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Assyrian towns were renamed to Kurdish names. The textbooks referred to “Kurdish King Sargon”. The Arbil citadel became the “ancient Kurdistan citadel.” Electricity and clean water flowed to where Kurds lived: in some cases literally going AROUND assyrian areas

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We would insist without US support their project would fall and we would fall with them. They hid behind the minorities while they built up an ethnostate all around us, on our land.

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Great women peace activists and journalists to follow:


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Fun fact: While Joe Biden was stage managing the Obama-CIA regime change fiasco in #Ukraine, his son sat on the board of the largest Ukrainian gas company, making around $850,000.
Corruption much?

※ RT2019/10/7
‘No longer in the area’: US troops will neither help nor hamper Turkey’s cross-border operation in Syria
The US will neither support or otherwise be involved in the looming Turkish military operation in northern Syria, nor will it interfere, as American troops will no longer be in the “immediate area,” the White House has announced.

The US has apparently achieved its immediate goal in the region – nothing less than singlehandedly defeating Islamic State terrorist group and capturing hundreds of their fighters, obviously – and will now generously allow Turkey to take over, Donald Trump’s spokesperson has announced following the US leader’s Sunday call with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The United States will not support or be involved in the operation, and United States forces, having defeated the ISIS territorial 'caliphate', will no longer be in the immediate area,
the White House statement reads.

The apparent withdrawal of US troops from the strategic region that Washington has been clinging to for so long, was framed as a huge victory for American taxpayer.

“Turkey will now be responsible for all ISIS fighters in the area captured over the past two years… The US will not hold them for what could be many years and great cost to the United States taxpayer,” the two paragraph short statement said, for the second time reminding Americans that it was the US and only the US that defeated the spooky ‘caliphate.’

Nothing was said about the fate of Syrian Kurds, who are considered to be US closest allies on the ground, ever since the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ turned out a PR disaster. Turkey sees these Kurdish militias as a national security threat that needs to be ‘tackled.’

Kurdish protesters rallied in front of US-occupied military outpost over the weekend, pleading for protection from Turkey’s looming occupation. If anyone bothered to ask Damascus, though, it would probably say both occupational forces are equally illegal and in violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

‘Down with the occupation’? Syrian Kurds protest near US-occupied military base seeking protection from Turkish occupation (VIDEO)
Pleading for protection against a looming Turkish cross-border invasion and ‘occupation’, protesters in the predominantly Kurdish Syrian border region marched towards a military base, occupied by US-led forces.

“Down with Erdogan, down with the occupation!” chanted protesters as they marched several kilometers from the Syrian border town of Ras al-Ayn in Hasakah governorate to hand over their petition seeking protection from a seemingly imminent Turkish incursion.

The military outpost near Tel Arqam is occupied by US-led coalition forces, which in breach of Syria’s sovereignty intervened in the conflict more than five years ago, under the pretext of battling Islamic State terrorist group. Supplying Kurdish militias with arms and using them as their boots on the ground (after years of supporting ‘moderate rebels’ flopped and turned out a PR disaster), Washington managed to maintain a foothold in the north of Syria.

Syrian Kurds seek to maintain their autonomy, and Damascus does not mind at all, as long as the country’s territorial integrity is preserved. Ankara, however, fears that under Washington’s guidance they might eventually secede, breaking away a part of Turkey too, to establish an independent Kurdish state.

Ankara and Washington agreed earlier in August to create a ‘peace corridor’ to facilitate the return of displaced Syrians into northern Syria – until Turkey realized that joint “land and air patrols with US were a fairytale.” Turkish President Erdogan even openly suggested that Washington was only seeking to protect their Kurdish “terrorist group,” and announced that Turkey was all set and ready to go in alone to establish the so-called “safe zone.”

If anyone bothered to ask, Damascus would probably call both occupations illegal, as it repeatedly blasted all their joint and unilateral endeavors by the US and Turkey as flagrant violations of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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Moscow is helping Beijing build missile-attack warning system that only Russia & US have – Putin
A missile-attack warning system that Moscow is helping Beijing put together will drastically increase China’s defense capabilities, President Vladimir Putin said, noting that only Russia and the US currently have such technology.

