Autoimmune Blistering Disorders
Medically Reviewed by Stephanie S. Gardner, MD on September 16, 2020
What Are Autoimmune Blistering Disorders?

Autoimmune blistering disorders (also called autoimmune blistering diseases or autoimmune bullous disorders) are a group of rare skin diseases. They happen when your immune system attacks your skin and mucous membranes -- the lining inside your mouth, nose, and other parts of your body. This causes blisters to form.

Researchers have found many types of this disorder. Although there's no cure for them, your doctor can give you treatments to help heal the blisters and prevent complications.
Types of Autoimmune Blistering Disorders

Autoimmune blistering disorders are broken down into different types. These are some of the main ones:

Pemphigus is a group of disorders that cause blisters to form on the skin and inside the mouth, nose, throat, eyes, and genitals. They are soft and can break open easily.

Pemphigoid is another group. It has three main types:

・ Bullous pemphigoid usually affects people older than 70. It causes itchy blisters to form on the arms, thighs, and belly.
・ Mucous membrane pemphigoid affects the lining of the mouth, eyes, nose, throat, and genitals.
・ Pemphigoid gestationis affects women during pregnancy or just after their baby is born. It starts as a bumpy rash on the belly, arms, and legs. Then the bumps turn into blisters.

IgA mediated bullous dermatoses are disorders in which the immune system makes a lot of immunoglobulin A (IgA), a type of antibody that fights bacteria, toxins, and viruses. It comes in two types:

Dermatitis herpetiformis affects people with celiac disease (who are sensitive to the wheat protein called gluten). It causes clusters of itchy blisters to appear on the elbows, knees, scalp, and buttocks.
Linear IgA disease causes new blisters to form a ring around old ones on the skin. This is sometimes called a “cluster of jewels.” This type affects mucous membranes, too.

Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita mostly affects middle-aged and older adults. It makes the skin so fragile that blisters form from minor injuries.
Autoimmune Blistering Disorder Symptoms

The places on your body where blisters form depends on which disorder you have. Some types cause blisters to grow on the skin. Other types cause them to form in the mucous membranes that line the mouth, nose, throat, eyes, and genitals.

They can be painful or itchy. They can break open and leave a sore.









線状IgA症は、皮膚にできた古い水疱の周りに新しい水疱が輪のようにできる病気です。これを "宝石の集まり "と呼ぶこともあります。このタイプは粘膜も侵されます。




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Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

大紀元時報、Epoch Timesはアメリカ合衆国ニューヨーク市を拠点として中国で活動禁止とされている新興宗教の法輪功関係者が中心となって発刊しています。このメディアは時間的な制約からほとんど見ていませんが、次の記事は目を引きました。

The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
BY Joseph Mercola TIMEJune 20, 2022 PRINT

Media outlets around the world have started highlighting a medical phenomenon called ‘sudden adult death syndrome’ – people dying with no sign of illness or underlying health condition. They simply collapse during the day or don’t wake up in the morning. While SADS has been known to occur before, what’s alarming is the sudden surge of this previously rare event

In recent weeks, media outlets around the world have started highlighting a medical phenomenon called “sudden adult death syndrome,” or SADS, in what appears to be a clear effort to obscure the reality of COVID jab deaths. Sad on steroids indeed.
Underlying factors for SADS include undiagnosed myocarditis, inflammatory conditions and other conditions that cause irregularities in the electrical system of the heart, thereby triggering cardiac arrest.
While SADS has been known to occur previously, what’s new is the prevalence of this previously rare event. In Australia, the Melbourne Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is setting up a new SADS registry “to gain more information” about the phenomenon.
Data compiled by the International Olympic Committee show 1,101 sudden deaths in athletes under age 35 between 1966 and 2004, giving us an average annual rate of 29, across all sports. Meanwhile, between March 2021 and March 2022 alone−a single year−at least 769 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, collapse, and/or have died on the field, worldwide.
Among EU FIFA (football/soccer ball) athletes, sudden death increased by 420 percent in 2021. Historically, about five soccer players have died while playing the game each year. Between January and mid-November 2021, 21 FIFA players died from sudden death.

SADS is also short for “sudden arrhythmic death syndrome,”1 which was first identified in 1977. Underlying factors for SADS (both the sudden adult death and sudden arrhythmic versions) include undiagnosed myocarditis, inflammatory conditions and other conditions that cause irregularities in the electrical system of the heart, thereby triggering cardiac arrest.2,3,4 While SADS has been known to occur before, what’s new is the prevalence of this previously rare event.


