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Major conflict between great powers more likely

Major conflict between great powers more likely – General Milley
Russia and China challenge the current world order, top American military officers have claimed

As the world becomes more unstable, the “potential for significant international conflict is increasing, not decreasing,” a top US military officer told lawmakers on Tuesday.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, defended the record-breaking $773 billion budget the US Department of Defense is requesting for the fiscal year 2023 at a grueling House Armed Services Committee hearing. The meeting saw innumerable mentions of US adversaries Russia and China, both of whom are perceived in Washington as a threat to US global power.

Milley dubbed Russia's attack on Ukraine “the greatest threat to peace and security of Europe and perhaps the world” in his 42 years serving in the US military. However, it was “heartening” to see the world rally around Ukraine, he added.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is threatening to undermine not only European peace and stability but global peace and stability that my parents and a generation of Americans fought so hard to defend,” Milley said.

We are now facing two global powers: China and Russia, each with significant military capabilities, both who intend to fundamentally change the rules-based current global order. We are entering a world that is becoming more unstable and the potential for significant international conflict is increasing, not decreasing.

Both military officials later pointed to billions allocated to space and cybersecurity as examples of US preparedness. They acknowledged that Washington has no defense against the hypersonic missiles that both Russia and China have successfully tested, but reassured the committee that the development of the “glide-phase interceptor,” a cutting-edge missile defense capable of countering hypersonic missiles, is proceeding apace.

Milley argued that only the presence of US "hard power" might have prevented Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. “With respect to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it's been a longstanding objective of Putin. And to speak candidly, short of the commitment of US forces into Ukraine proper, I'm not sure that he was deterrable. [This] would have required the use of US military forces and would have risked armed conflict with Russia, which I wouldn't advise.

“I believe a lot of our European allies, especially those such as in the Baltics or Poland or Romania or elsewhere, they are very, very willing to establish permanent bases,” Milley said.

They'll build them, they'll pay for them, etc., for us to cycle through on a rotational basis. So you get the effect of permanent presence of forces, but the actual individual soldiers, sailors, airmen or Marines are not permanently stationed there for two or three years.

Austin said that NATO was still discussing how it should bolster its permanent presence in Eastern Europe. "If NATO deems that it's appropriate to change its footprint, then certainly we'll be a part of that," he said.

When asked whether, if US "hard power" alone could have deterred Putin from launching Russia's military operation in Ukraine, would more US forces in Taiwan “increase or decrease" the likelihood of Chinese President Xi Jinping launching an attack on the island, Secretary Austin demurred. He instead repeated that the strategic questions surrounding Ukraine are different to those surrounding Taiwan and cannot be neatly transposed from one country to the other.

Austin admitted that the US “needs to do a lot better” in “leveraging US allies” in space and cyberspace, and not merely in the domains of land, sea and air.
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Putin issues warning to West

Russian leader responds to seizure of his country's assets abroad
The nationalization of assets is a double-edged weapon, Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed during a government meeting in response to some Western countries proposing to seize his country's property abroad.

“We’re already hearing announcements coming from some officials about the possible nationalization of some of our assets. Well, this can be taken very far. Let no one forget that this is a double-edged weapon,” he cautioned on Tuesday.
Putin noted that the situation in the global energy sphere has significantly worsened as a result of “crude and non-market measures” introduced by foreign partners, including the mounting of pressure on Russia’s gas giant Gazprom. Putin accused European nations of trying to “shift the blame for their own mistakes in economy and energy onto Russia.”
プーチン大統領は、ロシアのガス大手ガスプロムへの圧力強化など、外国のパートナーが導入した「粗野で非市場的な措置」の結果、世界のエネルギー圏の状況が著しく悪化していると指摘した。プーチンは、欧州諸国が "経済とエネルギーにおける自分たちの過ちの責任をロシアに転嫁しようとしている "と非難した。
Last Thursday, the president signed a decree that required countries that have slapped Moscow with sanctions to pay for gas with rubles, in future. The Kremlin has warned that refusing to adapt to this would mean the end of the energy, which, it remarked at the time, it wouldn’t be giving away “free of charge.” Moscow insists that it was left with no choice but to switch to its national currency, as dollars and euros could be “taken away.”

