Tulsi finally shows she’s had it with MSM ‘Assad apologist’ smear

Bellingcat unloads 4,000-word piece on Tulsi Gabbard over her questioning Syria chemical attacks
Running as an anti-war candidate in the US comes with a target painted on your back that draws fire from those rooting for foreign interventions. In case of Tulsi Gabbard, it includes a lengthy piece on chemical attacks in Syria.

Gabbard, a Democratic presidential hopeful, became the most-googled candidate during the second primary debate – but the surge of public interest came with renewed attacks against her anti-interventionist agenda. In case you’ve missed it all, Gabbard has been branded a ‘Russian’ spoiler for whichever candidate is eventually picked, and, once again, an apologist for Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Joining the chorus of bashers on Sunday was Elliot Higgins, the founder of the UK-based ‘citizen investigation’ outlet Bellingcat, who wrote a whopping 4,000-word piece attacking Gabbard’s negative attitude toward regime change wars. In particular, Higgins didn’t like her skepticism over chemical weapons attacks in Syria reflected on her campaign website. The attacks were used by Washington to justify missile attacks against the country’s government – and by extension continued illegal US military presence in the country.

The mammoth piece starts with screenshots featuring logos of RT and InfoWars (Russian propaganda, dear readers, conspiracy theories!) and goes on to criticize anyone doubting the US-favored narrative about what happened in Syria.

MIT Professor Theodore Postol gets an honorable mention, with whom Higgins no longer debates in person since their encounter in 2018. Back then, Higgins failed to address Postol’s technical criticisms of his investigations and instead resorted to mocking applauses and calling his opponent a tool of Russian propaganda.

While the West squarely laid the blame for most, if not all, chemical incidents in Syria on the government forces – and Bellingcat did their best to “prove” it – Damascus and Moscow have insisted the attacks mentioned by Gabbard and Higgins were false-flag operations by Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants.

Particularly infamous was the one in Douma on April 7, 2018, in which the Oscar-winning ‘White Helmets’ doused unsuspecting children with cold water on camera, so as to fake the treatment of the alleged “victims.” They might not have expected for witnesses to later come forward and speak on the record at the Hague, denouncing the whole affair as staged.

Syrian war aside, some may find a bit of irony in how Bellingcat has found a good use for US taxpayer money, which it receives through one of its sponsors, the National Endowment for Democracy – and then gets to do a little meddling in the 2020 presidential campaign.

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On Date July 31, 2019
Gabbard vs. Harris: You Kept Prisoners Locked Up For Labor, Blocked Evidence That Would Free Man On Death Row
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard takes on Sen. Kamala Harris over her prosecutorial record in California and her record on criminal justice reform, the death penalty, and the war on drugs during the second Democratic presidential debate in Detroit.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS: Now, I would like to also talk about this conversation about Eric Garner, because I, too, met with his mother. And one of the things that we've got to be clear about is that this president of the United States, Donald Trump, while he has been in office, has quietly been allowing the United States Department of Justice to shut down consent decrees, to stop pattern and practice investigations.

On that case, we also know that the...

TAPPER: Thank you, Senator.

HARRIS: ... Civil Rights Division -- this is important. The Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice said charges should have been filed, but this United States Department of Justice usurped -- and I believe it is because that president did not want those charges to go forward. And they overrode a decision by the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice.

TAPPER: Thank you, Senator.

HARRIS: Under my administration, the Civil Rights Division...

TAPPER: Thank you, Senator.

HARRIS: ... will rein and there will be independent investigations.

TAPPER: Vice President Biden, Vice President Biden, I want to give you a chance to respond to what Senator Harris just said.

BIDEN: When Senator Harris was attorney general for eight years in the state of California, there were two of the most segregated school districts in the country, in Los Angeles and in San Francisco.

And she did not -- I didn’t see a single solitary time she brought a case against them to desegregate them. Secondly, she also was in a situation where she had a police department when she was there that in fact was abusing people’s right.

And the fact was that she in fact was told by her own people that her own staff that she should do something about and disclose to defense attorney’s like me that you in fact have been -- the police officer did something that did not give you information of what (inaudible) your -- your client. She didn’t do that. She never did it. And so what happened.

Along came a federal judge and said enough, enough. And he freed 1,000 of these people. If you doubt me, google 1,000 prisoners freed, Kamala Harris.

TAPPER: Thank you, Vice President Biden. Senator Harris, your response.

HARRIS: That is -- is simply not true. And as attorney general of California where I ran the second largest Department of Justice in the United States, second only to the United States Department of Justice, I am proud of the work we did.

Work that has received national recognition for what has been the important work of reforming a criminal justice system and cleaning up the consequences of the bills that you passed when you were in the United States Senate for decades.

