米軍は中東から出ていけ 動きは続く


投石する子どもを射殺! イスラエル兵と同じだ。
OIR Spokesman Col. Myles B. Caggins III@OIRSpox
・ 1時間
UPDATE (Feb. 12/Qamishli): Despite US troops de-escalation efforts, local militia members attacked US troops w/ small arms weapons; @CJTFOIR have the right to self-defense and fired back at armed aggressors killing an adult male combatant (20+ y/o). VIDEO: @JamesAALongman https://twitter.com/abcworldnews/s


WATCH: US military convoy met with HAIL OF BULLETS in north Syria… and Russian convoy intervenes to break up the fight
Footage has emerged of US troops getting involved in a heated exchange and a shootout with angry locals in northern Syria, which reportedly saw one man killed. A Russian military convoy then moved to de-escalate the situation.

Reports say the US armored convoy was stopped at a Syrian Army checkpoint in a village near the town of Qamishli on Wednesday. The altercation attracted a large group of civilians, who tried to block the convoy from advancing any further.
Video footage, allegedly recorded in Khirbet Ammu, show people in civilian clothing – as well as in military uniforms – fire their Kalashnikovs in the direction of the US armored vehicles. It remains unclear who opened fire first, as each side blamed the other for the shooting.

Notably, a Russian Military Police vehicle could be seen in the short video and in some photos apparently taken shortly afterwards. Reports said they arrived at the scene to quell the hostilities.

Syrian state media has reported that at least one civilian was killed during the confrontation, while another one was injured. Reports, though conflicting, suggest the deceased was a Syrian serviceman, or a member of a pro-government militia.

Syrian civilian ‘killed’ by US troops after armored convoy blocked by protesters − state media

※ Rob Lee@RALee85氏の2020/2/12のツイート
Major General Yuri Borenkov said, "Only thanks to efforts of the Russian soldiers who had arrived at the scene was it possible to avoid any further escalation of the conflict with local residents," 199/

US stops all weapon deliveries to Iraq, citing security concerns – Air Force spokesman
All US deliveries of weapons and ammunition to Iraqi security forces have been suspended, amid rising tensions over US presence in Iraq that followed the drone assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad.

The halt includes the US Air Force’s program of supplying parts and missiles to Iraq’s fleet of F-16 fighter-bombers, the news portal Inside Defense reported on Monday. Deliveries will begin again “when the environment in Iraq is safe enough to resume,” USAF spokesman Brian Brackens told Inside Defense in an email.

Brackens is the spokesman for USAF’s Life Cycle Management Center, a procurement and logistics organization based at the Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio.

A contract to supply Iraq with $1.8 billion worth of weapons, including the air-to-air Sidewinder and ground-attack Maverick missiles, was signed in May 2016. The last delivery before the halt was made on November 14, according to the subscription-only portal, which says it specializes in news about Pentagon programs, procurement and policy-making.

Iraqi armed forces were rebuilt around US weapons and doctrines after the 2003 invasion and occupation by the US-led coalition. They proved woefully inadequate when facing Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists in 2014, but have since managed to liberate most of Iraq from the group’s control, though with thousands of US troops in “advise and assist” capacity.

Just last week, the Iraqi defense ministry posted a video of an air strike by its F-16s against IS targets in the Hamrin Mountains.

Continued US presence in Iraq has come into question over the past month, however, following the January 3 drone strike outside the Baghdad international airport that killed General Qassem Soleimani, head of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. While the US considers the IRGC a terrorist organization, Soleimani was a key figure in the program that supported Shia militias in Iraq and Syria against IS.

After Soleimani’s killing, the Iraqi parliament adopted a resolution demanding that US troops leave the country. Washington has flat-out refused.

“There are no plans by the US military to withdraw from Iraq," Assistant to the Secretary of Defense Jonathan Rath Hoffman told reporters at a press briefing earlier this month, adding that “the consensus in Iraq seems to be that the United States forces there are a force for good,” even though the parliament’s resolution suggests the exact opposite.

In the meantime, Iran launched ballistic missiles at two US bases in Iraq in retaliation for Soleimani’s killing. Officially, no US or Iraqi troops died in the January 8 strikes. While initial reports denied any injuries either, some three dozen US troops have since been referred to hospitals for concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.


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※ Iraqis Hold 'Million-Man March' Against US Military Presence in Baghdad

U.S. Marines with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, assigned to the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Central Command (SPMAGTF-CR-CC) 19.2, reinforce the U.S. Embassy Compound in Baghdad, Iraq, January 2, 2020. Picture taken January 2, 2020.

