Ex-CIA director watched torture of prisoner – NYT
Gina Haspel observed an interrogation with waterboarding at a Thai black site, court testimony has revealed

Former CIA Director Gina Haspel watched as a prisoner was tortured by interrogators at a Thai black site that she ran for the agency in 2002, the New York Times reported on Friday.

As chief of the CIA base in Thailand in late 2002, Haspel personally observed interrogation sessions in which USS Cole bombing suspect Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri was waterboarded, the newspaper outlined, citing testimony from a psychologist who took part in the torture. The doctor, James Mitchell, admitted in a Guantanamo Bay court hearing that he held a cloth over al-Nashiri’s face to direct the flow of water as another interrogator poured.

Al-Nashiri was strapped to a gurney during the torture sessions, and he was pivoted from lying on his back to an upright position to catch his breath between waterboarding pours, Mitchell reportedly testified. The prisoner was described as being nude and sometimes hooded. Interrogators used other coercive techniques, such as confining him in a small box, slapping him, or slamming his head into a burlap-covered wall, the psychologist reportedly said.

Haspel’s knowledge of the controversial interrogation techniques was previously disclosed. In fact, she wrote memos to Washington about what was done to al-Nashiri and what was learned from the interrogations. However, Mitchell’s testimony offered a more detailed peek at her work in Thailand.

Al-Nashiri was accused of orchestrating the bombing of the US Navy destroyer USS Cole, which killed 17 American sailors in 2000. According to the Times, the military judge in the criminal case against al-Nashiri allowed Mitchell’s testimony only because the CIA destroyed videotapes that defense lawyers claimed would show interrogators torturing the alleged terrorist and another prisoner at the black site.

Haspel previously acknowledged her role in destroying 92 interrogation tapes, most of which showed Abu Zubaydah, the first terrorism suspect known to have been targeted in the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program. At the time, she was chief of staff to CIA operations chief Jose Rodriguez Jr. She later went on to serve as CIA director under then-President Donald Trump, from April 2018 to January 2021.

During the 2018 Senate hearings for her confirmation as CIA director, Haspel said of the destroyed video footage, “I would also make clear that I did not appear on the tapes.” Asked by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) whether she had overseen interrogations of al-Nashiri, she declined to answer, saying such information was classified. An internal review by the CIA “found no fault” with Haspel’s role in ordering the destruction of the tapes.

“The more we review the classified facts, the more disturbed we are – both by the actions she has taken during her career and by the CIA’s failure to allow the public the opportunity to consider them,” a group of senators opposing Haspel’s nomination as CIA director wrote in 2018. She got the job anyway, making her the first woman to head the agency.

A Senate probe of the torture program found that interrogators wanted to stop using such techniques on al-Nashiri because he was answering direct questions, but they were ordered by higher-ups to continue, the Times said. Al-Nashiri also was reportedly tortured later at another CIA black site. In one case, an interrogator revved a power drill next to the naked prisoner’s hooded head. In 2004, the CIA forced a dietary supplement into his rectum when he refused to eat, according to the report.

The CIA black sites were set up as part of America’s War on Terror, essentially as secret prisons to detain ‘enemy combatants’.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled in 2014 that Poland violated the European Convention on Human Rights, as the CIA had tortured Zubaydah and al-Nashiri in a secret facility in the country.

In 2018, the ECHR found that by allowing torture in their countries, Romania and Lithuania also violated the rights of Zubaydah and al-Nashiri.







2018年の上院のCIA長官承認公聴会で、ハスペル氏は破壊されたビデオ映像について、"私はテープに出演していないことも明確にする "と述べた。ダイアン・ファインスタイン上院議員(カリフォルニア州選出)から、アル・ナシリへの尋問を監督したかどうかを問われた彼女は、そうした情報は機密であるとして回答を拒否した。CIAの内部調査では、テープの破壊を指示したハスペル氏の役割に「何の落ち度もない」とされた。







2017年8月9日 13:36
【8月9日 AFP】米中央情報局(CIA)が2001年9月11日の米同時多発攻撃以降、拘束されたテロ容疑者に対して厳しい尋問を行っていた問題で、水責めや食事制限、鎖でのつり下げといった拷問方法の開発に関わったとして、心理学者2人の陪審裁判が9月に行われることが決まった。米ワシントン(Washington)州の連邦裁判所が7日、訴訟の開始を命じた。この問題で裁判が開かれるのは初めて。


 裁判が行われることになったのは心理学者のジェームス・ミッチェル(James Mitchell)、ブルース・ジェッセン(Bruce Jessen)両被告。2002年にCIAに雇われ、テロとの戦いの一環でアフガニスタンなど各地で拘束された容疑者に対する尋問方法を開発し、尋問の実施を手助けしたとされる。