It was the work of creating the -- one of the first in the nation initiatives around reentering former offenders and getting them jobs and counseling.

TAPPER: Thank you, Senator.

HARRIS: I did the work as attorney general of putting body cameras on special agents in the state of California.


TAPPER: I want to bring in Congresswoman ….

HARRIS: And I’m proud of that work.

TAPPER: I want to bring in Congresswoman Gabbard. Congresswoman Gabbard, you took issue with Senator Harris confronting Vice President Biden at the last debate. You called it a quote, false accusation that Joe Biden is a racist. What’s your response?

GABBARD: I want to bring the conversation back to the broken criminal justice system that is disproportionately negatively impacting black and brown people all across this country today. Now Senator Harris says she’s proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she’ll be a prosecutor president.

But I’m deeply concerned about this record. There are too many examples to cite but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.


She blocked evidence -- she blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so. She kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California.


And she fought to keep …

TAPPER: Thank you, Congresswoman.

GABBARD: Bail system in place that impacts poor people in the worst kind of way.

TAPPER: Thank you, Congresswoman. Senator Harris, your response?


HARRIS: As the elected attorney general of California, I did the work of significantly reforming the criminal justice system of a state of 40 million people, which became a national model for the work that needs to be done.

And I am proud of that work. And I am proud of making a decision to not just give fancy speeches or be in a legislative body and give speeches on the floor, but actually doing the work of being in the position to use the power that I had to reform a system that is badly in need of reform.

That is why we created initiatives that were about reentering former offenders and getting them counseling.

TAPPER: Thank you.

HARRIS: It is why (ph) and because I know that criminal justice system is so broken …

TAPPER: Thank you, Senator.

HARRIS: That I am an advocate for what we need to do to not only decriminalize, but legalize marijuana in the United States.


TAPPER: Thank you, Senator. Your time is up. I want to -- I want to bring Congresswoman Gabbard back in. Your response, please (ph).

GABBARD: The bottom line is, Senator Harris, when you were in a position to make a difference and an impact in these people’s lives, you did not. And worse yet, in the case of those who were on death row, innocent people, you actually blocked evidence from being revealed that would have freed them until you were forced to do so.


There is no excuse for that and the people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor owe -- you owe them an apology.

TAPPER: Senator Harris?


HARRIS: My entire career I have been opposed -- personally opposed to the death penalty and that has never changed. And I dare anybody who is in a position to make that decision, to face the people I have faced to say I will not seek the death penalty. That is my background, that is my work.

I am proud of it. I think you can judge people by when they are under fire and it’s not about some fancy opinion on a stage but when they’re in the position to actually make a decision, what do they do.

When I was in the position of having to decide whether or not to seek a death penalty on cases I prosecuted, I made a very difficult decision that was not popular to not seek the death penalty. History shows that and I am proud of those decisions.

Tulsi finally shows she’s had it with MSM ‘Assad apologist’ smear
Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard slammed MSNBC – and mainstream media in general – for dredging up her meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad every time she goes on TV, calling the endless repetition “propaganda.”

“Every time I come back on MSNBC you guys talk to me about [Assad],” Gabbard said, clearly exasperated but not losing her composure. “It sounds to me like these are talking points that Kamala Harris and her campaign are feeding you, because she’s refusing to address the questions that were posed to her,” she continued as the host stammered and tried to interject.

Marveling that “every single time for three years” she’s appeared on television she has been confronted with the dreaded ‘Assad visit,’ Gabbard finally shut down the hyperverbal host.

This is where the propaganda comes in.

Gabbard isn’t exaggerating – it’s hard to find a clip of her from the last three years that hasn’t included some self-righteous pundit insisting she condemn Assad for “gassing his own people” or “gassing children.” While Assad is largely supported by the people of Syria, at least outside the areas controlled by US-backed militant groups, Gabbard has been wary of saying anything nice about one of the US’ favorite bogeymen. Even so, she is routinely attacked as an “Assad apologist” by Western media.