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ISISを復活させ、イラクを宗派ごとに分割する! これが、米軍撤退を要求したイラクに対する米国の回答。

※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2020/1/12のツイート
犯罪的マフィア! 米国は数千人をレイプし、200万人のイラク人を殺害し、金を盗み、博物館を盗み、さらに50万人の子どもを制裁で死なせた。そうした残虐な歴史をもつ米国の大統領トランプが、イラクの石油収入の50%を渡せと要求している!

※ Syrian Girl@Partisangirl氏の2020/1/12のツイート
There's a reason the US didn't retaliate against #iran, and that was the risk of world war.

In spite of all the neocon false bravado, they had their chance for war & backed down. What they really want is to continue to kill & steal while minimising risk to themselves #AinAlAssad

※ mko@trappedsoldier氏の2020/1/12のツイート

US won’t heed Iraq’s call for troop withdrawal, calls military presence there ‘appropriate’

The US is willing to discuss “recommitting to strategic partnership” with Iraq but not a troop withdrawal, the US State Department said, after the country’s prime minister told Washington to “prepare a mechanism” for pull back.

In a statement on Friday, department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said that the US military presence in Iraq was ‘appropriate’ and that any delegation the US might send to Iraq to discuss arrangements between the two countries would not discuss the removal of troops.

Ortagus acknowledged that there does “need to be a conversation” between US and Iraqi officials, “not just regarding security, but about our financial, economic, and diplomatic partnership.”

Earlier Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi had asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to send a delegation to begin preparations for a troop pullout.

The Iraqi parliament last week passed a non-binding resolution asking the government to expel foreign troops and to cancel the ongoing request for military assistance from the US-led coalition.

There are currently 5,200 US troops stationed at bases across Iraq, who were invited by the Iraqi government in 2014 to help combat ISIS militants in the region. The relationship between Washington and Baghdad has soured in recent months, however, as tensions in the region flared. The mood got even more tense after a US drone strike in Baghdad killed a commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force.

Iraq’s parliamentary resolution was dismissed by US President Donald Trump, who threatened the country with "very big sanctions" and said the US would not leave until Iraq paid Washington back for an expensive air base it had built there. Pompeo has also disregarded the will of the Iraqi parliament, saying he was "confident" that the Iraqi people want US troops to remain.

Saad Al-Muttalibi, a member of the Baghdad Security Committee, told RT last week that it was "very important" for the US to withdraw its troops from Iraq because Iraqis “don't want to be drawn into a war between Iran and America on Iraqi soil.”

Several rockets hit ‘100 meters away’ from US embassy, cause fire in Baghdad’s Green zone
Two blasts have reportedly been heard in Baghdad, followed by the sirens of emergency services. The apparent explosions come hours after US President Donald Trump walked back from military action against Iran.

Air raid sirens can be heard in video footage presumably captured in the Iraqi capital on Wednesday night. Multiple journalists in the city reported that two explosions rang out, apparently coming from the direction of the heavily-fortified ‘Green Zone,’ home to the US embassy.

Iraq’s military said that “two Katyusha rockets fell inside the Green Zone without causing casualties.” Police sources told Reuters that the rockets came within 100 meters of the US embassy, and caused a fire.

Missile Strike ‘Reminded’ Trump of Iran’s Power, But US Not Likely to Leave Iraq Soon - Experts

As US President Donald Trump declared “all is well” and turned his attention to the US economy and sanctions on Iran following that country’s ballistic missile strike on US forces in Iraq, a bevy of experts weighed in Wednesday on Radio Sputnik’s Loud and Clear about what could lie ahead in the tense conflict between Washington and Tehran.

Journalist Rania Khalek argued to hosts Brian Becker and John Kiriakou that “Iran really showed its strength” in the region through the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ missile launches and has triggered a major “setback” for the US within the region as a result.

“There’s so much anger at the US that I think you’re going to see a lot more US retreat,” she said, “which is essentially what Iran and [Quds Force commander General] Qasem Soleimani always wanted. So it’s kind of like, in death he’s accomplishing what he tried to do in life.”

Mike Prysner, the producer of “The Empire Files” and a co-host of the Eyes Left podcast, highlighted the irony in US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the ex-vice president of government relations at Raytheon, previously boasting that the US is "not looking to start a war with Iran,” but is “prepared to finish one.”

“Well I haven’t seen the US finish a war in the last 20 years,” he said, noting that “as long as there are US troops [and associates] on the ground, it’s not an end to the Iraq war - it’s just postponing it for some period of time,” and there will continue to be room for situations, such as the recent killing of a US defense contractor, to put the US on the brink of a major war again.

