What happened when she ‘supported’ Libya? Chinese media roasts Hillary Clinton over Hong Kong

What happened when she ‘supported’ Libya? Chinese media roasts Hillary Clinton over Hong Kong
A newspaper operated by China’s Communist Party pulled no punches on Hillary Clinton’s support for Hong Kong protesters, noting her role in past foreign policy debacles ranging from the Iraq War to US intervention in Libya.

“@HillaryClinton has called for support of the rioters in Hong Kong. Let’s see what happened when she ‘supported’ Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq,” the People’s Daily tweeted.

The accompanying video shows clips of Hillary Clinton throughout her tumultuous political career, advocating for wars and foreign policy positions that have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people across the Middle East and North Africa.

The video ends with a photograph of a US Consulate official meeting with Hong Kong activists, and video footage showing demonstrators waving American flags. Washington is now attempting to “intervene” in Hong Kong, the video claims.

Earlier this week, Clinton urged the world to “stand in solidarity” with the Hong Kong protesters as they “speak out for democracy.”

Beijing has repeatedly accused Washington of playing an active role in demonstrations that have rocked Hong Kong since March. On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry office in Hong Kong accused the US of “conspiring with radical criminal elements and are insanely involved in anti-Chinese criminal cases” in the semi-autonomous territory.

Hong Kong in US’ crosshairs? No matter where there’s revolution, we’re there, Ron Paul says
The United States has a habit of involving itself in political unrest all over the world, Ron Paul said, noting that Washington lacks the moral authority to lecture China about the unrest in Hong Kong.

The former Texas congressman and presidential candidate said that he wasn’t surprised by reports of US involvement in demonstrations that have rocked Kong Hong since March.

“No matter where there’s a revolution starting or stirring, we’re there, because we have a lot at stake,” he told Politicking host Larry King.

Paul sharply criticized statements made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other US lawmakers warning China of consequences if the crisis in Hong Kong wasn’t settled to Washington’s liking.

He argued that using political unrest in the semi-autonomous territory to “attack” China is “foolish.”

We in the United States don’t have the moral authority to think that we can go in and lecture and change [the situation in Hong Kong].

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Kurds Close to Agreement with Damascus to Deliver Control of Eastern Euphrates

Kurds Close to Agreement with Damascus to Deliver Control of Eastern Euphrates
TEHRAN (FNA)- Informed sources reported that the Kurdish militants are holding talks with Damascus on delivering control of certain parts of Eastern Euphrates region to the Syrian army after the US agreement with Ankara to set up a safe zone in Syria.

The Arabic-language Bas News affiliated to the Kurds quoted the Kurdish sources as saying on Wednesday that a delegation of the Kurdish forces headed by Chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmad has recently met with senior officials in Damascus and Russia's military base in Humeimim on the fate of Eastern Euphrates region.

He added that during the talks, Damascus has urged the Syrian Democratic Council to return the heavy weapons they had taken from the Syrian army, withdraw the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militants from the centers of Qamishli and Hasaka cities, and deliver their control to the Syrian government.

The source also referred to the Damascus' demand from the Kurdish forces to pave the ground for the Syrian army's deployment in Hasaka province, and said an agreement will soon be made between the two sides to give control of Raqqa and al-Tabaqah to the Syrian government.

He added that at present, the problem is the US opposition, noting that Washington intends to receive some advantages from Russia first.

Kurdish sources in Syria said on Wednesday that the US had initiated a rigid move in collaboration with Turkey to undermine the Kurdish militants and force them to leave parts of Northern Syria.

The sources were quoted by the Arabic-language website of Sputnik as saying that the Kurds had sent three separate delegations to Damascus, Moscow and Cairo to find a way out of the quagmire created by Washington for them.

They added that the US has worked out a scheme to aggravate enmities between Turkey and the Kurds and launched a coup against them, moving in line with Turkey in common plans in Eastern Euphrates region.

The sources said that the US used the Syrian tribes that are supported by certain Persian Gulf Arab states as a replacement for the Kurds as they could better advance Washington's goals without threatening Turkey's interests.

They also revealed that the US is attempting to revive the ISIL in Eastern Euphrates to be used against the Syrian army.

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Meet the hero pilots who saved 226 lives in ‘miracle’ belly landing of jet in field
With just seconds to act, two pilots managed to land a disabled Airbus jet in a field near Moscow after a huge birdstrike had stalled its engines – and the heroic moment is already being compared to the 2009 miracle on the Hudson.

