TEHRAN, May 27. /TASS/. Iran is ready to enter barter arrangements with Russia, offering car parts and gas turbines in exchange for steel, Press TV reported citing Iranian trade and industries minister Reza Fatemi Amin.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Russian-Iranian joint economic and trade cooperation commission meeting, the minister said the Islamic Republic may use barter arrangements to obtain raw materials necessary for the country’s metals and mining industries. The country needs zinc, aluminum, lead and steel, he said.

In return, Iran can supply car parts and gas turbines to Russia, Amin said.

In his words, the sides also agreed on deliveries of spare parts and repairs of turbines used by Russian power plants. Apart from that, the countries agreed to study options of barter deals on a wide range of commodities and raw materials.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak arrived in Iran on a working visit on May 25.




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West declared total war on Russian world – Moscow

West declared total war on Russian world – Moscow

The confrontation between Western nations and Russia amounts to “total war,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday during a meeting with the heads of Russian regions.

Russian society and major political forces support the government’s decision to face this challenge, he added.

Western nations “are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling their efforts to deter our nation. They use a wide array of tools, from unilateral economic sanctions to totally deceitful propaganda in the global media,” Lavrov said, noting that “low-level Russophobia, which to our deepest regret is promoted by a number of governments, has risen to unprecedented levels.”

“The West has declared total war against us, against the entire Russian world. Nobody even hides this fact now,” Lavrov stated.

The ‘cancel culture’ targeting everything connected to our nation has become absurd.

Russia responded to the pressure with a uniting of “all healthy patriotic forces” and a surge of public support for Russia’s foreign policy, the foreign minister said.

Lavrov also noted that the crisis has exposed the true nature of the promises given to Russia 30 years ago, after the collapse of the USSR. “We now see the value of all the talk about universal values and the need to turn Europe into a common home from the Atlantic to the Pacific.” No one should have illusions about the attitude of the US and its allies towards Russia, he added.






ラブロフ氏はまた、今回の危機は30年前、ソ連崩壊後にロシアに与えられた約束の本質を露呈したと指摘した。"我々は今、普遍的な価値観と、ヨーロッパを大西洋から太平洋までの共通の家にする必要性についてのすべての話の価値を理解しています。" 米国とその同盟国のロシアに対する態度について、誰も幻想を抱いてはならない、と彼は付け加えた。
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Moscow warns of new ‘Iron Curtain’

Moscow warns of new ‘Iron Curtain’
The West tries to bar its own people from accessing alternative information on the conflict in Ukraine, Russia’s deputy UN envoy says
Washington and its allies have turned into a new “collective ministry of truth,” rigorously preserving their narrative on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky told RT on Thursday. The West has launched a massive smear campaign against Russia in the media and on the internet, the diplomat believes.

Western governments seek to spread views that are “beneficial to them but do not always correspond to the reality,” Polyansky said, adding that they ultimately seek to put their own population into a “bubble of lies” that makes it hard for an ordinary person to distinguish between factual information and a distorted picture of what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.

“That is behavior of a Ministry of Truth,” Polyansky said. The diplomat also said that Western governments try to dismiss any alternative information as fake or simply block access to it. He particularly pointed to the Western nations banning Russian outlets like RT and branding any information coming from Moscow or the Russian media as “propaganda.”


「これは真実の省の振る舞いだ」とポリアンスキーは言った。また、ポリアンスキー氏は、西側諸国は代替となる情報を偽物と見なしたり、単に情報へのアクセスを遮断しようとしたりするとも述べた。特に、西側諸国がRTのようなロシアの放送局を禁止し、モスクワやロシアのメディアからの情報を "プロパガンダ "と決め付けていることを指摘した。
“We need to speak about the new Iron Curtain that is being imposed upon us by Western countries,” the diplomat said. This tactic does not seem to work, at least when it comes to the UN, he added. According to Polyanksy, Russia feels “a good degree of support or at least of understanding of what we are doing” in the UN. Many people there have covertly expressed their support to Moscow and said they understand the reasons behind Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

“I do not think that the Western countries have succeeded in imposing a one-sided version of events” on other nations at the UN, Polyanksy said. Russia is “very active” in its attempts to present its own version of events. “We will try to promote our position … to push through this new Iron Curtain,” the diplomat said.
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US infiltrated post-Soviet states with biolabs – Russia
Washington abused its position of power to outsource weapons research, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has claimed
In the 1990s, while post-Soviet nations were weak and inexperienced in self-governance, the US had the guile and resources to exploit them, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told RT Arabic. Washington took advantage of its power, by establishing a webwork of biolabs that Russia believes to be conducting military research, he explained in an interview.

