#MARIUPOL Breakout Attempt (details, as reported by @wargonzoo)
1−Attempt came from #Ilyich Factory. At the time of the breakout, there were approx. 1.5k #Ukraine|ian military & #Azov fighters.
2−Out of the 1.5k, 800 were supposed to clear the path; the rest were to follow. 1/5

3−The breakout convoy was comprised of about 120 military, armoured, and civilian vehicles. It was headed up by a tank, 2 2S1 #Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers, 10 IFVs, as well as a MT-LB, armoured personnel carriers, and other transport. 2/5

4−Over 100 #Ukraine|ian naval infantry, including deputy commander of the 36th Brigade naval infantry surrendered and were taken #POW.
5−Over 1/2 of the breakout group retreated back to the #Ilyich Factory. Several dozen killed by #DNR artillery. 3/5

6−Up to 10 groups of 3-4 men were scattered and tried to slip through the encirclement. The mop-up operation to find them continues.
7−The reports of a 2nd smaller breakout attempt resulted from #6. These scattered groups are pursued by #Spetsnaz. 4/5
8−#Spetsnaz and soldiers at checkpoint are engaging the scattered groups. As a result, filtration procedures on the #Volnovakha-#Mariupol highway have been intensified. 5/5

9−#DNR and #Russia|n #Spetsnaz continues hunting down the 10 groups of 3-4 #Azov and #Ukraine|ian forces scattered after the massive breakout attempt, with predictable results for the following 5, found between #Mangush & #Yalta.

Ukraine Soldiers Allegedly Surrendering in Mariupol as They Run Out of Food
Ukrainian forces in Mariupol have been forced to surrender to Russian soldiers as they are run out of ammunition and have been fighting without sufficient food and water for more than a month, according to an Independent report.

A British man who volunteered to fight against Russian soldiers in Ukraine is also among these soldiers who have surrendered after defending Mariupol for weeks.
Ukrainian forces in Mariupol have been forced to surrender to Russian soldiers as they are run out of ammunition and have been fighting without sufficient food and water for more than a month, according to an Independent report.

A British man who volunteered to fight against Russian soldiers in Ukraine is also among these soldiers who have surrendered after defending Mariupol for weeks.

PBS correspondant Simon Ostrovsky posted a picture of the British volunteer and confirmed that he had surrendered to Russian troops, according to a former squad member.
PBS correspondant Simon Ostrovsky posted a picture of the British volunteer and confirmed that he had surrendered to Russian troops, according to a former squad member.



"We have no food and no ammunition. It's been a pleasure everyone, I hope this war ends soon."

A Facebook post from the 36th marine brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces on Monday issued a similar statement about the dire situation in Mariupol.

"From the beginning of the exit we have been defending Mariupol for 47 days. We were bombed from airplanes, we were shot from artillery, tanks and other fire materials. We kept the defense worthy by doing the impossible. But any resources have a potential to run out," the post read (via Google Translate).
"食料 "も "弾薬 "もない。みんな喜んでるよ。この戦争が早く終わることを祈ってる。"




Over 1,000 Ukrainian troops surrender in Mariupol − Russian top brass
Among those who surrendered, there are 162 officers, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov specified
MOSCOW, April 13. /TASS/. Over 1,000 Ukrainian troops, including 162 officers and 47 female service members surrendered in Mariupol, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday.

"As a result of successful offensive operations by the Russian forces and militia units of the Donetsk People’s Republic, 1,026 Ukrainian troops of the 36th marine infantry brigade voluntarily laid down their arms and surrendered in the area of the Ilyicha metals factory in the city of Mariupol. Among those who surrendered, there are 162 officers and also 47 female service members," the spokesman said.

A total of 151 wounded Ukrainian servicemen of the 36th marine infantry brigade received primary medical assistance at the scene, following which all of them were taken to the Mariupol city hospital for medical treatment, the general specified.



