Austrian Chancellor Kurz blasts Turkey for migration ‘attack’ against EU

Austrian Chancellor Kurz blasts Turkey for migration ‘attack’ against EU
Europe has been put to the test after Turkey provided free passage for waves of migrants heading westward, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, describing Ankara’s move as an “attack on the EU.”

The latest move by Turkey to allow migrants to leave its territory over the weekend is an attack “on the European Union and Greece,” and also a “test for the EU,” Kurz said on Tuesday.

If European countries cave in to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s pressure, then 13,000 migrants desperately waiting at the EU border will only be “the beginning,” the Austrian chancellor warned.

According to Kurz, the migrants gathered at the Greek border didn’t come from war-ravaged parts of Syria – their exodus was “deliberately organized” by Turkey.

Erdogan himself doesn’t care for refugees because he wants to employ them “as a bargaining chip, a weapon and a pressure tool,” Kurz said. He also warned that a new migration crisis similar to that of 2015 should be averted “at all costs,” while calling on EU members to resist Turkey’s pressure together.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, the leader of the country (Germany) which has taken in over a million asylum seekers in recent years, expressed a similar opinion a short while back. While acknowledging that “Turkey is facing a very big challenge regarding Idlib,” she said it is unacceptable that Erdogan is expressing his dissatisfaction “on the back of the refugees.”

Germany’s former defense minister and the European Commission’s current leader, Ursula von der Leyen, said that allowing potentially millions of migrants to enter Europe “cannot be an answer or solution” to Turkey’s problems in Syria.

Meanwhile, Greek authorities struggling to hold back the wave at their borders have described it as “an invasion.” Greek police fired tear gas at migrants attempting to storm the border fence, while the coast guard tried to stop refugee dinghies by pushing them outside the country’s southern islands.

Top EU diplomats head to Turkey amid looming migrant crisis
Top diplomats from the European Union headed to Turkey on Tuesday amid concern over a fresh migrant crisis. EU High Representative Josep Borrell and Commissioner Janez Lenarcic will spend two days in Turkey for “high-level” meetings on the Syrian crisis and the migrant row.

Thousands of migrants and refugees have arrived at Turkey’s border with Greece since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced last week that it would no longer stop them trying to enter Europe.

Ankara claims “millions” of refugees could soon be heading from Turkey into Europe. This is widely seen as a bid to pressure EU leaders into supporting Erdogan’s military offensive in Syria.

Rights groups meeting in Istanbul on Tuesday said that migrants “should not be used as a negotiating tool and the government should stop directing them to unsafe crossing points.” They also criticized Europe for “endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrants” by closing its borders, AFP reports.
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Coronavirus ‘worst case scenario’ could see 80% of UK population infected

Coronavirus ‘worst case scenario’ could see 80% of UK population infected – England’s chief medical officer
England’s chief medical officer has warned that coronavirus has the potential to infect 80 percent of the UK population and kill one percent of those who contract the disease, as the government unveils its Covid-19 battle plan.

During a joint-Downing Street press conference on Tuesday where UK PM Boris Johnson announced the publication of the government’s 28-page ‘Coronavirus: action plan’, Professor Chris Whitty told reporters about the “worst case scenario.”

Whitty claimed that up to 530,000 British citizens could die from contracting the virus, but stressed the number “is likely to be lower than that and probably a lot lower than that.”

The UK government’s action plan says that if there is an escalating outbreak, up to a fifth of the British workforce could be forced to stay at home, schools may close and elderly people advised to not attend social gatherings.

The document warns that there could be an increase in deaths from coronavirus – particularly among vulnerable and elderly groups – and so local authorities will have to deal with that challenge, which suggests morgue capacity could become an issue in such an event.

It also proposes that businesses could face “short term cash flow issues” as a result of low demand from customers.

Johnson’s administration has warned that police and fire services will only respond to the most serious call-outs if their staff fall ill through coronavirus.

It comes after a survey conducted by the Doctors’ Association UK showed that more than 99 percent of 1,618 NHS medical staff, contrary to the prime minister’s assurances, say that the British healthcare system is not prepared to handle a major outbreak of Covid-19. To date 51 people in the UK have contracted the virus.

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Head of Iran’s emergency medical services infected with coronavirus in latest high-profile case
The chief of Iran’s emergency medical services is being treated for coronavirus, state media reported, marking yet another senior Iranian official who has been infected with the deadly illness.

Pir Hossein Kolivand is being treated for the virus and is currently in good health, his office said in a statement, adding that there is “no need for concern.”

Numerous high-level Iranian officials have fallen ill to the virus. Recently, 23 lawmakers have tested positive for the illness in the Islamic Republic. On Monday, Mohammad Mirmohammadi, a member of a council that advises the supreme leader, died after falling sick from the virus. His death follows those of two other high-profile Iranians – a former ambassador and a newly-elected member of Parliament – who succumbed to coronavirus.
In total, 77 Iranians have died from coronavirus and 2,336 have been infected, Iran’s Health Ministry announced on Tuesday. The country has become one of the major hotspots for the virus outside of China – so much so that Beijing has implemented forced quarantine of all travelers arriving from the Islamic Republic.