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東京→ウラジオストック 以前2時間、今2日



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ウクライナ戦争は ロシアとNATOとの戦い 4

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The delegation of NATO Allied Land Command led by Commander Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier has begun a visit to Ukraine.

“A visit of a delegation of the NATO Allied Land Command to Ukraine has begun today. A meeting with my colleague, NATO Allied Land Commander Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier, has just ended. We discussed a number of issues regarding the development of military cooperation between the Land Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO,” Colonel General Oleksandr Syrsky, Commander of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said at a joint press conference with Roger Cloutier in Kyiv.

He noted that the visit of the NATO Allied Land Commander proved that political and military leadership of NATO and the Allies saw Ukraine as a strategic and predictable partner aiming to become a full-fledged member of the world's most powerful collective security system.

As noted, the parties paid special attention to the development of military cooperation and acquaintance of the Alliance representatives with the process of combat training of units and subdivisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the reform of the Land Forces.

Roger Cloutier司令官中将率いるNATO連合陸軍の代表団がウクライナ訪問を開始しました。


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Russia presents new evidence on Ukraine biolabs, comments on links to Biden and US
Disease vectors researched at US-funded biolabs in Ukraine may have been tested on Ukrainians, while Kiev sought to arm drones with them

The Russian military has presented documents showing Ukraine’s interest in using drones to deliver weaponized pathogens developed in US-funded biolabs. Names of US officials involved in the biolabs projects, and the role the current US president’s son played in the program, were also made public during the special briefing on Thursday.

One of the key pieces of evidence was a letter from the Ukrainian company Motor Sich to the Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar Makina – makers of the Bayraktar TB2 and Akinci UAVs – dated December 15, 2021. The Ukrainians specifically asked if the drones could carry 20 liters of aerosolized payload to a range of 300 kilometers – putting them in range of a dozen major Russian cities and almost all of Belarus.

“We are talking about the development by the Kiev regime of technical means of delivery and use of biological weapons with the possibility of their use against the Russian Federation,” said Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, commander of the Russian Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces.

Kirillov also referenced a US patent (No. 8,967,029) for a mechanism to deploy aerosolized pathogens from a drone. The US response to a 2018 Russian inquiry about this patent did not deny its existence, but claimed that it technically did not violate Washington’s obligations under the treaties banning chemical and biological weapons, he pointed out.

Kirillov showed signed contracts between US government agencies – Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the Pentagon, the Department of State – and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, as well as the specific facilities inside Ukraine. The Pentagon spent more than $30 million for biological research at just one Ukrainian facility, the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health, according to the Russian military.

DTRA official Robert Pope was “one of the key figures” in the program, and “the author of the idea of creating a central depository of especially dangerous microorganisms in Kiev,” Kirillov said. The Pentagon’s biological projects in Ukraine were coordinated by Joanna Wintrol, head of the DTRA office in Kiev, until she left in August 2020. She directly supervised projects UP-4, UP-6, and UP-8 to study deadly pathogens, including anthrax, the Congo-Crimean fever, and leptospirosis, according to Kirillov.

The US agency’s point of contact was Ukraine’s Health Minister (2016-2019) Ulyana Suprun, herself a US citizen, Kirillov noted, while a major go-between was the private contractor Black and Veatch, whose Kiev office was headed by Lance Lippencott. Another Pentagon contractor, Metabiota, also had a role in the project.