SADSは「突然死症候群(sudden arrhythmic death syndrome)」1 の略称でもあり、1977年に初めて確認されました。SADS(成人突然死バージョンと突然不整脈バージョンの両方)の基礎因子には、診断されていない心筋炎、炎症性疾患、および心臓の電気系統に不整脈を引き起こし、それによって心停止を誘発するその他の疾患が含まれます2,3,4。SADSは以前から知られていましたが、新しいのはこのこれまで稀だった事象が広く見られることです。

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Israel’s ruling coalition teeters on collapse
The defection of a key lawmaker has left PM Naftali Bennett’s government holding fewer than half of parliamentary seats
Israel may be headed for its fifth election in three years as the ruling coalition headed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett shows signs of unraveling and losing its grip on power.

Longtime Bennett ally Nir Orbach announced on Monday that he has left the ruling legislative bloc, saying it was being held hostage by “extremist, anti-Zionist elements,” such as United Arab List (Ra’am) party member Mazen Ghanaim and left-wing Meretz lawmaker Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi. Orbach’s move left Bennett’s diverse coalition with just 59 seats in the 120-member Knesset, two seats short of a majority.

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NATO事務総長 「和平交渉には領土を含む妥協が伴う」



















Vedomosti: Paris, Berlin and Rome to convince Kiev of inevitable concessions
Ukraine will inevitably have to make territorial concessions, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto on June 12. According to a number of experts, Prime Ministers of Germany and Italy, Olaf Scholz and Mario Draghi, and French President Emmanuel Macron are going to convey the same message to the Kiev authorities during their trip to Ukraine scheduled for June 15 (though Scholz’s visit has not been confirmed officially yet), Vedomosti notes.

"The West, first and foremost Europe, can see that efforts to support Kiev in the current conflict through weapons supplies and economic assistance are failing to produce the result that was expected in the spring," Head of the European Political Research Department at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations Pavel Timofeyev pointed out. It’s unclear how long the European Union will be able to ensure the pressure coming from rising military spending and financial injections into Ukraine, which are adding to the food security issues, the analyst added.

"It’s possible that the Europeans will come up with their own anti-crisis plan stipulating that Kiev will have to abandon some of its territories in return for further financial support," said Artem Sokolov, a researcher at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations’ Center for European Studies. According to him, the talks will to a large extent depend on the situation in the combat zone.

The Americans are unlikely to be unaware of European peace initiatives, former Director of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Foundation for United States Studies at Moscow State University Yury Rogulev emphasized. If things go wrong, it’s Germany, France and Italy that will be to blame for "betraying" Ukraine, while Washington and London will be able to wash their hands of it, the expert noted.






Russia explains its view of US goals in Ukraine
Washington is supplying Kiev with arms to force Moscow into playing by American rules, Russia’s foreign minister believes
The real goal of the US in providing military aid to Ukraine is to deprive Russia of its independent status on the international stage, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told national television Sunday. Washington wants Moscow to have no say on global issues, but it will not succeed, he added.

The conflict in Ukraine is being used by the US and its allies as just another way to weaken Russia, Lavrov said when asked what America’s real goals in Ukraine are.

“They [the US] are pursuing a goal they have long made public: Russia must know its place; Russia [must] have no voice in international affairs; Russia must abide by the rules set by the US,” the minister stated, adding that Washington is apparently “well aware” of the fact that it would not succeed.



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Trilliana 華@Trilliana_z氏のツイートは、以前から引用させてもらっていますが、控えめでも的確な情報です。
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木々と知り合う ナナミノキ



この近くに雄花をつける木があるんでしょうか。それとも上に載せた木から花粉が飛んできた? 来年確かめてみます。





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EU member ousts pro-NATO government in no-confidence vote
Bulgarian prime minister blames Russia for defection of his junior coalition partner
Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov lost a no-confidence vote in the parliament on Wednesday, after a junior partner in his tenuous ruling coalition joined the opposition. The Harvard graduate and former Canadian citizen denounced his critics as Russian agents beholden to organized crime and vowed to continue fighting to make Bulgaria a “normal European country.”

Of the 239 members in the parliament in Sofia, 123 voted for Petkov’s ouster in what Bulgarian state media described as the first successful no-confidence vote in the country’s modern history. Only 116 backed the PM, with no abstentions.

After the vote, Petkov accused the main opposition party, Revival, of being a conduit for “Russian interests” and said it had been his honor to lead a government that sought to root out corruption and organized crime.

“We will continue to fight so that one day we can have a Bulgaria without the mafia, a normal successful European country,” Petkov said in his parting remarks.

President Rumen Radev now has three attempts to get a new government appointed. If all of them fail, he would have to dissolve the parliament and call a new general election – the fourth since April 2021.

