news outlet, Ukrinform, asked Stano for comments after “speculative assumptions have appeared” in the Western media “over the risk of smuggling the weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western partners.” Ukrinform didn’t specify which articles it was referring to.

But the Financial Times reported on Tuesday that EU member states were concerned over the whereabouts of the arms. The British newspaper said Western nations want Ukraine to have a more robust system for tracking weapons it receives to fight Russia.

“All these weapons land in southern Poland, get shipped to the border and then are just divided up into vehicles to cross: trucks, vans, sometimes private cars,” a Western official was cited by the FT as saying. “And from that moment we go blank on their location and we have no idea where they go, where they are used or even if they stay in the country.”

Stano told Ukrinform that the EU’s military “assistance is subject to strict controls and safeguards, including after it has been delivered,” and expressed certainty that Kiev was properly handling the arms it receives.

“We have no reason not to trust the Ukrainian Government which is leading a fight to defend the country and the Ukrainian people against a brutal aggressor,” he was cited as saying.

Warnings that arms sent to Ukraine may end up on the black market came from organizations like Interpol, and Europol. Police officials in some nations like Sweden also spoke about the danger posed by arms trafficking from Ukraine.

According to an RT investigation, West-supplied weapons like the NLAW shoulder-fired anti-tank missile or the Switchblade ‘kamikaze drone’ are readily offered by gun smugglers on the Darknet.

The EU official appeared to address the issue by accusing Russia of diverting them.

“Let’s not forget that the weapons deliveries to Ukraine are a potential target of hostile action” by Russia, he stated.

When prompted by the outlet, Stano appeared to dismiss smuggling concerns as nothing more than Russian disinformation.

“Basically anything that comes out of the Kremlin and from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, is a massive propaganda and very often simply lies,” he claimed.

The EU has so far provided 2 billion euros worth of military aid to Ukraine through the European Peace Facility.










"ウクライナへの武器納入は、ロシアによる敵対行動の対象になりうるということを忘れてはならない "と述べた。



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英国人傭兵死亡 その他いろいろ

UK national dies in DPR captivity
The Donetsk People’s Republic ombudsman has revealed captured “British mercenary” Paul Urey died of chronic illnesses on Sunday
UK blames Russia for ‘mercenary’s’ death
Paul Urey, a British national, died in the captivity of the Donetsk People’s Republic
British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on Friday summoned the Russian ambassador over the death of British citizen Paul Urey in the captivity of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Truss declared that Russia “must bear the full responsibility” for Urey’s death, which Donetsk officials attributed to his chronic health conditions.

Russia labels Bellingcat ‘undesirable’
The controversial US-government funded organization has been banned by the prosecutor general’s office
Russia’s prosecutor general’s office on Friday labeled the Western state funded Bellingcat investigative group, as well as two other non-profits, “undesirable organizations.” The designation, which is expected to be formalized by the country’s Justice Ministry shortly, effectively means a ban on operating in Russia.

The prosecutors targeted both UK-based Bellingcat Ltd. and its Dutch branch Stichting Bellingcat. Latvia-registered media outlet The Insider and the Czechia-domiciled Central and Eastern European Law Initiative (CEELI) non-profit were also deemed “undesirable.” All of the organizations pose a threat to Russia’s “constitutional order and security,” the prosecutors claimed in a statement.

The designation entails the mandatory closure of all local chapters and freezing of any assets held in Russia. Attempts to circumvent the ban carry administrative and criminal penalties.

New Russian space boss unveiled
Yury Borisov has been chosen to head Roscosmos

EU Commission sues Hungary over LGBT law
Brussels has targeted Budapest for alleged discrimination and freedom of speech violation

Award-winning LGBT activist charged with child pornography
‘Anastasia Diamond’ allegedly downloaded dozens of sexual videos of prepubescent boys
Brice Williams, a drag queen who goes by the stage name of ‘Anastasia Diamond’, has been charged with 25 counts of possessing child pornography. Williams was previously honored for his work with LGBT youth and more controversially, was filmed performing a drag show for minors.

Williams was charged in June with 25 counts of child pornography and 18 counts of criminal use of a communications facility. According to Penn Live, Williams downloaded at least 49 photos and 25 videos of naked prepubescent boys, and court documents state that the videos showed boys performing sex acts on each other, sometimes with an adult male involved.

Williams admitted to police that he had viewed child porn since 2014, beginning on messaging apps and progressing to sharing files with likeminded men on cloud storage apps, court documents state.
Anastasia Diamondの芸名で活動しているドラァグクイーンのBrice Williamsが、児童ポルノ所持の25の訴因で起訴されました。ウィリアムズは以前、LGBTの若者に対する活動で表彰され、さらに物議を醸したのは、未成年者向けにドラッグショーを行っているところを撮影されたことだった。




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Hungary has ‘military plans’ for Ukraine – minister

Hungary has ‘military plans’ for Ukraine – minister
Budapest needs to protect ethnic Hungarians living in the western part of the bordering country, FM Peter Szijjarto has said
Hungary has military plans on how to protect ethnic Hungarians living in western Ukraine, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has revealed. Budapest is ready to act in defense of 150,000 people it considers its own, he revealed in an interview on Friday.

“Our country has prepared emergency war scenarios,” the minister told Index news website. He said the Hungarian government wanted to avoid using them, which is why it sought a peaceful resolution of the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict.
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