Kirillov said that Hunter Biden – son of the current US President Joe Biden – played “an important role in creating a financial opportunity to work with pathogens on the territory of Ukraine,” pointing to several emails between him and executives of Metabiota and Black and Veatch. In particular, he described the Metabiota VP as “a confidant of Hunter Biden,” based on their correspondence. According to the general, the “Western media” has confirmed the authenticity of these emails – presumably a reference to materials published last week by the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

Even Kiev was concerned about the biolabs, according to a memo Kirillov showed. A 2017 letter from the Kherson department of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) said that DTRA and Black and Veach intend to “establish control over the functioning of microbiological laboratories in Ukraine conducting research on pathogens of particularly dangerous infections that can be used to create or modernize new types of biological weapons.”

Pointing to a June 2019 document from the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kirillov wondered why it insisted on secrecy and required that “serious” incidents “including the death of the subjects” had to be reported to the US bioethics authorities within 24 hours – when other documents about that specific program only reference standard blood sampling work.

“We do not exclude that the official research program is only the ‘visible part of the iceberg’, while in practice, volunteers were infected with the Congo–Crimean fever virus, hantaviruses and the causative agent of leptospirosis,” the general said, accusing the US of “a dismissive attitude towards the citizens of Ukraine,” and treating them as guinea pigs for biological and medical experimentation.

The US has long claimed that allegations about Pentagon-funded biolaboratories in Ukraine were “Russian disinformation.” Earlier this month, however, US diplomat Victoria Nuland testified before the Senate that “biological research laboratories in Ukraine” did exist, and that Washington was working with Kiev “to ensure that the materials of biological research do not fall into the hands of Russian forces.”

According to Kirillov, all pathogenic biomaterials stored in Ukraine were “transported by military transport aircraft to the United States via Odessa,” in early February 2022. On February 24, as Russian troops entered Ukraine, the ministry of health in Kiev ordered the remaining strains to be destroyed, the general said.

Kirillov said that the Russian intervention halted activities at five Ukrainian biolabs that had been working with anthrax, tularemia, brucellosis, cholera, leptospirosis, and African swine fever.

China calls for ‘objective’ analysis of Russia’s claims about US biolabs in Ukraine
A “fair, objective and professional” assessment is needed for the materials Moscow has provided, the Chinese Foreign Ministry says
The international community should provide a “fair, objective and professional” assessment of Russia’s allegations regarding alleged US military laboratories in Ukraine, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said.

In March, Russia shared evidence obtained from laboratories across Ukraine that apparently confirms that Pentagon-funded labs were working on “biological weapons components,” and may have been connected to suspicious outbreaks of dirofilariasis, tuberculosis, and avian flu over the past several years. According to the latest data revealed by military spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov on March 30, Kiev was planning to use drones to deploy pathogens against the Donbass republics, as well as Russia itself.

Speaking at a regular press briefing on Friday, Zhao said the US has still not come up with a “constructive response” to Russia’s statements, and called on the international community to give serious consideration to Moscow’s claims.

He said, as quoted by TASS, that China “would welcome a fair, objective and professional assessment by the international community of the documents provided by Russia on the basis of the UN mechanisms and the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction.”

China has consistently encouraged the US to make public all information about its biolabs. Two weeks ago, China’s permanent representative to the UN, Zhang Jun, told the UN Security Council that following the revelation by Russia of the newly discovered documents, “the party concerned should respond to questions, and offer timely and comprehensive clarifications to remove the doubts of the international community.”

Several days prior to that, Beijing disclosed for the first time the alleged number of US-controlled biolabs. Saying that laboratories in Ukraine are just the “tip of an iceberg,” Zhao revealed that the Pentagon “controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries around the world.” Noting that the US “has been exclusively obstructing” the establishment of an independent verification mechanism, the Foreign Ministry spokesman called on the US to “publish the relevant details as soon as possible, including which viruses are stored and which research has been carried out.”

The US has long claimed that allegations about military-funded biolaboratories in Ukraine are ‘Russian disinformation’. In March, however, US diplomat Victoria Nuland testified before the Senate that “biological research laboratories in Ukraine” did exist, and that Washington was working with Kiev “to ensure that the materials of biological research do not fall into the hands of Russian forces.”

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