Mazda Majidi, an author, journalist and anti-war activist, detailed that Iranians were “listening with a great deal of worry” regarding possible escalation by the US following the strikes in Iraq and explained that many whom he spoke with after Trump’s speech Wednesday morning were “relieved that there would not be a wide-scale bombing of Iran.”

Speaking of Trump’s address to the US public, former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford told Sputnik that the main takeaway from the US president’s speech is what was not uttered.

“He didn’t announce any retaliation, and he filled the void [with] a lot of blather and his usual boasting,” he said. “And as always, he dragged in his obsession with besting the first black American president,” Barack Obama.

“It seemed like some people had gotten to him and said, ‘You know, this might be bad if Iran cuts off all of the oil and … prices shoot sky high,’” said “Redacted Tonight” host Lee Camp. “Iran has a lot of power, and I think some people might have reminded him of that.”

Likewise, Anya Parampil, a journalist for The Grayzone who hosts the news show “Red Lines,” said that while Trump “tried to use forceful language and appeared to be in control of the situation,” he actually “looked to be a bit rattled” and “slurred his speech at certain points.”

Ben Norton, a journalist with The Grayzone and co-host of the Moderate Rebels podcast, pointed out that while the US claims that no US troops were harmed in the Wednesday morning incident in Iraq, “Iran claims they killed 80 US soldiers, so we don’t know exactly whether or not what the US said is true.”

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新コロナウィルス関連情報 3


※ 孫向文 新刊「中国人の僕は日本のアニメに救われた!」

※ MFA Russia@mfa_russiaの2020/2/12のツイート
#Zakharova: #Russia, in close cooperation with its Chinese partners, is currently taking the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Russia. Telephone hotlines operate at diplomatic missions.
・・・the necessary measuresが何を指すのか不明です。
#Coronavirus #China

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返信先: @pat052さん, @koichi_kawakamiさん, @trappedsoldierさん


横浜港沖のクルーズ船に対する政府の対応を疑問視 「期待はずれ」=ザハロワ報道官

※ 桑ちゃん@namiekuwabara氏の2020/2/12のツイート

※ 桑ちゃん@namiekuwabara氏の2020/2/12のツイート

6:00 6:11 上海 到着済
6:15 上海 欠航
6:30 6:17 香港 到着済
7:05 6:37 香港 到着済
7:10 7:02 香港 到着済
12:00 11:50 南京 到着済
12:05 11:35 大連 到着済
12:25 12:14 瀋陽 到着済
12:25 西安 欠航
12:30 11:59 上海 到着済
12:35 12:13 上海 到着済
12:50 12:25 上海 到着済
12:55 12:38 福州 到着済
13:10 12:42 香港 到着済
13:10 12:40 大邱 到着済
13:30 シンセン 欠航
13:40 北京首都 欠航
13:50 13:09 上海 到着済
13:50 13:42 ハルビン 到着済
14:00 武漢 欠航
14:05 上海 欠航
14:10 13:42 香港 到着済
14:25 13:47 香港 到着済
14:30 13:55 香港 到着済
14:30 瀋陽 欠航
14:35 広州 欠航
15:00 北京首都 欠航
15:10 14:36 香港 到着済
15:20 15:00 香港 到着済
15:35 15:10 香港 到着済
15:55 15:35 西安 到着済
15:55 15:27 香港 到着済
16:05 15:43 上海 到着済
16:50 16:30 香港 到着済
16:55 16:20 大連 到着済
17:05 16:35 上海 時刻変更
17:20 16:40 大連 時刻変更
17:45 17:25 上海 時刻変更
17:45 17:05 青島 時刻変更
17:50 杭州 欠航
18:05 17:35 香港 時刻変更
18:15 17:45 上海 時刻変更
18:30 重慶 欠航
19:00 成都 欠航
19:00 上海 欠航
19:05 18:35 香港 時刻変更
19:25 厦門 欠航
19:30 杭州 欠航
19:40 上海
20:00 北京首都 欠航
20:50 天津
21:00 上海 欠航
21:00 成都 欠航
21:15 上海 定刻
21:50 上海 欠航

孫向文 新刊「中国人の僕は日本のアニメに救われた!」@sonkoubun氏の2020/2/11のツイート

日経 2020/2/11 17:29 (2020/2/11 21:35更新)
新型肺炎、一般病床で入院可能に 流行備え厚労省通知


共同2020/2/12 10:16 (JST)



Al Jazeera News@AJENews氏の2020/2/10のツイート
An additional 66 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed on board the Diamond Princess ship docked in Japan, bringing the total number to 136


新型肺炎の潜伏期間「最長24日」 呼吸器疾患の権威・鐘南山氏の「衝撃」論文

2020/2/10 17:13
Al Jazeera English@AJEnglishの2020/2/10のツイート
World Health Organization warns cases of human-to-human #coronavirus transmission discovered outside China could be the “tip of the iceberg.”