“This parliament has brought only shame and disgrace to Bulgarian democracy. The sooner it is sent into history, the better for Bulgaria,” Revival leader Kostadin Kostadinov told state radio. Deputy leader of the opposition GERB party, Daniel Mitov, said Petkov’s attempt to blame Russia was just the ousted PM “looking for an alibi” for his loss.

The no-confidence vote was technically caused when the ITN party led by former TV personality Slavi Trifonov defected from Petkov’s ruling coalition over budget concerns and the government’s willingness to support neighboring North Macedonia’s bid to join the EU. The break also came amid rising economic hardship, as Petkov’s anti-Russian stance led to Bulgaria getting cut off from 90% of its natural gas supplies.

Petkov, 42, had fired Defense Minister Stefan Yanev in February, accusing him of promoting “Russian narratives” after he referred to the conflict in Ukraine as a “military operation” and not a war. His government also pledged to repair Ukrainian military equipment and support a greater NATO presence in the east.
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Asian nation seeks NATO mission
South Korea is looking to bolster its ties with the US-led bloc, citing the “unpredictable” international security situation
South Korea is planning to set up a mission to NATO headquarters in Europe, the country’s National Security Adviser Kim Sung-han revealed Wednesday. Seoul, a long-time close ally of Washington, is seeking to bolster its cooperation with the US-led bloc in the face of an “unpredictable” international situation, the official explained.

“By establishing a NATO mission in Brussels, Belgium, where NATO is headquartered, we will be able to increase information-sharing and strengthen our networks with NATO members and partner nations,” Kim stated during a news conference.

The new mission is expected to be headed by South Korea’s envoy to Belgium, Yoon Soongu, local media reported, citing unnamed presidential officials. It was not immediately clear whether he would retain his current posts, as the envoy also doubles as the ambassador to the European Union.
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Anthrax in southern Russia: What we know so far
A woman in Stavropol region has been diagnosed with the dangerous bacterial infection
Anthrax in southern Russia: What we know so far
A woman in Stavropol region in southern Russia has been diagnosed with the dangerous bacterial infection, anthrax, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Stavropol region governor Vladimir Vladimirov took to Telegram to announce that he had received “information that required utmost attention” about a resident of the village of Rozhdestvenskaya having contracted anthrax.

The female patient was in a satisfactory condition, with medics looking after her. The woman’s life was out of danger, the governor added.
What is anthrax?

Anthrax is a serious infectious disease, caused by the Bacillus anthracis bacteria, that is sometimes found in rural areas and most commonly affects livestock. Humans may catch it from animals, typically from infected carcasses, as well as from wool, hair, and hides.

The disease can occur in the skin, lungs, and intestines. Respiratory anthrax is most dangerous and has a mortality rate of from 50% to 80% even with treatment, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the most common is the skin form of the disease, which is lethal in less that 24% percent of cases without treatment.

The illness often begins with flu-like symptoms, which can then develop into serious respiratory problems.

Hundreds of thousands of people died of anthrax before the 20th century, but the number of cases has been reduced greatly due to the use of antibiotics to treat patients and the vaccination of animals.

Some countries have developed anthrax as a biological weapon. According to Russian officials, the disease was among the pathogens studied at secret US-funded biolabs in Ukraine, which were uncovered during Moscow’s military operation.
How did the woman get infected?

The Russian media tracked down the anthrax patient, identifying her only as Siyadat aged 50.

She reportedly became infected while butchering a bull calf. The woman initially didn’t pay attention to a small lesion that appeared on her finger, but it kept growing and became painful.

Siyadat sought medical attention and was diagnosed with anthrax. She has been placed in an infectious disease hospital and is now being treated with antibiotics, according to reports.

“I had an abscess. Blood collected under the skin, and then my finger became dark. Doctors diagnosed [me with anthrax]. I have no rash or anything else. It’s all fine. I’m a healthy 105-kilogram woman,” the patient told Life website.

Siyadat has also revealed that she a had a similar problem some eight years ago but recovered on her own without medical help.
Will the disease spread?

The Stavropol Anti-Plague Research Institute, which is overseen by Russia’s consumer watchdog Rospotrbnadzor, assured on Wednesday that “there were no grounds for the disease to spread.”
Ukraine’s biolabs riddled with corruption and neglect – Russia
Read more
Ukraine’s biolabs riddled with corruption and neglect – Russia

The measures aimed at localizing and eradicating the anthrax hotspot have been carried out in full, it said.

The large-scale vaccination of livestock is underway in Rozhdestvenskaya, according to the media. Siyadat’s relatives were placed under medical supervision despite none of them getting infected. Cases of human-to-human transition of anthrax are generally very rare.

