ancient Silk Road via steel rail


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Putin comments on Bucha ‘massacre’ allegations
The purported massacre blamed on Russian troops is as “fake” as past “chemical attack” claims in Syria, the president has said

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed accusations that Russian troops were responsible for killing civilians in the Kiev suburb of Bucha, labeling the case as fake. The president made the remarks during a joint press conference with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday.

“I’ve been talking to colleagues from Western countries, often, up until now. And when they say ‘Bucha’ to me, I ask them: ‘Have you ever been to Raqqa? Have you seen how this Syrian city was completely flattened by American aviation?’ Corpses have been laying there decomposing in ruins for months. And nobody cared about that,” Putin said, adding that mass-killings of civilians by the West in Afghanistan had been met with the same silence.

“There was no such silence when they staged provocations in Syria, when they imagined the use of chemical weapons by the Assad government. Then it turned out that it was a fake, the same fake is in Bucha.”

The Russian president also added that the country’s intelligence services have already received materials proving that the Bucha mass killing, largely branded as a ‘massacre’, was staged, from their Belarusian counterparts. Putin, however, did not elaborate on the materials he mentioned.

Bucha made the headlines early in April shortly after the Russian military withdrew from the outskirts of Kiev and Ukrainian troops moved in and scores of dead civilians were discovered in the town. Kiev authorities promptly blamed the Russian military for the purported massacre, while top western politicians were quick to side with Ukraine and amplify its take on the incident. The suburb had already become a hotspot for European politicians to visit to show their solidarity with Ukraine, as well as to condemn “Russian war crimes.”





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オミクロンの実際 3

同じ事業所の職員358人の感染を発表 島根県

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Russia and Ukraine hold largest POW exchange
Each side gave 144 captured fighters back
Russia and Ukraine held a new prisoner of war exchange on Wednesday. The swap has become the largest exchange since the beginning of the ongoing conflict, with each side surrendering 144 prisoners.

Ukraine’s military intelligence service was the first to announce the exchange, releasing photos of the swap.

The batch included 43 fighters with the notorious Azov regiment, Ukraine’s military intelligence noted. Hundreds of fighters of the neo-Nazi unit ended up in Russia’s custody after surrendering at the Azovstal steel plant in the city of Mariupol.

While Moscow has remained silent on the swap so far, the exchange was confirmed by the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin. “Today, 144 fighters of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Russian Federation, captured by the enemy, we are returning home,” Pushilin wrote in a social media post.

“We gave Kiev the same number of prisoners from the armed forces of Ukraine, most of whom were wounded. Several of them are privates of nationalist battalions, their condition is deplorable: the wounds are severe, with amputation of limbs and other complications,” he added.

Both Russia and Ukraine claim to have captured scores of each others’ soldiers since Moscow launched its military campaign in the neighboring country in late February. Early in June, Moscow said it was holding nearly 6,500 Ukrainian fighters in custody. Ukrainian officials previously reported that 11 rounds of exchanges had taken place, with dozens of prisoners swapped.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”

In February 2022, the Kremlin recognized the Donbass republics as independent states and demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join any Western military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked.



モスクワはこれまで交換について沈黙を守ってきたが、ドネツク人民共和国のデニス・プシーリン代表は交換を確認した。"今日、敵に捕らえられたドネツク人民共和国とロシア連邦の144人の戦闘員、我々は家に帰る "とプシリンはソーシャルメディアの投稿に書いた。


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スペインの北アフリカの飛び地 Melilla

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Zelensky demands $5 billion from NATO

Zelensky demands $5 billion from NATO, cites security in Europe
Failing to help Ukraine would result in a “delayed” war between Russia and the West, he claimed

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the US-led NATO bloc to ramp up support of his country amid the ongoing conflict with Russia, claiming that Kiev’s defeat would result in a “delayed” war between Moscow and the whole West. Zelensky made the remarks as he addressed the NATO summit in Madrid via a video link on Wednesday.

“It’s either urgent aid to Ukraine sufficient for victory, or a delayed war between Russia and you,” Zelensky told NATO leaders.

The country needs both direct military and financial aid, Zelensky stated, adding that some $5 billion a month was needed to cover its budget deficit. Top Ukrainian officials have repeatedly called upon the West to provide financial support.

“Financial aid for Ukraine has no less significance than arms deliveries,” Zelensky said. “We need some $5 billon every month, you know that. And this is a fundamental thing, needed for defense and protection.”

To help Ukraine now end this war with a victory on the battlefield, that is, to give a really strong response to Russia’s actions – this is what we, and the entire alliance, the whole Euro-Atlantic community need.

Once the conflict is over, Ukraine must be provided with a decent place in the Western security architecture, Zelensky insisted, rejecting the prospect of Ukraine remaining in a “gray zone” between Russia and the NATO bloc. “We need security guarantees, and you must find a place for Ukraine in the common security space,” he stressed.
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燃えたショッピングモールは閉店していた この事件を米国がジェノサイトとして非難

次の2枚はGoogle Mapから管理人が取り出したもの。

Russia comments on alleged mall strike in Ukraine
An airstrike on the Kremenchug ammo stockpile in Ukraine caused a fire at a closed shopping center nearby, the Russian Ministry of Defense claims

The Russian military has confirmed an airstrike on the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug on Monday, but claimed it targeted a stockpile of Western weapons. The detonation caused damage to a nearby non-functioning shopping mall, Tuesday’s report said. Kiev had claimed that Russia attacked the shopping center, killing and injuring many civilians.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the location of the arms stockpile was near the Kredmash factory. The Amstor Mall, where a fire was reported by Ukrainian sources on Monday, is right next to it. The military claimed that the Western munitions detonated and caused a fire at the facility, which was no longer operating.