"I don’t think I’ll open a huge secret here. It’ll become clear anyway. We’re now helping our Chinese partners to create a missile-attack warning system,” Putin told the high-profile guests of the 16th meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club at the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Thursday.

The President reminded attendees that Russia and the US are the only two countries in the world currently armed with such systems.

It’s a very serious thing that will drastically increase the defensive capabilities of China.

The missile attack warning system combines ground-based radars and satellite arrays in Earth’s orbit, which detect the launch of ballistic missiles and calculate their trajectory. The data is then transmitted to a command center where a decision on how to repel the attack and respond to it can be made.
The Russian leader also said that containing China is “impossible by definition,” allegedly referring to Washington’s trade war against Beijing, American patrol missions in the South China Sea and other similar moves by the US.

Those making such “deconstructive and damaging” attempts will only be “harming and delivering damage to themselves,” Putin warned.

※ RT2019/10/4
Russia’s largest oil company ditches dollar in new oil deals
Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft has set the euro as the default currency for all new exports of crude oil and refined products.
As of September, Rosneft is seeking euros as the default option of payment for its crude oil and products, Reuters reported on Thursday, quoting tender documents the Russian firm has published.

“Rosneft has recently adjusted all the new contracts for export supplies to euros,” a trader at a company that regularly procures oil from Rosneft told Reuters, adding that buyers have already been notified of the change.

Rosneft is the biggest oil exporter from Russia, selling around 2.4 million barrels per day (bpd) of oil, according to Reuters estimates.
In the latest tender for a spot sale of 100,000 tons of Urals blend loading from the port of Primorsk at the end of October, Rosneft specifies that the default currency in the payment should be in euros, according to the tender document cited by Reuters.

The United States has not ruled out imposing sanctions on Rosneft over its involvement in trading oil from Venezuela. Rosneft has been reselling the oil from the Latin American country to buyers in China and India and thus helping buyers hesitant to approach Venezuela and its state oil firm PDVSA because of the US sanctions on Caracas, and, at the same time, helping Venezuela to continue selling its oil despite stricter US sanctions.
In August, Rosneft told customers that oil product sales in tender contracts will be priced in euros instead of US dollars, trading sources told Reuters back then.

Rosneft’s move was seen by traders and analysts as a future hedge against potential new US sanctions on Russia and/or its oil industry.

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Viral video of cosplayer trying to plug exploding Coca-Cola bottle spawns meme & draws comparison to Brexit

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酷暑の中東、深夜マラソンに大量棄権の波紋 盛夏の東京五輪は大丈夫か

WATCH: Heartwarming scenes as runner helps stricken rival stagger across the line at World Athletics Championships in Doha

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Aramco Seeks $1bln in Loans After Surprise Attack
TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil company Aramco has asked banks to submit proposals for a project finance loan of more than $1 billion, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

Aramco had submitted request for proposals (RFPs) to banks earlier this week to receive the loans, one of the sources stated.

The company has used the RFPs for securing the loans to finance an unspecified project, Reuters reported, citing sources.

The request to banks went in a few days after Aramco’s oil facilities in Khurais and Abqaiq came under attacks by Yemen’s Houthi Ansartullah movement. The attacks cut nearly half of Saudi Arabia’s total oil production and sent shockwaves across the global markets. A return to normal production could take months, not weeks, according to reports.

Aramco’s Chief Executive Amin Nasser has stated that the company, which is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO), was still in the process of estimating repair work.