Tehran has accused Washington of retooling the epidemic to spread fear in the country. The Islamic Republic also rebuffed an aid offer from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, accusing him of using the health crisis as part of a “political-psychological game.”

Originating in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus has killed more than 3,000 people worldwide – the vast majority in mainland China.

Supreme leader’s advisory council member dies of coronavirus – Iranian media
Seyyed Mohammad Mirmohammadi, a long-standing member of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council, has reportedly died from a novel coronavirus infection.
He was being treated at the Masih Daneshvari Hospital in Tehran when he succumbed to the Covid-19 infection at the age of 71. Mirmohammadi’s mother, sister of senior cleric Ayatollah Shobeiri Zanjani, also died from a coronavirus infection on Monday.
Iran is battling shortages of medical supplies – exacerbated by US sanctions – but authorities have allocated a number of military hospitals to treat the general public and help stem the tide of infection. Meanwhile, schools, universities and sports centers have been closed and the parliament has been shut down.

Iran has the world's second highest death toll outside of China. The country has officially announced 978 cases and 54 deaths. At 5.5 percent, the country’s death rate is more than twice the global average of two percent.

Several of Iran's neighbours have closed their borders as the virus spreads across the region. These countries include Kuwait and Bahrain, each with 50 confirmed cases, the UAE with 21, and Iraq with at least 19 cases.
Mirmohammadi was a member of the sixth and seventh Iranian parliaments and was appointed by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei as a member of the Expediency Discernment Council in August 2017.

Iran’s former ambassador to the Vatican, Hadi Khosroshahi, died of Covid-19 last week, while the country’s Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi placed himself in isolation after appearing to sweat profusely and seeming ill while giving a press conference to assuage fears over the outbreak. He later confirmed that he had been infected with the virus.





China Sends Medical Team, Aid Cargo to Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Chang Hua said in a tweet on Saturday that a Chinese medical team with new aid consignment has arrived in Iran.

Hua wrote in a post on his Twitter account that a Chinese team arrived in Tehran this morning with a new assistance shipment.

Earlier in a separate message, Hua said, "Today, on behalf of the Chinese embassy in Iran, I granted 250,000 face masks to Iran."

In a telephone conversation on Friday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi exchanged views on the latest situation of coronavirus outbreak in the world, voicing support for collective measures against the infection.

Zarif described the new contagious virus outbreak as a global concern, saying handling the problem entails a collective effort by all.

Zarif also expressed the Islamic Republic’s gratitude to China for dispatching medical supplies to Iran to fight the virus.

Wang Yi, for his part, said his country is ready to offer more medical help, as well as the transfer of knowledge and expertise, to Iran to help combat the outbreak.

The Chinese foreign minister thanked Zarif as the first foreign diplomat who expressed support to China after the coronavirus appeared in the East Asian country.

In a tweet early in February, Zarif had said in the Chinese language, “Iran stands firm with China”.

Earlier on Friday, Chinese Ambassador to Tehran Chang Hua said that his country’s first cargo of humanitarian aid has arrived in Iran to help the Islamic Republic’s campaign against the outbreak of coronavirus, renewing Beijing’s support for Tehran.

“China’s first cargo has arrived in Iran and more is to come; be strong Iran,” Chang Hua wrote on his Twitter account.

IRGC Disinfects All Parts of Qom City in Central Iran to Fight Coronavirus
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) forces have been mobilized to assist the health ministry in the fight against coronavirus epidemic.

Footages taken from Qom city, the epicentre of COVID-19 virus infection in Iran, showed the IRGC forces were using special vehicles equipped with water cannons to sterilize the entire streets and alleys of the city.

Reports said that the city is due to be disinfected twice every week by the IRGC.

The Iranian health ministry announced on Friday that the total number of confirmed coronavirus-infected patients in the country has hit 338, with 143 new diagnoses since Thursday noon, adding that the death toll has risen to 34.

According to the latest reports, coronavirus has caused 2,924 deaths, while 85,212 people have been diagnosed with the illness across the globe.

The coronavirus is spreading in the Middle East, Europe and other parts of the world, as Brazil confirmed its first case in Latin America, while parts of China begin to lower their emergency response level as the number of new cases reported there continues to slow.

The Iranian health ministry had said on Tuesday that over 700,000 sanitation packs, including equipment to prevent coronavirus-infection have been transferred to Qom province, the first place where the COVID 19-infection was diagnosed, and are being distributed among people.

As a preventive measure, Iranian authorities have ordered closure of educational and cultural institutions across the country as of Monday.

Tehran’s municipality announced that all the city’s public places, including the metro trains and buses, are being disinfected at the end of the line every hour as part of attempts to contain the spread of the virus.

