Epstein was murdered – Chelsea Manning
The pedophile’s prison guards were likely involved, Manning said on a recent podcast

US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning told podcast host Ethan Klein that Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide in a Manhattan jail cell was likely a “prison murder” that correctional officers allowed to happen.

Arrested in 2019 and charged with sex trafficking of minors, Epstein was found hanging in his cell in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center a month later. His death was ruled a suicide. However, video cameras covering Epstein’s cell malfunctioned and two guards falsified records stating that they had monitored the sex offender on the night of his death, generating public skepticism about the ‘suicide’ story.

Epstein’s death was “murder,” Manning said on an episode of Klein’s H3 Podcast on Friday. “That’s how a prison murder happens. I know when it happens.”

“You wanna get rid of someone in prison? That’s how you do it,” she added, referring to the apparent switching off of the security cameras covering Epstein’s cell.

Manning, who was born a man, served in the US Army as an intelligence analyst until her arrest in 2010 for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks. Some of this material depicted possible US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Charged with espionage, she was locked up at a Marine Corps brig in Virginia that year. Manning was later transferred to a military correctional facility in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and was sentenced in 2013 to 35 years there.

Manning’s sentence was commuted in 2017 by outgoing President Barack Obama. However, she served another stint in jail in Virginia between 2019 and 2020 for refusing to testify to a grand jury against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Manning has spoken extensively about her time behind bars, and told Klein that in her experience, prison guards were responsible for most of the violence in correctional facilities.

“They f**k with people,” she said. “Imagine you’re sitting there and your job is to watch inmates for 12 hours. Of course you’re gonna screw with us.”

“Time and time again, the most violent and dangerous people in prison are the prison guards,” Manning said. “Just endless amounts of fear and anxiety of…what a [Correctional Officer] or prison guard of any variety was going to do. It haunts me to think, I don’t associate someone in a prison uniform with a threat, but I see the CO uniform and it’s different.”

Epstein was a well-connected financier whose frequent contacts included former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and British royal Prince Andrew. While his death ensured that some details of these relationships would never be brought to light, it also resulted in the prosecution of Prince Andrew and of Epstein’s long-term girlfriend and ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell. Andrew paid a settlement to a woman accusing him of sexual assault in March, and Maxwell was found guilty on five counts of sex trafficking involving a minor in December 2021.




「あなたは刑務所にいる誰かを追い出したいですか? それがあなたのやり方です」と、エプスタインの独房を監視していた監視カメラのスイッチが明らかに切られたことについて、彼女は付け加えました。




「彼らは人々を愚弄する 」と彼女は言った。「あなたの仕事は、12時間受刑者を監視することだと想像してみてください。もちろん、私たちをいじめるでしょう。」


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木々と知り合う ティーツリー メラレウカ




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木々と知り合う シナアブラギリ

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Multiple Sclerosis

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この自衛隊上がりが極東に戦争をもたらそうとしている 議員にしておいてはいけない

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US military says ‘no nuclear material’ on board crashed plane
Five are feared dead in the incident near the border with Mexico

Second US military aircraft crash hits same area in two days
A Navy helicopter went down near the California-Arizona border just one day after an MV-22 Osprey crash

US Navy declares ‘safety pause’ after 3 aircraft crashes in one week
All non-deployed units were ordered to immediately review their ‘risk-management practices’
The US military has ordered a temporary halt of some non-critical missions in order to conduct a risk and error review, after a Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey, as well as Navy MH-60S Seahawk and F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter jet all crashed within the scope of a single week in southern California.

“As a result of recent crashes involving US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, Commander, Naval Air Forces has directed all non-deployed Navy aviation units to conduct a safety pause on June 13 in order to review risk-management practices and conduct training on threat and error-management processes,” Naval Air Forces Public Affairs announced in a statement on Saturday.
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11 июня 2022, 00:04
В Сербии арестован, при пересечении границы, ≪кошелёк≫ Зеленского - генерал СБУ Андрей Наумов!

Он пытался незаконно провезти через границу
20 миллионов долларов и драгоценные камни.

Наумов руководил Главным Управлением внутренний безопасности СБУ - 23.02.2022 перед самым началом специальной военной операции, он вместе с Главой СБУ Иваном Бакановым выехали из Украины и вывезли с собой наличными около - 2млрд $. Об этом я писал раньше!