Last week, Energy Minister Abdulaziz bin Salman tried to reassure traders as he told media more than half of the lost production had been restored. By the end of September, he claimed, Saudi Arabia would have 11 million bpd in production capacity and by the end of November, it would have 12 million bpd. But, reports revealed that repairs at the Khurais field and the Abqaiq processing facility may take several months rather than the ten weeks tops that Aramco had initially estimated

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米、サウジ防衛力強化支援へ パトリオットミサイルなど提供
[ワシントン 26日 ロイター] - 米国防総省(ペンタゴン)は26日、サウジアラビアの防衛能力増強に向け、長距離地対空ミサイル「パトリオット」のほか、レーダーシステム4基、約200人の支援要員を同国に配置する計画を発表した。

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The US military is the biggest polluter on the planet using 270,000 barrels of oil a day - more than is used by 140 entire countries.
Shrinking the U.S. War Machine is a must

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※ RT2019/9/24
Pakistani Army trained Al-Qaeda, but back when ‘jihadis were heroes’, PM Khan admits
Al-Qaeda, the terrorist group blamed for the September 11, 2001 attacks, received training in Pakistan back in the 1980s, but the aim was to fight the Soviet Army in Afghanistan, Imran Khan has said.
Speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on Monday, the prime minister was asked if Islamabad had carried out an investigation into how Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was allegedly able to live in Pakistan for years before being found and killed by US Navy Seals in 2011.
“There has been an investigation, but… I don’t know what the conclusion was,” Khan replied. He then hinted that bin Laden’s living arrangements might have been the result of “links” between Pakistan’s military and the terrorist group.
“The Pakistani Army, ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence], trained Al-Qaeda and all these groups to fight [the Soviet Union] in Afghanistan,” Khan said. “There were also links between Pakistan [and Al-Qaeda] – there had to be links – because they trained them. After 9/11, when we did a 180 degree turn and went after those groups, you know, not everyone agreed with us. In the army people didn’t agree with us.”
Responding to a separate question, Khan stated that the US helped Pakistan to “organize the resistance” to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. He argued that back in the 1980s, “jihadis were heroes,” but that after the conflict ended, Islamabad was “left with” the extremist groups it had helped create.
Al-Qaeda was founded in 1988, toward the end of the Soviet-Afghan War. The group was part of the once-lionized Mujahideen, which received support from the US, Pakistan, and other nations in their insurgency against the Soviets.

※ Sputnik 15:36 23.09.2019
US Special Services Involved in Daesh Militants' Transfer to Afghanistan - Russian Security Agency
KAZAN (Sputnik) - On Monday, the Russian city of Kazan is hosting the 16th meeting of the leadership of intelligence services under the chairmanship of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) head Sergey Naryshkin. The participants are set to discuss points related to counter external forces that attempt to influence the situation in the CIS.
US special services are involved in transferring Daesh* militants to northern regions of Afghanistan with the aim of destabilising the situation on the borders with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Sergey Beseda, the head of the Russian Federal Security Service's international relations department, said on Monday.
"We have received information about the US special services' involvement in the transferring of Daesh fighters to Afghan northern regions to destabilise the situation on the CIS southern borders and later in Central Asia," Beseda said at the meeting.
According to an official, the security agencies and intelligence services of the CIS countries must identify threats at an early stage to provide security to the CIS states.
The US has been accused numerous times of providing various forms of support to Daesh and other terrorist groups operating in the region.
In 2018 Chief of Iranian General Staff Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri accused the US of transporting Daesh terrorists to Afghanistan after they were defeated in Syria and Iraq in order to maintain tension in the region, using it as an excuse to stay there longer.

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 これに対して党内からは、残留支持の立場をはっきりさせないと、EU離脱の取りやめを旗印にした自由民主党に票を奪われ、結果として保守党に負けるとの危惧も出ています。(24日04:28) JNN/TBS

※ FARSNEWS2019/9/23
Russian DM: We Don’t Need Aircraft Carriers, We Need Weapons to Sink Them with
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US may have a military budget that far exceeds that of Russia, but it doesn’t matter since the Russian military is there to defend the country, not attack other nations, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said.

Russia’s military budget received a hike a few years ago for a massive rearmament program, but has been rolled back in recent years. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimated Russia to be the world’s sixth biggest defense spender in 2018, behind the US, China, Saudi Arabia, India, and France. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has been showered with money under the Trump administration, dwarfing other nations’ military budgets, RT reported.

But the man in charge of the Russian Defense Ministry stated that his fellow Russians have no reasons to worry, because their taxpayer rubles are well spent.