The Hawaii congresswoman has explained herself hoarse that she met with Assad in the hope of working out a path to peace in the country. She has also made it clear that the Syrians she met with were united in their pleas for the US to stop funding the so-called “moderate rebels” that have laid waste to much of the country. Yet in Groundhog Day-like fashion, every time Gabbard appears in front of a TV camera, the host insists she denounce Assad and will not stop needling her until she does.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper pushed her for nearly two and a half minutes to affirm that Assad was “a murderer and a torturer” during an interview following the Democratic primary debate on Wednesday, and rival Democratic candidate Kamala Harris has been pushing the Assad-apologist line heavily after taking a verbal beating from Gabbard on the debate stage over her abysmal record as California attorney general.

washingtonpost By Josh Rogin Columnist August 1 at 6:56 PM
Tulsi Gabbard’s Syria record shows why she can’t be president

theguardian  Tom McCarthy in New York Tue 19 Mar 2019 05.00 GMT
Who is Tulsi Gabbard? The progressive 2020 hopeful praised by Bannon and the right
Gabbard’s unorthodox positions and conflicts with fellow Democrats could emerge as stumbling blocks in her campaign
Tom McCarthy
Last modified on Mon 13 May 2019 12.54 BST

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is not afraid to take a stand.

For a promising young Democrat in 2015, one of the seemingly worst places to be was on the wrong side of Hillary Clinton, who – barring some bizarre twist – was on her way to becoming America’s next president.

Yet Gabbard, then a 34-year-old second-term congresswoman from Hawaii with both combat experience and a radiant smile, had the temerity to cross Clinton by calling for additional debates between Clinton and her opponent in the Democratic primary race, Bernie Sanders.

Soon after, Gabbard resigned from the Democratic National Committee leadership and was disinvited from the party’s first presidential debate. “It’s very dangerous when we have people in positions of leadership who use their power to try to quiet those who disagree with them,” she said at the time.

In retrospect, the clash clearly looks bad for the Democratic party, whose rush to nominate Clinton did not work out. But the conflict also scans as a red flag for Gabbard, whose defections would later multiply, establishing her independence but scrambling her political identity and fueling questions about her conservative past.
A 2020 candidate with some unusual stances

Gabbard’s ascent in national politics to that point had been seemingly frictionless. As an Iraq war veteran with progressive views on the economy and the environment, and more than a hint of glamour, Gabbard was seen by TV host Rachel Maddow as “on the fast track to being very famous” upon her election to Congress in 2012. A Vogue magazine profile the following year, titled “Making a Splash: Is Tulsi Gabbard the next Democratic party star?” hailed her as “an embodiment of the Obama era”.

But lurking ahead for Gabbard were moments when her political instincts were tested and her judgment called into doubt. For all her talk of “spreading the aloha spirit” her career has been defined, in Washington and Hawaii, by a series of unexpected and difficult-to-explain conflicts with her supposed ideological allies. To her fellow Democrats, she has seemed both to pick the wrong fights (Clinton, Barack Obama, Democratic senators) and attract the wrong fans, from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to the former Donald Trump aide Steve Bannon.

“He loves Tulsi Gabbard. Loves her,” the Hill newspaper quoted a Bannon associate as saying after Bannon arranged for Gabbard to meet Trump following the November 2016 election, a meeting that Gabbard later denied was a job interview. “Wants to work with her on everything.”

Fast-forward three years, and now Gabbard herself is running for president, on a platform that appears at a glance to match that of any other Democrat circa 2020: universal healthcare, a call to action on climate change, education reform, spending on infrastructure and jobs, and the decriminalization of marijuana.

But Gabbard’s other stances set her apart. She opposes military interventions abroad with a rare credibility of intent, even going so far, in arguing against foreign interventions, as to repeatedly cast doubt on the wealth of evidence that the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad, used chemical weapons on his own people.

She has staked out a split identity as both a foreign policy hawk (on “Islamic extremism”) and a dove (on “regime-change” wars). She has defended multiple Trump judicial nominees against questions by her fellow Democrats about their social views. She also has shown what some colleagues see as a Trump-like comfort with foreign dictators, including Assad, whom she met on a trip to Syria in 2017.

And she has strived to distance herself from a not-so-distant past as one of Hawaii’s most stringent anti-LGBT voices. She has been publicly disavowing that past since 2012, telling voters that she was raised in a “very socially conservative home”. It is an effort that some local activists today say falls short.
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Trump Says US May Have to Release 2,500 Captured Daesh Fighters to Europe

米国はシリアやイラクの市民を空爆で多数殺害しています。テロリストを同じように殺害しなかったのはなぜ? テロリストの幹部を米軍のヘリで窮地から救出して他の場所に運んだりしています。

US President Donald Trump has warned that some 2,500 jihadists captured by the US and its allies in Syria and Iraq could soon be roaming European soil unless the EU agrees to take back expat fighters of its own accord.

Trump has repeatedly voiced his dismay at the EU’s reluctance to repatriate and prosecute European fighters captured in the Middle East. On Thursday, he made another thinly veiled threat to allow hundreds of battle-hardened terrorists return to Europe.

“You’ll always gonna have somebody around, but right now we’ve captured over 10,000 – we have 2,500 ISIS fighters that we want Europe to take, because they were going back into Europe, into France, into Germany, into various places,” Trump said, speaking to reporters at the White House lawn.