Месяц назад Баканов вернулся, а Наумов продолжил скупать недвижимость в Европе.

Сейчас Генерал СБУ находиться в следственном изоляторами города Ниш. За контрабанду ему грозит до 12 лет лишения свободы.

Украинская сторона предпринимает все усилия, чтобы скрыть данный факт. Наумов был не только ≪кошельком≫ у Зеленского он близкий друг Главы СБУ Баканова.

Пока вы - соотечественники превращаетесь в удобрение - лицедеи тоннами вывозят в Европу награбленные деньги и скупают недвижимость.







В Сербии задержан бывший генерал СБУ Андрей Наумов – СМИ
В Сербии 10 июня правоохранительными органами страны был задержан бывший украинский генерал, экс-глава управления внутренней безопасности Службы безопасности Украины Андрей Наумов. Его и еще одного человека задержали по обвинению в отмывании средств.

Об этом сообщает Украинская правда со ссылкой на собственные источники.

На сербском пограничном пункте Прешево пограничники остановили автомобиль BMW, которым управлял гражданин Германии, Александр Акст. Вместе с Акстом находился и Наумов - оба планировали бежать в Северную Македонию. При обыске автомобиля обнаружили 600 тысяч евро, 125 тысяч долларов, а также два изумруда - все это не было задекларировано.

После обыска Акст и Наумов были задержаны сотрудниками полиции города Ниш. Им вменяют подозрение в отмывании средств. Обоим грозит от года до 12 лет за решеткой.

Напомним, 1 апреля президент Владимир Зеленский лишил звания генерала бывшего начальника Главного управления внутренней безопасности Службы безопасности Украины Андрея Наумова.

Относительно Наумова проходит досудебное расследование по факту вероятной государственной измены. У него проводились обыски. Сам он уехал из Украины накануне нападения русской армии на Украину.
ウクライナの元将軍で元内務省保安局長のAndriy Naumov氏が、6月10日にセルビアで同国の法執行機関により拘束されました。彼ともう一人はマネーロンダリングの容疑で拘留されています。

これは、Ukrayinska Pravdaが独自の情報源を引用して報じたものである。

国境警備隊は、ドイツ人のAlexander Axtが運転するBMWをセルビア国境通過地点のPresevoで停止させました。ナウモフはアキストと一緒に、北マケドニアへの逃亡を計画していたのだ。車内を捜索したところ、60万ユーロ、12万5千ドル、エメラルド2個が見つかったが、これらはすべて申告されていなかった。





January 29, 2021
Ukraine’s SBU suspects former agency colonel of plotting to murder one of its generals
By Mark Raczkiewycz
KYIV – On January 27, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said it had secured an arrest warrant for Dmytro Neskoromnyi, a former first deputy head of the agency, on suspicion of conspiring to murder a serving SBU general.

Mr. Neskoromnyi, a former SBU colonel, allegedly plotted the assassination with currently serving Col. Yuriy Rasiuk of the SBU’s Alpha anti-terrorist unit.

The alleged target was 38-year-old Brig. Gen. Andriy Naumov.
Mr. Naumov heads the agency’s internal security department, which is responsible for preventing corruption among the SBU’s ranks.

In a news release, the SBU provided video and audio recordings, as well as pictures, as evidence of the alleged plot. The former colonel was allegedly in the process of paying $50,000 for carrying out the murder plot.

The motive, according to investigators, was because the general had been “an obstacle” in Mr. Neskoromnyi’s reinstatement in a high leadership position and “also opposed the appointment of certain members of [Mr.] Neskoromnyi’s former team to the SBU.”

Yet, earlier in the week, the SBU emphasized that the murder investigation is not connected to “infighting” within the agency.
“If there is a crime, we must act on it. And, in this case, the SBU worked to prevent it. And this is the outcome,” Anatoliy Bulich, the head of the SBU’s investigative department, said on January 23 at a joint news briefing with Andriy Lysokobylka of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The suspected former colonel was pushed out of the SBU in March and had headed the so-called Directorate K, the department that investigates corruption, organized and financial crime.




捜査当局によれば、その動機は、将軍がネスコロムニ氏の高い指導的地位への復職において "障害 "となり、"ネスコロムニ氏の元チームの特定のメンバーをSBUに任命することにも反対 "していたためであったという。



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