“The US spends huge amounts of money on private military contractors, on aircraft carriers. Well, does Russia really need five to ten aircraft carrier strike groups, considering that we do not intend to attack anyone?” Shoigu told a Russian newspaper.

"We need the means we could use against the enemy’s carrier strike groups should our country come under attack. They are far less costly and more efficient," he noted.

The defense minister also criticized Washington for its habit of justifying its military interventions throughout the world by the interests of the people living in the nations it targets.

“In which of the nations they went ‘to bring democracy’ did democracy flourish? Was that Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria?” Shoigu said, stating, “And one certainly can forget about sovereignty and independence after American involvement.”

He added that the US doesn’t seem to be losing its appetite for ruining other nations, be it through military intervention or other means.

“Our Western colleagues love to accuse Russia of waging ‘hybrid wars’ or whatever. Well, I say [the] West is the one conducting actual hybrid warfare. The US now is about to leave Afghanistan in half-ruins and at the same time they work hard to stir things in Venezuela – all for the ‘triumph of democracy’ of course,” the DM stressed.

The US tried this year to topple the Venezuelan government by supporting Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president of the Latin American country. His pretendership, however, has not been that successful. His two attempts at triggering a large-scale public uprising and ousting President Nicolas Maduro fizzled despite Washington’s promise that it would lift crippling economic sanctions against Venezuela once their man takes control.

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The EU Dictators are refusing to negotiate a fair and equitable #Brexit deal because if they did so it would encourage other countries to leave the anti democracy and deeply corrupt EU disaster, which is now actively seeking to destroy Europe with it's disastrous policies.

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※ https://johosokuhou.com/2019/09/22/18768/
【悲報】俺、日本の総理大臣に完全に見捨てられてしまう pic.twitter.com/FOIoPjFBpK
− 龍神 (@kiritoninatta) 2019年9月20日

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50K people have been killed in the civil #war in #Yemen
85K #Children under 5 have died from extreme hunger and disease
Millions more are on the brink of starvation
None of this bothered #Trump
He got upset when a #Saudi oil field was hit in a drone strike, killing no one
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※ ロシアの女性アイスホッケーの試合で殴り合いの乱闘、中心となった選手曰く、「ハビブに学んだわ」と。
‘I learnt that from Khabib’: Russian female hockey player shows off MMA skills in massive brawl (VIDEO)

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※ RT2019/9/20
Russia & China veto UN Security Council resolution on Syria truce that would've protected terrorists from ‘COMPLETE ANNIHILATION’
Russia and China have blocked a UN Security Council resolution on the truce in Syria’s Idlib province as it didn’t provide an exemption for military action against terrorist groups blacklisted by the UN itself.

It was the 13th time that Moscow has used its veto power at the UNSC since the Syrian conflict broke out in 2011.

The real aim of the resolution, put together by Kuwait, Germany and Belgium, was “saving the international terrorists entrenched in Idlib from complete annihilation and portraying Russia and Syria as the culprits of what is happening there,” Russian envoy to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said.

The Russian delegation warned the co-authors that their draft was bound to fail, but they still put it to vote, “deliberately disrupting the unity of the Council,” he pointed out.

The alternative ceasefire resolution, which was drafted by Moscow, also failed to garner enough support, with 12 countries voting against it.

Mutual blocking of resolutions by Russia and the West has become a sort of a trend in the Security Council, as the sides are unable to find common ground on how to resolve the crisis in Syria.

Russia is backing the elected President Bashar Assad in his fight against terrorism, while the US has thrown its weight behind the anti-government rebels and insists the ‘dictator’ must be removed from power.

Idlib Province in northern Syria remains the last part of the country controlled by the terrorists. The West has blamed the Syrian government and Russia, which is backing the government forces with aviation, of striking civilians during the five-month long operation in the area.

Moscow and Damascus deny the claims, saying that they only target the militants, including Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, which is the new name for the infamous Al Qaeda-linked group Jabhat al-Nusra.

