WATCH: Troops fire from armored vehicles as Beirut descends into chaos, resembling warzone
Armored vehicles have rolled into Beirut as the Lebanese capital descended into chaos, with crowds led by Hezbollah and Amal groups demonstrating against Tarek Bitar, the lead judge of the port blast investigation.

Beirut resembled a warzone on Thursday as the army deployed armored vehicles to a divided area of the city where deadly skirmishes erupted following an attack on a protest. The army declared that the troops would fire at any armed individuals on the capital’s streets.

The Lebanese army deployed a range of armored vehicles, including tanks and trucks with mounted machine guns. Sources on the ground suggest the troops have moved toward a building from which militants are allegedly based.

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ロシアは交通事故など 安全軽視の国民性が直らない

Daughter of Putin mentor Sobchak summoned by cops over deadly car smash as video of horrific incident appears online [DISTURBING]
プーチンの助言者ソバチャクの娘 恐ろしい事故のビデオがオンラインで流れる中、死者の出た自動車衝突事故に関して警官の呼び出しを受ける

Former presidential candidate & daughter of Putin mentor Sobchak slammed after leaving scene of horror fatal Sochi car smash
元大統領候補でプーチンの助言者ソバチャクの娘 死亡者の出たソチの恐ろしい自動車衝突の現場を離れ非難を浴びる



Putin mentor Sobchak がわかるかどうかか鍵になります。

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距離 マスク 換気 米国が英国を引き離すか

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イスラエルはterror state こんなことを許していてはいけない

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きょう、エルサレムのパレスチナ人の墓所に、イスラエル人入植者が放火した! イスラエル当局が、墓をブルドーザーで掘り起し破壊した後に! こいつら人間じゃない。

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Israel is playing with fire. They think they can inflict terror and violence on people who will be too scared to fight back. The Palestinian movement outside Gaza has not adopted armed struggle for a long time. But faced with extermination they can quickly turn the tables


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Published information indicates that an S200 missile was fired at an Israeli fighter tonight, but after the missile chased the fighter in Lebanese airspace, the fighter managed to escape using Chaf and Feller, and the element defense missile landed in an area between the borders

Lebanon and Israel fell. It should be noted that in previous missile attacks, Israeli fighter jets were not fired, and if it is decided to intercept the fighters, it can create a relative deterrent.

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It’s time for pro-Palestinian sources to stop referring to the IDF as soldiers. The IDF is just a union of three terrorist troops: Irgun, Hagana and Levi. Israel isn’t a legitimate state. Every time I see the words “israeli” and “soldier” side by side I cringe.

Google exposes nine-month counter-terror hacking op by ‘friendly’ government, raising questions about what makes an ally
A Google hacking team has exposed − and shut down − an expert counterterrorism hacking operation by a supposed US ally. While the report hid most details, it raised troubling questions on what constitutes an ally in cyberspace.

The tech giant’s Project Zero and Threat Analysis Group hacking teams uncovered and ultimately put an end to a counter-terrorism operation being run by a US ally, according to MIT Tech Review, which detailed the internal struggle at Google over whether to publicize the incident and what it implied for future cyber-espionage (apparently, all’s fair in love, war, and malware attacks).

Both Project Zero, which uncovers and exposes security vulnerabilities, and Threat Analysis Group, which tracks hacks believed to be run by governments, helped take down the “friendly” malware attack, which weaponized 11 zero-day vulnerabilities in the course of nine months. A zero-day vulnerability is a flaw that the software’s creator and user are unaware exists, a security issue that can be used as a backdoor and otherwise exploited until it is discovered.

Cropping up 11 times in nine months – more frequently than a typical zero-day exploit – the attack targeted devices powered by iOS, Android, and Windows. The exploits were innovative (MIT described them as “never-before-seen techniques”) and used infected websites as “watering holes” to deliver malware to unfortunate visitors. The infection process had been ongoing since early 2020.

MIT revealed on Friday that the hackers running the scheme were “actually Western government operatives actively conducting a counter-terrorism operation,” an unusual revelation given that tracing hacks to state-level actors is not the easy-to-grasp, cut-and-dried operation that US cybersecurity firms like CrowdStrike and FireEye like to describe when they speak with reporters.

Indeed, while Google’s Threat Analysis Group attributes hacks to states, Project Zero does not, though private security companies have been working on the capability to reliably “link hostile actions with foreign actors” for the last decade – an ability that has recently become more reliable, according to a RAND Corporation paper published in September.

Indeed, Google seems to have only been told it was a counter-terror op in an effort to convince it to allow the hack to continue. Instead, the Google teams went ahead and squelched the attack, in a move that reportedly “caused internal division at Google,” as well as “rais[ing] questions inside the intelligence communities of the United States and its allies.”

While Google managed to get the hack shut down, its announcement released vanishingly few details about the attack itself – who was responsible for the hack, who was the target, and certain technical aspects of the malware and its hosting were left out in a manner that is considered highly atypical for a release by the Google teams, whose work is relied-on and revered across the industry.

The decision appeared to be a compromise between the two Google teams, under the justification that even if the ‘good guys’ were running the hack to nab terrorists now, the 11 separate zero-day vulnerabilities Google had found them using over the past year would ultimately end up in the hands of the ‘bad guys.’ Better, then, to shut it down and keep the entire internet safe than to aid and abet criminals, whether they’re operating in the future or the present.

While cybersecurity teams regularly stumble over one another’s work in the process of patrolling their governments’ networks, certain policies could help decipher who the culprit in this particular instance might have been. The Five Eyes alliance – the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – have a gentlemen’s agreement not to report hacking operations as long as both the security team and the hackers they’ve tripped over are friendlies, and the US in particular avoids uprooting its own operations in progress.

However, while the US considers Israel its top ally in the Middle East, the National Security Agency and CIA have reportedly both previously designated that country as *the* top spy threat to the US.

Perhaps most shocking is the implication that Google – a private company – can hold its own, national-security-wise, against whichever state sought to continue this counter-terror op without the tech giant spilling the beans to the world. A former senior US official made the point that not all hackers, even state-level powers, were in a position where they could so easily regenerate the kind of exploit capability Google would have shut down by revealing the vulnerability.

“The idea that someone like Google can destroy that much capability that quickly is slowly dawning on folks,” he said.

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A one state solution is not impossible, it is inevitable. Israel will expand further into Palestinian territory. They’ll keep trying to ethnically cleanse the non-Jewish population and keep them stateless. But they will fail. Eventually the demographics will overwhelm them.
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