The residents of the village have been told to pay extra attention to hygiene and wash their hands often.

The local health ministry’s chief infectious diseases consultant Larisa Tkachenko reminded that cases of anthrax were last registered in Stavropol in 2019. But there were no fatalities caused by the disease in the region for at least a decade, she added.

スタブロポリ州のウラジミール ウラジミロフ知事はテレグラムで、Rozhdestvenskaya村の住人が炭疽菌に感染したという「最大限の注意を要する情報」を受け取ったと発表した。










"膿瘍 "ができたのです。皮膚の下に血がたまり、指が真っ黒になりました。医師は(炭疽菌と)診断した。発疹も何もないんです。すべて順調です。私は健康な105キロの女性です」とこの患者はライフサイトに語っている。


ロシアの消費者監視機関Rospotrbnadzorが監督するStavropol Anti-Plague Research Instituteは、水曜日に "病気が蔓延する根拠はない "と断言した。




地元保健省の主任感染症コンサルタントLarisa Tkachenkoは、スタブロポリで最後に炭疽菌の症例が登録されたのは2019年であることを思い出した。しかし、この地域では少なくとも10年間、この病気による死亡例はなかったと彼女は付け加えました。

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ロシア軍は強い 民間人の被害防止措置も手早い

!️Russian Defense Ministry Publishes Destruction of Ukrainian ‘Fury’ Drone

Russia claims hundreds of casualties during strike in Ukraine
As many as 500 Ukrainian troops from a single brigade were killed in the city of Nikolaev, defense ministry said

Russian strikes on a shipbuilding plant in the Ukrainian port of Nikolaev killed as many as 500 troops on Tuesday, the Russian defense ministry claimed during a daily press briefing on Wednesday.

The troops belonged to the Ukrainian Army’s 59th Mechanized Brigade, the report said, who it’s believed were taking cover at the Okean Shipyard. The facility is located in the southern part of the Ukrainian city that stands on a major river some 60 kilometers inland from the Black Sea.

The ministry said the Russian Air Force had used precision weapons to strike the plant’s workshops, killing Ukrainian service members and destroying arms and military vehicles.

Ukrainian sources reported several Russian cruise-missile strikes targeting Nikolaev on Tuesday. These caused damage to port infrastructure, to industrial buildings and to the power grid, and destroyed some trucks, the Ukrainian military said.

In the briefing, Russia also claimed to have routed the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade. The report claimed that the Ukrainian unit lost over 60% of its strength during fighting for territory claimed by the Moscow-allied Lugansk People’s Republic. The brigade fled from its positions in violation of the order from its command to stand its ground, the Russian military said.

Last week, the Russian military claimed to have killed scores of Ukrainian officers after striking a compound where a meeting of commanders of several Ukrainian units was taking place.
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UK raises alarm over deadly virus detection
Officials have warned of community spread after traces of poliovirus were found in London sewage
Traces of the virus causing poliomyelitis have been found in sewage samples in north and east London, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said on Wednesday. The authorities believe the virus was derived from a live vaccine still used in some countries and brought to the UK by a traveler from abroad. While no incidents of community spread have yet been found, health officials warn that it is “likely.”

The virus was identified as vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (VDPV2) and was detected several times between February and May at the London Beckton Sewage Treatment Works in Newham.

UKHSA officials say the virus samples are “closely related” but from different people, and that the virus has mutated twice already, suggesting community spread.

Health officials are trying to locate individuals who may have been infected and say the overall risk to the public is “extremely low.”

Britain was officially declared polio-free in 2003, but visitors from abroad sometimes carry the virus. If community spread is detected, it would be the first domestic polio infection in the UK since 1984.

British children normally take three doses of the polio vaccine at an early age. While the national vaccination rate is over 92%, London lags behind with just under 87%, however. The oral vaccine still used in some countries where the disease has not been fully eradicated might be the culprit in this case, with a traveler “shedding” the weakened virus.

Two out of three strains of “wild” polio have been eradicated across much of the world thanks to an aggressive vaccination campaign. The last case of Type 2 was detected in 1999, and the last instance of Type 3 was in 2012. However, Type 1 wild polio remains endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Poliovirus can spread through droplets or direct contact with feces-contaminated surfaces. Most of the people infected show no symptoms, with about 25% manifesting flu-like aches and pains. About one to five in 1,000 can develop more serious symptoms, as the virus attacks the brain and the spinal cord. In a small number of cases, the virus affects the muscles, leading to paralysis and permanent disability – or death, in the cases where muscles that help people breathe are affected.



保健当局は、感染した可能性のある人物を探し出そうとしており、一般市民へのリスクは全体的に "極めて低い "と述べている。





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