100 people with rare cancers who attended same NJ high school demand answers

100 people with rare cancers who attended same NJ high school demand answers
By April 11, Al Lupiano had heard from more than 100 former Colonia High School attendees who had been diagnosed with rare cancers

A single New Jersey man has uncovered a medical mystery apparently linking 100 people diagnosed with rare cancers to a Woodbridge high school.

In 1999, when he was just 27, Al Lupiano was diagnosed with a "very rare" and abnormally large brain tumor for someone his age called Acoustic Neuroma (AN). Last summer, Lupiano's wife and now-deceased sister were diagnosed with rare forms of brain cancer on the same day. His wife was similarly diagnosed with an abnormally large AN tumor, and his sister was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), which has an incident rate of 30 out of every 1 million people, Lupiano explained in a Facebook post that he has been updating since March 7.

"Their neurologist, who has been recognized as a global leader in neurosurgery by the World Federation of Neurological Societies, has treated and been involved with tens of thousands of brain tumors in his career. It is his belief my wife and I may be the first documented case of spouses having an AN, both roughly the same size and on the same side of the head…according to him, the odds are maybe 1 in a BILLION," Lupiano said.

"To say he was concerned when he discovered all three of us grew up in the same neighborhood is an understatement. Why? There is one well documented cause of brain tumors – radiation exposure," he continued.

Lupiano eventually arrived at a single linking factor between himself, his wife and his sister: they each attended Colonia High School in Woodbridge in the 1990s. But Lupiano was not initially sure that the high school was a link to the similar yet rare brain cancer cases until he made a request on Facebook for others who attended Colonia to reach out to him personally.


By April 11, he had heard from more than 100 former Colonia High School attendees who had been diagnosed with rare cancers.
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DPR says its attempts to reach out to Bulgaria about saved seamen went unanswered
They had been evacuated and can be brought back home

MOSCOW, April 17. /TASS/. The Foreign Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic sent a diplomatic note to Bulgaria that Bulgarian seamen were saved from the Tsarevna ship and can be returned home but it went unanswered, Minister Natalia Nikonorova said on Rossiya-24 television.

"We have officially sent an official letter, a note, to the embassy of Bulgaria and, what’s more, we called the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry to say the seamen had been saved, evacuated and can be brought back home," she said. "We, and the seamen, have so far received no answer."

Nikonorova described the lack of reaction by the government of Bulgaria a demonstration of a Russophobic policy. She said there are fake news reports that Ukrainian nationalists allegedly hadn’t seized the Tsarevna and that the Bulgarian seamen went missing. The minister stated the seamen are put up in a Donetsk hotel and are provided with meals but they have no clue about how they will be able to get home.

Ukrainian forces from the Azov nationalist battalion seized ships, including foreign ones, in the port of Mariupol. On April 11, DPR People's Militia and Russian armed forces evacuated 47 crew members, including citizens of Russia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Syria, and Ukraine. Later, the release of the crew of the Tsarevna cargo ship, including 14 Bulgarian and one Ukrainian citizen, which had been seized by Ukrainian security forces, was reported. On April 13, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov reported that the Mariupol commercial port had been fully liberated and all hostages held by Azov aboard ships in the port had been released. The Bulgarian government has said it will tell the story of the operation to liberate the seamen after they return home.




アゾフ民族主義大隊のウクライナ軍は、マリウポリ港で外国船を含む船舶を押収した。4 月 11 日、DPR People's Militia とロシア武装勢力は、ロシア、アゼルバイジャン、エジプト、シリア、ウクライナの市民を含む 47 名の乗組員を避難させた。その後、ウクライナ治安部隊に拘束されていたブルガリア人 14 名とウクライナ人 1 名を含む貨物船「ツァレヴナ号」の乗組員の解放が報告された。ロシア国防省報道官のイーゴリ・コナシェンコフ少将は 13 日、マリウポリ商業港が完全に解放され、同港の船舶に乗 っていたアゾフの人質が全員解放されたと報告した。ブルガリア政府は、船員解放作戦について、帰国後に伝えるとしている。


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ウクライナ戦争は ロシアとNATOとの戦い 3

Daniel Mayakovski@DaniMayakovski
Mykola Azarov, ex-primer Ministro de Ucrania, denuncia el regimen nazi instaurado en Ucrania desde 2014, apoyado por EEUU/UK/UE.
"El regimen de Kiev es como las dictaduras sudamericanas que EEUU impuso en el pasado. Hay escuadrones de la muerte y los disidentes son asesinados".