Head of Food and Drug Administration Mohammad Reza Shanehsaz also said that pharmacies will no longer be allowed to sell protective masks and that masks will be distributed among the population via government-run centers free of charge, with the priority given to virus-hit provinces.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stressed Iran’s high capabilities to prevent an epidemic of novel coronavirus infection.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting on Wednesday to brief a WHO representative and the foreign ambassadors residing in Tehran on the latest preventive and therapeutic measures taken by the country to contain COVID-19, as the novel coronavirus is called.

In comments at the meeting, the WHO representative said Iran has the necessary fundamental capabilities to tackle the epidemic, and that Tehran’s performance has been as “successful and exemplary” in the region and the world.

The Iranian Health Ministry officials, who were also present at the meeting, reaffirmed Iran’s commitment to the international health regulations and standards.

Iran enjoys all the technical and specialized capabilities needed to battle the coronavirus, they stressed.

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朝日有料会員限定記事 新型肺炎・コロナウイルス
2020年3月3日 4時50分














ロシアのウィルス学の指導的立場にあるDmitry Lvov,ドミトリー・リボフのインタビューが次の記事にあります。(西さんに教えてもらいましたがリボフは、旧ソ連の生物兵器の専門家だそうです。)





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ロシアの高名なウィルス学者のインタビュー記事です。とりあえず機械翻訳を付してありますが、よくわからない。学者が学問的に厳密な見解の範囲から踏み出さず、また質問する記者もヘタなのだと思います。まあ、ウィルスはどこからでも人の体内に浸透するのでボロ布で鼻先を覆っても効果がないというのはわかるのですが、空中を浮遊するウィルスを含んだつばの飛沫を吸わないという点では効果がある? 目からも入るから同じだよ、ということなんでしょう。

‘Do wear masks but don’t think you’re safe’: Top Soviet virologist & WHO expert explains Covid-2019 & debunks popular myths

As coronavirus fears grip the planet, a world-renowned virologist has explained when Covid-2019 will fade away and, more importantly, whether medical masks are of any use.

From China and South Korea to Iran and Italy, the novel coronavirus continues to put a heavy strain on entire cities and countries. Flights and public events getting canceled, borders kept shut, global trade slowing down. Elsewhere in the globalized world, public anxiety grows, with people embarking on panic buying and even fighting for medical masks.

But for initiated professionals, the Covid-2019, as it came to be known globally, is just one of many epidemics that come and go without inflicting devastating losses to humankind.

Virologist Dmitry Lvov, who made his name on researching the most dangerous viruses in the former USSR and beyond, explained why this is the case during a sit-down with journalist Anton Krasovsky for RTD’s ‘Epidemic’ series.

Is Covid-2019 deadlier than other viruses?

The novel virus, which so far killed over 3,000 people, is hard to fight because it rapidly hits the lower levels of respiratory systems, causing blood and oxygen to break into the alveoli.

Consequently, “blood, blood plasma and other elements of blood cause pulmonary edema so that the human can’t breathe and dies,” Lvov said. “And it’s very hard to reach them.”
その結果、「血液、血漿、および血液の他の要素が肺水腫を引き起こし、人間が呼吸して死ぬことができない」とLvovは言いました。 「そして、彼らに連絡するのは非常に難しい。」

Whereas nearly 90,000 coronavirus cases were reported worldwide, “flu has infected around 5 million.” And despite its lesser mortality, influenza has killed “a lot more people” within the same period of time.
‘Quarantine makes some sense, but wearing mass-market medical masks do not’

With no coronavirus vaccine in existence, quarantine has become the major tool to contain its spread. Whereas China has put entire cities on lockdown, other countries quarantined travelers who returned or were evacuated from the virus-hit region.

“In case of coronavirus, it makes some sense,” Lvov commented, before taking on other protective measures, namely the mass-market medical masks.

“These cheesecloth rags called ‘masks’ are not masks, they’re useless,” he stated. However, dense masks equipped with respirators which are seen in China and Russia, are “a different thing.” Such masks “protect against [the virus], they protect the others if you’re sick” – but they are almost useless against the inbound threat.

Asked again if medical masks are an efficient protective measure, the scientist reiterated: “Usually not. Or to the least extent.”

The virus can easily make it into the human body through eyes, so the major feature of the sought-after mask is to ensure that “your large drops [of saliva] and your snot, excuse me, will stay with you.”

I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear masks – you should, but there’s no guarantee.

What’s in store for the coronavirus outbreak?

It’s hard to foresee the outcomes of the epidemic, but “if everyone worked like the Chinese, it would end very quickly,” Lvov believes. Chinese scientists have quickly framed the virus, examined its genetic structure and published the results.

Beijing has taken “extraordinary measures” to battle the virus spread, so one should “congratulate their healthcare system and the government on the sweeping measures they’ve taken,” the Russian virologist stated, adding, “they did well.”

At this stage, he said, the Covid-2019 is dispersing slower than it was, and its outbreak is likely to end in a year, according to Lvov. The virus hasn’t yet adapted to the human population, which is called “meeting of strangers,” and its chances of becoming a human-borne disease are “slim.”

At any rate, "it will return to bats and will pop up again in ten or twenty years, maybe in China, maybe in Russia," he predicted.
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