※ 時事通信社 2019年9月20日(金)7時28分

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※ 次の記事に掲げられたザリフの主張はなかなか読ませます。FARSNEWS2019/9/18
Iranian FM: US Attaches More Importance to Oil Refineries than Yemeni Children's Life
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif voiced surprise over the US officials indifference to the loss of thousands of civilians' lives in Yemen, including children, while showing much sensitivity to attacks against an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia.

"The Yemeni people have for 4.5 years been under the toughest crimes against humanity. These crimes have been confirmed by all international organizations. Children and infants in Yemen were killed in the past few years for the bombings that targeted children. (Now) the people of Yemen defended themselves (by attacking the Saudi oil installations)," Zarif told reporters in Tehran on Wednesday.

"Yesterday and the day before, the Americans proved that they show more sensitivity to an oil refinery than the killing of children. This shows the US wrong view of humanity and human status and dignity; they need to make a fundamental change in this view," he added.

Zarif dismissed again allegations of Iran's involvement in the Yemenis' Saturday attacks against the Saudi oil installations, and said, "Those who thought that they can defeat the nearly defenseless people of Yemen within days by military power and arms purchases from the US, have now seen that their advanced defense systems have no power to intercept the Yemeni missiles and drones after 4.5 years and they raise allegations against others to make up for this shame."

He also blasted the American officials for raising allegations against Iran, and said, "We have clearly stated that the US should be trying to look at realities instead of projecting the blame on others. I feel that the US government wants to forget the realities of our region."

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement announced on Saturday that its drones had successfully attacked two oil plants in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, stressing that the attacks were a firm response to Riyadh’s relentless bombardment of Yemen.

The recent operation came just weeks after Yemeni forces conducted attacks on an oil field affiliated to Saudi Aramco in the East of the kingdom in retaliation for Riyadh’s war on their country. Oil facilities at Shaybah, which has the largest strategic oil reserve in Saudi Arabia near the UAE border and operated by state-oil company Saudi Aramco, were targeted by 10 Yemeni drones.

In relevant remarks earlier today, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani dismissed the US allegations of Tehran's involvement in the Saturday attacks on Saudi oil installations, warning of a crushing and powerful response to any aggression.

"The crisis in Yemen that Saudi Arabia's continued military aggression has prolonged for over 50 months has no military solution and can end only within the framework of Yemeni-Yemeni talks and without interference of third parties," Shamkhani said on Wednesday.

He described the Yemeni people's defense against foreign aggression and cruel massacre of the country's citizens as their legitimate and legal right and a natural reaction to aggressors' cruelties.

Shamkhani noted that the Yemeni army designs and builds its own weapons, and said blaming other countries for the Saturday attacks is just escaping ahead not to account for wasting resources to purchase advanced but ineffective military equipment from the Western states.

He underlined that Iran's strategic policy is decreasing tension, avoiding any clashes and resolving the regional crises through talks.

"Meantime, Iran monitors, with full preparedness, any intention and move for the purpose of aggression against the country or the interests of the Islamic Republic and will give a decisive and all-out response to possible mischiefs in the harshest way which can surprise the aggressors," Shamkhani said.

On Monday, the Iranian foreign ministry had also strongly rejected US officials' allegations that Tehran was involved in the Saturday drone attacks against the Saudi oil installations.

"Yemen has been entangled in war for 5 years and Iran has naturally clearly announced that it supports the Yemeni people and their rights, but blaming Iran for such measures is in line with (the American officials' policy of) maximum lie," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi told reporters in a press conference in Tehran on Monday, commenting on the US officials' claims that the attack on the Saudi oil facilities had been carried out with Iran's assistance.

"Such remarks are essentially baseless and untrue," he added.

His comments came after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed the Saturday drone attacks by the Yemeni army against Saudi Arabia's oil installations on Iran claiming on Twitter that there was “no evidence the attacks came from Yemen”.

After his remarks, Zarif blasted Pompeo for allegations against Tehran, saying that Washington which had failed in pressures against Iran was now resorting to lies and deceits.

"Having failed at max pressure, Pompeo's turning to max deceit," Zarif wrote on his twitter page on Sunday.

"The US and its clients are stuck in Yemen because of illusion that weapon superiority will lead to military victory," Zarif added.