ロシア ウクライナ保安局の秘密文書を入手
2022年4月10日, 18:49



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米国の武器供給にロシアがどう出るか 戦争拡大の恐れ

‘Nothing will dissuade’ the US from arming Ukraine – White House
The US will continue to pour weapons into Ukraine, despite Russia reportedly warning of “consequences,” Washington says
State Department spokesman Ned Price told CNN on Friday that “nothing will dissuade” the Biden administration from funneling weapons to Ukraine. Earlier, Russia reportedly sent a diplomatic cable to Washington warning of “unpredictable consequences” if these arms shipments continue.

“The Russians have said some things privately, they have said some things publicly; nothing will dissuade us from the strategy that we’ve embarked on,” Price told CNN’s Kate Bolduan. If the Kremlin is concerned that the Biden administration is “providing billions of dollars worth of security assistance to our Ukrainian partners … then we’re guilty as charged,” he added.

The US has sent more than $2.5 billion worth of arms and other military aid to Ukraine since Russia launched its offensive in February. Initially shipping thousands of anti-tank missiles and ammunition to the war-torn country, the Biden administration has more recently forwarded heavier weapons to the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russia warns US about Ukraine weapons – media
Moscow has reportedly warns of “unpredictable consequences” as Biden approves the expansion of military aid to Kiev
Russia has reportedly sent a formal diplomatic note to the US this week in which it warned that the further arming of Ukraine by Washington and allies could lead to “unpredictable consequences,” claims a report by the Washington Post published on Friday.

The outlet says that it has seen a copy of the document, which was sent as US President Joe Biden approved an $800 million military aid package, representing a major expansion in the scope of weapons provided to Kiev.
As the total amount of US military aid to Ukraine since February 24 has reached over $2.5 billion, the note was reportedly forwarded to the State Department by the Russian Embassy in Washington on Tuesday, April 12 and was titled “On Russia’s concerns in the context of massive supplies of weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime.”

S-400 takes down Ukrainian border attack chopper – Moscow
A Mil Mi-8 aircraft involved in a raid on a Russian village on Thursday was hit while returning to base, Moscow reported
A Ukrainian military helicopter which conducted an attack a Russian village, on Thursday, was hit with an S-400 long-range missile as it was returning to base, the Russian Defense Ministry has claimed.

mko @trappedsoldier氏の2022/4/16のツイート
絨毯爆撃しか能のないアメリカは、ウクライナの制空権が欲しくてしかたがない。だから、イスラエルにアイアンドームを、トルコにS‐400をくれと頼み込むが断られ、スティンガーを大量に送る。ソ連製の戦闘機やS-300をポーランドやスロバキアから送る。パトリオットやF‐35は? カリバーやS‐400の餌食?


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Russia warns Ukraine it might strike Kiev
The Russian military said it could target decision-makers in Kiev if Ukraine continues attempting attacks on Russian soil
Moscow has so far refrained from attacking Ukrainian decision-makers, but if Kiev continues attempts to carry out acts of sabotage or conventional attacks inside Russia, this will change, the Russian Defense Ministry warned on Wednesday.

“We have seen attempts at sabotage and attacks by the Ukrainian military against facilities in Russian territory. If such attempts continue, the Russian Federation’s Armed Forces will strike at the decision-making centers, including Kiev – something we have so far refrained from,” explaned spokesman 2Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

While Konashenkov did not specify which strikes or attempts at sabotage he was referring to, on Monday Russia declared a heightened terrorism alert in three regions bordering Ukraine – Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod – and several border municipalities in the regions of Krasnodar, Voronezh and Crimea.


"decision-makers in Kiev"を攻撃すると言っていますからキエフの政府機関、特に軍司令部を対象にミサイル攻撃することになりそうです。



Seven injured in cross-border shelling from Ukraine – media
A border crossing and nearby village reportedly came under mortar fire on Thursday

Seven people, including a pregnant woman and a child, were injured on Thursday in a shelling that targeted a village in Russia located close to the border with Ukraine, local health officials told TASS news agency. A separate attack targeting a nearby border crossing was reported by the guards.

The first incident happened in the village of Klimovo in Russia’s Bryansk Region, some 10km north of the border, when projectiles presumably fired by Ukrainian troops hit residential buildings, according to local officials. All seven victims were taken to hospital, with three of them reported to be in a serious condition.

Projectiles fired by Ukrainian troops hit residential buildings, Governor Aleksandr Bogomaz said, confirming that an unspecified number of people had been injured.

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