ツイッターが在米中国大使館のアカウントを凍結 ウィグル政策をめぐり

RT 21 Jan, 2021 03:19 / Updated 6 hours ago
Twitter locks out Chinese embassy to the US after ‘dehumanizing’ Uyghur tweet as if to prove it isn’t JUST anti-Trump
21 Jan, 2021 03:19 / Updated 6 hours ago
Twitter has locked the Chinese Embassy to the US out of its account for supposedly violating its policy against dehumanization with a tweet defending its activities in Xinjiang, just weeks after suspending US President Trump.

The tech giant has locked @ChineseEmbinUS, the official account of Beijing’s US Embassy, for supposedly violating its policies against dehumanization by refusing to delete a tweet defending the government’s policies regarding Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region. A Twitter spokesman confirmed on Wednesday that the account was still locked.

The tweet, which said Uyghur women were no longer "baby-making machines" thanks to the Chinese government's work in "eradicating extremism" in Xinjiang and had instead become "more confident and independent," had already been hidden since January 8 behind a "this tweet is no longer available" notice. However, Twitter requires the embassy to delete it manually in order to unlock the account. The embassy tweeted several times after making the offending post, which remained viewable for at least 24 hours before it was censored.

Chinese media had previously skewered Twitter’s response to the tweet as “hypocrisy,” and other tweets that remain viewable also defend its policies regarding the Uyghurs. One post shows a graph depicting the minority’s population growing more than 25 percent from 2010 to 2018, and another explains the details of Beijing’s “family planning policy in Xinjiang.” China has defended its Uyghur policy as countering extremism in the region, where the US in November stripped the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) – a militant religious organization – of its terrorist designation.
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イスラエルの新規感染者 7日移動平均

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Thousands of Israelis test POSITIVE for Covid-19 despite receiving Pfizer/BioNTech jab

More than 12,400 people in Israel have tested positive for coronavirus after being vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech jab, including 69 who had received their second dose, the country's Health Ministry said.

Some 189,000 people were tested for Covid-19 after being vaccinated, with 6.6 percent getting a positive result, according to ministry data reported by Israeli outlets. The majority were apparently infected shortly after receiving the first jab of the two-part vaccine – a period when the inoculation isn't expected to have kicked in yet.

However, 1,410 people tested positive two weeks after their first injection, by which time partial immunity should have already taken effect.

Moreover, 69 patients became infected with the novel coronavirus despite already having been administered both shots of the vaccine, the ministry said. Israel began administering the second doses almost two weeks ago, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being the first to complete the course.

Pfizer has said that a spike in immunity occurs between Day 15 and Day 21 after the first jab, when the effectiveness of its vaccine increases from 52 to 89 percent. According to earlier trials, the protection offered by the vaccine reaches the 95 percent level a week after the second dose is administered, the pharma giant said.

When it comes to vaccines, the results of clinical trials may differ from how the immunization performs in the field, where it's administered to a much greater number of people.

RT 1 Jan, 2021 18:03
Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine – reports
With the vaccine not providing immediate immunity to the coronavirus, over two hundred Israeli citizens have been diagnosed with the disease days after getting the Pfizer/BioNTech jabs, local media reported.

The number of those who got Covid-19 despite being vaccinated was at around 240 people, according to data from Channel 13 News.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which the Israeli health authorities rely on, doesn’t contain the coronavirus and can’t infect the recipient. But time is needed for the genetic code in the drug to train the immune system to recognize and attack the disease.

The course of the US-made vaccine requires two shots. According to the studies, immunity to Covid-19 increases only eight to ten days after the first injection and eventually reaches 50 percent.

The second jab is administered 21 days from the first one, while the declared immunity of 95 percent is achieved only a week after that. And, of course, there’s still a five percent chance of getting infected even if the vaccine is at its full potential.

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日本の新コロナウィルス禍 出口見えず


@ ワクチンを接種したからと言ってすべての人が感染しなくなるわけではありません。

A 世界で次々に変異株が見つかっており、これらには既存のワクチンが効かないものもあるとされています。

B いったん感染して平癒しても変異株が出てくれば再感染することがあります。

C 再陽性化の例が出ていますが、再感染ではなく身体の中にあったウィルスが再活性化した例が含まれるとの説もあります。

D 年少者や若者は感染しにくいとの説がありますが、少なくとも20代男女は各年代の中で最も感染者が多いのです。10歳未満の感染者も増えています。

E 変異株は、若い人に感染しやすいとの指摘もあります。
英国流行変異ウイルス 静岡の3人感染 英滞在歴なく市中感染か 2021/1/18

F 今亡くなっている方は、高年齢層の方がほとんどですが、壮年齢層にも死者が出ています。亡くなる方は、多くが急死の形です。

G 新コロナウィルスによる症状が平癒しても、後遺症が残ることが少なくありません。高年齢層は死亡、若年齢層は後遺症です。コロナ感染者は退院後140日以内に12.3%が死亡しているという海外の調査結果もあります。

H 新コロナウィルス患者を収容できる病床が不足しており、「中程度」とされる患者も病院で治療を受けられなくなっています。千葉県でも自宅で亡くなる人が出ています。この医療崩壊の状態はさらに進むでしょう。そうなると、高年齢層でない人たちにも死亡者が増えます。
これが東京の現状です。入院できない...「私 死ぬかも」

I 欧州の名門中の名門とされる家の50代の当主が心臓の不調で急死しました。この方の住んでいた場所は新コロナウィルスの蔓延が進んでいました。健康管理には医師のサービスも含めて万全を期していたでしょうに気の毒で、残念なことです。

J 新コロナウィルスは、身分や門地を問わないのです。クレムリンはプーチンを感染させないためにクレムリン以外の場所でリモート執務の体制をとりました。

K 世界各国の感染者数を比較すると、日本はまだ低位にあります。一つは日本人のマスク習慣が寄与しているとみられます。もう一つは、PCR検査を絞っていて感染者の把握に大きな漏れがあるからです。PCR検査の拡充に政府は依然として消極的です。これを増やしたとたんに爆発的に感染者数が増えてトルコの二の舞になります。ずっと隠ぺいを続けなければ責任問題が噴出するのを避けられなくなっています。

L ここに至っても、新コロナウィルスなど存在しないとか発信している方がいますが、そういう声に惑わされないようにしましょう。心が休まるかもしれませんが、命を失ったり、後遺症に苦しんだりします。

M 日本でぐずぐすと新コロナウィルス禍が長引くと、経済的には深刻な影響があるでしょう。ここ15年ほどで企業数が激減した業種があります。街中の印刷屋さんと写真屋さんです。










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【首相 コロナ対応遅れ全くない】
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