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Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ – Biden
US president demands regime change for Russia

US President Joe Biden has called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to be deposed. He made a direct appeal to the Russian people during a speech in Warsaw, where he had met for talks with high-ranking Ukrainian officials on Saturday.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden declared at the end of an emotionally overwrought speech in the Polish capital’s Royal Castle. While he has previously denounced Putin as a “war criminal” and a “dictator,” and lobbed at him all manner of other geopolitical insults, this was his first recorded demand that the president be removed from office.

Biden also spoke directly to “the Russian people,” insisting that despite weeks of punishing sanctions and forcing hundreds of American and European-based companies to pull out of the country, “you, the Russian people, are not our enemy.”

He then attempted to liken Ukrainians fighting “Russian aggression” to the Soviet Union defending itself from Nazi Germany in World War II.

Biden spoke more sternly to Russian leaders, warning them not to “even think about moving on one single inch of NATO territory,” due to the “sacred obligation” the alliance has under Article 5, its mutual defense treaty.

“American forces are in Europe − not in Europe−” the president began, correcting himself, “to engage in conflict with Russian forces.” Biden warned 100,000 American troops were waiting to defend Washington’s European allies.

The president warned NATO and its allies that the fight against Russia “would not be easy, there will be costs, but it’s a price we have to pay,” before waxing poetic about the “flame of liberty” chasing off the “darkness that drives autocracy.”

Not one to miss an opportunity, Biden cited Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas as motivation to move toward green energy. Fuel prices in Europe and to a lesser extent the US have soared in the wake of sanctions placed on Russian oil and gas.

A White House official hastily followed up Biden’s speech by unpacking the statements that pointed toward regime change for Russia, insisting “the president’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change.”



Blinken denies regime-change strategy against Russia
US secretary of state tries to walk back Joe Biden’s comment that Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’
America’s leading diplomat has insisted President Joe Biden didn’t mean to suggest Washington aims to oust Vladimir Putin as Russia’s leader, standing by previous assertions that the US doesn’t have a regime-strange strategy in Moscow.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made his comments at a press conference on Sunday in Jerusalem, hours after Biden raised eyebrows during an emotional speech in Warsaw about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Biden said of President Putin, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

An unidentified White House official quickly tried to clarify the US position, saying Biden’s point was that Putin can’t be allowed to exercise power over neighboring countries. On Sunday, Blinken continued the effort to walk back Biden’s comments.

“I think the president, the White House, made the point last night that, quite simply, President Putin cannot be empowered to wage war or engage in aggression against Ukraine or anyone else,” Blinken told reporters. “As you know, and as you have heard us say repeatedly, we do not have a strategy of regime change in Russia – or anywhere else, for that matter.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded to Biden’s speech, saying, “It’s not up to the president of the US and not up to the Americans to decide who will remain in power in Russia. Only Russians, who vote for their president, can decide that.”
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Kiev’s Kamikaze Strategy

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Roger L. Clutter
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私は、家族にイベルメクチンを渡しました。(家族を代表して個人輸入をしたのです) 友人などで会う機会が多い人にも適宜渡していざという場合に呑むように言いましたが、予防的な服用法をとっているようです。その友人がまた別の人に勧めたと聞いていますが、私はそれには関与していない。私は、私の接する者が感染源にならないでほしいから渡したのです。接触機会の多い人が感染しなければ、私自身の感染予防になるからです。














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Most Brits want PM to go – poll
Fewer than 1 in 4 think he’s telling the truth about illegal partying during the pandemic
Most voters polled by YouGov, an internet-based market research and data analytics company, have expressed the view that British PM Boris Johnson should resign from his role A sample of Brits were quizzed, in a snap survey, on April 12, the same day Johnson received a fine for having flouted the strict social-distancing mandate his own government had imposed on the public at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

YouGov reports that 57 percent of respondents say Johnson should resign as prime minister, while 30 percent say he should stay in the position, and 13 percent say they don’t know whether or not Johnson should step down.

The results of a separate YouGov poll, held on March 8, showed 47% of respondents saying Johnson should resign, with 16% answering that he should stay in the role, despite being the only sitting head of government in the history of the UK Parliament to incur a penalty for breaking the law. When it comes to voters who favor the Conservative party, which is led by Johnson, 25% say he should resign, up from 17% in March.