“So we have thousands of ISIS fighters that we want Europe to take and let’s see if that take them. And if they don’t take them, we’ll probably have to release them.”

That is not the first time Trump demanded Europe “take back” its nationals who went to Syria and Iraq to fight on the side of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and other terrorist entities. In February, Trump was talking about “800 ISIS fighters” – less than a third of the current number.

Back then, Trump said that jihadists were likely to “permeate” Europe once US forces withdraw after the caliphate's defeat, which he attributes solely to American efforts.

The threat did not sit well with European countries. While some were simply taken aback by the proposal, Germany expressed legal concerns over the move and Denmark rejected it outright.

Trump startled his generals when he announced a withdrawal of the US troops from Syria in December, since “the only reason” for the 2,000-strong contingent's presence had been to defeat IS.

In the weeks following his abrupt announcement, Trump walked that back somewhat, saying in March that 400 US troops would remain in Syria indefinitely.

Trump Says US May Have to Release 2,500 Captured Daesh Fighters to Europe
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States is prepared to dump up to 2,500 Daesh prisoners into the countries of Europe if those nations will not accept them voluntarily, President Donald Trump told reporters.

"We have 2,500 [Daesh] fighters that we want Europe to take because they were going back into Europe - into France, into Germany, into various places", Trump said Thursday. "

And let’s see if they take them. And if they don’t take them, we’ll probably have to release them to Europe".

Trump said overall the United States captured more than 10,000 prisoners after defeating the Daesh caliphate.

The issue of who will retain long-term custody of Daesh former fighters deemed too dangerous to release remains an unresolved one between the US government and its European allies.

In February, US President Donald Trump called on Europe to take back over 800 members of the Daesh terrorist group who had been captured in Syria or risk having them released. No country has acted on Trump's request as of yet.

Back in December, Trump announced that the Daesh had been defeated in Syria and said the United States would pull all troops from that country.

European countries have been reportedly reluctant to take back in people who joined terrorists, even if they were not actively involved in military operations.

According to the US-based media reports, thousands of fighters come to Syria from Europe to fight in Daesh ranks.

Victory over the Daesh was declared in Syria and Iraq in late 2017, but certain areas in both countries are still being cleared of militants
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1 電磁波の害を警戒していない。
2 ラジオで済むのにわざわざスマホでラジオを聴いている。
3 スマホに入っているアプリが至れり尽くせりだと感心している。(使えるまともなアプリはほんの少数と管理人は見ている)
4 個人情報がダダ漏れになっていることに気づかない。気づこうとしない。
5 音声や画像が吸い上げられていることに気づかない。(なぜ画像保存用のサーバースペースを使わせてくれると思っていますか?)
6 ツイッターやフェースブックが広告収入であんなに巨額の利益を上げられると思いますか?(あなたのツイッターのタイムラインにいくつ広告が出ていますか?)
7 このブログの読者のパソコンのハード・ソフト面の知識技量は極めて低い。おそらくそれが世の中の平均。
8 ネット利用を安くする方法があってもほとんどの人が携帯電話会社の言いなりでやってきたため、自分で判断ができない。ネット利用の少ない家では固定ネット回線の費用年間4万円を10分の1にすることも可能なのに。
9 スマホの回線提供会社の選定でSIMロック解除を渋ったりする会社を選んで後悔している例が多い。
10 ネット契約で無駄な高いプランを選んでいる。
11 若い人でパソコンを使いこなしていると自負している人も、不具合の診断やソフトの不調ではかえっておかしくしてしまう例も多い。
12 音声通話でなく、ショートメールのほうが電磁波の害も料金も少なくて済むのにもっぱら音声通話に依存する人も多い。
13 パソコンの購入ではオーバースペックの高価なものを購入している人も多い。ネット閲覧とメールだけなら2万円のパソコンで十分。
14 Gmailをビジネスだけでなくプライベートな連絡に使う人も多い。他者に読まれてもよい内容のメールと個人情報の多いメールは使い分けるのが常識。例えば政治的な立場が出るようなものは重要な個人情報を含んでいます。
15 ネットを長時間濃密に利用する人でもセキュリティソフトを使わない例が多い。(無料のウィルスチェックソフトは使わない。パソコンの動作が遅くなるだけ。)
16 米国がセキュリティの面で問題があるから使用禁止としたものは逆にとらえる。カスペルスキーは米国機関のハッキングなどを検知するため、ファーウエイは米国の言うなりにバックドアを設けなかったためらしい。




‘The Great Hack’ expert warns that Facebook data-grabbing puts ‘power over people’
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