 米同時多発攻撃の首謀者とされるハリド・シェイク・モハメド(Khalid Sheikh Mohammed)被告や、国際テロ組織アルカイダ(Al-Qaeda)幹部のアブ・ズベイダ(Abu Zubaydah)容疑者に対する尋問にも関与した。報酬として合計8000万ドル(約88億円)が支払われた。

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この記事は、2022/5/26、読者のコメントに触発されて書いた記事です。末尾にある「ワクチン2回の陽性率、半数世代で未接種上回る 厚労省再集計で判明」という情報が2022/6/1に流れて反響を呼んでいます。




@ ワクチン接種者には身体器官、機能の悪化により後遺障害が出ることがある。

A 「ワクチン接種者はコロナに感染しない」ということはない。ワクチン接種者は、感染しても症状がないか、弱い人がある。

B ワクチン接種者は、気づかないうちに感染し、比較的短期間に死に至ることがある。
















1 ワクチンを打った人は、身体の弱い部分、病んでいる部分の悪化が急速に進むことが多いです。

2 ワクチンを打った人は、1の状況になって自覚するまでは感染を疑わない場合が多いです。

3 ワクチンを打った人も、コロナに感染します。この場合、感染しても症状を自覚しないことも多く、新コロナウィルスが密かに身体の弱い部分、病んでいる部分を悪化させることがあります。

4 3の場合、身体の器官や機能の悪化が進行し、治療が間に合わないことがあります。




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サル痘 何が何でも感染できない事態

#monkeypox dashboard.

「私はこれに驚いています。 毎日目を覚ますと、感染している国が増えています。これは西アフリカで見られたような広がりではないため、西洋で何か新しいことが起こっている可能性があります。」

「これが最初にどのように始まったのか、そしてなぜウイルスが今や勢いを増しているのかを本当に理解する必要があります。アフリカでは、サル痘の発生は非常に制御されており、まれです。 それが今変化しているのなら、私たちは本当にその理由を理解する必要があります。」

・・・サル痘のウィルスがエアロゾル状態で放出されるのは、患者がくしゃみや咳をしたとき? それとも喋っただけで放出される? 閉鎖空間がさらに危険になる。

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ロシアの都市が砲撃されたら西側のdecision centersを攻撃と警告

NATOの本部はベルギーのブラッセル。Western decision centersがどこを指すかわかりません。




[1日 ロイター] - ロシアのリャブコフ外務次官は1日、米国が高機動ロケット砲システム(HIMARS)をウクライナに供給することに反発し、米ロの直接衝突に発展するリスクが高まると警告した。





Ukraine gave ‘assurances’ about US-supplied weapons – Blinken
The US trusts Ukraine’s word about using HIMARS against Russia
Kiev has given Washington assurances that US-supplied rocket launchers won’t be used to attack targets inside Russian territory, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday. He was the latest US official to raise the issue, as Moscow voiced concerns over the escalation of hostilities in Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Blinken was asked about the HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, the latest high-tech weapon the US has committed to sending Ukraine.

“The Ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use these systems against targets on Russian territory,” Blinken said, adding, “There is a strong trust bond between Ukraine and the US, as well as with our allies and partners.”

He also dismissed Moscow’s warnings and concerns that Washington’s weapons deliveries to Kiev risked further escalating the conflict.

“The best way to avoid escalation is for Russia to stop the aggression and the war it started,” Blinken said, arguing that it could be “over tomorrow” if Moscow so chose, but is likely to go on for “many months” instead.


"ウクライナ側は、これらのシステムをロシア領内の目標に対して使用しないと確約している "とブリンケン氏は述べ、"ウクライナとアメリカ、そして同盟国とパートナーとの間には強い信頼の絆がある "と付け加えた。




Kremlin explains why it doesn't trust Zelensky
President Zelensky cannot be trusted not to use weapons to attack targets in Russia, Moscow says
Ukraine cannot be trusted to abide by Washington’s wishes and not use US-supplied rocket launchers against targets in Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday. Kiev has a poor record on keeping its word, the official claimed.

Peskov was commenting on the US decision to provide Ukraine with HIMRAS multiple rocket launchers. US officials stated that the weapon systems would not be used against targets in Russia, arguing that this made Washington not a party to the Ukraine conflict.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky pledged to honor the US assurances when he spoke to Newsmax.

“We’re not interested in what’s happening in Russia,” he promised in an interview published on Wednesday. “We’re only interested in our own territory in Ukraine.”

When asked about the promise, Peskov said Russia didn’t trust Zelensky to keep his word.