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Ukrainian opposition leader arrested
Zelensky shares photo of Viktor Medvedchuk in handcuffs
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his delight on Tuesday after Kiev's successor to the Soviet-era KGB arrested the country's most prominent opposition leader.

The President shared a photo of his handcuffed rival Viktor Medvedchuk on social media, with the caption: “A special operation was carried out by the SBU. Well done! Details to follow."

The SBU is Ukraine's main intelligence and security agency, founded in 1991 to replace the KGB.

“I consider it especially cynical of him to use military camouflage,” Zelensky later said, mocking Medvedchuk as trying to pose as a “warrior” and “patriot” and proposing to exchange the detained politician for Ukrainian prisoners of war held by Russia.

Medvedchuk heads the second largest party in the national parliament, the “Opposition Platform - For Life.” He was previously placed under house arrest, last year, as part of Zelensky's clampdown on dissent, which was granted tacit approval by the regime's Western supporters.


Zelensky suggests swapping Medvedchuk for Ukrainian servicemen
I propose to the Russian Federation to swap Medvedchuk for our folks who are in Russian captivity, he said
KIEV, April 13. /TASS/. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he was ready to swap the detained head of the Opposition Platform - For Life party’s political council, Viktor Medvedchuk, for Ukrainian prisoners of war.

"I propose to the Russian Federation to swap [Medvedchuk] for our folks who are in Russian captivity," he said in a video address on Wednesday.

"That is why it is important for our law-enforcers and the military to consider this opportunity as well," Zelensky added.

The Ukrainian president claimed Medvedchuk was at large for 48 days. "At last, he decided to try to flee our country," he added.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said on Tuesday it had detained Viktor Medvedchuk, the head of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party. The official Telegram account of the security agency posted a photo of a person who bears visual resemblance to Medvedchuk. The man is handcuffed and dressed in military uniform. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the news should be verified due to a large number of fake reports coming from the Kiev government.






Threat made to Ukrainian opposition leader
Viktor Medvedchuk should be beaten into making confessions and exchanged with Russia, a top aide claims
Opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk should be swiftly tried, sentenced and physically assaulted before an attempt is made to swap him for Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russia, an advisor to Ukraine’s interior minister told Ukrainian television on Wednesday. President Volodymyr Zelensky suggested an exchange after announcing the politician’s arrest on Tuesday.

“At the very minimum, he has to make some confessions because he knows a lot about who in Russia gave how much and to whom to create a fifth column” in Ukraine, Vadim Denisenko said of the arrested politician.

“At the maximum … he needs to be tried swiftly, given a prison term, beaten into providing certain testimony and then exchanged,” he added.

Denisenko’s remarks, particularly the implication that Medvedchuk could be coerced into cooperating by violence, were criticized by some Russian officials.

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chair of the Russian national security council, made a not-so-veiled threat by saying that people supporting such ideas “should pay attention to their surroundings and keep the door locked for the night not to get added to the list of individuals eligible for a prisoner swap themselves.”

Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry, mocked the suggested sequence of events in Medvedchuk’s prosecution plan. “It’s a British scheme: hold a swift trial, give a prison term, and then extract testimonies. Works every time,” she said.

She was apparently referring to the British government’s approach to making accusations against Russia. In the eyes of Moscow, this has involved declaring that Russians were “highly likely” guilty of some wrongdoing and then encouraging the media and the public to treat the claim as an established fact

Wife of captured Ukrainian opposition leader pleads to Erdogan
Turkish president asked to help free Viktor Medvedchuk who is being held by the Kiev regime

Ukrainian TV star Oksana Marchenko, the wife of the country's arrested opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk, released a video on Wednesday pleading to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to assist in freeing her husband.

She claims her husband was illegally captured at the personal request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday and is being held as a hostage at an unknown location.

“Earlier, they tried to convict my husband in a political trial. My husband did not violate any laws. Everything that is happening completely contradicts the legal foundations of the Ukrainian state and international law. I consider my husband’s abduction to be terrorism,” said Marchenko.