The collapse of the USSR left in its wake nations that were poor and in desperate need of even the most basic necessities, which left them open for the US to take advantage, Lavrov outlined.

“Our Western partners then, so to speak, vigorously scrambled. They offered their services in every aspect and infiltrated every area of the newly-independent states. They sent advisers. And now we are experiencing what came as a result of those times,” the minister said.

In particular, the diplomat was referring to US-funded labs that many post-Soviet states host in their territory. Operating under the umbrella of the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency, they conduct biological research.

Washington says the network is benign and serves to detect and identify emerging pathogens that may pose a threat to humanity. But some nations, including Russia, believe them to be clandestine bioweapons research facilities.




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US warns Ukraine about escalation – report

US warns Ukraine about escalation – report
If Kiev uses NATO weapons to strike inside Russia, that could divide the alliance and escalate the conflict
The US and its allies have communicated to Ukraine the danger of escalation should the weapons provided by the West be used to attack targets inside Russia, according to an exclusive report by Reuters quoting anonymous officials on Thursday. However, Washington has not explicitly banned Kiev from doing so.

The highly sensitive, behind-the-scenes discussions have “sought to reach a shared understanding of the risk of escalation,” according to the agency’s sources.

“We have concerns about escalation and yet still do not want to put geographic limits or tie their hands too much with the stuff we're giving them,” said one of the three US officials who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Only two officials were quoted by name, and it wasn’t clear what their relation to these discussions might be. Douglas Lute, a retired US Army lieutenant-general and Washington’s former ambassador to NATO, said that if Ukrainian troops struck deep inside Russia, “it would spark a divisive debate inside the alliance. And, of course, the alliance doesn't want that. And neither does Ukraine.”

Reuters also confirmed that the Biden administration was considering supplying Ukraine with multiple rocket launchers such as the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), which could theoretically be used to strike deep into Russian territory.

Less than an hour after the story was published, one Ukrainian official was on Twitter begging for HIMARS.






Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces retreated from the key town of Liman in northern Donbass, bringing the Russian troops a step closer to Slavyansk. Fighting continued in the Severodonetsk and Lisichansk salient, while Russian troops approached the major supply hub of Bakhmut.

Ukrainian artillery has struck several villages on the Russian side of the border over the past month, killing civilians. Kiev has not admitted responsibility for the attacks. When two helicopters attacked a fuel depot in the Belgorod Region in early April, Ukrainian officials first claimed credit, then disavowed all knowledge of the operation.

The newly reported US concerns about escalation are at odds with previous public comments by US and other NATO officials. On April 27, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the Senate it was up to Ukraine to decide whether to attack Russia. The day earlier, British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said it was “completely legitimate for Ukraine to be targeting in Russia's depth,” prompting Moscow to warn that such an action would “immediately lead to our proportional response.”

Reuters chose to end their article with a quote from one anonymous US official, who warned that there “could be scenarios where the Ukrainians are backed into such a corner that they feel they have to escalate further,” but noted that “we haven't seen that yet.”




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Serbia weighs possibility of Russia sanctions
Belgrade will not join the US-EU sanctions against Moscow, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in Davos

[25日 ロイター] - ロシアのノバク副首相は25日、イランと石油・ガスの相互供給や物流ハブの設置について協議したと明らかにした。欧米の対ロシア制裁に対応する措置となる。

ロシア国旗 Politico has published a list of European companies that pay Russia for gas through Gazprombank

These are companies from Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, one Italian has an account in both euros and rubles.

大丸2 MVM (Hungary): the agreement concluded in September allows payments in an "alternative currency"

VNG (Germany) reported that it will continue to pay in euros. They said that "converting to rubles will not cause difficulties."

大丸2 RWE (Germany) previously reported that it had prepared for payments in euros and opened a corresponding account

大丸2 Uniper (Germany) has prepared for "relevant contracts for payments in euros to this account according to the new mechanism."

Engie (France) is ready to fulfill payment obligations "as long as it complies with the European framework of sanctions against the Russian Federation."

Eni (Italy) started the process of opening two accounts - in euros and rubles back on May 17.

OMV (Austria) claims that it makes payments according to the sanctions mechanism.

大丸2 ČEZ (Czech Republic) states that it pays in euros on the recommendation of the European Commission, but does not comment on the details.

大丸2 SPP (Slovakia) and Geoplin (Slovenia) declare that they are calculated in euros according to the current contract and recommendations of European institutions.

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