He noted that blaming Iran won't end disaster, saying that the US and the Saudi-led coalition should accept Iran's "April 15 proposal to end war and begin talks" to resolve the crisis in Yemen politically.

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※ 欧州出身のISISファイターの妻と子供1万人が今なお難民キャンプに。イラクとシリアが欧州に受け入れを求める。
Iraq, Syria Urge Europe to Repatriate ISIL Children
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syria and Iraq are calling on Europe to decide the fate of around 10,000 women and children they are struggling to maintain in overcrowded camps like al-Hawl in Northern Syria.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syria and Iraq are calling on Europe to decide the fate of around 10,000 women and children they are struggling to maintain in overcrowded camps like al-Hawl in Northern Syria.

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Which Deep State Operative has done the most harm to America & deceived the most Americans over the last 20 years?

Clapper Iraq WMDs, NSA spying, Russiagate Hoax
Brennan 9/11, Iraq WMD's, CIA Torture, Russiagate Hoax
Mueller 9/11, Iraq WMD's, Uranium One
Comey Russiagate

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#NeverForget the disastrous Wars of Aggression in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen were started by Obama and Joe Biden.
The Mass Murder of innocent civilians by Robotic Killing Machines (called drones) was exponentially ramped up, to recruit more terrorists.

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President Assad & his family in the middle of the crowd for the release of a new movie at Damascus Opera House!

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What if Ron Paul was allowed to ask questions to the panelists at #DemDebate?

How entertaining would it be to see Joe Biden, Kamala Harris & Cory Booker etc. squirm?

They are completely in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex & Foreign Interests
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Hillary Clinton spent an hour yesterday reading her emails at my exhibition of all 62,000 pages of them in Venice. She is pictured here at a replica of the Oval Office Resolute Desk, stacked with her emails.

※ RT2019/9/12
Australians detained in Iran were nabbed for flying drone in military area – reports
An Australian couple in Iran were detained for breaking a law forbidding the flying of drones without a proper permit, according to new details that have emerged about the incident.

The couple, an Australian-British woman and her Australian boyfriend, were arrested some 10 weeks ago in Iran, British and Australian media have reported. On Wednesday, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) confirmed that it has been providing consular assistance to the families of three Australians detained in Iran, and it is believed that the duo is among those three.

While Canberra refused to disclose the identities of its citizens, and has not revealed the reason for their arrest, the mainstream media feasted on the reports, portraying the couple as innocent tourists thrown into a “notorious Tehran prison” after they camped out at a military area around Jajrood.

Fresh reports suggest that the couple was detained specifically for flying a drone near the capital, Tehran, thus violating an Iranian law banning the operation of this type of device without a government-issued license.

London-based Persian-language Manoto TV reported that the couple “were unaware” of the law, and their family blames a “misunderstanding” for their arrest.

The pair, identified in media reports as Jolie King and Mark Firkin, were prolific travel bloggers who had traveled through Asia documenting their journey on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Their last stop before Iran was Pakistan.

One of the goals the couple had reportedly set for the themselves was to “break the stigma around traveling to countries which get a bad rap in the media,” the Australian reported.

With mainstream media taking the bloggers’ side and using the incident to take yet another shot at Tehran, some pointed out that ignorance of the law has never been an excuse, no matter the country.

“Is there a stigma around following laws of the nation you're traveling to? Or a stigma around doing research?” a tweeter wrote.

“A cautionary tale about breaking laws you didn't know about,” another tweeted, noting that it’s standard practice for a country to regulate the use of drones, as they can be used for surveillance purposes and disrupt air traffic.

“Wouldn’t you get arrested in Sydney if you flew a drone without approval and inappropriately?” a commenter chimed in, while another called the spin that media put on the affair an example of “the usual West hypocrisy for propaganda.”