Viktor Medvedchuk, who heads the Opposition Platform – For Life party, which was the second-largest faction in the Ukrainian parliament, was arrested on Tuesday by the SBU, Ukraine’s security service. The arrest was made public after president Zelensky published a photo of his handcuffed rival, whom he has accused of treason over dealings with Crimea, and being a “pro-Russian” politician.

Medvedchuk, who opposed the 2014 Kiev Maidan, and believes the country's Western turn to be detrimental to Ukraine's interests, has led his party since 2018. He previously served as Chief of Staff to former President Leonid Kuchma, in the early 2000s.

Some Western commentators have labelled him as Vladimir Putin's "closest ally in Ukraine." However, the Russian President has described Medvechuk as a "Ukrainian nationalist."
Ukrainian opposition leader arrested
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Ukrainian opposition leader arrested

Marchenko called on president Erdogan, who she said stands for peaceful dialogue and considers himself a friend to both Ukraine and Russia, to help free her husband, as she fears for his life.

Kremlin responds to talk of ‘swapping’ Ukrainian opposition leader
Viktor Medvedchuk has nothing to do with Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Moscow insists

Moscow sees no possibility of swapping the Ukrainian opposition leader, Viktor Medvedchuk, for any of Kiev's soldiers captured during the ongoing Russian military offensive in the country, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

Earlier, the idea was raised by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Medvedchuk “has nothing to do with Russia’s special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine,” Peskov told journalists, adding that Medvedchuk was also not a Russian citizen but a “foreign politician” and it isn’t not even clear if he wants Russia to play any role in his fate.
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ポーランドとバルト3国 ウクライナ支援継続

Nordic leaders betraying their national interests – Russia
In making false claims of a Russian threat, Finland and Sweden go against their own interests in favor of NATO's, Russia says
Russia has criticized accusations that it poses a threat to Sweden and Finland amid their sudden drive to join NATO. Leaders in the Nordic states have recently expressed a desire to enter the US-led military bloc following Moscow's military attack on Ukraine.

“These claims [over an alleged Russian threat] are unintelligent. They are not based on facts. They are in the realm of propaganda and provocations. They go against the national interests of those countries,” the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Radio Sputnik on Wednesday. “I believe it would be wrong to consider these statements as an independent opinion,” she added.

On Tuesday Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ann Linde told reporters while visiting Bosnia-Herzegovina that Russia threatening Sweden or Finland is unacceptable. “Our citizens must make their own security decisions,” she said, regarding Stockholm mulling over membership in the Western military bloc.

Zakharova has argued that those Scandinavian politicians who advocate for joining NATO serve not the interests of their people but rather the interests of the US.




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Ukraine explains decision to shun German president
Any visit should bring ‘results’ like Germany banning Russian oil, a top aide outlined
Ukraine will welcome any foreign “high-ranking official” as long as they come with “specific offers related to either economic or military support,” an aide to President Volodymyr Zelensky has told the Die Welt newspaper, explaining Kiev’s decision to turn down a visit by the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

German president explains Ukrainian rejection
Frank-Walter Steinmeier ‘not wanted’ in Kiev over alleged ties to Russia and peace formula support
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier confirmed on Tuesday that he was not welcome in Kiev, where he’d intended to travel alongside four other EU presidents as a show of solidarity.

Ukrainian officials have accused Steinmeier of being close to Russia, while according to German media, his name is still associated in Kiev with the 2016 attempt to implement the Minsk agreements in the Donbass, known as the "Steinmeier formula."

The president planned to visit Kiev on Wednesday alongside his counterparts from Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as “a strong signal of joint European solidarity with Ukraine,” but “that apparently wasn't wanted in Kiev,” he told German media while visiting Warsaw on Tuesday.

While no official reason for the snub was forthcoming, the tabloid Bild reported Steinmeier was not welcome “because of his close ties with Russia,” citing Ukrainian government sources. The current German president was connected to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Russia as well as the “Steinmeier Formula”, the outlet pointed out.
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