Ukrainian officials claim that the mall was packed with people at the moment Russia allegedly attacked it. However, video showed that the car park outside was almost empty.

According to the latest casualty report, 18 people were killed and 59 injured in the incident, with 25 of the wounded taken to the hospital for treatment.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky described the incident in Kremenchug as “one of the most blatant terrorist attacks in European history.” He stated that the site posed no threat to the Russian military and had no strategic value.

Kremenchug is a city in central Ukraine around 250km southeast from Kiev. The Russian military had previously attacked a major oil refinery in the city, denying the Ukrainian military fuel for their vehicles.





ウクライナのヴォロディミル・ゼレンスキー大統領は、クレメンチュグでの事件を "ヨーロッパの歴史上、最もあからさまなテロ攻撃のひとつ "と表現した。同大統領は、同地はロシア軍にとって何の脅威にもならず、戦略的価値もないと述べている。










Russia and West clash at UN Security Council
In an unusual move, Ukrainian President Zelensky joined via video link
Russia does not target civilians in Ukraine and did not strike a shopping center in Kremenchug, Moscow’s envoy to the UN told the Security Council on Tuesday.

Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy said the mall caught fire due to an explosion of Western-supplied weapons and ammunition, stored at the nearby factory and intended to used in shelling civilians in the Donbass, making it a legitimate military target.

He also criticized the UNSC for breaching protocol and allowing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to address the council via video-link, after refusing such a request from the Central African Republic.

“In reality, there was no strike on the mall,” Polyanskiy told the council, as Russia targeted a storage facility at the Kredmash factory next door. The weapons and ammunition stored there were bound for the front, where Ukrainian artillery has been bombarding the civilians of Donbass, for many years, to no objection from the UN, he added. “The Russian strike stopped that.”

Polyanskiy pointed out that Ukrainian media clearly shows images of intact merchandise inside the Amstor shopping center, and windows of nearby residential buildings that had not shattered. The fire was caused by explosions of the Western-supplied ammunition at Kredmash, he said.

Moscow’s envoy accused Ukraine of waging a propaganda war, using fakes and lies such as the ‘Snake Island 13’ and the ‘Ghost of Kiev’ to campaign for more weapons and financial aid from the West. Actual testimonials of civilians from Donbass show that they blame only the Ukrainian military, which deploys around residential homes and uses civilians as human shields, Polyanskiy argued.

Tuesday’s session was convened by Albania, a NATO member state which chairs the UNSC through the end of June.

It was opened by Rosemary DiCarlo, a US diplomat currently serving as UN under-secretary-general for political and peacebuilding affairs. She said that entire cities in Ukraine were being “leveled” by the Russian military and described Monday’s incident in Kremenchug as “one of the most shocking attacks of the conflict.”

The keynote speaker, however, was Zelensky. Appearing via video-link – in what Polyanskiy objected to as a breach of protocol – the Ukrainian president once again demanded that the UN declare Russia a “terrorist state,” expel it from the Security Council and the General Assembly, and set up an international tribunal, as had been done for the Rwandan genocide.

“Deprive the terrorist state of its powers!” he told the council.

Zelensky accused Russia of waging a “full-scale war of conquest” against Ukraine and being a “terrorist and enemy of humanity.” Russia only has a permanent seat in the UNSC due to the “shortsightedness” of the West at the end of the Cold War, he insisted, and ought to be expelled from the UN outright.

Russia is the world's largest nuclear power. A subject Zelensky didn't mention.

Representatives of Poland, Estonia, and the UK voiced support for Kiev. Polyanskiy insisted that Russia launched its military operation to prevent Ukraine from becoming an anti-Russian weapon in the hands of the West.

“Until these goals are achieved, our operation will continue,” the Russian envoy said.








開会宣言は、現在国連事務次長(政治・平和構築担当)を務める米国の外交官、ローズマリー・ディカルロ氏によって行われた。彼女は、ウクライナの街全体がロシア軍によって「平地化」されていると述べ、月曜日のクレメンチュグでの事件を "紛争の中で最も衝撃的な攻撃の一つ "と表現した。








Ukraine confirms Russian missile hit plant adjacent to burned down shopping mall
The strike left a large crater at a factory that was used to stockpile weaponry, according to Moscow
The Russian military on Monday targeted the Kredmash vehicle plant in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug, the chairman of the factory’s supervisory board, Nikolay Danileyko, has confirmed. The plant is located right next to the shopping mall that was destroyed in a blaze after the missile strike, with 18 people reported killed and over 50 injured.

The factory was a civilian facility and had not produced military vehicles or parts for them since 1989, Danileyko told local media. The plant’s workers were not injured in the attack, he added.

Footage from the scene aired by local media shows a large crater in the middle of one of the factory’s hangars. The strike inflicted heavy damage on the building, blowing away parts of its roofing and walls and rupturing underground piping.

While Kiev was quick to accuse Moscow of deliberately attacking the shopping mall itself, the Russian military maintained it had targeted a stockpile of Western-supplied weaponry on the premises of the Kredmash plant. Secondary detonations of the destroyed weapons sparked a fire that spread to the shopping mall, the Russian military claimed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed the shopping mall was tightly packed, with “more than a thousand civilians” visiting it at the time of the strike. Footage from the scene taken moments after the strike, however, showed that the parking lot by the mall was almost empty, with several armed individuals in military uniform roaming the area.

The mayor of Kremenchug pinned the blame for the civilian casualties on the venue’s operators, accusing them of ignoring a warning of an imminent air attack.

“Ukraine is at war, so ignoring an air raid alert is a crime, which the tragedy in Amstor [mall] demonstrated once again,” the mayor, Vitaly Maletsky, wrote on social media.


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