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Good riddance. If Trump really was for peace, he never would have hired Bolton, Pompeo, Haley, and the rest of those neocons in the first place.別途記事あり。

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※ FARSNEWS2019/9/8
US Justice Department Considering Releasing Name in Saudi Arabia 9/11 Suit
TEHRAN (FNA)- The US Justice Department is considering disclosing the redacted name of a person sought by the plaintiffs in a long-running lawsuit which seeks to link the Saudi Arabian government with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Attorney General William Barr faced a Friday deadline to decide whether to release the name redacted from a 2012 FBI document that showed how men in Southern California helped two terrorist hijackers prior to the attack, World News reported.

Justice Department officials, however, decided more time is needed, thus, they submitted a request to a federal court in New York for an extension until September 12, which was approved.

“We make this request because the FBI’s response to the motion is being coordinated at the highest levels of the Department of Justice, and additional time is needed to finalize the FBI’s submission and the scope of the privilege assertions,” US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, stated in a letter.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs in the 9/11 case believe the person, whose name they seek, may be a Saudi official who tasked two men in California with assisting the terrorists.

According to the lawsuit, lodged in 2003 by injured victims, families of victims and others, Saudi government employees knowingly helped the hijacking plot.

In response to the new development, Terry Strada, national chair of the 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism, said, “We’re glad the Attorney General requested more time to look at this issue so that he can get this right.”

“This is not a state secret, plain and simple, and we’re counting on DOJ to apply the law faithfully and release the name to us,” Strada added.

The September, 11, 2001 attacks were a series of strikes in the US which killed nearly 3,000 people and caused about $10 billion worth of property and infrastructure damage.

US officials assert that the attacks were carried out by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists but many experts have raised questions about the official account.

They believe that rogue elements within the US government, such as former Vice President Dick Cheney, orchestrated or at least encouraged the 9/11 attacks in order to accelerate the US war machine and advance the Zionist agenda.

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Over 5,000 Dead Bodies of Civilians Found in Raqqa Mass Graves
TEHRAN (FNA)- The bodies of thousands of civilians killed by the ISIL terrorist group and also in the US airstrikes have been found in mass graves and from under the debris of destroyed buildings in the city of Raqqa, a pro-militant Arabic-language news website said on Sunday.

“A new mass grave has been discovered in Harreh al-Badou region of Raqqa City and over 15 dead bodies have been retrieved from it,” the Arabic-language Zaman al-Vasl quoted Head of Raqqa Civil Team Yasser al-Khamis as saying.

He noted that over 5,100 corpses have been taken out from 16 mass graves and the debris of over 200 ruined building in Eastern part of Raqqa, and said that nearly 700 dead bodies have already been identified.

Al-Khamis noted that the discovered dead bodies belong to the victims of the ISIL crimes and the US-led coalition airstrikes on the region.

Two years after the occupation of the city by the US and its allied militants, dead bodies and mass graves are still found in Raqqa City each week.

In a relevant development in late March, the bodies of over 300 victims of the ISIL and the US air raids, including those of slain women and children, were discovered in mass-graves and from under the rubles of destroyed buildings in Raqqa.

The Hawar News reported at the time that the corpses of 304 people had been unearthed from a mass-grave in Fakhikheh region in Southern Raqqa since early January.

He added that most of the bodies belonged to the civilians, including women and children, noting that some of the victims had been executed.

Meantime, media activists reported that bodies of several civilians, most of them women and children, were pulled out of the debris in al-Adkhar and al-Ta'aminat districts of Raqqa in the past few days.

They said the corpses belonged to the people killed by the ISIL terrorists or in the US coalition airstrikes on Raqqa.

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MITメディアラボの伊藤穣一所長が辞任 少女虐待の富豪から資金

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→米 メキシコ国境の壁建設費 在日米軍基地からも約430億円転用 | NHKニュース

NHK2019年9月5日 10時25分
米 メキシコ国境の壁建設費 在日米軍基地からも約430億円転用

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デマ拡散NEDの宣伝が始まった! ポンペオが国連総会でウイグルを提起する? これにあわせて不快極まりないNEDのデマ。本当に臓器売買をやっているのは、ホワイトヘルメットとコソボのアルバニア人テロ組織KLA。本当の犯罪を取り上げないで、デマを流すNED