Ukraine to decide range of Washington’s rockets – US ambassador
The new envoy to Kiev has shrugged off Biden and Blinken guarantees
The range of rocket launchers supplied by the US will be up to the Ukrainians, Washington’s new ambassador, Bridget Brink, said after taking up her post in Kiev on Thursday. President Joe Biden himself denied the US was enabling Ukraine to strike Russia, while Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Kiev had made a promise to that effect as well.

Brink held a press conference on Thursday, after presenting her credentials to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, declaring that her mission in Kiev was to “help Ukraine prevail against Russian aggression.”

Asked about the HIMARS multiple rocket launch systems (MLRS) that the US is supplying to Kiev as part of a $700 million military aid package, she volunteered the details about their command and control.

“The range itself is going to be up to the Ukrainian side,” Brink said.

The remark, translated into Ukrainian and re-translated into English, quickly made the rounds on social media, to the effect that the US would not “regulate” the range of the HIMARS.

Four M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers were “pre-positioned” in Europe, the Pentagon revealed on Thursday, after Biden officially announced their delivery to Ukraine. They will be armed with “battlefield munitions,” the White House said, which was widely taken to mean barrage rockets with a range of 32-60 kilometers rather than the 300-kilometer range ballistic projectiles HIMARS is also capable of launching.

Moscow has warned the US about the risk of escalation if Kiev uses the new weapons to strike inside Russian territory, but the government in Washington has repeatedly insisted this would not happen.

“We are not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders,” Biden wrote in a New York Times op-ed on Tuesday. Speaking after a meeting with the NATO secretary-general in Washington, Biden’s top diplomat said the US had Ukrainian promises such an attack wouldn’t happen.

“The Ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use these systems against targets on Russian territory,” Blinken said. “There is a strong trust bond between Ukraine and the US, as well as with our allies and partners.”

Russia has said it will use military means to mitigate threats posed by American and other NATO weapons in Ukrainian possession, and that Washington was obviously escalating the crisis and increasingly risking direct confrontation with Moscow – noting that this was something Biden himself said he wished to avoid.

ブリンクは木曜日、ウクライナのヴォロディミル・ゼレンスキー大統領に信任状を提出した後、記者会見を開き、キエフでの任務は "ロシアの侵略に対してウクライナが勝利するのを助ける" ことであると宣言した。









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Latest US Data Shows Vaccine Injuries Skyrocketed; How Will We Recover?

Latest US Data Shows Vaccine Injuries Skyrocketed; How Will We Recover?
At present, the adverse events brought about by the COVID-19 vaccines are getting more and more attention from the public. If vaccination causes injury or damage, how can the body heal itself?

Juliana Mastrantonio of New York is an 18-year-old full-time college student and part-time pharmacy technician. Prior to the vaccination, she was in good health and exercised daily. Juliana was infected with COVID-19 in December 2020 and recovered without long COVID symptoms.

Juliana received her first dose of Pfizer vaccine on December 10, 2021 and her second dose on January 2, 2022. Within one week after the second dose, Juliana developed pelvic pain that gradually worsened, and she became hospitalized.

Four days after being discharged from the hospital, she developed other severe symptoms, headaches, and tremors. When she woke up the next morning, she found herself immobile from the waist down, and was paralyzed. And she is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

Juliana previously had no underlying medical condition. However, after the vaccination, she developed this set of symptoms in a short period of time without any other trigger, so it is entirely plausible that there is a link between the vaccination and Juliana’s paralysis.

It may be that the antibodies produced by the body against the spike proteins attacked nerve cells, including the spinal cord, and caused inflammation of the spinal cord. The spinal cord connects and controls all parts of the body, so serious damage to the spinal cord can cause paralysis. The European Medicines Agency has also updated the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine’s product information to include rare spinal disorders as a side effect of the vaccine.

In addition, the COVID-19 vaccine can cause mitochondrial damage and induce cytokine storms that further impair the body’s immune function and lead to autoimmune diseases.

As studies, physician observations, and patient experiences have revealed many times previously, the COVID-19 vaccines, regardless of the technologies used to produce them, may cause autoimmune diseases in several organs of the body if they contain the spike proteins or other components of the virus.
Alarming Data in VAERS

Recently, controversy regarding the COVID-19 vaccines has been gradually growing.

Under the unique circumstances of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the COVID-19 vaccines have been marketed rapidly and used worldwide without adequate safety testing or certainty regarding their effects on humans. With such a large vaccinated population, it is only natural that adverse events would occur on a massive scale, and the medical and scientific community is increasingly discussing these adverse events publicly.

As of May 13, 2022, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), jointly administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, had received more than 1.2 million adverse event reports since the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccines.

However, according to estimates published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the number of adverse events reported by the VAERS was less than 1 percent of the actual number.

