New Daesh leader worked with US, new documents reveal

New Daesh leader worked with US, new documents reveal

Friday, 20 November 2020 11:31 AM [ Last Update: Friday, 20 November 2020 11:36 AM

New documents reveal that Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi, the new leader of the Daesh terrorist group, had been cooperating with US intelligence elements.

According to the newly declassified documents, the new Daesh commander has betrayed dozens of fellow Daesh terrorists in Iraq.

According to Iraq’s Al-Forat news, during an interrogation in 2008, al-Quraishi provided the Americans with confidential information about terrorist elements.

At that time, he was detained by US forces in Camp Bucca prison in southern Iraq where he met Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the former Daesh leader who allegedly killed himself last year.

Out of 66 reports of al-Quraishi’s interrogations conducted by the Pentagon, only three documents have been declassified.

According to these documents, al-Quraishi had accepted to cooperate with the US intelligence service, giving the names of 88 fellow terrorists to the Americans.

He had also disclosed information about his group’s abduction and terror operations, but denied any involvement in the 2003 attacks against foreign forces in Iraq.

His confessions also shed more light on how Daesh was established and how it could reinforce itself following the increase in the number of American troops in Iraq in 2007 and 2008.

US knows ‘exactly’ who new Daesh leader is: Trump
US President Trump says Washington knows "exactly" who the Daesh terror group

The Daesh terrorist group was vanquished in Iraq and Syria and lost all of its urban bastions in both Arab countries, but its remnants carry out sporadic attacks both on government soldiers and civilians.

The group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was allegedly killed in a US raid in northern Syria last month when he detonated his explosive vest after being cornered in a tunnel by approaching American Special Forces.

Daesh later confirmed his death and named Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi as the new leader.

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US army data on civilian harm in war against ISIL questioned

US army data on civilian harm in war against ISIL questioned

Withholding of more precise data raises eyebrows as rights groups remain sceptical of geographic coordinates in densely-populated areas.

Sofia Barbarani
27 Nov 2020

Erbil, Kurdish region of northern Iraq – Rights groups and charities have raised questions over the United States military coordinates of civilian harm in Iraq and Syria released last week by the United Kingdom-based watchdog, Airwars.

In a data-sharing agreement hailed by the non-profit as a “groundbreaking decision by the US-led Coalition”, Airwars made public the geographic coordinates of 341 confirmed incidents of civilian harm and roughly 1,400 civilian deaths since the war against ISIL (ISIS) started six years ago.

During the campaign to retake the ISIL-occupied territories in Iraq and Syria, the battles for Mosul and Raqqa marked the height of destruction and civilian casualties.

Airwars estimated that more than 13,000 non-combatants were confirmed killed in the campaign due to the coalition’s actions since 2014. The coalition puts that number at just 1,410.

Once prominent commercial and cultural centres in the region, the two cities were razed to the ground by coalition air raids in the name of liberation. According to the United Nations, much of the old city of Mosul and 70 percent of Raqqa were destroyed.

The data provided by Airwars states that 70 of the 341 credible incidents have been pinpointed to an accuracy of one square metre (10.8 square feet), leaving little margin for error. The remaining 271, however, are accurate to within 100sq m (1,076sq ft).

“The coalition has the one metre squared coordinates of all events it has deemed credible, though more recently has chosen to withhold publicly that more precise data. We don’t know why and it’s for OIR to explain their reasoning,” Airwars director Chris Woods told Al Jazeera.

OIR refers to the Combined Joint Task Forces – Operation Inherent Resolve, as the US-led coalition against ISIL is officially known.

In an air campaign that has been described by the British Foreign Office as “the most precise in history of warfare”, the withholding of more precise data has raised eyebrows.

“Either the coalition doesn’t have the specific coordinates of the buildings it bombs, which would be very concerning, or they do have them and we presume they do, so why are they not providing them?” asked Amnesty International’s senior crisis adviser, Donatella Rovera.

“It has to do with liability, with not wanting to take responsibility.”

Devil in the details: Activists

In populated areas such as Raqqa and Mosul, 100 metres (328 feet) “could be the distance between a legitimate military target and a school or an apartment building,” said Iain Overton of the London-based explosive violence monitoring charity, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV).

While Amnesty’s Rovera does not dismiss the Airwars findings, she argues that “unless the data is accurate, you won’t be able to do much with it at all”.

Over the years, rights groups and watchdogs have worked on the ground and provided the coalition with the precise coordinates of their air raids.

The only known ground investigation carried out by the coalition followed the al-Jadida Mosul attack of March 2017, which killed more than 140 civilians.

“To determine whether a strike is lawful, you need to have the precise location to analyse what happened to that strike,” said Rovera. “One hundred metre radius coordinates are not useful.”

Airwars director Woods disagrees. “Even locational data to within a 100 metre box has significant value, allowing affected families to determine whether loved ones were or weren’t likely harmed in a particular event, in a particular neighbourhood.”

However, even “accuracy” could be an ambiguous term, particularly when a war takes place in dense neighbourhoods, and as was the case with ISIL, the enemy hiding among the civilian population.

“A [lawful] target might be hit but the degree to which 500 pound bombs can be accurate is misleading,” said AOAV’s Overton.

AOAV’s data on explosive weapons over a decade globally has shown that “when explosive weapons with wide area effects are used in populated areas, over 90 percent of those reported in English-language media as killed or injured have repeatedly and routinely been civilians,” said Overton. “No amount of ‘accuracy’ alters that repeated truth.”
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新コロナウィルスワクチンの現状 2

※ The Spectator Index@spectatorindex氏の2020/11/27のツイート
JUST IN: India is set to produce 100 million doses of Russia's Sputnik coronavirus vaccine

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Windows 10 バージョン20H2 不具合があるらしい

Windows 10 の最新バージョンの配布が始まっています。
Windows 10 October 2020 Update(バージョン20H2)と呼ばれています。

エディション Windows 10 Home
バージョン 20H2
インストール日 ‎2020/‎11/‎13




Windows 10 の最新バージョンへのアプデイトに際しては、記憶容量の少ないものはあらかじめディスクをクリーンアップして空き容量を大きくしておきます。さもないと容量不足でアプデイトが失敗することがあります。20H2に更新した後もディスクのクリーンアップをしておきます。使用領域35.3GBだったものが16.9GBになることもあります。






当面、Windows 10 バージョン20H2へのアプデイトは見送ったほうが良いようです。

Windows 10 October 2020 Update(20H2):不具合情報まとめなど


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休日は 距離、屋外、マスク

※ 放射能内部被曝・新型コロナ感染情報@radioactive_SOS氏の2020/11/27のツイート

※ 放射能内部被曝・新型コロナ感染情報@radioactive_SOS氏の2020/11/26のツイート







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