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99% of senior members of US & UK gov's do not give a fuck about ordinary Americans or Brits.
This especially applies to Foreign Policy & Nat Sec State (CIA, FBI, NSA, MI5, MI6, FCO, GCHQ etc) who are more than willing to sacrifice 1000's of their countrymen to pursue their agenda

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『陸自、部下をたき火に投げ込む 隊員4人処分、高知』これ、組織内の処分だけで済ませていい問題じゃないだろう。傷害いや殺人未遂にならないのか。内部調査に虚偽の報告でもたったの"戒告" ?こんな事なかれ主義の腐った体質の組織に、武器を持たせているとは、背筋が凍る。

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「ウクライナのようにハッピー・エンドで終わって欲しい」と語る香港の少女。どれだけ洗脳されてんだ? 同じウクライナ人同士で戦争を始めたのに? それを強制した米国が、香港に求めているのに!

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台風19号対策 督励御礼


こんばんは。静岡の友人からは家族で西へ一時避難すると聞きました。移動できる方は今夜中にですね。 風のEarthサイトも良いのですが、天気全般なら Windy PC版 はおすすめです。 ヨーロッパ中期予報センターとアメリカ合衆国気象台NOAAによる予報となります。 PC版は最初英語表記なので、設定から日本語を選べます。 地図選択、あるいは場所を検索などして予報を出せます。瞬間最大風速などの予報も簡単に知ることが出来ます。 静岡〜関東は最大瞬間風速が50mになる場所もありそうで、海岸は大潮と重なりかなり危険です。 ご無事を祈っております。


Bさんから 浸水対策のご注意



大難は小難に、小難は無難に お祈りしています。」


















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【#拡散希望 RTにご協力下さい】チバテレプラスさんからの給水情報です。昨晩午後8時時点で約53万1700軒が停電。猛暑の中、約8万4千戸が断水。電気がない為このSNSを観られない方も多くいらっしゃるかと思いますが何らかの形で情報が伝わるよう皆様のご協力をお願い致します。 #台風15号

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【施設開放】千葉県のスポーツクラブ ビッグ・エス千城台(若葉区)、木更津の2店舗で、携帯・スマートフォンの充電、飲料水提供、シャワー〜レストスペースの提供を行っているそうです。お近くでお困りの方へ。 #千葉 #停電

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君津駅北口周辺(9/11 6:30現在)

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紙面【一面】千葉 台風の被害続く。猛暑の停電 疲弊。熱中症? 2人死亡。病院や避難所 「早く電気を」。ほか 詳しくは本日(9月11日付)東京新聞朝刊にて

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我が家の冷蔵庫は昨年の地震による停電時にコンセントを抜いていなかったので、通電後、全く冷えないただの大きな箱になり買い替えました( ;∀;) #停電対策

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木更津から食料がなくなりました。実家の茨城に疎開します。停電、食料不足、交通機関麻痺、ガソリンも五時間並びました。お菓子すらもうないです( ノД`)…

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【速報】台風15号の影響で停電が続いていますが、千葉県市原市で65歳の男性が停電中の自宅で倒れ、熱中症の疑いで死亡しました。停電の住宅内で熱中症によるとみられる死者は、これで2人となりました。#台風 #熱中症

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返信先: @hosshiyanさん

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#君津市 #君津停電 #台風被害 #千葉県 #被害状況

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千葉の電柱倒壊・損傷2000本 台風15号被害、経産省試算

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<持ち物>昼食、飲料水、脚立などの高所作業に必要な工具等、可能であればブルーシートやひもなど (1/3)
・・・きちんと日当を払え! このバカが!

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#館山 #避難勧告 #緊急放送

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首都東京に、こんなに近くなのに一週間も電気や水道、情報はないがきっとガスもない家が山ほどあるなんて、いったいどういう国なのだと思う。日が経つ毎に厳しさは強くなっているのではないだろうか。軍備増強などやめて災害対策をしろ! こんなところでのオリンピックなどやめろ!

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チバテレ https://chiba-tv.com/sp/

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東電 停電被害の全容把握せずに「数日で解消」の見通し公表
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