As of May 13 2022, OpenVAERS has compiled the data on adverse events from VAERS records, which include more than 28,000 deaths, over 157,000 hospitalizations, over 129,000 cases requiring urgent care, and more than 190,000 cases requiring doctor office visits. All of them meet the definition of a serious adverse event.

VAERS also has 32 years of data on deaths from all types of vaccines worldwide. According to its data, the number of deaths remained steady at a few hundred per year until 2021, when it suddenly spiked to 21,889. And as of May 2022, there had been 6,955 deaths, and the count is still ongoing.

Some may say that as the vaccinated population worldwide is large, so is the number of reported deaths. Nevertheless, the point is that the impact of this global vaccine program on human health as a whole is enormous.

Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine | NEJM
Efficacy and Safety of the mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine | NEJM
Safety and Efficacy of Single-Dose Ad26.COV2.S Vaccine against Covid-19 | NEJM

For each adverse event, even if it was reported as a rare percentage (e.g. death rates 0.01 percent, serious adverse events 0.6 percent) in vaccine phase 3 trials, a huge number will be seen by a denominator of a 5 billion vaccinated population (two thirds of of total 7.7 billion).

A more important statistic is the vast majority of vaccine-related deaths that occurred within three days of vaccination, which shows the strength of the association.
















BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19ワクチンの安全性と有効性|NEJM



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Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Protection Against Omicron Fades After a Few Weeks: Study
The protection afforded against the Omicron coronavirus variant fades quickly after a second and third dose of Pfizer–BioNtech’s COVID-19 vaccine, according to a peer-reviewed study published in the JAMA Network.

A Danish study published in the JAMA Network on May 13 found that there was a rapid decline in Omicron-specific serum neutralizing antibodies only a few weeks after the administration of the second and third doses of the vaccine.

The study evaluated 128 adults who were vaccinated, and of that number, 73 people received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, and 55 people received three doses between January 2021 and October 2021 or were previously infected before February 2021, and then vaccinated.

“Our study found a rapid decline in Omicron-specific serum neutralizing antibody titers only a few weeks after the second and third doses,” an abstract of the study reads. “The observed decrease in population neutralizing antibody titers corresponds to the decrease in vaccine efficacy against polymerase chain reaction–confirmed Omicron infection in Denmark and symptomatic Omicron infection in the United Kingdom.”

The antibody levels, which are associated with protection against future infections, dropped within a few weeks of getting the vaccine doses. They were also much lower than the antibodies specific to the Delta and original COVID-19 strains, according to the study.

The proportion of Omicron-specific antibodies fell to 53 percent between the eighth and tenth week from 76 percent four weeks after the second dose. At weeks 12 to 14, these levels dropped even more to only 19 percent, according to the study.

オミクロン・コロナウィルス変種に対する防御力は、ファイザー・バイオテック社のCOVID-19ワクチンの2回目と3回目の接種後、急速に低下することが、JAMA Networkに発表された査読付き研究により明らかになった。

5月13日にJAMA Networkに掲載されたデンマークの研究では、2回目と3回目のワクチン投与後、わずか数週間でオミクロン特異的血清中和抗体が急速に減少することが明らかになった。





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Black voters ditching Democrats in droves – poll
Support for Biden is declining precipitously among African-American voters


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ポロニウムによる中毒 リトビネンコ事件



ウラン系列 ウラン238の崩壊系列


Suspect in poisoning of ex-KGB officer dies
Dmitry Kovtun had been wanted by the UK in connection with the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006

Businessman Dmitry Kovtun, one of the two Russians accused by the UK of poisoning former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006, died on Saturday.

Kovtun’s death was announced on social media by his close friend Andrey Lugovoy, a Russian MP also wanted by London over the Litvinenko case. He said Kovtun passed away from complications of Covid-19.

The British authorities accused Kovtun and Lugovoy of murdering Litvinenko and demanded their extradition, which was refused by Russia.

Both men met with Litvinenko several times in the weeks leading up to his death, which was determined to be from poisoning by the radioactive element polonium.

Kovtun and Lugovoy denied any wrongdoing.

In 2021, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the pair assassinated Litvinenko while acting as “agents” of Russia. The Kremlin argued that the verdict was baseless and politically motivated.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Litvinenko continued to work in Russia’s Federal Security Service, the successor agency to the KGB. He fled to Britain in 2000 after a series of criminal investigations was launched against him. He became critical of the Russian government and co-authored a book in which he claimed that the 1999 apartment bombings in Russia were an inside job.







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ロシアの都市が砲撃されたら西側のdecision centersを攻撃と警告


ウクライナがロシアの都市を攻撃した場合のロシアの反撃先がどこになるか。ロシアは、decision centerを攻撃するとしていますから、キエフの政府機関を攻撃することは確実です。


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