Against the odds, Captain Damir Yusupov and First Officer Georgy Murzin managed to land Ural Airlines’ Airbus 321 after it hit a dense flock of birds during take-off from Zhukovsky International Airport, south-east of Moscow. The strike stalled both engines and thrust all on board into a harrowing life-or-death situation.

Yet the pilots’ meticulous and miraculous plan ‘belly-landed’ the plane in a large cornfield, clear of any houses or buildings, and saved all 226 passengers and crew members. Here’s what we know about them.


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Seriously, What? Bizarre Painting Of Bill Clinton in ‘Hillary’s’ Dress Found In Epstein’s House
A witness said the eyebrow-raising painting was there when she visited the now-deceased pedophile in 2012. It is unclear why exactly the man displayed the strange picture in his Manhattan mansion.

As the notorious Jeffrey Epstein case unfolds, more and more eyebrow-raising discoveries regarding the convicted sex offender who was also accused of sex trafficking are being made. As if Epstein’s list of powerful acquaintances (which includes US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and, according to a recent report, Bill Gates) was not enough, a very strange painting of Clinton was found hanging the dead man’s Manhattan residence, The Daily Mirror reported Wednesday.

In the painting, the 42nd president is seen reclining in a chair in the Oval Office wearing a blue women’s dress and red high-heels, pointing his finger at the viewer.

An observer can tell it’s the Oval Office, because a fragment of the presidential seal and the trademark blue carpet is seen.

While some media speculated that the blue dress was a reference to Monica Lewinsky, the dress closely resembles one Hillary Clinton wore at the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors, The Sun reported.

Entitled “Parsing Bill,” the painting is attributed to Manhattan-based Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid. It is unclear whether Epstein’s mansion was adorned with the original painting or a print, The Daily Mail report noted.

The media report said that the painting was spotted at least once in 2012 by a visitor who came to Epstein’s place for a business talk.

"It was absolutely Bill Clinton. It was shocking - it was definitely a painting of him. It was a very provocative, sexual picture,” the anonymous witness said, according to The Daily Mirror. "He was wearing heels, a blue dress and his hand was in a weird position."

The painter was not immediately available for comment, The New York Post report said.

However, weird doesn’t stop there, as Epstein appeared to have particularly peculiar tastes in home decorating.

The New York Post said that Epstein had a mannequin clad in a wedding gown hanging from the ceiling above a staircase.

Epstein, 66, was found dead in an apparent suicide on 10 August in his prison cell, after he was arrested and charged with sex trafficking. His circle of rich and powerful acquaintances, which Epstein liked to boast of, sparked theories that someone with money, power and dark secrets could have “assisted” Epstein in his suicide efforts.

Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Reveals His Neck Was Broken in Multiple Places - Reports
Earlier, US President Donald Trump demanded a full-blown investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide, with Attorney General William Barr lambasting what he described as serious irregularities at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre where Epstein died last week.

While the results of Jeffrey Epstein's post-mortem medical examination have yet to be officially announced, The Washington Post has cited unnamed sources as saying that an autopsy of US financier and accused sex trafficker has revealed that he had several broken bones in his neck.

The sources claimed that such injuries can happen either to people who hang themselves or those who are strangled.

Despite the fact that an autopsy has been performed, it has been unclear if the medical examiner has made a final determination into the cause of death, while an investigation into Epstein's apparent suicide is underway.

This comes as US President Donald Trump told reporters earlier this week that he is “absolutely” demanding a full-fledged investigation into Epstein’s death.

US Attorney General William Barr, for his part, underscored that “any co-conspirators should not rest easy” and that he was “appalled and […] frankly angry to learn of the MCC [Metropolitan Correctional Centre]’s failure to adequately secure this prisoner”.

“We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation,” Barr pointed out.

Barr was echoed by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who said that Epstein’s death “boggles the imagination”, suggesting that “this series of events is way too convenient”.

Speaking to the news network NY1, he argued that all those involved could say that they were watching Epstein “like a hawk” and that they were going to “take every measure to make sure nothing happens to him or he doesn’t do anything to himself”.

In a separate development this week, at least two computer desktops and an Apple computer were packaged and marked for transport during an FBI raid of 70-acre Little St. James Island, owned by Epstein.

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