共同 2020/2/10 14:24 (JST)2/10 14:55 (JST)updated

【社会】横浜港のクルーズ船3600人全員検査を検討 加藤厚労相語る https://nikkan-gendai.com/articles/view/news/268855

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共同2020/2/9 23:12 (JST)2/10 00:05 (JST)updated


共同2020/2/9 18:24 (JST)2/9 18:40 (JST)updated

※ れい@esperanzasolo氏の2020/2/9のツイート
中国国営新華社:最新の研究では、新種のコロナウイルスがエアロゾルを介して感染することも発見された。専門家は、すべての社会活動や集会をキャンセルし、定期的に窓を開けて室内空気の循環を維持し、家庭での消毒に焦点を当てることを提案している。 http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-02/08/c_138766405.htm
Novel coronavirus can transmit via aerosol: expert
According to previous knowledge of the novel coronavirus, the respiratory droplets and contact transmission are the major routes of the virus infection. Latest finding reveals that it can also transmit via aerosol.

SHANGHAI, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- The routes of the novel coronavirus infection include transmission via aerosol according to health and epidemic prevention experts, said Zeng Qun, deputy head of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau at a press conference in Shanghai on Saturday.

The other major routes of virus infection are contact transmission and direct transmission including transmission via respiratory droplets according to the experts, Zeng added.

Targeting these transmission routes, Zeng called on residents to take a series of measures including canceling all social activities and gatherings, opening windows regularly to maintain the circulation of indoor air and focusing on household disinfection. ■
・・・ここでのcirculationは、循環ではなく「空気の入れ替え」という意味だと思います。それにしても、すべての社会活動や集会のキャンセルを推奨とは。もっとも、ロシアはすでに全国から人が集まる会議をことごとく延期しました。海外から多くの人が来るオリンピックとその前段階のいろいろな催しごとなどもってのほかということです。このウィルスは、物の表面に付着した状況でも9日間は生存しているとされています。手袋をしたほうが良い? でも簡単には洗えませんね。

朝日2020年1月30日 13時05分
チャーター第2便到着、13人が体調不良 210人帰国

※ Al Jazeera News@AJENews2020/02/9
Bangladesh unable to run second evacuation from coronavirus epicentre Wuhan as aircrew refuse to work the flight.
Keep up to date with the international response to the outbreak here: https://aje.io/yy2d5
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福島第一原発は 次なる破局的事故に備える段階

福島第一原発は 次なる破局的事故に備える段階です。老朽化が激しい。

※ 桑ちゃん@namiekuwabara氏の2020/2/5のツイート

※ 桑ちゃん@namiekuwabara氏の2020/2/12のツイート


原発関係者はみんな逃げると思います。一般の方はどんな状況、境遇に置かれる? みんな何ごともなかったように行動して死んでいくんでしょうね。それも生き方ですね。

管理人は、「リアルタイム空間線量率 全国」と「ただいまの空間線量率 変動状況」が安定稼働を確保できましたので、これを監視しています。
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武漢コロナウィルス日本政府の方針は? クルーズ船はデータの宝庫になる



@ 武漢、あるいは中国では死者が1,000人を超えるほどに多数になっているが、日本で確認された感染者には重症者は少ない。2/12現在で4人。したがって、国民がパニックを起こさないようにするのが最優先課題。情報が遅く少ないのはそのせい。

A オリンピック、外国人観光客訪日に支障にならないように配慮し、極力プレイダウンする。インフルエンザより少し強い程度の症状とみられることから、武漢コロナウィルス感染による患者は、通常のインフルエンザ患者に含めて取り扱う。

B この方針により武漢コロナウィルス感染による症状がみられても、武漢と直接間接に何らかの接点がある者でなければ、ウィルス検査をしない。


C クルーズ船の乗客、乗員は、本来日本が責任を持つべきものではない。船籍は英国。ゆえに乗客乗員全員を陸上施設には収容しない。施設も足りない。

D クルーズ船内での感染拡大は、武漢コロナウィルスの感染力、感染ルートの解明に使える貴重な資料。最終的に乗客・乗員全員が感染するのか、感染を免れる人がいるのか。人種、年齢などによってどう違うのか。医学関係者の中にはすでに強い関心を示す人も。

E 今なお中国からは観光客などを受け入れている。北海道に多いらしい。その他の地域でも、外国人観光客の多い施設に勤務する人などに感染者が生じていることは必至。中国では15秒の立ち話で感染した例がある。浙江省からの来日を制限する方針が示されているが、制限はザル同然と海外からの訪日者が発信している。

F 新型コロナウイルス感染者を「感染症病床」( 全国に約1800床)以外の一般病床で入院させる。国の検査基準に該当しなくても自治体の判断で柔軟にウイルス検査するよう求める、と方針が変わりました。感染拡大に備えた措置です。感染拡大は避けられないと見ていますね。水際防護策失敗です。

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Terrorists, Iran and…WikiLeaks? US counter-intel agency puts ‘public disclosure groups’ on same threat list as Al-Qaeda & ISIS
The US National Counterintelligence and Security Center has warned in its latest report “public disclosure organizations” and hackers are dire spy threats on the level of Islamic State terrorists, Al-Qaeda, and Iran.

“Ideologically motivated entities such as hacktivists, leaktivists, and public disclosure organizations” pose “significant threats” to the US at the same level as non-state terrorist organizations like Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Qaeda, according to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s biannual National Counterintelligence Strategy report, released on Monday.

The report carefully avoids mentioning WikiLeaks by name, but pointed references to the “unauthorized disclosures of US cyber tools” − i.e. the Vault 7 leaks that revealed the CIA is able to disguise its own cyber-intrusions as “foreign hacks” − suggest the platform launched by hacker-turned-publisher Julian Assange (now incarcerated in the UK) has gotten deep under the intelligence community’s skin.

The NCSC doesn’t neglect the favored bogeymen of the moment, Russia and China, declaring in the report that both countries are using “all instruments of national power to target the United States.” Cuba, Iran, and North Korea apparently spare some of those instruments in their targeting, as they are merely deemed “significant threats” on the same level as terrorists, hacktivists, and “transnational criminal organizations.” The agency also warns that “foreign nationals with no formal ties to foreign intelligence services” may “steal sensitive data and intellectual property,” though why this is a priority for a national intelligence agency and not the affected organization is not explained.

残念ながらRussian botやFARSNEWS転載サイトでは、そんなに脅威とは見られないようです。今、隙あらばと狙っているのは、この国の情報機関と子宮頸がんプロパガンダグループです。独自情報はないのに、どっちも同じですね。子宮頸がんプロパガンダグループが書き込んでくるスパムコメントは、コメント主の身元がわかれば公表することもあります。

‘Stop your cyber intrusion & surveillance,’ China tells US after indictment of Chinese military in Equifax hack
Unlike the US itself, China does not engage in cyberattacks on foreign companies, a Chinese official has said after the US indicted four Chinese military officers over the 2017 breach of the Equifax credit reporting agency.

The US Department of Justice has formally charged four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army of stealing personal data of some 147.9 million Equifax customers after getting access through a software vulnerability which the company failed to patch.

The Chinese government denied any involvement in the Equifax hack, saying its civilian and military personnel “never engage in cyber theft of trade secrets,” according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

The official said Chinese entities often become victims of “cyber intrusion, surveillance and monitoring activities” by the US government.

“We have lodged stern representations to the US and asked it to make explanations and immediately stop such activities,” he said on Tuesday.

The US considers China a strategic rival and has been ramping up pressure against it on many fronts in the last several years. Monday’s indictments identify the alleged military hackers by name, which is a rare occurrence which observers say is a sign of an increasingly tense confrontation between Washington and Beijing.

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今、トルコ傘下のテロリストとトルコ軍の間で深刻かつ激しいやり取りが続いているはずです。このままの情勢が推移すれば、いずれテロリストは掃討される。俺たちを見捨てるのか! と詰め寄られれば、トルコも動かざるを得ません。






@ シリア軍と対決の姿勢を取り続け、負け続ける。テロリストを損耗させる。

A 一時的な停戦を実現し、監視ポストからのトルコ軍兵士を撤退させる。この停戦と撤退の口実はいろいろお化粧が可能です。




エルドアンがプーチンに泣きついて、テロリストの恨みを買わないでテロリストを処分する方法を引き出してもらえるか? それはプーチンと言えども難しい。



Deal of the Centuryにトルコ国民は反対しているそうですが、その前に先ず、シリアへの不法行為を改めるべきでしょう!!!



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